Trump made one decision that will send illegal immigrants running back to their home countries

Illegal immigration is the most important issue of the era.

If something isn’t done now, it will be the end of the United States as we know it.

But President Trump is serious about fixing it, and just made one decision that will send illegal immigrants running back to their home countries.

Illegal immigration is reaching historic levels, with over one million expected to cross the border this year.

With the U.S. economy improving at unheard of rates while countries south of the border continue to fall apart, things are only going to get worse.

So President Trump is taking bold action right now to ensure that the problem gets fixed.

His big proposal is building a wall on the border, but that’s not all he’s doing.

The newest action is to actually enforce restrictions on welfare benefits for non-citizens.

Trump is expected to sign a memorandum that will do just that by directing government agencies to enforce a 1996 law to require sponsors of immigrants to reimburse the government for welfare benefits that non-citizens collect.

Oddly enough, the bill he is enforcing was signed by Bill Clinton and pushed through by Democrats at a time when they actually supported secure borders.

It is just that the bill hasn’t been enforced yet.

The Daily Caller reports:

President Donald Trump is expected to sign a memorandum Thursday enforcing restrictions on welfare benefits for non-citizens, The Daily Caller has learned.

The memo directs government agencies to enforce legislation signed by President Bill Clinton in 1996 that requires sponsors of immigrants to the U.S. to reimburse the government for any welfare benefits received by the person they are sponsoring.

Immigrant sponsors will be informed by agencies that they are required to pay back the money, and that they will be sent to collections if they fail to do so. Agencies will have 90 days to update their guidance and will report back to the president on their progress in 180 days.

The biggest draw for illegal immigration in the U.S. is collecting welfare benefits.

Non-citizens take advantage of that by having a sponsor in the U.S. to allow them to collect those benefits.

That perk will no longer be available if their sponsor must pay it back.

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101 Responses

  1. Pat says:

    Rafael: Yes, jumping the fence is a crime. Illegal foreigners are entering the U.S. illegally because they cannot qualify to enter legally. Unaccompanied children are too young, adults cannot provide responsible sponsors, they are uneducated, have little or no job experience, probably could not pass a medical or criminal background or any other requirement by U.S. immigration laws. These are the kind of people entering our country by the millions….and American citizen taxpayers are footing the bill!!! American voters are going to have to stop this mess because this temper-tantrum-throwing juvenile delinquent, corrupt, inefficient Democrat Congress is too obsessed with hate of this president to do their job!! It’s a shame they can’t be fired for incompetence!! GO TRUMP!!!!

  2. Pat says:

    I agree!!! There should be more designated items that can and cannot be purchased with welfare checks/cards….no exceptions!! Fine those businesses who don’t follow the rules!! Many of the homeless citizens on welfare are also drug addicts, alcoholics and have mental issues most likely caused by these addictions….and taxpayers are feeding their problems through welfare. Testing all welfare recipients would be expensive and may not be needed on all but if they tested positive once, they should be placed on a warning list and if they test positive a second time, they are dropped. They would then have to do their own testing and prove that they are clean and show proof of any physical disabilities of why they can’t work before receiving any payments. No improvement…no welfare check!! This sounds tough and heartless…but continuing to dole out money with no consequences, penalties or job requirements is sending a message that what they are doing is OK and keep doing it. Proof of this is all over the country on city streets and wherever they can drop, hide or put up a tent or box….and it keeps getting worse by the day!! That is no life!!! That is a one-way street to nowhere and death….at taxpayers expense!! Of course the Dems would scream inhumane and blame the government for causing a lot of deaths and more criminal activity. Instead of providing welfare to legal/illegal foreigners….our government should be sending them back to their home countries and spend those welfare funds on cleaning up U.S. streets of addicts, alcoholics and other homeless Americans and the drugs coming across our borders!! Taxpayers are not only supporting these down and out citizens but they are also supporting the smugglers, drug dealers and cartels…and pharmacies!! Along with other government departments, the welfare system has become too free and easy with taxpayers money and someone who is not afraid to buck the system (like Ben Carson-HUD Sec.) needs to take over that department and make changes and enforce existing laws!! We have laws….but too many officials are not willing to enforce them (wouldn’t want to offend anyone!!)….hence the thousands of foreigners swarming across our borders and our country….with little or no fear of being caught….and knowing they will be taken care of by generous American taxpayers!!!

  3. rafael says:

    Joe the Plumber ; you are full of hate and in love with illegals .
    Go back to your cave and stay there . Fool .

  4. rafael says:

    Sharon Jenkins ; Illegals are Illegals . The Law States : No One can go to another country without PERMISSION .
    JUMPING the FENCE is a CRIME . Only Legal Immigrants can come here ; They have to have a Clean Criminal and Medical Record and FUNDS NOT TO BE a BURDEN to the NATION and WE the PEOPLE . That is the Law .

  5. rafael says:

    Buckwheat ; what is your PROBLEM .?????? Are you Drunk already at 07.00
    in the morning .??????? Hate is Controlling you . STHUp and go back to your cave and stay there .

  6. mary brumley says:

    Tom, we are now seeing clearly that the laws are enforced on the common man, but not enforced on the elite.

  7. mary brumley says:

    lou, sadly you are correct! The Bleeding Hearts Humanitarians and Corrupt Dims will fight the tooth and nail!

  8. Tony Bell says:

    When the statute is enforced, government workers notified to comply with the law, illegals and those that have no entitlement to benefits will need to rethink the wisdom of attempting fraud on the American citizens.
    Thank you president Trump. When the news gets out, many will not be willing or able to sustain themselves here and return to the areas they left, hopefully to work towards improving their own governance.

  9. Laurel says:

    In truth, Joe, theft, deceit,breaking the law is ALSO evil. And though it seems evil to you, Jean’s solution has had success since time began.Simply terms: IT WORKS

  10. Phyllis says:

    You are completely correct. They cost us billions each year, and are taking the money they get and sending millions back to their home country. They have no problem admitting it to any one who asks.

    Obama’s liberal judges have no business, blocking the President’s orders as they have been doing. All they accomplish is to bring more illegal invaders into the US.

  11. Pat says:

    I agree cutting out such high retirement and perk funds…along with pay cuts when they are not doing their job….such as zero the last two years!!
    Pelosi will never have to get out and work. She (her husband) was a millionaire when she came into office and she will be a millionaire when she leaves….with or without her pension. Biden bragged that he was not rich when he entered office and probably never would be. I doubt he is worried now about where his next meal will come from or flying first class instead of by train!! Besides eight horrible years of Obama, if Biden were to win in 2020, he would be the second worst president in the history of this country. I don’t foresee that happening….but we didn’t think Obummer was going to win his second term either!! Americans need to wake up and get the Demwit negative naysayers out of Congress!!! Voters can still do that!!!

  12. Pat says:

    Sharon: Do you mean legals or illegals??
    I don’t go shopping unless/until I have to because I’m surrounded by Spanish-speaking Latinos. What once use to be an all English-speaking area, if you don’t speak both English and Spanish in our area now, don’t bother applying for a job in retail, restaurants, medical, education, etc. Clinton’s EO 13166 in 2000 mandated translators in all federally-funded facilities (which is about every business) for “anyone” who did not speak English (over 200 languages!). Since Spanish is the second language in our area, instead of paying for an employee and a translator….businesses hire Latinos who speak both so they can accommodate the Spanish-speaking foreigners moving into the area. Are they legal or illegal….we don’t know. Our jail currently has 17 illegals being held on detainers with as many others being held for the U.S. Marshall’s Service…and many others that could be classified as illegal. Why learn English when Spanish is already being provided everywhere???

  13. Jo Mauro says:

    I blame the U.S. Government for the abusers of our entitlement programs. Illegal aliens and people with dual citizenship should not be allowed to receive tax-funded entitlements.

  14. Ladypyro1 says:

    You are absolutely correct in every thing you said. Additionally they can also
    Claim SSD, since it’s a different account. If any one disagrees go spend a couple of hours in an SS office and tally how many whites, blacks and Hispanics there are. You’d be amazed how many illegals are thete, they don’t even speak english.

  15. lou says:

    Trump will need a lot of people to enforce this. I don’t think he’ll get enough help to enforce it. Obviously the democrats will fight this too.

  16. lou says:

    Vote republican in 2020. democrats want them here.

  17. Gregory Sullivan says:

    Liberals and leftist Democrook idiots are too stupid to realise that there are limits to our compassion and generosity. They want you to believe that this isn’t so. Angela Merkel of Germany found out that the hard way when illegal aliens snuck across their borders and that they were too burdensome on their economy and had to have it stopped.

  18. brent a gerber says:

    sounds to me that you fully understand how it works. wish congress would quit playing politics!

  19. Tom says:

    One of our biggest problems is that while Obama was president, he appointed a lot of liberal Judges, that are now striking down many things that President Trump is trying to do to impede the actions of the illegal immigrants. Which is exactly what Obama wanted to do, because Obama is and always has wanted to do, was destroy America. I don’t care what anyone says, Obama either lied when he was going to school, because he was claiming assistance from the American government to go to school as a foriegn student, or he’s lying now by claiming to be American born, in order to serve as an American, you can’t have it both ways, or at least you shouldn’t be allowed too.

  20. Buckwheat says:

    Oh great! More “thoughtful insight” from Joe the Plumber. You are one hateful person. Why don’t you crawl back behind that bush you live behind where all snakes hide.

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