Trump supporters just got the news they’ve been waiting for that will build the wall

There’s nothing that excited Donald Trump’s base during his campaign more than his plan to build the wall.

It is an actual, concrete solution to stop the flood of illegal immigrants at the border.

And Trump supporters finally got the news they’ve been waiting for that will build it.

If there’s anything the U.S. can learn from countries like Israel, it’s that walls work to keep illegal immigrants out.

Since constructing a wall, Israel has seen illegal immigration fall to virtually zero, proving it’s a common sense solution.

But Democrats don’t care, and they continue to oppose President Trump’s plan to build a wall every step of the way.

That’s why Trump is getting it done through a national emergency declaration, using military funding with permission from the Pentagon.

And there’s nothing Democrats can do about it, especially after a new poll proves that this one issue is the most important issue for Republican voters.

The new Harvard/Harris Poll shows that, when asked to rank what Trump’s biggest priorities should be, the top answer is to build a wall on the border, with the next priority being to reduce all immigration.

Breitbart News reports:

Ahead of the 2020 presidential election, Republican voters say President Trump’s top priorities ought to be building a wall along the United States-Mexico border and reducing all immigration to the country.

The latest Harvard/Harris Poll finds that when Republican voters are asked to rank the issues which should be Trump’s biggest priorities, building a wall at the southern border and reducing all immigration top the list.

Ranking as the top priority for Republicans, conservatives, and Trump supporters, 22 to 25 percent of these voters said building a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border should be the president’s number one goal today.

This poll proves that Trump’s voting base have his back on the wall.

And with it being their top priority, Trump should be hammering the Democrats for getting in the way.

Illegal immigration is hitting historic levels, with upwards of one million expected to try to enter the country illegally this year alone.

Building a wall is the boldest step that can take place to at least slow down the invasion at the border.

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144 Responses

  1. Betty- Mexico will end up paying for the WALL! If we have less illegals sucking off our country, we will be saving a lot of $$$$$$! I’m sorry you are not smart enough to figure this out! Go crawl back in your hole….

  2. I agree with you, except for the execution thing, but it would certainly halt these invaders if they knew what was in store for them!

  3. I so agree with you, but I talked to my local DHS person, and she said that the illegals don’t get anything from them. I’m just repeating what I was told. However, if they get really sick, such as with a life threatening illness, they can go see a doctor, and I suppose we, the tax payers pay for that. It is really a no win situation for us, because they are taking advantage of us. Who is paying for their kids’ school expenses, and their breakfasts and lunches? I watched as a family of Mexicans or Central Americans, walked boldly through our Walmart parking lot just recently, and wondered what their story was. I imagined that they were illegals, and probably getting some assistance from somewhere. I believe they should be deported ASAP, Because they will keep coming if they receive NO consequences for their actions.

  4. Bob the Builder says:

    If what you say is true why did the investigators find 12 million fraudulent votes that were thrown out. With those numbers Trump won the popular vote by 8 million voters.

  5. Blue says:

    Amazing you actually believe what you wrote about where folks live across this country, daam, wake up!
    As far as forbes, hell, I’m liable to check it out, you need to check out the positive things President Trump is achieving!

  6. William Winder says:

    Blue, please see the article from Forbes, hardly a bastion of liberalism, regarding job growth from 2012 to 2018. And as far as the vote goes, it should represent the will of the people, not the geography you choose to live in. We all live in one country…the vote should represent the will of the majority of the people who live in that country, no matter where they choose to live. And that’s just common sense.

  7. Blue says:

    Just what are us guys trying to turn the country into? President Trump has the economy on the upswing, unemployment is down for all, no collusion, etc,Your heroes pelosi, schumer, waters, brennan just hate the President because he’s turning things around, the founding fathers were right about the electoral college, something like 30 states over 20 for Trump, it’s not right for 3 or 4 heavily populated areas to represent the whole USA, that’s just common sense, winder.

  8. The Man Called X says:

    Hello dumbocrap . I see that you have more money than you need, so how about you passing some of it to the homeless Americans who are not so fortunate and are forced to fend for what ever they can afford while all of the illegals are handed everything on a silver platter.

  9. William Winder says:

    We love the country Bob…we just don’t like what you guys are trying to turn it into. MAGA? When were we ever not…till Trump got elected by a minority of the people in this country. Yea, he won the electoral but the majority of living, breathin human beings in this country voted for the other candidate…and no, it wasn’t the votes of undocumented people…that’s was disproven when Trumps own investigation into the issue couldn’t come up with the evidence.

  10. True Citizen says:

    EXACTLY! In other words, ENFORCE OUR LAWS!!!

  11. True Citizen says:

    BINGO! They have created an ILLEGAL seperate system our constitution orbids!

  12. True Citizen says:


  13. True Citizen says:

    Clearly YOU don’t! All you tratorious cowards have forgotten that this country was based on LEGAL IMMIGRATION rather than ILLEGAL OCUCUPATION! If you can’t support OUR LAWS, get the hell out!

  14. Bob the Builder says:

    Joe, your are a mindless twit who will believe anything you hear on CNN. You are a commie that hates America

  15. William Winder says:

    Bob, The statement was a description of things he has done…”I just can’t help myself”. That’s an admission of guilt to a crime. As for the fund, it’s a Congressional fund that’s been used by both parties for that same purpose…and it’s Trump who’s paying for sex. And if you think Republicans aren’t a twisted lot, just read some of the comments posted here by some of your fellow’s from the right.

  16. The Real Joe the Plumber says:

    Marilyn, Trump is a criminal and the Nazis love him for his bigotry towards people who are not white. You must know this because you are one of the few who can put a few sentences together even if they are run on sentences.

  17. William Winder says:

    So Ron, was this country protecting the rights of the other 40,000 who died, at the hands of other lawful citizens of this country, by firearm last year?

  18. William Winder says:

    Ron, having read some of your other comments I can see where you would think (and I use that term cautiously) that the last two commas in my previous statement were not necessary…see how easy it is to do this without all the ‘BS’ and capital letters…without letting your anger get the better of you?

  19. doug says:

    if you deported all demos to mexico then mexico would build the wall

  20. B. Holly says:

    A giant ARGO to leftist supporters.

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