Tucker Carlson called out Ben Shapiro over this one word

Photo by Gage Skidmore via Flickr (CC BY-SA 2.0) https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0/

Tucker Carlson and Ben Shapiro are two of the biggest names in conservative media.

But Carlson is now in the middle of a feud involving Shapiro.

And Tucker Carlson called out Ben Shapiro over this one word.

Daily Wire founder Ben Shapiro and fellow commentator Candace Owens are feuding over the Hamas terrorist group in Israel.

Owens’ support for an America First foreign policy extends to Israel, where she criticized the Israeli military operations to destroy Hamas in Gaza by arguing it was “genocide.”

A video of Shapiro recently surfaced where he responded to her comments by calling them “disgraceful.”

“I think her behavior during this has been disgraceful,” Shapiro told the questioner.

Owens then posted on social media in response that you can’t “serve both God and Money.”

Shapiro responded by telling Owens she was free to quit the Daily Wire at any time.

Owens responded to Shapiro’s comments in a sit-down interview with Tucker Carlson.

Carlson took issue with Shapiro’s word choice and ripped him for using the word “disgraceful” to describe Owens’ comments.

“To call somebody disgraceful, particularly a coworker, seems like a pretty big step and I really don’t know the background here. What is that about?” Carlson wondered.

Owens said she was shocked as she had no heads up that Shapiro planned to go after her in public and she said she never received word from Shapiro as to what he meant.

Carlson asked Owens if she ever got an apology from Shapiro to which she answered in the negative.

Owens told Carlson the two disagreed before as Shapiro was one of the initial cheerleaders for the COVID vaccine and supported Joe Biden’s war with Russia over Ukraine.

“No, nothing. I haven’t heard a single word. It just was sort of something that he said and you know what? Ben and I may have disagreements so I don’t think that that’s particularly something that’s interesting. We disagreed on the COVID vaccine, and we disagreed on Ukraine and Russia. He has taken virtually every stance has been the opposite of mine on every issue over the last five years, so I don’t think that that’s particularly remarkable,” Owens stated.

But Owners said she would never criticize Shapiro in public even though Shapiro disagreed with her on major issues.

Carlson was taken aback by that.

“It’s a little weird, so he was on the Left on those three biggest issues of our time, is what you’re saying?” Carlson concluded.

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