Trump sent a shockwave through the Deep State with this one tweet

The Deep State’s plot against Trump is unraveling.

It has been reported that Obama’s FBI had an informant (spy) on the Trump campaign in 2016.

And President Trump sent one tweet that showed how serious he is to get to the bottom of this.

Trump supporters have been calling for an investigation into impropriety in the FBI and Department of Justice.

President Trump announced that he would order the DOJ to open up an investigation into whether or not the Trump campaign was spied on for political purposes.

After Trump made this announcement, the Deep State shivered with fear.

Chief Deep State apologist John Brennan tweeted that Trump has put our democracy in jeopardy and said that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and Speaker Paul Ryan would be complicit.

He called these two establishment Republicans out by name because he thinks they can be used as pawns to block Trump from implementing his agenda.

Last week Patriot Pulse reported that Obama lackey James Clapper admitted that there was an FBI informant on the campaign.

But Clapper said that this was, “a good thing” because they were informing onto whether there was no collusion between Trump and Russia.

Yet even with a spy on the campaign and the Mueller investigation now over one year old, there has been zero evidence put forth that the Trump campaign has colluded with Russia.

On the campaign trail Hillary Clinton warned that (when) she won, it would be a “threat to democracy” if Trump didn’t accept the results.

But she lost and now the Deep State is refusing to accept the will of the American voters.

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50 Responses

  1. Andy Lambert says:

    Can you name just one lie committed by the Democrats?

  2. Andy Lambert says:

    Your President has been caught outright lying 9,000 times since he took office.


  4. christine says:

    Personally, I have been waiting for the mass exodus of liberals ever since Nov. 2016. Just goes to show they are all hot air and no action!

  5. Fred says:

    You guy’s don’t have a clue what the “Deep State” is It’s NOT disgruntled dems or disaffected reps! It is a secret conclave of powerful elites who wield the real baton of government, to run the country THEIR way, according to THEIR agenda, for THEIR own ends, and screw the “elected government” and the little guy (you and me folks)!

  6. Laura Combs says:

    Time for term limits. Americans are stronger than these swamp creeps. To all the resisting dems and republicans. Karma will get you. Not even going to talk about Hollywood, you are your own worse enemy. There is a consequence for being stupid…

  7. Laura Combs says:

    John Brennon ought to to careful what he tweets, it can be held against him for lying. Time to drain the swamp. The American people have had enough of this bull.

  8. Laura Combs says:

    Democrats have been the worse hypocrites in this mess they created with help from disgruntled Republicans. You have your own selves to blame. Obama was never a leader, probably could not fight his way out of wet paper bag. Did not even like our veterans or support them. Proof of that happened in Benghazi 2012. Obama in turn has blood on his hands like Clinton. No excuse for his behavior. These people involved in this scandal is so dishonorable and disgraceful, words do not cover it. Pres. Trump did open the people’s eyes. Those who said they ×would move if Trump became President are liars. Tired of hearing all your lies and discontent for our President.

  9. Micheal says:


  10. Gideon Rockwell says:

    Trump is the outsider that is going to up the apple cart in the den of thieves known as Washington D.C.. Congress is the only business I have ever seen outside of organized crime where a person can go in on the verge of bankruptcy and in a year or two be worth millions. The only problem is outside of a French Revolution type scenario how do we clean this nest of vipers out? Maybe it’s time to invoke Article 5.

  11. Richard W Biek MD says:

    We need to start removing all in government who have failed to keep their oath of office to defend our constiutution from all enemies domestic and foreign.

  12. GCKII says:

    John Brennen is a confirmed Muslin since he was converted while a CIA Director in Saudi Arabia!!! This Bastard needs to go down hard!!!!

  13. George says:

    This seems to be a new Dem. slogan which will flop like all the rest as there is never any truth or substance! A threat to our democracy ! Moron, it’s never been better and stronger. It was Obama with his insidious back door and behind the scenes manipulation, distortion and outright lies that he and his party operated! Remember the answer to Bill O’Reilly, NOT A SMIDGEN of corruption regarding the IRS, the Benghazi lies and deception and resulting murder of his abandoned ambassador, the traitor that was recognized as a hero in the WH garden and the destruction of Libya and rise of ISIS are just small examples of threats to our democracy! Just heard that Hussein and Michelle will now have a new platform with Netflix to use more subversive methods to undermine democracy!

  14. Richard says:

    Leftist liberal liar John Brennen: You must have been in on this criminal act and therefore the threhastening reply. We the people know you “deep staste” traitors for what you are. If anyone has destroyed Democrat you and Obama have
    This investigaction should include a section on treason as thast is what you liberals have done and continue to do. Resign now as we no longer trust you.

  15. Jan says:

    I agree! My husband was a Korean vet with leg injuries but he worked until he
    was 84 yr. old & social security was still being taken out of his pay check. I did not
    get VA compensation for his legs either. They (VA) told us his records got burned up in
    St. Louis warehouse fire, So, WE paid for his 9 leg operations. STOP ALL THE WELFARE
    & FREEBIES to people who are able to work but do not want to….lazy b__tts.

  16. larry says:

    To crooked, corrupt John Brennan the NAME IS NOT Mr. TRUMP. IT IS PRESIDENT TRUMP

  17. Republican Candidates for Congress need to remind Americna voters of two very important facts concerning their votes! If they vote in a ” RED WAVE Republican Congress over a Blue Wave Democrat Congress, Prosecutor Muelle’s campaign to impeach President Trump wil be dead for he will not have the votes to impeach him'”” Second item, if we vote in a RED WAVE Congress, all of those Democrat leaders breaking all of those laws in all of their scandals, will be indicted and go to jail!! If it is a Democrat Congress all, of the Democrat Party leadership will will get off scott free, so tell the American voters they can get convictions with a RED WAVE Congress and get lawlessnes and lawbreaking with a Democrat Congress!! By the way the Democrat Party is trying to hide these reasons so it might be good idea to expose them in your campaign to the American voters!!! ,,,

  18. TooLateNow says:

    I have read all of the posts and I find it interesting that the majority of you “low information” voters have engineered a NEW crime: Collusion. If you look at the Public Laws, United States Code (USC), Code of Federal Regulations (CFR), Federal Regulations (FAR), and so forth, there is no “CRIME” of Collusion; only Conspiracy.
    Beachbum13 is partially right for the wrong reasons.
    1. Many of Trump’s personnel had questionable operations prior to being part of Trump’s organization. They were indicted, not for the alleged crime, but for “lying to the interviewer.”
    2. To the British, Benedict Arnold was a “Patriot.” To the United States, he was a traitor.
    3. Beachbum13 says that Trump is not a king; however, how soon he forgets Obama’s claim to fame, “I have a pen and a phone!”

  19. mousekiller says:

    Trump is not in any shape of form hurting the republicans. it is scaring the hell out of RIINOS and democrats tho.. Trump is not going to sit by and let these un-Americans in both sides of the isle tear down this country and to keep milking the system for personal riches. As a side note. Stop the freebies for illegals and they will stop coming in in hoards. The cost to tax payers for supporting them is far more than the wall will cost. Build the damned wall or stop the freebies

  20. Della says:


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