Tucker Carlson dropped one truth about Ketanji Brown Jackson that Democrats want to hide

Ketanji Brown Jackson imploded under questioning during the second day of her confirmation hearings.

But that wasn’t even the worst news for Joe Biden’s Supreme Court nominee.

And Tucker Carlson dropped one truth about Ketanji Brown Jackson that Democrats want to hide.

Joe Biden and the Democrat Party sold Ketanji Brown Jackson to the American people based solely on her race and gender.

Biden promised to only consider black female nominees, and he lived up to that promise in selecting Ketanji Brown Jackson.

Carlson pointed out that Clarence Thomas was already on the Supreme Court as an historic figure.

“In the end, when they tell you you’re getting a black nominee, they’re not talking about the son of a maid and a farmworker from PinPoint, Georgia. In fact, we already have a Supreme Court Justice like that. His name is Clarence Thomas. He is a great man, even if no one in Washington will acknowledge that,” Carlson stated.

Carlson explained that Democrats only care about diversity of appearance and not diversity of thought.

“What they mean when they tell you you’re getting a black Supreme Court Justice is that you’re getting yet another Democratic Party robot with the same rigid and totally predictable views as your average professional class white liberal, but who happens to be tanner than Joe Biden,” Carlson added.

Carlson continued on, explaining that Ketanji Brown Jackson’s views were no different than the average suburban “Karen” who chases people around the grocery store demanding they wear their masks or put their pronouns in their social media bio.

“So, identical – identical – to everyone else in power, just a different shade. And the shade, to be fair, does make all the difference. That’s the whole point of the exercise. Because of the way that she looks, Brown Jackson, who again, is just a garden variety white liberal in what she believes, because of the way she looks, this nominee will get nowhere near the vetting of a typical Supreme Court Justice. And that, whatever your politics are, is a shame,” Carlson stated.

Joe Biden picked Ketanji Brown Jackson because he and every Democrat knows that she will never deviate from left-wing orthodoxy on any issue.

When Joe Biden ran the Senate Judiciary Committee during the Clarence Thomas hearings, he tried to destroy Thomas precisely because he questioned the Democrat Party’s dogma.

Democrats are fine with diversity of appearance, but not with diversity of thought.

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