Trump’s quest to expose massive voter fraud just suffered this massive setback

President Trump is fighting in court to expose what he believes is massive voter fraud that cost him the 2020 election.

But the President will be red with rage when he learns what happened.

And that’s because Donald Trump’s quest to expose massive voter fraud just suffered this massive setback.

In Pennsylvania, Donald Trump filed multiple legal challenges to contest late arriving mail-in ballots and to prevent the state from certifying the results, which the President contends are stuffed with illegal ballots.

But the President’s legal case suffered a massive setback when his lawyers decided to bail on the campaign.

The New York Times reported the firm came to the decision to withdraw from representing the Trump campaign after The New York Times badgered the firm with negative artricles.

“The firm’s withdrawal followed an article in The New York Times on Monday described internal tensions at the firm about its work for Mr. Trump’s campaign in Pennsylvania. Some employees said they were concerned that the firm was being used to undercut the integrity of the electoral process. One Porter Wright lawyer resigned in protest over the summer,” The New York Times reported.

The left-wing Lincoln Project also targeted the law firm for harassment on social media and with online ads.

This was liberal cancel culture at its worst.

A hallmark of the American legal system is everyone is entitled to their day in court and to make a defense with the most competent legal representation possible.

Liberals are trying to deny the President this fundamental right.

And this is leading many to ask if the President’s lawsuits are as baseless as the Fake News Media claims, then why are liberal partisans exerting pressure to choke off the ability of the Trump campaign to argue their case in court?

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