Trump supporters just got the news they’ve been waiting for that will build the wall

There’s nothing that excited Donald Trump’s base during his campaign more than his plan to build the wall.

It is an actual, concrete solution to stop the flood of illegal immigrants at the border.

And Trump supporters finally got the news they’ve been waiting for that will build it.

If there’s anything the U.S. can learn from countries like Israel, it’s that walls work to keep illegal immigrants out.

Since constructing a wall, Israel has seen illegal immigration fall to virtually zero, proving it’s a common sense solution.

But Democrats don’t care, and they continue to oppose President Trump’s plan to build a wall every step of the way.

That’s why Trump is getting it done through a national emergency declaration, using military funding with permission from the Pentagon.

And there’s nothing Democrats can do about it, especially after a new poll proves that this one issue is the most important issue for Republican voters.

The new Harvard/Harris Poll shows that, when asked to rank what Trump’s biggest priorities should be, the top answer is to build a wall on the border, with the next priority being to reduce all immigration.

Breitbart News reports:

Ahead of the 2020 presidential election, Republican voters say President Trump’s top priorities ought to be building a wall along the United States-Mexico border and reducing all immigration to the country.

The latest Harvard/Harris Poll finds that when Republican voters are asked to rank the issues which should be Trump’s biggest priorities, building a wall at the southern border and reducing all immigration top the list.

Ranking as the top priority for Republicans, conservatives, and Trump supporters, 22 to 25 percent of these voters said building a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border should be the president’s number one goal today.

This poll proves that Trump’s voting base have his back on the wall.

And with it being their top priority, Trump should be hammering the Democrats for getting in the way.

Illegal immigration is hitting historic levels, with upwards of one million expected to try to enter the country illegally this year alone.

Building a wall is the boldest step that can take place to at least slow down the invasion at the border.


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144 Responses

  1. doug says:

    if you deported all demos to mexico then mexico would build the wall

  2. B. Holly says:

    A giant ARGO to leftist supporters.

  3. John J says:

    Get rid of the 40 + million who are squatting in our country and costing us billions while they thumb their noses at us and our laws

  4. Gary says:

    As someone that lives only on Social Security and have trouble making ends meet every month. I served my country in the military. I burn every time I read how much these filthy illegals get for free. They will eventually deplete our Social Security if we don’t stop this insanity, I paid into it all of my working life and they get everything for free. WAKE UP AMERICA!!!

    • I so agree with you, but I talked to my local DHS person, and she said that the illegals don’t get anything from them. I’m just repeating what I was told. However, if they get really sick, such as with a life threatening illness, they can go see a doctor, and I suppose we, the tax payers pay for that. It is really a no win situation for us, because they are taking advantage of us. Who is paying for their kids’ school expenses, and their breakfasts and lunches? I watched as a family of Mexicans or Central Americans, walked boldly through our Walmart parking lot just recently, and wondered what their story was. I imagined that they were illegals, and probably getting some assistance from somewhere. I believe they should be deported ASAP, Because they will keep coming if they receive NO consequences for their actions.

      • William Winder says:

        You’re making a lot of assumptions there, Shelley. And you know what they say about the word ‘assume’. It makes an ‘Ass of U & Me. People who are here without documentation and work (most of them) pay income taxes like you and me. What they don’t do is file for a refund, like you. They don’t want the exposure. If you do the research, you’ll find that the undocumented population here is a net positive for the economy…I gotta say here, no one on the left is for open boarders and our immigration policy in this country needs to be fixed. We (on the left) are just tired of seeing all of these ill informed or outright ignorant remarks being passed about like they have some validity in the real world.

  5. Build the wall, fix immigration laws, give illegals 2 years to become legal citizens, failure to do so, results round their asses up DACA included and deport

    • marshall r says:

      We need to fingerprint each one as they cross the border & date it so when they try to vote they will be executed if not legal & take away all funds to the state that tries to let them vote.

  6. William Winder says:

    Watching the comments on this site is like watching a bunch of petulant grade school children…just a bunch of frightened, angry, name calling children with nothing but out of control emotions driving the hateful, childish comments here. Clearly, none of you has even a remote idea of the principles upon which this country was founded. God forbid that people like you ever become the majority of the population in this country…..fortunately, you, currently, are not.

    • Ron Jones says:

      I’ll just assume it’s YOU and the Dems….since YOU called us names (as usual) right before you called the rest of us NAMES. Then you said we are name-calling.
      YOU sound “angry….out of control emotions” ….and the rest of your post is what’s called BS.

      No need for those last 2 commas….makes me think you are pseudo-intellectual.

      • William Winder says:

        Ron, having read some of your other comments I can see where you would think (and I use that term cautiously) that the last two commas in my previous statement were not necessary…see how easy it is to do this without all the ‘BS’ and capital letters…without letting your anger get the better of you?

    • True Citizen says:

      Clearly YOU don’t! All you tratorious cowards have forgotten that this country was based on LEGAL IMMIGRATION rather than ILLEGAL OCUCUPATION! If you can’t support OUR LAWS, get the hell out!

    • The Man Called X says:

      Hello dumbocrap . I see that you have more money than you need, so how about you passing some of it to the homeless Americans who are not so fortunate and are forced to fend for what ever they can afford while all of the illegals are handed everything on a silver platter.

  7. Imogene says:

    If they would deport the illegals and stop giving them our tax money they could use that money to fix social security and give seniors a decent income each moth ????????

    • Karen Sutton says:

      Absolutely, one has to ask. . . What exactly is the purpose of Congress “allowing ” people to illegally pour into OUR country? They don’t do this because they love Hispanic people. It’s because they serve a purpose and that’s to make them citizens and thus, get their votes. Then we end our system of government and Liberals TAKE OVER EVERYTHING!!!!

      • James Morgan says:

        Democrats don’t bother to wait for them to be citizens, they register them to vote without proof of citizenship in Democrat run states, and use them without registration for vote fraud in states with no ID check. They want open borders to overwhelm citizen votes! 25,000,000 illegals already according to Trump, maybe more.

      • William Winder says:

        Karen, our system of government ends when the executive branch refuses to acknowledge that congress is a co-equal branch of government with Constitutionally mandated oversight responsibilities. And as far as liberals needing to recruit more voters, try to remember, the majority of people in this country voted for the other guy (3 million more)…and no, there were not millions of illegal votes that made up that difference. Here in Texas, where there are lots of undocumented immigrants, there are less than 100 such alleged violations under investigation.

        • Ron Jones says:

          The reverse is true also “…ends when the Congress refuses to acknowledge that the Executive branch is a co-equal branch..” and etc.

          Just to make sure…the Electoral College did its job on those 3 million voters THIS time…maybe not next time. You weren’t exactly clear where you were going with that, so….

        • Jan Pelfrey says:

          Go back under your troll bridge Willie! I live in Texas too and am not blind to what goes on at the border. Not to mention the rest of the country. Go blow smoke some where else !

    • William Winder says:

      Imogene, almost every economist in the nation, other than those working for the Heritage Foundation, agrees that the fiscal effect of undocumented immigrants / workers in this country is a net positive. In layman terms, that means that they are putting more in than they are taking out. They, as a whole, don’t file for the tax refunds that would be owed to someone else in their income category so that money is left with the Internal Revenue Service and ultimately ends up in the hands of the government. If you’re really worried about Social Security, you need to talk to your Congress Person and ask them why Congress uses the SS fund as a piggy bank rather than leaving the money there to do what it was intended for.

      • Ron Jones says:

        William, my response to your “undocumented… a net positive” and BS comment is simply this: Tell all that to Mollie Tibbets in Iowa….Oh, you can’t because she ended up raped and murdered in a field…by someone who shouldn’t have been here. That girl was living her innocent life while protected by her country….oh, not the Dem half.

        William, we understand the “SSA as a piggy bank” issue, and we try to vote accordingly. It pisses me off too, but what else can we do except complain and vote?

        • William Winder says:

          So Ron, was this country protecting the rights of the other 40,000 who died, at the hands of other lawful citizens of this country, by firearm last year?

      • marshall r says:

        We need to do away with the politicians retirement & make them live on what (WE SENIORS ARE FORCED TO TRY TO SURVIVE ON .) put their retirement funds back in SOCIAL SECURITY where it was stolen from to begin with.

    • True Citizen says:

      EXACTLY! CITIZENS DESERVE to be able to retire in THEIR OWN COUNTRY!

  8. Jerry H Nemec says:

    It would be nice if your heading matched the actual story.

  9. CHUCK says:

    Polls do not build walls……………….

  10. Mike says:

    Deport all Illegals starting with the 2 Muslims in our government and AOC.

    • DrAnalog says:

      Deport all Democrats. They don’t like America anyhow.

    • Mike C. says:

      Once the wall’s built, Trump should then send ICE into the country and start rounding up all illegals that didn’t report back. At the same time, start arresting owners and fining any business that hires illegals. Without jobs, they’ll go back. Finally, require legal status verification to receive any benefits. Tired of my tax dollars being given to people who have no right to receive them

    • Karen Sutton says:

      It’s truly amazing. We’ve seen videos where they state that they want to turn America into a Muslim country. Do we not believe them???

    • Ron Jones says:

      I don’t want to sound prejudiced, but those 2 were brought here for protection and asylum, not to be voted into a very high level of our government….which they seem to hate.

      Write to your congressmen(women) to make a law relating to this debacle.

  11. marshall r says:


  12. scooch says:

    Betty ‘trolling’ late tonite.

  13. Betty says:

    Anybody, remember d. trump’s pre-election promise that Mexico would Totally Pay for building that border wall. What a Classic Example of What a “Deranged SICKO” mr. White House WORTHLESS WORM is, always has been & always will be!

    • Betty is a lousy machine. Do not buy into it.

      • Jim says:

        Betty is actually a guy and goes by many names. He makes no sense no matter what subject you’re talking about .Just a fool causing problems.

    • Robert Vasquez says:

      Hey Betty, go. SUCK. SNAILS ,or better yet, go Feed an illegal Family and house them, and kiss Thear Ass ,! Your of No Help , Pick a New Country. To Woller in!

    • Dude says:

      Betty. She’s a louse…….on obamass ass……..

    • Jim says:

      Ok betty we know that your an Obama butt kisser

    • Mike Gunter says:

      They did pay for it you fking IDIOT! How ignorant you dumocrats are.

    • Jane says:

      Mexico is paying for in the with the money we will receive from their new trade deal! Get the fact straight!

    • George Taber says:

      Did you really believe Mexico would pay for a wall

    • Daniel Danielson says:

      There is nothing deranged or sicko about building wall to help stop illegal immigration into our country. Any country who does not protect their borders is doomed because they are not controlling who or what is coming into their country. Id dont agree with some of the things President Trump akways says but he is trying to make our country better and has done more in his time in office them Dems did in last 2 terms.

    • Joe Know says:

      Sounds like a personal problem to me. Your an idiot.

    • He is still much better than the best democrat in our Government.

    • Bob the Builder says:

      I guess you figure it is over, but if you give Trump time Mexico will end up paying for the wall. You are just another dumb commie. How about the new investigation of the democrats who tried to overthrow the government. Do you have anything to say about that.

    • Mike C. says:

      Mexico is paying for the wall. The elimination of NAFTA has brought many jobs back to the US eliminating tax dollars in Mexico and bringing them here, which then pays for the wall. Easy to figure out if you want to.

    • Joann Holmes says:

      If the demodummy would pass the USMCA in the congress Mexico would be paying for the wall, open your eyes dummy.

    • Ron Jones says:

      You just pre-judged Trump for something the Dems won’t let him do.
      How can he bill Mexico if he’s BEEN prevented from building the barrier/wall to which the bill pertains?

      Too much logic for you? Try to get the “Trump-blaming” out of your brain.

    • Betty- Mexico will end up paying for the WALL! If we have less illegals sucking off our country, we will be saving a lot of $$$$$$! I’m sorry you are not smart enough to figure this out! Go crawl back in your hole….

  14. Guns Nuts of America says:

    Trump wants to build the wall because he is doing it for his private ego trip. There have been hundreds of tunnels under the walls and fences we have now. So many of you fear the Hispanics. They have a right to this country maybe more than you. They all have ancestors that are Spanish and Native American who were here more than almost every American. America confiscated the of the SW United States after the Mexican War, or you might say stole it. Regardless, Trump is an egomaniac, self admitted serial sexual assaulter, a constant insulter, braggart, liar, thief, money launderer, a cowardly draft dodger. All he cares about is greed and building his empire, that has been his whole life, so he doesn’t care about anyone or this country, just himself. Sadly you have all been brainwashed by a TV carnival barker who has had 6 bankruptcies. He plays on your fears, anger and bigotry. Are you proud you elected our Mobster-in-Chief?

    • Betty says:

      Dear Gun Nuts. In the last presidential election, we chose a Lunatic over a Lady? In this future presidential election, How about choosing a Real Human Being instead of a repeat Oval Office performance of a Brain Dead, Blond Haired Orangutan Ape.

      • Dude says:

        Betty. Yes, Obamass was a lunatic…

        • Correct Dude. Obama,will serve time. I cannot wait.

          • Joe the Plumber says:

            You’re an old white redneck from the South, you are hateful and delusional and if there is an anti-Christ it is Trump and he should have been in prison years ago for ripping people off by not paying them.

      • Jim says:

        Try another site now . This one’s definitely not for you. See if you can find a communist site that would fit your way of thinking.

      • Daniel Danielson says:

        Killary is no lady. She is a criminal. She has no conscience. She has stolen from the American people and put their lives in danger with her uranium deal, the Bengazi deal among many other deal she brokered for her benefit. She has made up phony lies and cost Americans millions of dollars all clearly for her benefit. This person is a career criminal who has profited significantly at the cost of the American people lives and more.

      • Dewey says:

        If you think Hillary was a lady, you have a problem. She should have been in prison a long time ago

        • marshall r says:


      • Bob the Builder says:

        You have said the same thing when Hitler took the guns away, as did Russia, China, Cuba and Venezuela.

    • Not True! G Nuts of another world. I am a 50% American Indian. You need to go sit down. How stupid and uneducated you are. What have you done for your life. Are you rich with your lack of intelligence. I think not! Be gone.

      • Ron Jones says:

        Wait….the Dems have done MORE…..stalling and stonewalling….with their “barriers”.

      • Ron Jones says:

        Pretty certain that American Indians used guns/rifles also. Are you calling them “G Nuts” too?
        I’m sorry that happened, but they were slowly invaded, and 93% died from European diseases. It wasn’t any of us that killed them….that was quite a long time ago. There are about 5,000,000 Native Americans living in our country today….not a genocide by any stretch. We all need to co-exist, seriously.

    • Robert Vasquez says:

      You Suck Snails Also , your. Info is. All spit & puke. Democrat Soup ,your All Ameri- nothing. Good, salute your sorry Ass to some other Commie Country and Be. Happy! Smoke some moor Crack and kiss Hillery – Obutsuck – & NastyPoloosey Ass !You Should Go Live In Pakastan or Afganastan and be FREE !

    • Ron Jones says:

      Sorry to say…..but that’s 100% BS from start to finish. Go watch YOUR TV carnival barkers.

  15. Richard i Prince says:

    If they wanna be citizens so bad I say 6 years in the Military gets you citizenship for you, your wife and your children. Seems like a small price to pay to get what you want.

  16. Marilyn Hopson says:

    Thank you Donald j Trump for being the best president that we’ve ever had and thank you for building the wall I know it’s going to be built and I know you’re going to do something about all the criminal illegals that are still in our country we know that you are far we the people and not for the illegals praise God the Democrats have turned their back on us but you never will because God will never turn his back on you I thank God for you and I pray for you everyday

    • catherine says:

      Marilyn UP VOTE and one for Jim on “Try another site.”

    • The Real Joe the Plumber says:

      Marilyn, Trump is a criminal and the Nazis love him for his bigotry towards people who are not white. You must know this because you are one of the few who can put a few sentences together even if they are run on sentences.

  17. William B Allen says:

    I would like to make a donation for building the southern border wall. Is there an address I can use?

  18. billybob says:

    Ah yes, the trump cultist – the emotional and educational level of a child.

    • Gerald Ladd says: mean like that spoiled brat coon you love so much?

    • Ellen says:

      We are called supporters of President Trump and this administration, because Democrats have turned into nothing more than juveniles, pouting , whining, and constantly trying to turn people against anyone who who doesn’t agree with the raging maniacs of the Democrat party! Democrats are a pitiful, weak bunch of malcontents, who have given up using their own brains.

    • billybob, This President has an I.Q. of over 150. What is yours. And what do you own? Are you filthy rich? sooooooooooooo not smart, not rich.

      • William Winder says:

        Cheryl, this guy has lost more money than any other individual in the history of American business. He has filed a record 6 (six) business bankruptcies (thief) and you guys still buy into the idea that he’s a great business man?

        And yea, I’ll sit down to a Stanford-Binet with the Clown In Chief any day of the week.

        • Ronald Jones says:

          You have to make a billion to lose a billion. Can you make a billion? LOL.
          He’s made money, and he’s lost money…..but, he has LEARNED a lot along the way. Therefore, he’s a better President than any Dem, and far better than you would be. Know anything useful?

        • Bob the Builder says:

          Yet Trump is worth 3 billion today. This is what the left doesn’t understand. They think that people like Trump had everything given to them, when in fact they worked very hard for what they have. I would like to meet a commie liberal who has even for one week in their life worked 14 hours a day 7 days a week. They are trying to figure out how to get by without working, because a job scares them to death.

  19. Mary says:

    President is right the crisis on our southern border is a National Emergency. We all need to support him on this issue. I could see where political nonsense is being played. When the veteran who couldn’t come up with $1 Billion dollars in a very short time on Go Me Fund and had to pay the givers back their money and oh Doctor Blazze Ford claiming she was being threated and needed the money from Go Fund Me account to relocate then pleaded for more money, She did nothing with that money except to remodel her three homes that her and her husband owned. She’s the one who needs to pay back every penny she lied to get. A real person who has been assaulted knows the exact date, time and where it happened. She is a democrat who a lined herself with those who wanted to keep a good faithful man from becoming a supreme court justice, Any man who has a sugar momma that can get money by soap opera tears will let his wife say or do anything.

  20. Michael says:

    I know this is not what this Patriot Poll is about… I am F’n sick and tired of these 3rd rate liars in the 3rd rate press and 3rd rate political Libs…sending me Mr Donald J Trump hate mail under the disguise of Patriot news… those scum don’t know we finally got an AG worth his salt! F’n Scum….piss off Mr Donald J Trump, Mr Barr when they got everything to lose…not smart!…keep it up lousy Libs… see you in 2020

  21. Carl says:

    Is this funding for the whole wall or just part of it?

  22. Bill says:

    Trump simply has to say he thinks the idea of a border wall stinks and the libs will build it for us to spite him. Child psychology 101.

  23. Cg says:

    Illegals keep coming because the greatest country we have keep giving monies and health care for free.We live here but don’t qualify for assistance in rents or social security only if we paid into the program.Go figure system is broke.

  24. Jerry says:

    Every lousy Democrat politician is a traitor to our country .Vote these devils out in 2020

    • The Real Joe the Plumber says:

      You’re the traitor Jerry for supporting the Sexual Assaulter-in-Chief, Liar-in-Chief, Traitor-in-Chief, Braggart-in-Chief, Insulter-in-Chief, Thief in Chief, anti-Christ-in-Chief.

      • Roger says:

        And YOU are the IDIOT-In-CHIEF, eh ?

      • Blue says:

        I didn’t see where Jerry said he supported bill clinton or obama?

      • Leo says:

        The only thing REAL about you,Joe, is the absence of a brain.

      • William Winder says:

        So, it’s OK with the rest of you that Trump is a self admitted sexual assaulter (words came from his own lips), compulsive liar (the documented list is endless), Traitor (not only did he discuss ‘dirt’ on a political opponent with a foreign, hostile government, his idiot attorney publicly announced that he was flying to Ukraine last week to do the same). Thief? Ask the people who have done business with him over the years. This guy has lost more money than any other individual in the history of American business. He has filed a record 6 (six) business bankruptcies (thief) and you guys still buy into the idea that he’s a great business man? Anti-Christ? The world’s burning and he just lit another match (bring back the coal industry…are you kidding?)

        Everything I’ve just said is documented fact. Not my opinion. If this is the kind of guy you want running the country, you’ve been out in the sun too long.

        Joe is at least making a cogent statement regarding the belief’s he has about the man…all the rest of you can do is, like the guy you support, insult people and call them names…nothing to back up your beliefs…nothing to support your statements. Sounds like grade school to me…

        • Bob the Builder says:

          All he did was make a statement and a statement is not sexual assualt. Answer this question. Why do the democrats have a fund to pay off women who have accused them of sexual assault? Why don’t the Republicans have one too? The answer is that all democrats are perverts and the Republicans aren’t.

          • William Winder says:

            Bob, The statement was a description of things he has done…”I just can’t help myself”. That’s an admission of guilt to a crime. As for the fund, it’s a Congressional fund that’s been used by both parties for that same purpose…and it’s Trump who’s paying for sex. And if you think Republicans aren’t a twisted lot, just read some of the comments posted here by some of your fellow’s from the right.

      • Bob the Builder says:

        Joe, your are a mindless twit who will believe anything you hear on CNN. You are a commie that hates America

        • William Winder says:

          We love the country Bob…we just don’t like what you guys are trying to turn it into. MAGA? When were we ever not…till Trump got elected by a minority of the people in this country. Yea, he won the electoral but the majority of living, breathin human beings in this country voted for the other candidate…and no, it wasn’t the votes of undocumented people…that’s was disproven when Trumps own investigation into the issue couldn’t come up with the evidence.

          • Blue says:

            Just what are us guys trying to turn the country into? President Trump has the economy on the upswing, unemployment is down for all, no collusion, etc,Your heroes pelosi, schumer, waters, brennan just hate the President because he’s turning things around, the founding fathers were right about the electoral college, something like 30 states over 20 for Trump, it’s not right for 3 or 4 heavily populated areas to represent the whole USA, that’s just common sense, winder.

          • Bob the Builder says:

            If what you say is true why did the investigators find 12 million fraudulent votes that were thrown out. With those numbers Trump won the popular vote by 8 million voters.

          • William Winder says:

            Bob, Bob, Bob…Trumps own Commission on Voter Fraud was disbanded shortly after it started because they could not come up with any evidence of same…wow, you guys really are ignorant …I thought it was just an act…

          • William Winder says:

            Just do the research Bob…no one found 12m of anything…

    • I am for that, jerry.

  25. arkady sheinin says:

    We must be out of mind to let all of those dish washers bus boys to be here.We are going to be 3rd world country like the places they coming from,welfare state.They will never learn English,or became loyal American.They are coming for benefits only.Look on deportees ,who lived here 10-20-30 years.They still need a translator! We must be.insane to let this fraud in.They clearly know to beat the system,fake families ets.Let finally get smart after long fight.

    • The Real Joe the Plumber says:

      Those busboys are smarter than you and with your name you are lucky Trump hasn’t deported you, maybe you are a Russian stooge.

  26. ToxicThistle says:

    The illegal invaders are ruining this country. The illegals from South of the border need to be thrown out. If they won’t go peacefully, shoot ’em.
    The Mozlem & Somalian invaders need to be thrown out too. If they resist, shoot ’em.

  27. My husband and I back President Trump 100%. Tired of the corruption and chaos that the Dems bring with their “Open Border Migration Pact”. If Muslims are allowed to stay in our country then reenact the law that used to keep them out of our Govt. We were already diverse before Obama. American’s DO NOT want our language, culture or Religion to change. Islamic “religion” is the opposite of what we believe. They don’t believe in Forgiveness and that is the reason God sacrificed his son, so that we could be forgiven. Their history of hatred and death has not changed and does not belong in America. They are to assimilate as American’s. All American’s should have the same laws. They should not receive any privileges that American’s don’t. 3 tiers of Justice right now – Politicians – slap on the hand, Illegals – get out of jail free, everything free, courtesy of tax payers, American’s – held to all laws. Nobody is giving us anything free or negating any laws!

  28. Ted says:

    The democrap party is a magnet for crazies. They all get that unmistakable escapee look on their faces whenever they try to express their insane ideas. Yet they still roam free. I can’t understand why they’re not removed from society! On the bright side, as long as they keep having same sex marriages and aborting their kids, eventually there will be no more democraps. Happy day!

  29. Marlene says:

    IMHO using our military troops for anything other than STOPPING illegals from entering America is ASSISTING their entry.

    Using our military as UBER DRIVERS to transport ILLEGALS to bus, train, or plane depots is HELPING THEM INVADE OUR COUNTRY.

    IT;s fraud to intimate that the military is stopping the invasion while using them to help the invaders.

    All 320 military now being deployed should be JAG OFFICERS to make the instant decision of asylum or not. Likely 90% are ineligible and should be immediately DEPORTED VIA MILITARY TRANSPORT. Those qualifying for asylum should be given 72 hours to have their SPONSOR pick them up or provide transportation

  30. Gilbert says:

    How about adding an additional bonus on top of the Southern walls, after they are built? Yea, hot electric wires as a bonus deterrent. Do you think that they would have an easy time climbing the wall, with a rubber mat ‘s additional burden? Let them do the electric dance on top of the wall. Other suggestions welcome!

  31. Ted says:

    When the wall is built, send all the demoncrap nitwit politicians and libturds over to the other side, and shoot anyone who tries to get back in. They are traitors, after all!

  32. Gregory Sullivan says:

    The Democrook party are shaking in their boots that that wall when it’s finished in about October next year, will choke off by more than 90% of those illegal aliens who enter here depriving them of much needed votes from them to win elections. That’s why their against that wall and why they want to impeach Trump.

  33. Sedrick P Harris says:

    We don’t have to go all the way to Israel to see that a wall works. Just go tp Nancy Pelosi’s house in San Fran and see how her wall works!

  34. Darf says:

    While we’re at it, let’s run that wall up along the California state line.

  35. Les says:

    Thus far this POTUS has done everything in his power to comply with the wishes of the voters and his supporters. The only reason we do not have this wall being built and the illegal immigrants still abusing our borders is because of political people (Demonrats & RINO’s) who once wanted the same thing but now do not because of their seer and petty jealousy!!! We will make America great again!!!

  36. Nosey4News says:

    Keep every Leftist tax returns…for the next 20 years, retro 10 years.

  37. pissedoffvet says:

    Let that 8% pay for these pos illegals!!!

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