Trump sent Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez heading for the hills with these two words

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is the left’s new darling.

The Democrat Socialist descended into Washington like a Category 5 hurricane.

But she made a big mistake attacking the President and Trump shut her down with just two words.

Liberals love smearing Donald Trump as a racist.

This false attack excites their base and drives candidate fundraising.

Ocasio-Cortez was the latest Democrat to join this parade when she lobbed the “racist” charge at the President during a 60 Minutes interview.

Reporters asked Trump to respond and it was brutal.

Trump fired back “who cares?” when journalists asked him to comment on her attacks.

Democrats engaging with Trump never ends well.

The President slaps them with a nickname like “Pocahontas” or “Crooked Hillary” that becomes their political identity.

Far-left lunatic Ocasio-Cortez is the latest Democrat to test the President.

But while the media builds her up as a big star, Trump’s refusal to engage with her shows he does not consider her a worthy threat at this moment.


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167 Responses

  1. Roxanne says:

    AOC wants the commission she may have been promised to her many under the table deals to be a tyrant and lobbyist. Why do you think she wakes up at 3:00 am to make Mac and cheese and comes up with ridiculous statements and ideas!
    Stop the corruption, she has to be stopped.
    Our families cannot afford all these ridiculous ideas she has. She can’t think we are all so stupid! Or does she?
    No more Mac and Cheese, all fake to make money for herself behind our American backs.

  2. Johnny says:

    Call AOC the cotex queen since she’s always on the rag against America in reality she should be expelled from the country and become the first woman without a country even though that may not be politically correct to call her a woman instead of an it She is so low she needs to reach out to touch the bottom and she would probably be needing to stand on someone else’s shoulders like Bernie Sanders to even be able to do that

  3. Francine Skronski says:

    Ocasio-Cortez for the democrats is like “The soup du Jour” but in this case is “The Bimbo du Jour.” I heard her district has 83% p=folks on public assistance and they vote.

  4. Anonymouse says:

    How about the nick name “Occasional Cortex”.

    • Betsy says:

      No. Do not give that TWIT a nickname. It will make her seem more important than she is!!! President Trump gave / gives nicknames to people that were his equal competition. She is neither equal or competition. She hopefully will be a ONE TERM Congress woman with big teeth.

      • Dave Miedema says:

        I understand your thoughts on this, Betsy, but AOC has already said and done so many stupid things that it’s almost impossible not to. I’ve given her several since she entered office, the most recent of which pokes fun at her failed Green New Deal by calling her “Rep. Cow Farts”.

        • ILCon says:

          That is a good one. I called her Awfully Often-Confused from the start, but not isn’t extreme enough. Anti-logical Obsessive-Compulsive is still too kind

  5. john hayes says:

    “WHO CARES” cortez joined the right RADICAL LEFT PARTY.

  6. GRAMPA DON says:

    Why the Shutdown Isn’t Actually Trump’s
    The shutdown has now lasted long enough to lose count of the days. Federal employees are finally missing paychecks, and if it continues, there’s a chance it can cause real harm to the country. While that’s happening, you’ve been told by virtually every news source in the world that this is 100 percent President Trump and only Trump’s fault. That’s wrong. Here’s the proof.
    The TV Broadcast
    The primary reason Trump is being blamed for this shutdown is because the media blames him for everything. Tons of people have specific excuses, but you know that they’re just that. No matter what, mainstream media is going to blame Trump for any and all things that happen and crucify him at every opportunity. That said, this particular round of blame is a little trickier to dismiss.
    The reason goes back to a meeting President Trump had with Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer in December. That meeting took place before the shutdown actually began, and President Trump told Schumer that he would gladly own the shutdown if it would lead to us finally getting border security.
    Since this entire meeting was televised, that clip has been used to put the blame entirely at President Trump’s feet. For extra points, the clip is edited to destroy context and make it seem as if President Trump was genuinely accepting sole responsibility for the situation.
    How the Government Actually Works
    Within his own branch, the President has quite a bit of say about the discretionary spending of funds. Anything under his purview is subject to his will, and President Trump has tried to use that power to do many things in the past two years. He’s even looking for ways to use his authority to pay for the wall without going through Congress.
    So far, that hasn’t worked, and there are clear reasons why. The federal budget is determined solely by Congress. More importantly, they can only pass a budget as a new bill. That means it has to get through both the House and Senate. If it does, the one thing the president can do is veto the bill. If it still passes with a two-thirds majority, it becomes law regardless of the opinion of the president.
    Here’s the thing with this current shutdown. No bill has made it to President Trump’s desk. In fact, none of the bills have even been voted on by the Senate. The House has pushed a few through, but none of them included any amount of compromise or negotiation. The Democrat majority simply slammed through a bill that they knew couldn’t get through the Senate. They did it to try and shift the blame.
    That said, the Senate isn’t blameless in this shutdown. They haven’t approved any budget bills, and that makes it mechanically impossible for us to fund the government. They have offered a few compromises, but so far it’s been about as minimal as what we’ve seen from the left.
    The one thing we can say with certainty is that President Trump has actually had no authority whatsoever in this shutdown. That could change, but right now he’s as much at fault as any other citizen of the country.
    So, Who Should We Blame?
    If you’ve already picked a side, you’re unlikely to be moved. People can argue with you until they’re blue in the face and it won’t matter. If you’re being a little more neutral and nonpartisan, you can admit that both sides carry at least some blame. You can even argue that Mitch McConnell has denied voting on bills that he is sure can’t be passed. That makes things even murkier.
    But, if we boil it all down, the arguments from each side are not equal. The entire fight is over $5.7 billion for border security. Included in that sum is roughly $1 billion to improve facilities and resources for processing immigrant families and children.
    That the Democrats are flat-out denying this funding is proof that they aren’t standing on principles. If any Democrat in Congress held to any ideal at any point in their career, this funding would have been approved immediately. It’s a no-brainer. This stalemate only exists so the Democrats can try to make President Trump look bad.
    That’s the most important thing to remember here. President Trump actually can’t determine the federal budget. Even his limited power in the conversation has played no part in this shutdown. The Democrats are denying us a secure border, keeping paychecks from hundreds of thousands of Americans and basically holding the country hostage.
    Their only motivation to do these things is to try to keep President Trump from keeping a reasonable promise. They would rather see you starve and lose your house than President Trump be able to say he got the Democrats to negotiate. That’s the level of evil we’re facing, and it controls the House of Representatives.

    • Debi-Ann Ward Case says:

      Grandpa Don, Nice to read some intelligent comments for a change, especially since you refrained from using classless, vulgar language. I’m quite favorably impressed. Thank you!

  7. TC says:

    ‘It’s better to keep your mouth shut and appear stupid than open it and remove all doubt’

  8. Felino says:

    You just cannot blame AOC, blame the people that brought her there. She will be the Fayaso of Donald.

  9. Felino says:

    You just cannot blame AOC, blame the people that brought her there. She will be the Fayaso at the Hills.

  10. Chris says:

    Edward Snow, you hit the nail on the head. Most people on this site are a bunch of lemmings that will follow Trump into oblivion no matter what he does.

    • TC says:

      Just on the 100’s of obama/dnc regulations DJT eliminated was enough to zoom the economy but you are a hypnotized cookoo nuthouse nest or msLSD propagandized drone….i bet you cannot name 1 good thing DJT has done….i would bet $$$ on it!

    • George A. Crawford says:


  11. Robert Higginbotham says:

    All these negative comments about AOC, shame, shame, shame. Consider this. She has been seated on the finance committee which is chaired by that pillar of common sense and great American Maxine ‘MadMax” Waters. I can’t think of two more prolific wastrels and pro republicans than those two. It should a laugh a minute between them and the leader of the dysfunctional pack Pelosi.

    • Edward Snow says:

      All you idiot followers of a narcissist madman sound alike. Have you no ability to perceive his madness (or possibly dementia), or are you also blind to your own needs.

      • Richard A. Schwartz says:

        Hey Eddie, You are stuck in Babylon so all you see is provision which I am sure you are a part of !!!! Be careful because somebody will kick the pedestal out from under you

      • ILCon says:

        Oh, so you want to shift the convo to Pres zero sycophants? Too late- we’re getting over his destructive agenda!

  12. James Cooper says:

    Her nickname should be, LOONEY COMMIECASIO.

  13. The Redhawk says:

    YES Trump sent DUMBASSED Ocasio running to the Hills ……and the DERANGED , Disfunctional, Brain DEAD PELOSI appointed this IDIOT to the FINANCE COMMITTEE chaired by MAXI WATERS……A real combination if UNEDUCATED IDIOTS

  14. howard buckley says:

    lets call her what she is a (JACKASS,S ASS)

  15. Jeanne says:

    Ignore is the best. She is a lunatic on a power trip.

  16. john furlong says:

    Mr. Trump is doing what we ALL should be doing with these slimy assholes, IGNORE them!

    • The Redhawk says:

      Oo Rahh

    • ACR says:

      John, I’m not sure ignoring them is the right way to go…they need to be stood up to.
      Perhaps, this a technique Mr. President Trump is using.
      That might be part of the problem…Mr. President Trump is STANDING while many around him are not. (or choose NOT to)

  17. Don says:

    I’d like him to consider “Brainless”.

  18. Mike says:

    Everyone knows Betty is a guy Blogger.Just don’t pay any attention to him…

  19. Betty says:

    Too Bad That d. trump is not sent running straight to HELL where that Insane Idiot belongs.

  20. JaniceD says:

    YouTuber “Mr. Reagan” did a succinct evaluation of AOC – hit the nail on the head. Now if only…

  21. Charlie: says:

    NO, that is what the nutty bitch wants just ignore her!!!

  22. really a good name is ” WHO ” ! ! !

  23. Fay says:

    She is not worth paying attention to. I question her intelligence after listening to such stupidity.

  24. renato says:


  25. Donavon Prom says:

    The USSR Gave up on Communism after 70 Years because it takes away from those that work and gives to those that don’t work, but after 30- 40 years there is nothing to get because you can get everything from the Party (Government). However, in time there is nothing to get so there is nothing to give and everybody ends up with very little including Food. Dow we in the United States want to end up like the USSR? Additionally, why would anyone want to work If you can get everything for Free! If Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez wants a communist government she should move to Cuba, North Korea or Venezuela and anyone supporting her should also try moving to a communist country.

  26. mark says:

    correct another democrat MOTORMOUTH AIR HEAD

  27. Judy says:

    octavio whatever the witch’s name is, is the RACIST, big time racist!

  28. Orville says:

    Ignore her and just ask who, when asked. Don’t even acknowledge her.

  29. Sam Oliva says:

    Alexandria is a bigger dingbat than Edith Bunker.
    Remember when -Cortez said:

    So what if I don’t know what armageddon means.
    It’s not the end of the world.

  30. Laura E Shifrin says:

    I wouldn’t waste the time of day on her. Don’t bother is a nickname “who cares”

    • August says:

      Actually those despicable “two words” proved just the opposite:
      The stable genius Individual 1 and glorious American idol 46-1 really is delusional narcissistic lunatic megalomaniac racist. ????????

  31. Gerry says:

    President Trump did exactly the right thing. Completely ignore this childish imbecile big mouth uneducated moron. She will turn out to be close to the top of embarrassments for the demoTRASH party and to the morons who put her into office.

    • Teregram says:

      Yes indeed! She will be a flash in the pan. If she is their rising star, then they are really scraping the barrel.

    • Carl Smith says:

      Nancy the Beheader has already put IT in it’s place. Lucky to even SIT on a committee much less a chairmanship? Two years in the cloak room is a brutal Punishment. Now Nancy, put the MotherF*** Muslim in there with her –they can keep each other company.

  32. Babbo says:

    Send AOC over the wall ASAP.

  33. Bill says:

    Nickname: Stupid Little Twat

  34. Irma says:

    Ocasio seems to have been miseducated by perhaps, Hillary. She rattles on and on and the more she talks, the more her ignorance shows. Sound familiar?

  35. Kara Wright says:

    When they are digging one of those trenches they should throw her in and cover her with cement. That the only way to silence her.

  36. Charles says:

    1 Corinthians 13:11 ESV

  37. build the wall and put that bitch,on the other side

  38. Jimbo says:

    If President Trump would have gotten the money Nancy Pelosi spent on her massive face lift, it would have been enough to build the wall and money left over to open Shumer’s left eye so he could see what an as-hole he is.

  39. Eileen Barayasarra says:

    Has anybody noticed how much like that GOONY GUY from New Joisey she is? They must be brother and sister.

  40. Tommie says:

    Just IGNORE this STUPID child!!!!! SMDH……

  41. Betty says:

    What’s needed is for somebody to Shutdown d. trump with just one word, IMPEACHMENT! Since “ WHO CARES” perfectly sums up the Attitude of CRAZY donald & D for DUMB trump towards everyone in the whole world except his SELFISH, STUPID, STINKING,SPOILED BRAT SELF!

    • Richard Thompson says:

      Betty, the RULES OF IMPEACHMENT are very specific. So in saying that liberals are the same as COMMUNISTS are are the equivalent of talking to a DRUNK. Are you one of those???.(

    • rafael says:

      Betty, you was well as the roach Ocrazio-cortes, her name is cucaracha … and Betty you are a white cucaracha. from the sewer. that woman is the worst ever for congress, whomever vote for her have the same mind like you, both IGNORANTS AND ARROGANTS, IRRESPONSIBLE, BLIND, JEAOLOUS, AND TRUMP IS EATING YOU UP. TAKE A GOOD LOOK AT THE HUNDREDS RUNNING FOR PRESIDENT, THEY ALL CAN BE PUT TOGETHER AND THEY DONT ADD UP TO ONE DONALD TRUMP, A WHOLE BUNCH OF IMBECILES, JUST LIKE YOU BETTY

    • Angel says:

      You have to have a valid reason to impeach him. I doubt you Dems have enough votes in the House and Senate to do such a thing.

    • Deplorable Don says:

      All your big caps must be words you use to describe yourself…fit your blurb perfectly

    • Byron Ray Sosebee says:

      straight to Hell, Betty Hoop!

    • We need to impeach the ass hole trump and Mitch mcconnel who has his head up trumps ads along Sarah the ass hole Sanders

      • Billy says:

        The dumb ass dems including nancy,chucky,maxine,tlaib,,Cortez etc, are ALL direct descendants of SATAN! They were born to burn in HELL! I HOPE THEY ARE ALL ENJOYING IT!

      • Albert Witte says:

        You need to move your ass back to whatever country you originally came from, moron!

    • Walter Burke says:

      Betty Donald Trump’s shoe strings are smarter than you are. Ignorant people like you should keep their mouth shut that way no one will know just how dumb you really are. Support are great and Noble president Donald J Trump. Oh by the way Betty his IQ is above 160 can you count that high.

    • Jacque says:

      Betty has a mad crush on President Trump. Come on admit it. You dream about him. Betty has a mad crush on President Trump.

    • GREGORY HAYES says:

      Wake up Betty.You are another confused idiot.Ill bet you are Maxine Waters best friend.No one pays attention to your ignorant remarks because they are just plain stupid and everyone knows that.You should get a job cleaning out septic tanks.You are full of it and that would be right up your alley.

    • Raymond Charron says:

      Oh, Betty is another one suitable for the name “Kotex”. Her mouth runs over her face.

  42. Craig Michael Vandertie says:

    I do not know why you people are attacking extremely “Conservative and Patriotic Ted Cruz” he is not the Rat among the Republicans that would be scumbags like Mitt Romney and Marco Rubio.

  43. Lynda Denson says:

    Insignificant Idiot

  44. Craig Michael Vandertie says:

    Instead of Donald applying nicknames to those enemies of true patriots there should be a system of letting people submit ideas, the 1st 100 submitted and then people voting on which one more aptly applies based on her behavior.

  45. Dick says:

    This Cotez chick is odd duck. Actually she reminds me of a wounded chicken. She has big chicken eyes, she strut’s like a chicken, She is always laying eggs, an she eats worms.
    I saw her pecking on Lying Ted Cruz’s groin area. She is constantly blowing white Poop all over Pooplowsee. She dresses like a 2nd rate Columbian hippie. She dances like a tranny man. Is she really a woman.? She just ran for this job to show off her hubcap size mouth. Cortez is sincerely one goofy stupid low class semi retarded scumbag who is an illegal fence jumper. I can’t stand the phoney eater of ring bologna.

  46. Edward Suggs says:

    Horse teeth Cortez

  47. Chuck Gilliam says:

    Don’t give her a nickname. That is recognizing that she exists, Mr. President. Just do what you did and ignore her.

  48. lisalles says:

    No name necessary. She is not important enough.

  49. Betty says:

    Just completely ignore the idiot! That will get to her more than anything! The fool is out for attention, don’t give her any, let her sit and swill in her own messed up pig of a mind that she has! Just wondering, does she eat out of that same filthy mouth of hers….. That’s what the American people are thinking of her!

  50. Dave Miedema says:

    I already refer to her as Bug Eyes 2 (Nancy Pelosi is Bug Eyes 1) and the Democrat Flavor of the Month.

  51. Melody says:

    I get it. If you want to catch a fool all you need is the right bait. Trump tweets something and the opposition gets angry. Anger causes one to not think right, to go off half-cocked as it were. if you want to best your enemy first piss them off and then watch them fall as they take the bait.

  52. She just needs to grow up get the facts straight and try something different like start over.
    She’s too young to fool with!

  53. Barbara says:

    I totally agree with everyone!! Why bring attention to a know nothing who is not worth mentioning or remembering!! Just another wannabe who thinks we all care about her or her crazy far left commie ideas!! By not mentioning her name, or giving her a nickname, was a stroke of typical President Trump’s brilliance!! Who cares was priceless!! Well don.

    • Betty says:

      Hey, Barbara, change the word (her) to the words (him or his) & change the word “BRILLIANCE” to the word “ INSANITY” in describing (d. trump) that White House WORTHESS WORM & you have hit the nail right on the head.

      • Robert says:

        And you, Betty, are a real idiot. Come out into the sunshine and recognize what good President Trump has done in just 2 years. He has done more good that obamma did in 8.

      • Dave Miedema says:

        Betty, you need to go back to your safe space and hide. You’re not equipped to deal with adults outside of it.

      • GG says:

        Is this Betty Sanders the dumbest person in the world say hi to Bernie for us and Stalin.

  54. Dan says:

    Commy Cortez would also work but I think that ignoring her would do a better job because a box of rocks is more intelligent than she is.

  55. Rene says:

    She is non entity to Trump. Why recognize her with a name and draw attention to this piece of excrement

  56. Dave says:

    I think she already gave it to herself ” The misinformed moron “… and she proves it every time she opens her mouth…………

    • Betty says:

      Congrats, dave. What a perfect description of d. trump ( THE MISFORMED MORON) who proves it in front of everybody everytime he opens his Big,Fat,Stupid,Stinking, Mouth & flaps his Equally Big, Fat, Stupid Stinking Tongue!

  57. Steve Tutunjian says:

    Giving Ocasio a nickname will only embolden her as some one worthy of the President’s epitaph while giving this lunitic a air of importance. Disregard her completely is much more damaging to her ego and self worth.

    to President Trump

    • Mysty says:

      Yep! Her ego is already over the moon now. And she is so brazen…a beer joint mentality. One of these days when the old guard is tired of her they’ll fence her in. They’re just using her now to keep attention off their backroom deals…where she’s not allowed.

      • Harold says:

        Trump shou;ld send her and a few others to Columbia to interview the Venezuelans who have fled their Communist Paradise, who might be able to tell her about empty food stores and an inflationrate of 10,000,000 % per annum – but it is probaby beyond her understamding anyway. Waste of space and fresh air.

  58. Sherri says:

    shes not worth a nickname

  59. Teresa says:

    What will it take to remove these people from office, Pelosi, Shumer and Ocasio Cortez.? They are not helping the people. They have their on agenda and the American people do not matter

  60. Terry says:

    It would frost her more if he just ignored her, but there are so many good nicknames that would apply to her!! Lol

  61. Marlene says:

    I responded ‘yes’ but she simply isn’t worth the trouble of giving her a nickname.

    I call her loco cortez.

  62. Nathan Jay Neider says:

    Her nickname should be QUESTION MARK. Because she dosnt even know what’s she is talking about

  63. Bob Fox says:


  64. Lynn Mack says:

    I figure,if he said “ Who?”, why should he give her more attention by giving her a nickname?

  65. ronald fischer says:

    This is the new part of the SS Democrat Nazi Party that has no idea what the hell is happening to our country,she is nothing but a complete Moron along with the rest of those corrupt and Pathetic Liars in our congress that will bring down our country if they ever take back our White house.And if that happens you can bet on one thing your jobs will be leaving our country by the dozens and this time they won’t be coming back.Just be aware what we are in for if those corrupt and crooked SS Democrat Nazi Party ever take control of our country,and this is not Fake News.

  66. James P Hutchins says:

    cortez is a moron and a half wit hey cortez shut your mouth you idiot you are irrelevant to the American people.

  67. christine says:

    No need to give her a nickname and make her believe she is more important than she already believes herself to be.

  68. Everyboby is trying to make a big deal about the new house member……….But dont pay much attention
    because most of the time just another AIR HEAD and dont know what she is talking about.mouth
    moving but nothing coming out…………….Dont need to listen until she gets her facts together………………………….

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