Tucker Carlson begged Donald Trump to do one thing that no one could believe

Tucker Carlson is one of the most popular hosts on Fox News.

And Carlson is also one of President Trump’s most high profile supporters of President Trump.

Now Tucker Carlson begged Donald Trump to do one thing that no one could believe.

Tucker Carlson – like millions of Americans – was outraged at a goon squad of Robert Mueller prosecutors in the Department of Justice who recommended a seven-to-nine year prison sentence for Roger Stone after Mueller convicted Stone of process crimes in the Russian collusion hoax.

Carlson noted these prosecutors wanted to put Stone in jail for twice as long as the typical rapist.

“Now for perspective on that sentence, the typical rapist in this country spends four years in prison — armed robbers, three years, thugs who commit violent assault, less than a year and a half,” Carlson declared.

Carlson then explained why Mueller’s prosecutors wanted to throw the book at Stone and why Fake News Media outlets were so up in arms about Stone not possibly dying in jail due the excessive length of the sentence.

“If Roger Stone serves even a single day behind bars, the Russia lie will be validated as true. Stone’s imprisonment will be prima facie evidence in their view of Democrats,” Carlson explained.

Carlson then got down to brass tack.

The popular Fox News host said the President had no choice but to pardon Roger Stone and end this partisan and vindictive farce.

“So at this point, there is really one solution. The president must pardon Roger Stone or commute his sentence before he goes to jail. Democrats will howl if he does that. Well, they are howling anyway. They howl every day.

Chuck Schumer is now yelping about another investigation into Roger Stone. Russiagate 2.0 In one entirely constitutional act, the president could save Roger Stone’s life, vindicate himself, and end this nonsense forever. Let’s hope he does it. We’ll be watching,” Carlson concluded.

Roger Stone, George Papadopoulos, and Michael Flynn all are in jail, face jail time, or served jail time because their real crime was helping Donald Trump win in 2016.

The Deep State and the Washington, D.C. swamp want to make sure nothing like Donald Trump’s win ever happens again and one way to do that is to send a message to supporters of the next Donald Trump that you will go to jail if you work for that person.

Donald Trump has a chance to drive a stake through the heart of that intimidation campaign.

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30 Responses

  1. John Vieira says:

    The fact that the Mueller inquiry was fraudulent in it’s origin – it “morphed” out of “Russiagate” which was instigated, after the supposed “hack” that never was, as the transfer speed of the data precluded any such happening…it was a DOWNLOAD ( Seth Rich ring a bell)…by Obama to deflect the expected WikiLeaks, which incidentally have NEVER been debunked/repudiated, “dump” on Hillary – any prosecutions emanating therefrom should be suspect…

  2. Dr. J.D. says:

    Thank you Chris for your post. Stone committed SEVEN FELONIES AND WAS FOUND GUILTY ON ALL. Carlsen’s analysis is absurd, he compares the Stone recommendations to ONE Felony by say an armed robber. Commonly, the statutes recommend at least a year or more for EACH Felony – – – so they prosecutors were withing reasonable guidelines. The ones SEEKING TO PERVERT THE LAW ARE TRUMP, TUCKER CARLSEN AND BARR! Previously, the Republicans wanted to INCREASE the penalties for offenders, now it turns out they meant to INCREASE it for all except TRUMP’S CRONIES. TRUMP is acting just like a 3rd world dictator rather than one sworn to uphold the rule of LAW.

  3. Randy Bell says:

    Maggie pelosi’s father was I believe a mob leader or at in the mob just like the Clintons have their own mob in Arkansas I live in Arkansas and know people that knows the Clintons personally they were crooked before ever getting in the white house when Bill Clinton was governor in Arkansas the Clintons were smuggling drugs then he had his brother running drugs when his brother would get caught Bill Clinton as governor would either dismiss the charges or pardon his brother along with all the other crimes they committed they were even having people killed that had information on them when he was governor in Arkansas so how many more have been killed since they made it to the white house you know every time someone goes to testify against them for some reason they commit suicide why is that why are they able to get away with all their crimes

  4. arthur facteau says:

    Scott27, where are you getting this information from on the cuts? I have seen nothing like this anywhere, and this would be big news, all I have seen so far is that he would ‘look at it’ next year. He (Trump) was asked if he was willing to make some possible cuts, and his response was that he would look at it. He says that a lot. He’s been asked that about weapon’s legislation a few times, gave pretty much the same response, made the Democrats run off at the mouth, then did nothing at all concerning weapons legislation. He does this, have you not figured that out yet? dose it just to see what kind of response the media is going to give, lets them have all the rope they want, then lets them all look like idiots when they wind up dangling from the end of it. He’s not going to take anything from anyone. I doubt the numbers you stated are anything but something you made up….

  5. To all those idiots out there crying about the cuts to SS, medicare & Medicaid……..have any of you bothered to read the recent report out about the FRAUD and mismanagement in all these departments? Just a few things……there are payments going out to well over 100 people that are 112 years old when data shows there are only about 4 living people that age. Where are these checks going to and being cashed? Not to mention the vast number of DEAD people that have been drawing checks for years. How many so-called disabled claims are really disable?……thanks to crooked doctors. Anyone with a real disability needs the assistance….but would also like to be able to contribute to society. These are the things Pres Trump is having looked into and where the cuts are coming from. Check the facts before opening mouth!!

  6. Jackolanturn says:

    Scott 27, you are a lying dope head liberal lunatic. Stone was not tried by jurors of his peers. It has now been proven that at least 4 of the jurors were donors to democrats and one even posted negative comments about convicting Stome before she served as juror. Hillary lied to the FBI and congress numerous times as well as Comey, McCabe, Clapper, Brennan, Struct, page, the Orrs and many other democrat FBI thugs and they have faced no charges. Keep watching fake news and stay stuck on stupid and of course the dope isn’t helping you either..

  7. I’ll tell you this, if Roger Stone and the others are not pardoned, our entire family will not be voting in November. Enough is enough from the crime cartels also known as the FBI and DOJ.

  8. Scott27 says:

    Maggie, you want a shady character… read up on your cult leader. Fraudster… trump university. Fraudster…. no longer allowed to have a foundation because he was stealing from it. Fraudster… stiffed multiple contractors working for him. Fraudster… six close associates, “only the best people” now behind bars convicted in courts of law. Liar… 15,000 times over and counting in the past 3 years. Shall I go on?

  9. Maggie says:

    How about dirty Pelosi, Schumer, and Schmitt behind bars?
    Please read the background of Pelosi’s father. He was not a man of moral character according to his history. That’s where Pelosi got her training, threats, and nasty ways. She is not a good Catholic; she is the biggest con artist in America. She cares only about money, her face lifts, and her booze runs on trips with her favorite 15 people. And all this comes out of the pockets of WE THE PEOPLE! That’s only my opinion based on the facts that I read about her. based on her father’s shady character.

  10. Steve D says:

    Hoppy is hopped up on something you want a dirt bag Bernie Sanders is the biggest one I know here is someone who never worked a day in his life and is worth Millions sucking off the Government Teat. As for Chris, most people with intelligence, see that the judge is threatening Stones Life. Wake up your being conned.

  11. Charles Foster says:

    Chris your not just fool your a D__n fool!

  12. Scott27 says:

    Texas Belle…. there is simply no evidence any of those you think should be convicted broke any laws. And why isn’t Carlson up in arms about this: one week after vowing to never touch social security and medicare did trump submit a budget to congress with $30 billion in cuts to social security and $850 billion in cuts to medicare? Or does that not mean anything to any of you?

  13. Scott27 says:

    Stone was convicted of seven felonies, including threatening witnesses. He was convicted in a fair trial by a jury of his peers. The maximum he could have received was 20 years; so seven to nine is fair. Why do you all want so terribly bad to live in a banana republic?

  14. Cliff says:

    The obunghole “judge” that made this call should be disbarred. PERIOD.
    I for one, am tired of so-called “judges” that refuse to go by the rule of law and “legislate from the bench” due to their own “personal feelings” or ‘political preferences”

  15. merryinfidel says:

    Roger stone did not threaten to kill anyone. He posted a picture from the internet and clearly stated it was not a threat. The comment about kidnapping his friends dog was a joke and was taken as a joke. Quit swallowing every twisted, misquoted piece of liberal garbage your handlers feed you and try thinking for yourself…

  16. Texas Belle says:

    Being a dirt bag doesn’t make Stone guilty of crimes. If every dirt bag were put in prison we would have to construct a lot more prisons. I think President Trump may wait until after the election to pardon anyone because he knows it will be a volatile election issue. Everyone knows that Stone, Flynn, Papadopolous, etc. were charged because they were associated with Trump. Their so called crimes are nothing compared to those of Comey, McCabe, Hillary, Bill, Podesta, Lynch, Holder, Obama. Now we hear that McCabe will not be charged with anything; what a miscarriage of justice.

  17. renato says:


  18. Veracious says:

    The truth: Chris, Stone threatened to kidnap his friend’s dog. His friend said,
    ” No big deal. Roger is always joking around. This pure Trump Hate.

  19. Uncle Hoppy says:

    I agree with Chris, Roger Stone is a dirt bag that deserves time behind bars.

  20. Chris says:

    The sentence as originally recommended was passed on guideline that is used by the courts, it was not contrived specifically for Roger Stone. He threatened a witness’s life and the judge’s life as well.

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