Trump’s campaign manager just embarrassed a PBS reporter with this statement

Since the election, the left has used every excuse in the book to explain their 2016 loss.

And they still refuse to give credit where credit is due.

And Trump’s campaign manager just embarrassed a PBS reporter with this powerful statement.

Brad Parscale is Donald Trump’s 2020 campaign manager, and he ran his 2016 digital operation.

In an interview with PBS, a reporter attempted to blame Trump for the spread of “divisive” content.

But Parscale shut him down with this powerful statement.

Breitbart reports:

Trump campaign manager Brad Parscale swatted away a PBS interviewer’s attempt to blame President Donald Trump and tech platforms like Facebook for spreading “divisive” messages and “opinion” rather than news, in a long-form interview.

The interviewer repeatedly tries to tie President Donald Trump and the Trump campaign to the spread of “divisive” content on social media, arguing that Facebook makes it easy for such content to spread. But Parscale swatted down his arguments.

Parscale attacked the media-concocted panic over fake news, saying, “are we going to start having panels where there are judge and juries that determine every article whether it’s true or not? … Who decides what’s [divisive]?”

The Trump 2020 campaign manager argued that we should trust in the reasoning abilities of American citizens to separate truth from falsehood, not a tiny minority of Silicon Valley elites.

The mainstream media constantly airs 90% or greater negative coverage of the Trump administration.

But they pin the blame for the spread of fake news on Donald Trump instead of themselves.

The American people distrust the media because they have been caught red handed telling lies.

The leftwing bias in the media has never been more transparent.

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