Trump responded with these five words after Mitch McConnell waived the white flag of surrender

Trump supporters were furious.

The President is still contesting the results of the 2020 election but is facing a massive betrayal.

And Donald Trump responded with these five words after Mitch McConnell waived the white flag of surrender.

President Trump whacked Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell over McConnell conceding the race to Joe Biden despite the fact that the Senate had yet to certify the results.

On social media, President Trump noted that he spoke on behalf of 75,000,000 voters and that the vast majority thought it was “too soon to give up.”

Polls show over 70 percent of people don’t believe the 2020 election was free and fair.

Another poll found just three percent of Trump voters thought Joe Biden won the election legitimately.

In 2016, establishment Republicans and Never-Trump pundits mocked Trump supporters for explaining that they backed Donald Trump because “he fights.”

But Republican politicians never fought on behalf of their voters or for their supposed conservative values.

President Trump’s base remained so loyal over the four years because rank and file Republicans saw they finally had someone in power who was willing to stand up to the media and the Left and fight even when all the experts said it was “hopeless.”

Establishment Republicans are forgetting all the lessons of the past five years by throwing in the towel and backing down in the face of Democrats claiming opposing Joe Biden’s agenda is attacking Democracy.

Most disturbing to conservatives is the fact that Republicans like McConnell are depressing their own vote in the upcoming January 5 runoff races by sending the signal to their voters that they do not intend to stand up for them and the President their voters overwhelmingly support.

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