Tucker Carlson admitted to his audience this major part of American life was a lie

Tucker Carlson is the top rated host of Fox News for a reason.

Viewers count on Carlson to tell the truth.

But then Tucker Carlson admitted to his audience this major part of American life was a lie.

On Thursday’s show, Tucker Carlson took a deep dive into the Wall Street meltdown as retail traders used apps like Robinhood to stage a rebellion against massive hedge funds that destroy companies by shorting their stock and driving down the value.

Everyday Americans caused Wall Street to lose billions as they banded together and drove up the price of stock for companies like AMC and Gamestop causing hedge fund fat cats to take a bath.

Apps like Robinhood struck back by banning their users from trading these stocks.

In his monologue, Carlson explained this was a revealing moment as Americans had their eyes opened to the fact that the free market capitalism that elites claimed the American economy operated under did not in fact exist.

Carlson stated:

Today, the investment app Robin Hood, which is used by independent investors to buy and sell stock, banned its users from trading GameStop shares, as well as from several other company shares. No one even knew that was legal. Maybe it isn’t. But Robin Hood did it anyway, and they did it under pressure from the hedge funds, who they really work for.

So much for the free market, you’re always hearing about, there’s nothing free about it. That turned out to be a lie. It turns out that what Wall Street really hates is outsider trading. The idea that people from outside their world might be getting rich, that’s the one sin they can abide.

This episode showed that Wall Street and tech companies view regular Americans like marks at a carnival who pay to play the ring toss game where the rings are never quite big enough to fit around the bottle.

The big prizes are just used to lure in customers into playing a game they think is on the level but where the house always wins.

Robinhood shutting down trading on stocks where regular Americans were making a buck and the big shots lost their shirt made it obvious the true nature of the stock market was that the big banks were supposed to always win while the little guy was there to get screwed.

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