Trump’s lawyer used one word to describe Robert Mueller’s end game

Special Counsel Robert Mueller has investigated President Trump for one year.

And pundits and politicians are speculating as to when the probe will wrap up.

Donald Trump’s lawyer weighed on and used one frightening word to describe Mueller’s end game.

Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani was at a conference in Israel where he delivered remark about the state of the Mueller investigation.

Giuliani blasted Mueller for conducting a witch hunt and declared that Mueller’s intent was to frame the President.

Politico reports:

“Special counsel Robert Mueller’s office is “trying very, very hard to frame” President Donald Trump, former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani said at a conference Wednesday in Israel.

Giuliani said Mueller’s team, tasked with investigating Russian interference in the 2016 election and allegations that the Trump campaign colluded in those efforts, is composed of “13 highly partisan Democrats … (who) are trying very, very hard to frame him to get him in trouble when he hasn’t done anything wrong.”

Trump has also blasted Mueller for hiring 13 angry Democrats.

And the special counsel’s team is filled with some of the most partisan lawyers in America.

One member of the team even did work for the Clinton Foundation.

This is not a real investigation.

Investigations are conducted to determine the facts of a specific crime.

When Mueller was appointed, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein did not list a crime he was to investigate.

Mueller was given a blank check to run a political fishing expedition.


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47 Responses

  1. Jean says:

    All I have to say …..we must get those Democrats out of office. Some of the republicans also. Let’s do our homework and find out which ones. Then help your neighbor to see the light an then br sure to vote legally.

  2. Gene says:

    FIRE MUELLER and we will have enough money to build two walls.

  3. I think that Giuliani is right, and the President should NOT meet with Mueller, because it will be a set up. Mueller has already sent 4 guys to prison for a murder they did NOT commit. Mueller is an EVIL man, he will do whatever he can get away with to get the results he wants. If he thinks President Trump is so bad, then go somewhere else to live. We don’t want to hear anymore about you or see your face.

    • Dee says:

      I also think Mueller is trying to frame the president and I hope some one will tell the president NOT to fall
      taking a talk with Mueller as it will be a TRAP.

  4. californiasailor says:


  5. William Brummett says:

    if he is not guilty than why is he going to pardon himself. if you cry wolf enough sooner or later no one believes you any more and he has been crying wolf this whole time

    • brenda says:


    • Danny says:

      Wake up and follow the news. It was George Stepfenoplis of ABC news who asked Giuliani the president s lawyer is Trump could pardon himself. Giuliani replied I don’t see why not , but he hasn’t done anything wrong!
      Love your selective hearing….your part of the problem …..

  6. Bender says:

    He is investigating Trump campaign colluding with Russia to undermine our election. If he did nothing wrong why so worried. There are guilty pleas already and indictments aplenty. No matter what your dictator spews about being above the law this is not Russia I have faith in the courts and investigating agencies involved to get facts. They have a lot of info we haven’t seen till it is made public I can’t determine if he’s involved or not. GOP spent 4 years investigating bengazi no indictments. 2 years investigating emails no indictments. Sounds like there is something here. Try reading something other than right wing propaganda crap and get a true sense of what is out there then if you can still support the traitors in the GOP I hope your lively hoods suffer with the trade war Trump is starting with our allies. So far at least they are reasonable enough to target inbred Trump supporting areas. Sorry farmers but you deserve it for voting for him. Just keep clutching your guns and bibles. Try thoughts and prayers I hear that works. Doesn’t stop our kids from getting killed by mad men with easy access to guns but might help put food on your table.

    • JP says:

      Aren’t you the clever one! Trump is good for this country and his accomplishments show it in measurable ways. Im not holding out for the GOP investigations, in that they haven’t and probably won’ t come to any conclusive evidence. If we suffer economically for Trumps decisions, then we learn…it’s not like the Dems are offering great ideas except higher taxes, bigger government and more welfare for the illegals they want to flood this country!

  7. is the special investigation even constitutionally legal?

    • Marilyn Hadley says:

      No , no one with half a brain would condone this farce. Prior to Pres. Trumps election Hillary told one of the females in the administration (Obamas) that if Trump were elected , they ‘ld all be in jail. She knew he would uncover their sins and crimes against the nation. That is whythey have scrambled so insanely to get him removed because they are scared of the truth being uncovered and their financial gains obtained through unethical means and most of all they don t want to loose their power and position.

  8. Grampa says:

    We have a problem in our nation. I see both parties infected by a social system corrupted with the desire for power. power is addictive with its effects that narrow ones view with a singular purpose. our constitution used by misinterpretation of its original intent. politicians work at removing its restrictions on government and pass laws that remove the rights of its citizens. with courts that no longer apply the law but interpret what they think it to mean. I grow weaker and my voice ignored and laughed at when I show others what is happening. our young don’t understand because they live under the new normal never knowing what true freedoms are. I as many failed to take action when most beneficial. I like many focused on making a living needing to work longer to provide the things our family needs I thought myself successful while owning a business that provided many with a good living wage. putting in many hours that should have gone to my family. I never realized that our government worked as much against me as for me. now retired haven’t the energy to devote to saving our nation for my Grandkids and Great-grandchildren. I ask who will stand in my place? the silence is deafening. Time is short and while the citizens awaken the time it takes to undo the damage is critical and I see no real movement. Time to choose!

  9. michael says:

    trump needs to be prosecuted for everything that he has illegally done, which is a lot, waldo’s comment was correct MAKE AMERICA SMART AGAIN!!

    • James Kirksey says:

      Of course, the special investigation has tried, with no evidence, to place President Trump in legal trouble or subject to congressional impeachment. Name a proven crime and the investigation should ber over. Can you name one broken law; no political correctness? No one should be tried in the arena of public opinion. Follow the laws and Constitution.

  10. Harold says:

    Did anyone ever hear of the ‘Fifth Column t” that was active during WW2. That’s exactly what we have with Mulehead Mueller. He seems to be doing his best to destroy what Obomination started out to accomplish!

  11. Waldo says:

    I can’t believe that 98% of the respondents to this blog are so incredibly stupid to believe the drivel here. I hope it isn’t too late for you when you finally wake up. MAKE AMERICA SMART AGAIN!

    • Grampa says:

      clearly, you seem to be in the minority. It isn’t from your superior reasoning powers for you haven’t displayed any it must have taken you a fortnight of hard abuse to the remaining brain cell functioning at the two percent responsible for your far left opinion. Do you always openly display your ignorance or is it naturally inbred from a family tree with roots so shallow it leans in the direction pushed by party opinion? just how long has it been you suffer the inability to think for yourself? the question becomes Where’s Waldo ? There he is standing in the far left corner!

    • Dee says:

      Some people will never wake up.

  12. Bob Higginbotham says:

    The one word to describe Mueller is treason. It is treason to do nothing but try to impeach the president. Right now what Mueller is most worried about is that all the criminal activities he has been guilty of in the past will begin to surface.

  13. Carlisle Chewning Jr says:

    If there was a crime committed by President Trump ,Mueller and his team of thug lawyers would have already charged President Trump and they would have already had him impeached. Anyone with 1 brain cell can see this is a witch hunt or they are just too prejudiced and filled with hatred for the best President we have ever had in the U.S.A.! (Jealous morons) ????????

    • RightWriter says:

      It’s a witch hunt, all right, no doubt about THAT! But even if there HAD been some actual evidence against the President, with the Republicans in charge of the House no impeachment resolution would ever have passed. That’s why it’s SO important that Republicans hold onto their majority (however small) in the House as well as the Senate — otherwise the President AND his supporters (in and out of Congress) will have to spend the next two years FIGHTING OFF Nancy Pelosi and her gang of ASSASSINS, probably unsuccessfully — and then fighting to avoid CONVICTION AND REMOVAL after impeachment. The President doesn’t NEED this, and NEITHER DO WE.

      • John says:

        If Muller wasn’t being paid so well for his fool drudgery you can be sure the investigation would have been as originally stated: Nothing here, and it would have been over a year ago. It is greed and the mindset that matters, and the money is good and the mindset is to destroy our country as we know it. Example: Democrats are now screaming about Trump wrestling babies from parents at the border, but they insist on promoting wrestling them from the womb of their mother by the hundreds of thousands in America yearly and demanding that the opposition to that be silenced.

  14. A Seeker says:

    Mr. Mueller has been working very hard for over ONE YEAR , trying to destroy A Honest Man Whom he would love to be! But, unfortunately, he couldn’t! Thus, that JEALOUSY turned into A Hate Filled Force which has taking over Mr. Mueller’s life and, this self destructive Force is now opening its mouth for a HEARTY Consumption! Mr. Mueller is teaching the World an Excellent Ethics Lesson! Never be envious of anyone’s wealth, nor Power! When one has more than one could swallow, it is best to eat slowly and enjoy each bite with each breath that one takes in and giving Gratitude to the POWER that is behind all things!! For one has not created the Air that One Breathes! The Fruits of selfishness are Self Destruction and the Destruction of all those who are with that person! Never step into Mortal Sins!

  15. Bill says:

    First of all Beachbum 13 you are a total fool idiot. Second of all this fake investigation has gone on way to long; there is no crime or collusion to prove or it would have come out after over a year of investigation. The only thing that will end this madness is flying bullets in the direction of Mueller and Rosenstein.

    • Beachbum13 says:

      “flying bullets” ? Sounds like more terroristic threats from another RWNJ. You need anger management! You all keep saying the dems are upset because they lost (not the reason) …..but the majority of INSANELY angry statements come from these right wing sites. Seems you can’t tolerate opposing opinions, they are considered free speech, remember that concept?

      Also….how long did Bengazi go on? 4 years??? Any indictments or guilty pleas? NO.
      19 indictments, 3 guilty pleas, plus time spent behind bars already as a result of the Mueller investigation, and many more to come.

    • Wildmann says:


  16. Beachbum13 says:

    Crazy Eyes Giuliani is another embarrassment to the entire USA, and should be fired immediately. He is making outrageous comments that are just more of the same lies that 45 loves to make. They both disrespect women. He knows Mueller is not going to comment, so he’s just another bully that only shows up at a schoolyard fight when he knows his opponent won’t be there. Real brave of you Rudy. You are NOT the mayor of NYC that I remember, you’ve degenerated into a laughable joker amongst the other court jesters that stain the office of the President. He fits right into the circus that trump is ringmaster at.

    • Curtis wilkinson says:

      You sir are brain dead

    • brenda says:

      yes it is all about framing president trump to get him impeached so traitor mike pence can take over

  17. Hugh Turner says:

    He done it before. Whitie Bulgar

    • Sandra Kirk says:

      And a few others!! Innocent people framed and seemy to prison until the proof came out and sentenced w were overturned and awarded millions of dollars from US government!!

  18. James Johnson says:

    It’s time to put a STOP to Mueller and his CORRUPTION!! This is nothing but a coup!!! Stop Mueller in Christ’s name,AMEN!!!

    • Beachbum13 says:

      STOP THE TRUMP CORRUPTION…that’s REAL. Why do you stand behind such a despicable human being? He has always been a liar, bully, cheater, and all around scumbag. Just ask ANYONE from the tri-state area. We watched it all from the beginning and cannot believe he conned so many folks. He is a world class con man, I’ll give you that!

  19. Wills says:

    After more than a year there is no evidence that President Trump “colluded” with any Russians. However there is mounting evidence that the Obama administration turned the alphabet federal agencies into weapons to spy on Trump’s campaign. Hillary was paying the Russians for “dirt” on Trump yet Mueller refuses to even look at the evidence there. Purely a witch hunt to impeach Trump. I thought we lived in a lawful country…seems like we have two sets of laws. Time to change it.

  20. True Believer says:

    All I can say is it is a costly farst and better get over quickly. I can’t wait to see the order Rosenstein gave to Mueller. That will tell it all.

  21. Mike I says:

    Trumps doing a fine job of framing himself along with all the other swamp cretons i.e. Pruiet, Manafort, Cohen, Donny Jr. etc.

  22. GRIZZ MANN says:

    The Mueller inquisition is filled with MS13 (Mueller’s Special 13 lawyers).

  23. Ed says:

    If Russian collusion was really the point of his investigation then you have to ask why Facebook was not spied upon and agents put into their organization looking for election manipulation and collusion. Facebook profited from the adds ran, so someone there had an interest in those funds and Facebook has admitted they manipulate postings. Now most claim those occurred in support of liberals, but doesn’t that make it the best place to hide your illegal activity?

  24. Rick says:

    Let me just say this is a two pronged attack. 1st find a crime then pin it on Trump. 2nd
    considering Mueller has a baker’s dozen attorneys one looking for the crime while the
    rest cook the books on the Uranium One deal and all other potential scandals that might
    arise. If they don’t get Trump alas they cooked the books and made off with 20 Million
    not bad for a bunch of mobsters.

    • GRIZZ MANN says:

      “Show me the man, and I’ll show you the crime.”
      – Lavrentiy Beria, head of Joseph Stalin’s secret police and Mueller.

      • Mike Baumgartner says:

        Mueller has a history of accusing people of crimes & bleeding them dry financially when they try to defend themselves. Of course when it comes to “his” bill, he feels the taxpayer has bottomless pockets.

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