Trump was jumping for joy after his best news yet came out

President Trump is on a winning streak.

He continues to gain massive victories, much to the ire of the Democrat Party.

And now, Trump is jumping for joy after his best news yet came out.

Former President Barack Obama truly was the food stamp president.

He saw having more and more Americans on food stamps as a good thing.

But President Trump would rather have Americans back at work and off government assistance.

And due to his economic policies resulting in historic employment, that is beginning to happen.

Since taking office, over 5.8 million people have discontinued their participation in the food stamps program.

This is a massive spike in the amount of people getting off the program, which has only been declining in participation since 2013.

But that decline is thanks to the work of state legislatures requiring food stamp recipients to work, attend school, volunteer, or participate in job training, not anything Obama did.

The decline under Trump is due to his America First economic policies that are resulting in a booming economy.

Breitbart reports:

Over 5.8 million individuals have discontinued their participation in America’s food stamp program since President Donald Trump’s first full month in office, according to the latest U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) data.

The most recent USDA data shows that 5,829,890 people discontinued their participation in food stamps received through the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) since February 2017, Trump’s first full month in office.

Overall food stamp participation had consistently declined since 2013 back when the Obama administration was in power and enrollment in the program reached its peak in U.S. history.

After 2013, SNAP enrollment plummeted once state legislatures passed laws requiring food stamp recipients to work, attend school, volunteer, or participate in job training for a set number of hours per week to receive benefits.

This win truly showcases the difference between the Obama administration and Donald Trump.

Trump wants to help give Americans the means to support themselves on their own, while Obama wanted to gain voters by giving away free stuff.

Food stamps are not meant to be a permanent means of support but rather a temporary support to help people get back to work.


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47 Responses

  1. libra says:

    A lot of welfare dollars and food stamp money goes across the Mexican border in the form of remittances. It is in the BILLIONS and our federal reserve lets them wire it to another country for 65 cents instead to the fee charged by private businesses such as western Union— Not fair Mr Powell to the tax paying business owners to have the feds competing with them.

  2. libra says:

    All those welfare goodies and cash comes right out of what is deducted from every paycheck of everyone working on the books. That is right Social Security pays not only the elderly but the welfare queens–the emancipated teenie boppers and their babies. It has become a way of life for them. It also pays the real disabled as well as the faker disabled and the alcoholic and the drug addicts as well as the mentally ill.. Thanks to the Americans with disabilities Act. Aint congress wonderful when it does work?? That my dears is why the Social Security Administration is going broke–OOps! almost forgot–as soon as these illegal alien invaders jump the fence and get turned loose–they head right to the welfare office by the millions and they get all of the same benefits an American gets every single one promised by the coyotes who collect 10 grand each for delivering them to the promised land. If you don’t believe me ask google.

  3. Rodney says:

    My wife works and I am medically retired on SSI! We save our money buy paying the bare amount needed on our bills, so we can go and have a pizza or maybe a burger!!!! Whet to a local pizza place to get a take out and on the door was a sign that read, “WE ACCEPT EMB”, which translates to “FOOD STAMPS”!!!!! We can’t afford the best cuts of meat, but anyone on STAMPS can!!!!!!! I agree, that Government help should not be the way to live, but only used to help for a short period of time!!!!!!!

    • r u a VETERAN? if so, git to your veterans counselor and the state in which you live. many benefits, now with the new MISSION ACT OF 2018. if not,git to your local representative and start a dialogue, take the wife of course. lol.

  4. Edna Berniece (Murphy) Evans says:

    I never voted to have Barack Obama for president, I was told that Barack Obama was a foreign student in college, his father was a citizen of Kenya.

  5. Ireland says:

    Thought you may like to know I went through several go back terrible malware at this site before I could get to your page…this is firefox…maybe something can be done about this as it was intimidating but I trusted you.

    • reload the new Yahoo/Mozilla and others. it will clear up the problem. if not you have been invaded by malware, and then go to MALWAREBYTES. it will work for free. I use it every month. lol.

  6. Agnes R Coffelt says:

    I was on gov. assistance for a few yrs. I then had gov officials come and check my fridge and house. I decided that I would rather be on my own. I went to school and got a job. It was hard but we made it. That is the biggest accomplishment I have done. Thank God for free will.

  7. shadowrider says:

    After many 9not my current history), many years of employment and paying taxes i was unemployed and knew it was going to be for a long time. I was refused food stamps to tide me over. the explanation was that in my work history of prior years i was over the limit. My current income was nothing from work. SO i am all for abolishing food stamps if taxpayers cannot avail themselves of temporary use. having spent time at the food stamp office i can say that people awarded food stamps are professionals. abolish food stamps.

  8. ronnie says:

    I have personally seen people sale food stamps to annother person andg striaght to a liqour store. I have also had them offer to sale them to me. Also one of their scams is to send a child in a store with a ten dollar food stamp buy a 25 cent peice of candy take the rest and buy beer or liquor. One lady was refused buying dog food so she filled her cart with steakes and told the cashier if she couldn’t get dog food she would feed it the steak’s.. This is abuse of the system any way you look at it .

  9. Vasu Murti says:

    Under Obama, increasing numbers on Food Stamps meant the government was alleviating poverty: seeing to it that the truly needy were being taken care of. Under Trump, if fewer people are receiving government aid, it might mean they’re falling through the cracks, not being taken care of by a social safety net, or it might mean they’re working two to three jobs to support themselves. It’s a national disgrace when a person can’t afford a single bedroom apartment on a minimum wage job.

    The Democratic Party platform should support: Animal Rights, Defending the Affordable Care Act, Ending Citizens United, Ending Marijuana Prohibition, Giving Greater Visibility to Pro-Life Democrats, Gun Control, Net Neutrality, Raising the Minimum Wage to $15 an Hour, Responding to the Scientific Consensus on Global Warming, and a Sustainable Energy Policy.

    Democrats for Life of America, 10521 Judicial Drive, #200, Fairfax, VA 22030, (703) 424-6663

    • ward says:

      The 8 years of bo’s treasonous violations to 78 U.S. Laws & defying at least 10 U.S. Constitution Amendments is enough proof to prosecute and execute him for high treason ! Hang ’em High !

    • Agnes R Coffelt says:

      Where are you from that you think we have to support you

    • Daniel from TN says:

      Stop listening to the Liberals and Mainstream Media: They will NOT tell you the truth. The truth is the one thing Liberals fear because it is a threat to their existence.
      Start checking things out for yourself and think with your own mind. When you do, you will never support Liberals or Liberalism again.

    • Bee says:


    • Dude says:

      Fair fax ,Virginia… biggest democratic city ever.. never in this life would I vote for a Democraps…….. total lyers…. Totally dishonest…… severely 2 faced..
      DO AS I SAY….BUT NOT AS I DO. that’s their motto.

    • Barb says:

      Vasu. There r many who disagree with at least some of what you say. For example, what country do you know if that has done what we have for the ebironment,or better fuels for cars,attempting to clean up our waterways,recycle etc? Since this is a global issue, others must pitch in or its useless! An awful lot of people didn’t appreciate the lies about Obama care and can not afford the premiums or out of pocket required so still uninsured. Gun Control doesn’t work for criminals as they have no compulsion in breaking ANY laws that 1 included so that only they will have guns. As for raising min wage, that’s gonna put people out of work especially in light of the push by the robotic industry,robots can already be cashiers,do inventories,stock shelves and on and on and they don’t need breaks, paid time off, medical coverage etc etc.They pay for themselves rather quickly! One question? Have you ever been to a place to get welfare, food stamps? I have and looked around at the new Timberline boots etc that were being worn, the new iPhones used, the beautiful mamicures\pedicures, the name brand purses, some of the most expensive strollers on the market and so on!!! It was a true learning experience. Very few people even spoke english. Try it sometime, it’s a great learning experience. From what I saw there wasn’t a lot of ‘alleviating poverty being done! Some yes, but not nearly as much as one would think.

  10. thomas robinson says:

    I guess only 2% are druggies, because the rest agree with testing !

  11. Lynette Boulter says:

    Drug testing should be a natural test..Also, many are capable of working, but prefer to receive stamps. Get them off welfare, put them to help and support their country.

  12. Grampa says:

    the food stamp program was as is all progressive programs designed to keep you under government control. I saw it coming as I was in high school in the late fifties. the girls would talk about the government programs that would provide apartment pay utilities and give them food stamps. the more kids they had the more money they get. the thing required is they couldn’t have the father or fathers live with them. now, these young women voted and they voted for Democrats because if they didn’t they were told the other party would take away their benefits. so they secured two votes because the men were not forced to pay child support unless the women went to court. which didn’t happen often and because the men were living with them any way they were not going to mess up a good thing. what it also did was remove the male influence from the home. We have seen what this has accomplished in the last decades. the men have no respect for women the men have no goals to justify holding a job and the men have been feminized and we see many turning to other men for companionship because women are no longer desirable. they ware clothing that covers little but when they attract a man they cry rape if he acts like a man and ventures to touch. granted because men now have little to base their ideas on with families split many don’t have a model on which to base their actions. OK I am now having a hard time putting my words in order so I hope I have said it the way I mean. thanks to all for reading my post.———-Grampa

  13. MSPS says:

    Prior to retirement I was one of those people ( medical provider) who could say yay or nay about a person having to do the jobs program in order to qualify for food stamps. I was absolutely stunned at the number of young women 16 years and up who felt that they should not be required to attend the jobs program, yet repeatedly and proudly were giving birth and of course had a live in and other amenities such as housing, food stamps etc.
    When asked for the reason they should not have to attend a three hour job program several days a week- or whatever the requirements were, being pregnant was a common
    response. However they were unable to tell me what there was about being pregnant that should disqualify them they just shrugged their shoulders. And yet they often had no difficulty acquiring the current trends of makeup, hair fashion, clothing and other signs of the times that a good many other women are unable to afford.
    This is also where I became aware of the load illegals placed on our system. And boy do they know how to game us too. Often, more than often they are awarded services and medications that our own population can not access, and faster too. Then when they have filled their backpacks full of medication costing thousands of dollars, they skip the country until the next time. I am speaking from the mental health perspective, but this is true in all medical systems. Our own people have to wait in line for the services these illegals take for granted.
    Somehow the dems have fitted all American citizens with a hair shirt and a leather quirt or belt that we are supposed to flagellate ourselves with as we walk around bloody and repentant calling evil, evil, to ward others away from our sins because they believe we must pay for the sins of being American and we need to pay reparations of one kind or another. The greatest nation in the world and yet we must make reparations?
    This is the story they sell us with their sanctuary whatevers while they make like crazy dancing around the halls of congress at night figuring out ways to rob us blind! No wonder Trump was pleased! Let’s do some more of it.

  14. Bruce says:

    Welfare started thru the Roosevelt Deals…. it was mainly to put in to provide support for the widows and brides of war veterans. The men went to war and left them widowed with little kids and no income, or the husband found them another woman overseas and divorced them leaving them penniless. This is the same reasoning at the time for letting wives married for a minimum of 10 years the chance to draw benefits on their husbands SS. Single woman with kids needed help to survve!
    Then welfare exploded and is totally out of hand, generation of welfare families, any have never held a job in their life. It should be just for mentally or physically disabled ( those that can’t hold a job ) AND. The elderly population. Our govt has gave it to every body and their dog! It’s disgusting seeing abled bodied men and women collecting food stamps because they are to dam lazy to hold a job and collect a paycheck. Low income is not an excuse and it promotes “ why work when you can get it free?”
    Women having babies are not off the hook, they choose to have them with no income cause they know they collect benefits. The men producing these kids are scum, don’t even pay the baby born bill and have no intention of paying child support, what a fricking merry – go – round!
    Make everyone abled bodied , age 18 to 65 work for food stamps and other services if they REALLY need help. Kick off the ones who are sucking the taxpayer dry, prob.about 75 percent of ages 18 to 65. Trumps program is on the right track but it’s not tough enough and action should apply to every state!

  15. Helen says:

    They definitely should be here legally if they get to receive food stamps or any kind of assistance. We should not be responsible for taking care of illegals and their families especially those of us who are not among the top wage earners. I worked really hard my entire life and I have never gotten any thing in the way of help and yet I’m supposed to support those here illegally.

  16. Warren Allen says:

    Food stamps in our region was an all-time high under Obama. During the past year of the Trump economy, we now have full employment with real wages of workers increasing and not just executives/administrators as wages increased under Obama. Food stamps recipients have declined markedly as have the total value of food stamp cards given out. Medicaid costs are really down in our region as well. A great economy brings huge benefits.

  17. Marilyn says:

    If you buy cigarettes or drugs, you need to be denied food stamps! Also, if you haven’t looked for work in the past couple of months, you should be given food stamps.

  18. Bob says:

    Raejean, You should dig deep and contribute to your brother’s well-being…..quit looking to your fellow citizens for his assistance…..what do you say (I can guess.)

  19. Drug testing should be mandatory also smokers should not be excused they sell their food stamps in order to buy smokes, no matter what kind just so they can smoke, also investigate a wife working at a wage that does not pay rent, utilities and buy food but she has a husband that won’t work because his paycheck will be garnished for back child support, he is capable of working but won’t claims injury

  20. james barry says:

    AP: Food Stamp Cuts Will Only Hit 4 States. The food stamp program costs $80 billion annually and serves 1 in 7 Americans. Cuts to the nation’s food stamp program enacted this year are only affecting four states, far from the sweeping overhaul that Republicans had pushed, an Associated Press review has found.

    • Clyde says:

      If President Trump’s policy has removed 5.8+ million off of food stamps I’d say thats a good thing wether its only 4 states or all 50 states. If its only 4 states just imagine what this number will be when the other 46 states fall in line. Why mention republicans when its the party of Democrats that have made this a problem in this country. Democrats is the party of handouts just look how they are providing for illegals over our homeless families/vets and the mentally ill. KAG 2020

      • Linda M. says:

        Clyde; You are absolutely correct in pointing out it was indeed the Democrats that created this problem.It is OUR money( the taxpayers) they are using for these handouts. Did you ever see a poor Democratic in government? I haven’t.Everyone falls on hard times. But enough is enough. My grandfather migrated from Italy and had a very large family. Did he ever take a hand out from any government agency? NO. He was just so thrilled to be an American citizen that he worked whatever job he could find to support his family.Not only food stamps but other freebees are handed out like candy.Especially to illegals. We have ignored the vets.Homeless families .Anyone that truly deserves our counties help. Lets hope the other states do follow in line.

      • Gun Nuts of America says:

        Excuse them for lifting some people from extreme poverty and even starvation. You’re a person who thinks he is a Christian, but no heartless person is Christ like.

  21. mary brumley says:

    The food stamp recipients should also have to contribute to the drug testing.
    I have been approached by these recipients and asked to let them buy me groceries on their stamps! Is there anyway I can report this?

  22. Timothy Toroian says:

    Raejean, I’d want to see what your gets from SSDI. Iget below average SS and pay 1/3 as rent in public housing and get more than $16 in food stamps. I was on SS more than 5 years before applying for food stamps and only did so when life got more difficult a subdural hematoma The physical recovery from lost strength was worse than the mental recovery.

  23. Raejean says:

    My disabled senior brother on SSDI receives a whopping $16 per month in food stamps. And pays a ridiculous rent in public housing. There are people struggling, folks.

  24. George says:

    In my hopefully humble opinion nothing ought to be given away, with the exception of Love and Kindness along with Compassion. Where some go wrong is the idea that people like free stuff and do not have to work. A person’s mind goes weak when they get something for nothing. Period.

    • mary brumley says:

      George, the churches should help the deserving poor, for they can monitor whether or not a person is trying to help his/herself.

  25. Gregory Sullivan says:

    Many people sell their food stamps at 50% or less of face value to get cash to buy drugs.

  26. Cliff says:

    We should drug test congress. They are all on welfare and most of them have got to be on drugs if you listen to their idiotic ideas.

  27. A Seeker says:

    Treating everything JUSTLY in a society, the reward of that is A Just Citiznery!

  28. Steff says:

    Drug testing as well as proof of citizenship using a Federal ID stamp should be a mandate for receipt of any welfare programs.

  29. Guadalupe Regina Dominguez Martinez says:

    We receive drug testing for a job, so should those that receive food stamps!

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