Trump launched a pre-emptive strike that Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff won’t like

The results are in and Democrats have seized control of the U.S. House.

Nancy Pelosi will likely become Speaker and Adam Schiff will likely unseat Devin Nunes to head the House Intelligence Committee.

But before Schiff launches a new never-ending investigation, President Trump issued this threat.

Democrats know they can’t match Trump’s accomplishments.

So they’re going to attack Trump on all fronts to try and knock him out of the White House.

Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) will be Robert Mueller’s greatest ally in Washington, D.C.

And he’s already promised to re-open the House Intelligence Committee’s investigation into so-called “Russia collusion.”

CNBC reports:

While stumping for a fellow California Democrat on Monday, Schiff said that reviving and expanding the House Intelligence Committee’s investigation into Russian meddling would be his top priority, the Los Angeles Times reported.

He also told the Times he planned to look into whether Russia held leverage over Trump’s financial interests through the president’s business empire. “The president has sought to keep that off limits, but if that’s the leverage Russians pose that’s a real threat to our country,” Schiff told the newspaper.

But as we have previously reported, Adam Schiff is a liar and leaker.

He is an attention whore who has taken to Fake News Media outlets to peddle his Russia conspiracy theories.

So President Trump launched a pre-emptive strike, tweeting that he would investigate the “leaks of Classified Information.”

Past Republicans would have wilted under the pressure of a Democrat-controlled U.S. House.

But conservatives cheer Trump because he never backs down from a fight.

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