Tucker Carlson called out Mitt Romney for one terrible betrayal of America

Mitt Romney continues to be a thorn in the side of Donald Trump and conservatives.

But no one ever thought Romney would take it to this level.

Now Tucker Carlson called out Mitt Romney for one terrible betrayal of America.

Over the weekend, Mitt Romney marched with Black Lives Matter to protest President Trump.

Romney made it clear he agreed with the rioters and looters that America is a racist country that needs to pay for its sins.

Tucker Carlson called out Mitt Romney for marching with anti-American and anti-police protestors as a way to distract from the reality that Romney and his globalist buddies gutted the middle class and sent their jobs overseas to countries like China and Mexico.

“Mitt just wants to make sure that Americans understand — get through their thick heads — that black lives matter. As if Americans didn’t know that,” Carlson mockingly said. “But accusing your entire country of racism turns out to be a pretty small price for someone like Mitt Romney. What Romney’s really worried about — what all the finance moguls finding this movement are worried about — is that someone somewhere will ask the obvious questions: ‘How much have you, Mitt Romney, personally made — how rich have you become by sending jobs overseas — working-glass jobs — by charging obscene interest rates and by otherwise harming poor and black communities economically?” Carlson explained.

Carlson explained that radical groups like Black Lives Matter count on elites like Mitt Romney feeling guilty and wanting to buy absolution for their sins by financially supporting their organizations.

“Mitt Romney doesn’t want to talk about that at all, so he marches,” he continued. “And Black Lives Matter couldn’t be happier about it. The complicity of people like Mitt Romney gives groups like Black Lives Matter strength.”

Black Lives Matter is a dangerous group.

Their stated goal for these riots and protests is to defund the police and advance a socialist agenda for America.

And Mitt Romney is giving aid and comfort to this cause by marching with them.

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49 Responses

  1. Nancy says:

    Mitt, just go away. Nobody cares what you think or say. Get it??????????

  2. Mark Allen says:

    Someone needs to ask Mitt Romney exactly where all of the money for Bain Capital came from. It is an interesting bit of news, which unlocks his predisposition to betray the GOP, his country, and We, the People. Whenever any individual climbs into bed with a den of thieves, the den of thieves shall forever run another’s life.

  3. Alan says:

    Mitt Romney is a “jackass” so I really wish he would change parties and become a democrat! Republicans don’t need a disguised horses a#@ when he’s really a jackass! Mitt is one thing: a complete jerk! And since we already dislike him, have him become a democrat so he can join the other losers-like Obama!

  4. sharon says:

    Carolyn Donald-I grew up on a farm-hard work, long hours, working with animals, shoveling manure, growing crops and growing our own food. No vacations, wore rummage sale clothes. Do I think I had a bad life? No my parents taught my sister and brothers hardwork and good decisions will make you a good life. I commend your family for passing the work ethic on to you. But you do realize there alot of people in the white communities that love the programs and never get off of them either. They allow themselves to held back and not succeed. So you buy into your white supremacy hate but I’ll give my Black friends the high five for getting their education and using that plus their time and talents, working hard and not being held down by their own Black community”s bias for being successful. They earned their success by their own hardwork and they should be proud of that and not put down for it.

  5. I think most of the people were white supremacy people like you. That answered your question. I am glad I grew up not needing anything from white people. My parent were hard workers. I grew up w/ money, but I was Black so money don’t mean a thing. Except you don’t have to kiss white people asses to get what you need. You buy it.

  6. Bob says:

    RINO Romney – get it done.
    Just switch parties. You aren’t fooling us.
    Turncoat backstabber.

  7. Casey Strong says:

    Mitt Romney is just a democrat in semi-republican clothing. Anyone who campaigned as lightly as he did in 2012 wasn’t serious about winning anything. He’s probably an agent of the democratic party that was implanted to lose to Obama. No doubt in my mind that he threw the election in 2012… to others that don’t believe what I believe, he was a total disappointment…. so, who the hell cares what this Moron (oops, sorry… Mormon) has to say.

  8. RM says:

    Mormon religion has nothing to do with this. Mr. Romney is like Benedict Arnold of the American revolution. GREED and PC says it all, he doesn’t give a damn…Staples, Iheart (IFart) radio, other business takeovers… NO CREDIBILITY!

  9. sharon says:

    Scott27-does anyone from the Democratic party EVER come out against their leadership? That would be a no. They would lose their chairmanship positions in the House and Senate. So where are YOUR brave Democrats that YOU so admire for their courage to go against their President or Speaker of the House or Senate? Name them- followers of these posts want to know their names. Name them for the 8 years of Obama and under the Pelosi House Speakership. See if YOU are brave enough.

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