Trump’s jaw was one the ground when he found out what these Never-Trumpers had planned for November

Never-Trump traitors aren’t just working to defeat the President this November.

They are trying to take down the entire Republican Party.

And Donald Trump’s jaw was one the ground when he found out what these Never-Trumpers had planned.

The Lincoln Project is a Super PAC founded by former Never-Trump campaign consultants who hate Donald Trump and want to see him defeated.

But now the Lincoln Project has morphed into a “Never Republican” outfit that is trying to defeat Senate Republicans and hand Democrats total control of Congress.

Former John McCain campaign manager Steve Schmidt wrote, “The analogy would be in the same way that fire purifies the forest, it needs to be burned to the ground and fundamentally repudiated. Every one of them should be voted out of office, with the exception of Mitt Romney.”

Former New Hampshire Republican Party chairwoman Jennifer Horn claimed, “The only way to make sure that Trumpism doesn’t continue to rule the Republican Party for years to come is to make sure that we defeat not only the president, but those people who have enabled him,” she added.

These so-called “Republicans” who run the Lincoln Project claim they oppose Trump because he violates “conservative principles.”

But if that is the case, defeating Republicans and handing the entire government over to Democrats would do even more damage to conservatism.

Critics accuse these Never-Trump “Republicans” of just being Democrats, but refusing to admit it because they know it would take the sting out of their political attacks.

Other critics accuse the group of being grafters who rake in millions of dollars from gullible Democrat donors just to enrich themselves.

Whatever they may be, the individuals running the Lincoln Project are not Republicans and they are not conservatives.

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65 Responses

  1. Kathy Wroblewski says:

    The behavior of Pelosi and some of her comrades in Congress and some of these mayors who turn their backs on law abiding citizens appears to be treason. They are promoting and encouraging violence, terrorism, and murder by doing nothing as well as threatening federal force intervention. Can’t they be charged with treason under the Patriot Act?…or something? I would love to see them behind bars.

  2. Roger says:

    Well folks…here is my worry and concern that one day our awesome President Trump will eventually have to step down as POS. And sooner or later the Demonrats will have control again and even another Demoncrap president will be elected unfortunately. Then what? We still are facing our dooms day in the not too far future.

  3. Patricia says:

    Those reptile throwbacks and their mininos WILL NOT WIN THE SENATE, PRESIDENTIAL OR THE HOUSE!


    It is most dedicated prayer that Conservatives retain control of the Senate, regain control of the House and maintain the highest position in our land after this General Election is November. I totally believe that any other result would begin the dismantling of our Constitution and Republic. We have been a solid nation of diverse peoples who have united in the belief that each of us have the same opportunity to fulfil our dreams provided we adhere to, support and protect both of those things. When one Ideology gains too much control of any government then the Ideology starts to become too self Righteous to govern fairly. Lady Justice wears a blindfold and carries a scale. She sees no bias ideology and renders a lawful decision. Regardless of whomever stands before her. That is how We the People need our judges especially in the SC to make their decisions. When politics make courtroom decision then the system brakes down and no longer serves the People, it only serves the Ideology. When Judges at any level can be influenced by other means than the Constitution itself then our system brake down.

  5. Malvery McDaniel says:

    President Trump In some Of Your Speeches You’re Repeating Yourself, Try Find New Info, Things For The Future.

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