Trump’s top aide made a promise about indictments that had all hell breaking loose

United States Attorney John Durham’s criminal investigation into the origins of the Russian collusion hoax has flown under the radar.

That isn’t the case anymore.

And on Sunday, President Trump’s top aide made a promise that had all hell breaking loose.

During an interview on Sunday Morning Futures on Fox News, Trump’s Chief of Staff Mark Meadows revealed that he expected United States Attorney John Durham to issue indictments in his probe of how the FBI and Obama administration cooked up the Russian collusion hoax.

Meadows told host Maria Bartiromo that more documents would come out this week showing that the FBI acted inappropriately in the course of spying on the Trump campaign in the 2016 election.

“You’re going to see a couple of other documents come out in the coming days that will suggest that not only was the [Trump] campaign spied on, but the FBI did not act appropriately as they were investigating,” Meadows began.

Meadows then stated that based on what he has seen, indictments are warranted.
“I think the American people expect indictments. I know I expect indictments based on the evidence I’ve seen,” Meadows added.

In the wake of newly released documents that showed the FBI knew early on the idea of the Trump campaign colluding with Russians was nonsense and that the sources for Christopher Steele’s dossier were not all they were cracked up to be, Meadows asserted that the Deep State cover-up surrounding the Russian collusion hoax was collapsing.

“It’s all starting . . . to unravel, and I tell you, it’s time for people to go to jail and be indicted,” Meadows concluded.

The American people have waited for years for the guilty parties to be held accountable after the FBI and Obama administration was caught red-handed trying to frame the Trump campaign for colluding with the Russians.

After weeks of news coming from Durham’s probe, some began to lose hope.

But Meadows’ announcement restored some faith that the guilty will face justice.

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