Trump made one decision that will send illegal immigrants running back to their home countries

Illegal immigration is the most important issue of the era.

If something isn’t done now, it will be the end of the United States as we know it.

But President Trump is serious about fixing it, and just made one decision that will send illegal immigrants running back to their home countries.

Illegal immigration is reaching historic levels, with over one million expected to cross the border this year.

With the U.S. economy improving at unheard of rates while countries south of the border continue to fall apart, things are only going to get worse.

So President Trump is taking bold action right now to ensure that the problem gets fixed.

His big proposal is building a wall on the border, but that’s not all he’s doing.

The newest action is to actually enforce restrictions on welfare benefits for non-citizens.

Trump is expected to sign a memorandum that will do just that by directing government agencies to enforce a 1996 law to require sponsors of immigrants to reimburse the government for welfare benefits that non-citizens collect.

Oddly enough, the bill he is enforcing was signed by Bill Clinton and pushed through by Democrats at a time when they actually supported secure borders.

It is just that the bill hasn’t been enforced yet.

The Daily Caller reports:

President Donald Trump is expected to sign a memorandum Thursday enforcing restrictions on welfare benefits for non-citizens, The Daily Caller has learned.

The memo directs government agencies to enforce legislation signed by President Bill Clinton in 1996 that requires sponsors of immigrants to the U.S. to reimburse the government for any welfare benefits received by the person they are sponsoring.

Immigrant sponsors will be informed by agencies that they are required to pay back the money, and that they will be sent to collections if they fail to do so. Agencies will have 90 days to update their guidance and will report back to the president on their progress in 180 days.

The biggest draw for illegal immigration in the U.S. is collecting welfare benefits.

Non-citizens take advantage of that by having a sponsor in the U.S. to allow them to collect those benefits.

That perk will no longer be available if their sponsor must pay it back.


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101 Responses

  1. steff says:

    I think it is high time to study an amendment to the Constitution for the states to be able to recall congressional representatives and/or senators.

  2. Tony Bell says:

    When the statute is enforced, government workers notified to comply with the law, illegals and those that have no entitlement to benefits will need to rethink the wisdom of attempting fraud on the American citizens.
    Thank you president Trump. When the news gets out, many will not be willing or able to sustain themselves here and return to the areas they left, hopefully to work towards improving their own governance.

  3. lou says:

    Trump will need a lot of people to enforce this. I don’t think he’ll get enough help to enforce it. Obviously the democrats will fight this too.

    • mary brumley says:

      lou, sadly you are correct! The Bleeding Hearts Humanitarians and Corrupt Dims will fight the tooth and nail!

  4. Gregory Sullivan says:

    Liberals and leftist Democrook idiots are too stupid to realise that there are limits to our compassion and generosity. They want you to believe that this isn’t so. Angela Merkel of Germany found out that the hard way when illegal aliens snuck across their borders and that they were too burdensome on their economy and had to have it stopped.

  5. Tom says:

    One of our biggest problems is that while Obama was president, he appointed a lot of liberal Judges, that are now striking down many things that President Trump is trying to do to impede the actions of the illegal immigrants. Which is exactly what Obama wanted to do, because Obama is and always has wanted to do, was destroy America. I don’t care what anyone says, Obama either lied when he was going to school, because he was claiming assistance from the American government to go to school as a foriegn student, or he’s lying now by claiming to be American born, in order to serve as an American, you can’t have it both ways, or at least you shouldn’t be allowed too.

    • mary brumley says:

      Tom, we are now seeing clearly that the laws are enforced on the common man, but not enforced on the elite.

  6. Buckwheat says:

    Oh great! More “thoughtful insight” from Joe the Plumber. You are one hateful person. Why don’t you crawl back behind that bush you live behind where all snakes hide.

    • rafael says:

      Buckwheat ; what is your PROBLEM .?????? Are you Drunk already at 07.00
      in the morning .??????? Hate is Controlling you . STHUp and go back to your cave and stay there .

  7. These illegal immigrants know exactly how to use the system. They know how to “tap into” ALL the benefits our government has to offer to needy families. They get welfare, food stamps, WIC, medicaid, government housing, school, even food banks. The women will often work as house cleaners, day care and whatever other menial jobs they can get while the boyfriend or husband will go to work, most likely in the construction industry, and they are making a killing.
    I used to work in a little mom & pop neighborhood grocery store and it was a daily occurrence where a young family would come in and use their WIC vouchers and as soon as that transaction was complete, the hubby would ask for a pack of Marlboro’s which he would then pull out his wallet, full of cash, and pay for that pack of cigarettes with a hundred dollar bill. That little grocery store also has a Western Union station in the back of the store, and the beginning of each month there was a line winding throughout the store as these illegals were cashing their welfare checks and wiring monies back to their home countries. It is long past time to put an end to these abuses. Build the wall and start enforcing the laws that are already on the books.

    • brent a gerber says:

      sounds to me that you fully understand how it works. wish congress would quit playing politics!

    • Ladypyro1 says:

      You are absolutely correct in every thing you said. Additionally they can also
      Claim SSD, since it’s a different account. If any one disagrees go spend a couple of hours in an SS office and tally how many whites, blacks and Hispanics there are. You’d be amazed how many illegals are thete, they don’t even speak english.

    • Jo Mauro says:

      I blame the U.S. Government for the abusers of our entitlement programs. Illegal aliens and people with dual citizenship should not be allowed to receive tax-funded entitlements.

    • Phyllis says:

      You are completely correct. They cost us billions each year, and are taking the money they get and sending millions back to their home country. They have no problem admitting it to any one who asks.

      Obama’s liberal judges have no business, blocking the President’s orders as they have been doing. All they accomplish is to bring more illegal invaders into the US.

  8. THE “CATHOLIC CHURCH” Is by far the Largest offender of this perk! OBAMA BROKERED A DEAL with the “Catholic Church” to take in the Muslim Illegal Immigrants for a bonus of 1500.00 per person! And they were or are required to keep them for aprox. up to 90 days. Long enough to get them onto our American Welfare Rolls. And Free Housing. JUST ADD IT UP FOR ONE MINUTE. Let’s say ONE MILLION X 1500.00 = 1.5 BILLION DOLLARS. Very Sweet Deal isn’t it? Google it

  9. Mary says:

    Any person who either crosses are borders whether they came by plane with a visa in their hands are walk over from the south that either over stay their visa or never had a visa is an illegal imigrant. What I don’t understand is what the democratic party can not understand illegal is illegal If we crossed their border without proper documents they would arrest us and throw us in their prison but we are suppose to sugar coat everything about them. Just coming over without a visa is an illegal act and so is over staying your visa is an illegal act AND NOW THEY ARE BRINGING DISEASES WITH THEM THAT OUR VERY YOUNG, ELDERLY, AND PEOPLE WITH IMMUNE ISSUE COULD COME DOWN SICK AND DIE. when THAT PERSON WHO HAS HAD TO LIVE IN AN IRON LUNG FOR SIXTY YEARS IS RIGHT THERE WILL BE ANOTHER OUTBREAK OF POLIO PLUS ALL KINDS OF FLU, MEASLES AND WHO KNOWS WHAT. I think that person has hit the issue right on the nail. President Trump should close down our border and ship them back to their countries.

    • Pat says:

      They are not illegal “immigrants”…..they are illegal aliens, undocumented foreigners and uninvited intruders!!! Immigrants are people who choose to legally immigrate to another country with intentions of settling down and assimilating to that country and its culture and laws, learning the language, becoming a citizen and pledging allegiance to that country and its flag!!! Illegal foreigners entering this country, and many legal residents living in the U.S. on green cards, are unwilling or unable to assimilate in the U.S. and they form their own communities with no intentions of learning English or becoming citizens. They become the proverbial uninvited guest that refuses to leave!! They continue to live their culture, their ways, their language, their music and show allegiance to their flag and home countries instead of becoming citizens and accepting this country as their own. They will earn their money in this country while working illegal jobs and/or receiving free benefits with intentions to eventually return or retire to their home countries to live out the rest of their lives with their American savings. And they are not concerned that they may be bringing in once eradicated diseases and other illnesses and third-world problems. Generous American taxpayers will pay for it!! Those are NOT “immigrants!!!”

      • Sharon Jenkins says:

        In my opinion, illegals should be able to speak fluent English, have a job, have housing, transportation and can’t fly their home flag on American soil.

        • Pat says:

          Sharon: Do you mean legals or illegals??
          I don’t go shopping unless/until I have to because I’m surrounded by Spanish-speaking Latinos. What once use to be an all English-speaking area, if you don’t speak both English and Spanish in our area now, don’t bother applying for a job in retail, restaurants, medical, education, etc. Clinton’s EO 13166 in 2000 mandated translators in all federally-funded facilities (which is about every business) for “anyone” who did not speak English (over 200 languages!). Since Spanish is the second language in our area, instead of paying for an employee and a translator….businesses hire Latinos who speak both so they can accommodate the Spanish-speaking foreigners moving into the area. Are they legal or illegal….we don’t know. Our jail currently has 17 illegals being held on detainers with as many others being held for the U.S. Marshall’s Service…and many others that could be classified as illegal. Why learn English when Spanish is already being provided everywhere???

        • rafael says:

          Sharon Jenkins ; Illegals are Illegals . The Law States : No One can go to another country without PERMISSION .
          JUMPING the FENCE is a CRIME . Only Legal Immigrants can come here ; They have to have a Clean Criminal and Medical Record and FUNDS NOT TO BE a BURDEN to the NATION and WE the PEOPLE . That is the Law .

          • Pat says:

            Rafael: Yes, jumping the fence is a crime. Illegal foreigners are entering the U.S. illegally because they cannot qualify to enter legally. Unaccompanied children are too young, adults cannot provide responsible sponsors, they are uneducated, have little or no job experience, probably could not pass a medical or criminal background or any other requirement by U.S. immigration laws. These are the kind of people entering our country by the millions….and American citizen taxpayers are footing the bill!!! American voters are going to have to stop this mess because this temper-tantrum-throwing juvenile delinquent, corrupt, inefficient Democrat Congress is too obsessed with hate of this president to do their job!! It’s a shame they can’t be fired for incompetence!! GO TRUMP!!!!

  10. Ronnie says:

    I don’t see any thing wrong with what President has in mind other than he should have already started. IT’S TIME and he has my blessing

  11. jean says:

    screw the wall.if they cross in the u.s. shoot them then.that will stop all the fuss for less$$$$

    • Joe the Plumber says:

      Now you are one evil woman, you must be proud, let’s hang up your words at work.

      • Laurel says:

        In truth, Joe, theft, deceit,breaking the law is ALSO evil. And though it seems evil to you, Jean’s solution has had success since time began.Simply terms: IT WORKS

      • rafael says:

        Joe the Plumber ; you are full of hate and in love with illegals .
        Go back to your cave and stay there . Fool .

  12. Viv says:

    No they are “illegals “ and that in itself means “not legal”.they should be kept out of America.

  13. Viv says:

    No they are “illegals “ and that in itself means “not legal”.

  14. Sara says:

    This is not about illegals; it is about permanent residents, who are not allowed to be on welfare according to the affidavit they signed when they became ‘permanent residents’. Their sponsors also signed the sworn affidavit and they are as much fault as the perm. residents. And YES they should pay for being unlawful and not proceeding according to the law. Those permanent residents on welfare should be sent back to their country of origin and their sponsors pay back every penny.

    • Patricia says:

      Trump said he was going to enact the bill that would allow the military to kick these freeloaders out of our country! He needs to do this ASAP!

      • Toni Boney says:

        Absolutely! Once they are in this country, they hide and never go to their court hearings. You can’t get rid of them! Stop these bastards at the border and we won’t have to pay anybody anything . If that 1996 law hasn’t been ENFORCED in 23 years, what makes Trump think it will be enforced NOW? STOP THIS INVASION AT THE BORDER! Military with live rounds could easily discourage all Invaders. DO IT.

    • Pat says:

      Legal residents may not be allowed to be on welfare…but they are allowed to receive benefits after five years….and they CANNOT vote (legally!!). What’s the difference if they receive welfare or free benefits ….education, medical, food, housing….if they lose their job or fall on hard times?? While ID may be required in many places, emergency rooms are required to treat anyone who walks in whether they are legal or illegal. Since the Dems cater and pander to legals and illegals and want open borders….let them be sponsors and pay for the support and maintenance of those people!!! If the fast-talking Democrats (and George Soros) want to be so humane and generous to all of those foreigners….send them the bill for it!!! I believe the government has deported legal foreigners who ended up on welfare (and committed criminal acts)…but the public will never hear about it because until the last few years….the public was unaware or not interested. Now, with thousands of foreigners clamoring to get in at our borders and millions of others demanding more rights and benefits….the public is interested!! Is it too late????? American voters hold the key to that question!!!

  15. About time this law is enforced. Why wouldn’t illegals come if they get to live free – don’t have to work and get a check every month. I can’t believe that we have been that stupid to begin with. Don’t give them welfare to begin with from now on and correct the problem as planned by billing their sponsors and get out Country back to where it was before this whole mess began several years ago.

    • marshall r says:

      Welfare for illegals was all started by the democrats for the votes the DAM–RATS could get THAT IS WHY THEY ARE FIGHTING THE PRESIDENT.

    • Sharon Jenkins says:

      I believe welfare was originally set up as a stop gap for six months if American citizen looses their job… It was never set up for illegals. Six months only and you are off welfare… however, that didn’t occur and there are 5 generations on welfare and they can work. Work or don’t eat.

  16. Eva Swayne Davis says:

    Stop helping non americans and they won’t come here and stop paying for their plane tickets…we need to restrict spending and the first thing to cut is with the salaries and expense accounts of politicians. ..Cut all unnecessary studies and programs…it has to be done…cut foreign aide make countries support themselves..

  17. john says:

    why should we support ilegals ,we cant even support the people who work and pay taxes here !

  18. elgavilansegoviano says:

    Cut off Welfare, cut off Free Housing, Free Food Stamps, and Free Medical,….. and let’s make sure the SOBs can’t VOTE!!!,….

    • ROBERT J ANGELO says:

      50 cal. machine guns on the border wall would help too

    • Pat says:

      If illegals are voting (and living and working), it’s most likely with fake ID they bought on some street corner. Everyone keeps saying that the Dems want to let more legal foreigners into the country for their votes. Legal resident green card foreigners qualify for benefits after five years….but they cannot vote (legally)!!! So what good is allowing more legal workers and green card foreigners into the country??? Green card holders cannot vote but they can renew their cards every ten years and live in this country and receive free benefits and citizen privileges as long as they live here. If a green card holder has not applied for citizenship within ten years….the card should expire and the foreigner should be required to leave the country!! (Sounds fair to me!!!) Temporary workers and green card holders should be limited to benefits and privileges….and no anchor children!!!

    • Sharon Jenkins says:

      I totally agree.

  19. tom matt says:

    We need to shut the federal government DOWN.! They (the President ,They the Congress ,&the Courts ) are not protecting our borders and allowing the Laws of our nation to be destroyed >>>They are playing politics and attempting to further their positions of power and “to hell with the Citizens “. A great deal of talk & NO Action !!Bring All of our troops home and protect our homeland !!!

  20. Carl says:

    Right now we have a catch and release policy, in other words if border agents catch a illegal alien he then has to release them into our country. So what makes Trump think their going to seek out sponsors? We have to change our immigration laws to benefit America and its citizens not illegal aliens.

    • Pat says:

      Very few, if any, of the illegal aliens crossing our borders or overstaying visas would qualify by our immigration laws to apply and enter the country legally….so they have to enter illegally. They must be at least 18 to apply, must have a responsible sponsor, must know English, be educated and able to support themselves and/or their families, be stable and no criminal record. (Sounds like Trump’s “merit” system??!!) Very few, if any illegal foreigner, could meet these standards. The immigration laws have been on the books for years but no one has been willing to enforce them (might offend the illegals and their open border activists). Since the Dems are blocking Trump in every way, he needs to do what he can do legally….and that is finally enforce existing laws!!! (That should put a nice crimp in the Dems’ plans!!!!) G.W. Bush stopped the catch and release during his time….but Obummer put it back. Trump needs to stop it again…..and stop that idiot law for Central American children that is causing so much trouble now!!! AND NO AMNESTY IN ANY FORM FOR ANY ILLEGAL FOREIGNER….DACA INCLUDED!!! Shut down the borders and put out a FULL-NO VACANCY sign!!! Allow commercial trade vehicles to enter and leave with inspections!! My question for years has been: why has our federal government not put out arrest warrants for all of those thousands of illegal aliens who did not show up for their court dates????? If they were American citizens, an arrest warrant would be out immediately!!! That is one law I would like to see enforced!!! Whose country is this and who is Congress representing???……Americans or foreigners??? It appears the foreigners are winning!!!

      • marshall r says:


        • Pat says:

          I agree cutting out such high retirement and perk funds…along with pay cuts when they are not doing their job….such as zero the last two years!!
          Pelosi will never have to get out and work. She (her husband) was a millionaire when she came into office and she will be a millionaire when she leaves….with or without her pension. Biden bragged that he was not rich when he entered office and probably never would be. I doubt he is worried now about where his next meal will come from or flying first class instead of by train!! Besides eight horrible years of Obama, if Biden were to win in 2020, he would be the second worst president in the history of this country. I don’t foresee that happening….but we didn’t think Obummer was going to win his second term either!! Americans need to wake up and get the Demwit negative naysayers out of Congress!!! Voters can still do that!!!

    • newhon63 says:

      Most of our current immigration laws would work if they would just be enforced properly.

      Sports organizations throw money at the proper people to expedite some ass into the country in front of those who are trying to enter the legal way just because they find some dirtbag that can throw a baseball 100 mph or throw a football. Ban any American sports from doing this.

      Why doesn’t Mexico have a good Olympic team?
      Because everyone who can run and jump are already over here.

  21. Pat says:

    From what I’ve been told, any illegal foreigner or non-citizen that goes to an emergency room in the U.S. for treatment and is diagnosed with a serious ailment (heart, cancer, diabetes, HIV, TB, etc.), they are sent to a county hospital for treatment (by law)… taxpayers expense. They would get the same expensive treatment as an American citizen. Taxpayers also pay for the births (and any complications) of hundreds of thousands of “anchor” babies born to illegal mothers. And people wonder why some hospitals have gone bankrupt and had to close their doors??!! I have heard stories from friends of citizens going in for welfare help only to be turned down….while the legal/illegal foreign mother at the next desk with several children (anchor children?) received the maximum benefits . One legal resident can rent a three bedroom HUD house for $150.00 and several illegal families will move in and live high on their combined benefits. Hopefully, Sec. of HUD Ben Carson is going to stop this. The Dems call this “being humane”……with taxpayers money!!! Since the Dems are so free with taxpayers money….maybe they should be designated sponsors for all of those legals/illegals without sponsors or sponsors who cannot pay….which I’m sure will be many!! Many legal foreigners in the country on green cards are eligible for all benefits (everything but voting) after five years in the U.S. Why should they ever become U.S. citizens when they can renew their green cards every ten years, remain living and working in the U.S. and receive the same benefits and privileges as American citizens??!!! Many foreigners want to retain dual privileges and to be able to visit their home countries and eventually retire on the money they sent back home. According to the Dems…..that’s just being “humane and generous” to legal/illegal foreigners…..while American citizens and homeless people in need of help are left to fend for themselves!!!

    • newhon63 says:

      I can back you up on the part of American citizens being turned down for Welfare benefits. I am disabled and on Social Security. I tried to get food stamps to make ends meet. I just wanted the stamps. Nothing else. I was turned down. I made 100.00 too much each month to qualify.

      But along with illegals, we have American families that have not worked a day in their lives for generations, although they are all in good health. I call them ” Generational Welfare families”. Each generation teaches the next how to fill out the paperwork and what to say in the interview with the social worker.

      These same people walk around with 24k necklaces and rings, a cellphone that I could only have afforded when I had a job making 20 per hour and worked overtime.

      Kick those parasites off Welfare and put them to work cleaning up roadkill on the interstates and washing traffic signs.
      Test for drugs AND alcohol use. Kick them off when it is found. If they are abiut to spare money to drink then they do not belong on Welfare. PERIOD.

      • Pat says:

        I agree!!! There should be more designated items that can and cannot be purchased with welfare checks/cards….no exceptions!! Fine those businesses who don’t follow the rules!! Many of the homeless citizens on welfare are also drug addicts, alcoholics and have mental issues most likely caused by these addictions….and taxpayers are feeding their problems through welfare. Testing all welfare recipients would be expensive and may not be needed on all but if they tested positive once, they should be placed on a warning list and if they test positive a second time, they are dropped. They would then have to do their own testing and prove that they are clean and show proof of any physical disabilities of why they can’t work before receiving any payments. No improvement…no welfare check!! This sounds tough and heartless…but continuing to dole out money with no consequences, penalties or job requirements is sending a message that what they are doing is OK and keep doing it. Proof of this is all over the country on city streets and wherever they can drop, hide or put up a tent or box….and it keeps getting worse by the day!! That is no life!!! That is a one-way street to nowhere and death….at taxpayers expense!! Of course the Dems would scream inhumane and blame the government for causing a lot of deaths and more criminal activity. Instead of providing welfare to legal/illegal foreigners….our government should be sending them back to their home countries and spend those welfare funds on cleaning up U.S. streets of addicts, alcoholics and other homeless Americans and the drugs coming across our borders!! Taxpayers are not only supporting these down and out citizens but they are also supporting the smugglers, drug dealers and cartels…and pharmacies!! Along with other government departments, the welfare system has become too free and easy with taxpayers money and someone who is not afraid to buck the system (like Ben Carson-HUD Sec.) needs to take over that department and make changes and enforce existing laws!! We have laws….but too many officials are not willing to enforce them (wouldn’t want to offend anyone!!)….hence the thousands of foreigners swarming across our borders and our country….with little or no fear of being caught….and knowing they will be taken care of by generous American taxpayers!!!

  22. trapperwv1 says:

    How does a citizen sponsor an ILLEGAL alien, I understand a legal immigrant needs a sponsor.

  23. Steven Terrell says:

    We have two invasions going on at this time, Illegals invading at our Southern border, and the Muslims that BO let in to multiply and dilute our culture so that we will have a civil war eventually. All invaders must be deported immediately, if not sooner in order to preserve our national interests The Muslims will never assimilate and become law abiding citizens. Plus, when La Raza has filled our Southern states with enough South Americans they will start taking CA , AZ, NM, which will cause a civil war..

  24. bagster53 says:

    i have bin saying this for months , make the people who want them here support them and you will see their bleeding hearts dry up

  25. ToxicThistle says:

    The illegal fence-jumpers should get NOTHING. The U.S. cannot help it’s own jobless, homeless, LEGAL Citizens, let alone every piece of 3rd world trash that climbs over the fence, flies in or floats in on a boat.

  26. D.vanzant says:

    How does this STOP illegal immigration? The people who were sponsored by people in the U.S. to get here were not illegal when they came in. Illegals come in on their own.

  27. Cheryl says:

    Costa Rica does not allow anyone into their country. You must show that you have an income before you can move there. Russia, Costa Rica AND Mexico will not allow people who were NOT born there to be on their Welfare. We need to stop Welfare, Social Security and free anything else. If you were not BORN IN THE USA, you do not and are not entitled to our Welfare or Social Security. What should be done right now is anyone on welfare currently or anyone brought over here at 60 years old, should be immediately cut off the welfare system and social security. If you have become a US citizen and worked for 30 years here in the US and paid into Social Security then fine. ANYONE sending money outside of the US by Western Union to other family members should be taxed 49% and that money goes back to our Federal deficit. Our Language is ENGLISH, learn it to be in our country. If they allow this law to move forward, to collect the funds due back, if the sponsor has homes, etc…..then the government should be allowed to recoup the money due back from the home that was purchased by the sponsor.

    • Gregory Sullivan says:

      What you just said reminds me of what happened when a group of Chinese boat people who were on their way here happened to stray into Mexican waters where their navy rounded them all up, put them in an airplane and shipped them back to China which we should do here.

      • Pat says:

        Many illegal Chinese are crossing our borders and overstaying their visas….and staying!! A few years ago, I sighted and reported 12 Chinese illegals trespassing through private ranch land in S.TX. They were apprehended by BP but I was told they would not be deported because China would not take them back without Chinese ID. I later found out that the Chinese destroy their ID before crossing the U.S. border so they can’t be deported. There are hundreds of thousands of illegal Chinese living in the U.S. legally…..because China won’t take them back. There may be other countries doing the same….and other than President Trump, Congress is doing nothing to stop this.

        The DREAM Act of 2019 (H.R. 2820), the Venezuela TPS Act (H.R. 549) and the American Promise Act (H.R. 2821) were voted on in committee this week and are headed to a full House vote. If you don’t know about these “amnesty” bills, you need to look them up and strongly oppose them. The Dems in the House want amnesty for illegals and criminals and these bills (if past by the Senate?) would achieve that goal. Americans need to rise up again and voice their opposition to what’s going on in Washington….or live with the consequences of silence and inaction!! The president cannot fight this battle alone!!! Where are the Tea Parties???


    • Lorraine says:

      We have people who are citizens that can’t get help when they need it. I hate it that we support illegals and not our own! Rock on Trump!!

      • gouchr says:

        That’s true.. I was one of them.. here in AZ if you have a car that they deem unfit,, you can be denied benefits.. In 05/2007 I had a ’95 cadi.. Laid off from work for medical reasons,,, I didn’t qualify… But I did sign up for SSD.. That kicked in in October.. That wasn’t denied.

    • Lolo says:

      They should NEVER have had access to it in the first place!!! They shouldn’t be allowed DL either!! Or the vote!!! I am one of those people who can’t get what they need , even tho I have worked and paid taxes since I was 14. It is a pitiful, crying shame how we treat our citizens to appear “friendly “.

  29. Dave Miedema says:

    Plus, when all the illegals start scurrying out of the country, I’d ;love to see all Democrats, aside from the few moderate and blue dog Dems left, go scurrying out with them. Never gonna happen I know, but I can always dream, can’t I?

    • Sharon Jenkins says:

      I didn’t know we still had blue dog Democrats in Congress…. they must have been brainwashed by the liberals because they always vote with them. Blue Dogs need to get some backbone and vote the constituents wishes…..

  30. Mike says:

    What a stupid question to ask if illegals should be getting Social Security.Kick them out of the country and let there own country worry about their Social Security. We’re running out of money why would we want to give it to illegals .Stupid

  31. It is an invasion, treat like one instead of playing patty cake with liberals coaching these illegals to destroy our system. In fact we should jail ( or far worse) these advisors! Time to get rough. America is being destroyed! Just the disease issues alone are a complete no go! All because the Democrats want to win ONE more election. Our mass media is not telling the truth! Why? Because very few are real experts on such matters. I am….and anyone with any common sense should realize the implications! Elected officials are NOT looking out for the welfare of our people. Only target they have is getting elected!

    • Carol says:

      And, we weren’t having a problem with measles or any of the other diseases that are plaguing us now till those damned illegal immigrants started coming into our country. Makes me sick just thinking about it.

    • Karen J Hoyle says:

      Absolutely spoken like an intelligent man with common sense FOR SURE….. thank you!!

  32. Olive Michaelis says:

    The rule that “babys born in America received citizenship” should be banned. The rule was put into place to right the wrong of bringing those people to American to be slaves, regardless of race or color. That practice has been outlawed for 200+ years and should not apply to people who come here illegally because they want their children to be born in America.

  33. Robert says:

    I concur, get them out, they are sucking the teet of America and I WILL NOT pay for that BS!

  34. manuel govea says:

    Two much talk and no action lets get too it now and stop this freeloaders from coming in.

  35. Ronney says:

    I think about a million of them should be trained to take their own countrys back by force. We all want a better life for our families including illegals, but being given a free ride absolutely not.

    • Patricia Richey says:


    • d.vanzant says:

      “I think about a million of them should be trained to take their own countrys back by force”. Not sure I agree with that. The Zetas were trained and armed to assist Mexico in the drug war. They went sideways and became one of the largest, most dangerous cartels. And then we backed Castro in Cuba too, Recall that? What happened there?

  36. Robert says:

    No benefits of any type for illegals. Jail and deport, is all they get.

  37. Rex Kittle says:


  38. Mabubalah says:

    I wonder what took POTUS so long to discover this and/or who cued him into it?
    Anyway, it’s about time and then some — and forget what any court says now:
    As Joseph Stalin said, “How many legions has he?” (in his case referring to the Pope).

    • most dems are EVIL Liars says:

      I wonder why it was never enforced. Selective law enforcement is illegal and those that do not enforce the laws on the books should be jailed for obstruction of justice.

  39. LynnB says:

    Get it Done !! No more Talk — we want ACTION !!!!

  40. Jack Clark says:

    Some liberal judge will uphold it, don’t get to excited yet.

  41. KatahdinView says:

    Why to go Trump Build that wall and keep trying to send them damm Illegals back to where they came from.

    • The Captive says:

      Then impose on the corrupt CA officials in government the same status as with the illegals. This state is in big trouble as corruption has been the norm for over 40 yrs.

  42. StWayne says:

    If ever there was truism: it’s that you don’t respect what you haven’t earned, and is why every liberal in America hates it. They haven’t earned a damn thing and they know it. You’ve shown us your words, now show us your deeds.

  43. Gregory Sullivan says:

    We should follow Mexico’s example where they put aliens who are there illegally in prison at hard Labour for years and deports them once their sentence is finished.

    • Peter says:

      Russia, Hungary, Italy and Australia do not play games with illegal aliens.

      • mark says:

        France , Germany still playing, probably they like this chaos and crime in their country …

        • Karen J Hoyle says:

          France and Germany, unfortunately, are dealing with the Muslims and what a mess they have exposed their citizens to!! South Americans aren’t going to these countries in swarms, yet….

    • Denny says:

      Totally agree, and also put those in prison right along with the Illegal’s if they supported them and not the laws of our land. NO EXCEPTIONS!

      • David pate says:

        Only problem there is not enough prisons for them we would have to build more at cost of millions of dollars plus we would still have fed them and give them medical care

  44. S. says:

    ABOUT DAMN TIME. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  45. Steff says:

    If the illegals can’t collect welfare, free housing, and free medical care, they will stop coming. Also, if the E-Verify program is enforced, they will not come. Take away these incentives and they will stay away. In addition any money that is being sent to families outside this country MUST CEASE AND DESIST.

    • Elaine Vorkink says:

      And don’t forget legal settlements they send back home after suing in our courts, where it is an automatic mistrial if the defendants mention they are here illegally. Millions are being lost through lawsuits.

  46. jjofaz says:

    Finally getting the help we need from the democrats, even if it was signed into existence 20 years earlier. Thanks Bill. No thanks to you Nancy & Chuck.

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