Trump laughed in Nancy Pelosi’s face after she made the worst statement of her political career

Nancy Pelosi is a mess.

With Donald Trump in the White House, she has become nothing more than a laughing stock.

And Trump just laughed in her face after she made the worst statement of her political career.

Using her power as Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi is trying to ruin President Trump’s life.

She is digging into every aspect of his life to try to dig up anything that will hurt him.

And in a recent meeting, Trump simply walked out on Pelosi after she smeared him moments before the meeting began.

In response, Pelosi has been hosting a series of press events to attack him.

At the latest one, she claimed that she is concerned with Trump’s well-being, and that his family should have an intervention.

Breitbart News reported:

Thursday at her weekly press briefing House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) told reporters she is concerned for the well-being of President Donald Trump.

Pelosi said, “We don’t want it to be partisan now, but I can only think he wasn’t up to the task of figuring out the difficult choices of how to cover the cost of infrastructure legislation that we had talked about. The president again stormed out. First pound the table, walk out the door. Next time, have the TV cameras in there while I have my say and that didn’t work for him either. And this time, another temper tantrum. Again I pray for the president of the United States. I wish his family, his administration or his staff would have an intervention for the good of the country.”

A reporter said, “Your prayer comments almost suggest you are concerned for his well being.”

Pelosi interjected, “I am and the well-being of the United States of America.”

Trump surely got a good laugh over her comment.

If there is anybody whom people should be worried about it’s Pelosi.

Despite being Speaker of the House, Trump has ensured she can accomplish nothing.

Her recent press events show just how inarticulate she is.

At one, she embarrassingly stumbled her way through it, mispronouncing words and repeating herself.

Trump posted the video on his Twitter account to mock her.


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134 Responses

  1. Nancy is not loosing her mind it is already gone. As for the Presidents actions with Ukraine was exactly what he was required to do by law. Having served 21 years in the US Army I had occasion to take the oath. The President takes a similar oath of office. One line in the oath prover he did nothing wrong. “I swear to support and defend the Constitution against ALL enemies , foreign AND DOMESTIC.” By calling for an investigation by any means necessary, regardless of the political fallout he knew would come, he did what was necessary to uphold his oath.

  2. Larry Spradley says:

    Perhaps there are others who voted with me. I voted for the non-politician. Our politicians seem to be more interested in their party than their constituents. Rather than espouse a southern border policy which they supported a couple of years ago, they are more interested in finding fault with the other party and trying to convince the public that this is in our best interests. The people are not that dense!

  3. Pelosi! This old dried up, pre-packaged, piece of skank-meat, bitch, has already lost her frigging mind!

  4. john says:

    Nancy is still mad that the President had her and her family removed from an Air Force airplane. A power junkie became a woman scorned.

  5. paul says:

    You can’t lose something you never had.

  6. Grampa says:

    the left it seems are expert in all things to be able to recognize someones need for help is quite a talent. she should pause and look in a mirror and observe something other than her need to have more plastic surgery.——Grampa

    • blaciyb says:

      Did she really hold up two fingers and say three?

      • Susan says:

        Yes she did she was as drunk as I have ever seen Pelosi! It was almost hilarious! But yet so embarrassing for our Country! They said someone made a fake video and slowed it down to make her look bad!! Yeah Right!! It didn’t matter if the video was slowed or on fast she was still inebriated or drugged not sure which but she was out of her mind couldn’t even make one coherent sentence she was all over the place ????????‍♀️Who knows what she was talking about!?!? Lol ????????‍♀️

  7. I’m positive someone hit Joe the plumber in the head with a pipe. Someone hit him again and try to snap him out of it.

  8. cc says:

    Divine intervention? Nadler & Pelosi are suddenly deteriorating LIVE- in front of our eyes!!
    HATE & ANGER caused their diseases. LOVE will surely cure them. But they chose the former.

  9. linda says:

    they have been on President Trump since he became Preident. Im sick of hearing it. They still havent got anything on him or they would have used it!!!! Can we ever get back to taking care of our country?? Let’s
    finally lets act like ADULTS instead of CHILDREN.

    • ART NUEVO says:


  10. Bob Hicks says:

    At the end of this article, the question is asked was Nancy Pelosi losing her mind? I can assure the American people that she is not losing her mind. This criminally corrupt politician knows exactly what she is doing. It’s too bad that the American voter has been bamboozled by her acts of insanity. She is accomplishing her goals of trying and continuing to tear our great country apart. So please my fellow Americans I beg of you. Do not pay any attention to the people of the democratic party and they will go the way of the Dodo bird. The democratic party wants the citizens of this great country in a civil war. What they, however, do not realize is the fact that if this does indeed happen, then every God-fearing American Patriot in our great country will be targeting every politician in our country and nothing and no-one but the Almighty himself will be able to save their sorry asses. The Rooster Has Crowed!!!

  11. ONTIME says:

    You can hear Nancy Pee’s words of prayer dripping with sincerity…..She condones the act of murder by abortion and yet offers her worst nightmare a prayer….I wonder what it is????

  12. Joe the Plumber says:

    Pelosi showed the country up close what a pompous idiot Trump is, she really meant an intervention because he is mentally sick, have mercy on him God, he has the nuclear codes, can anyone really trust the nut job with that information?

    • Joy says:

      Joe….Pelosi was the Majority Leader throughout the Obama Administration, if J recall correctly. Those 8 years of sell-out, pandering to our enemies like quaking children, and outright betrayal by that administration as billions in cash was airlifted by our military to our enemies was enough for me and millions of other veterans to reject him…his administration…and his cowardice….outright. Trump has put. this Congress….including Pelosi….on notice that those criminal acts will not be repeated regardless of their best efforts to “demand” anything. We…as a nation… We are….however…as a nation of patriots (with the exception of sellouts such as yourself) e er vigilrnt and dedicated to this nation…with our blood…if necessary. But make no mistake….we.won’t.go.down.alone.

      • Elizabeth says:

        Amen! To all you said, Joe.

      • Joe the Plumber says:

        Joy, you know nothing. Historians already rate Obama 14th best President and all put Trump at the bottom or next to the bottom. You might want to check what Douglas Brinkley, Doris Kearns Goodwing, John Meacham and Michael Beschloss have to say. You wouldn’t know the names because you are ignorant. Without question Obama’s adminsitration was also the most honest in your lifetime, no major scandals except what the Republicans beat to death with 8 Benghazi investigations although they though 1 of the Russian invasion of our voting system was too much. Trump ruined the Paris Cliimate Accords, the Iranian arms deal, appointed crazy judges like Kavanaugh, you saw how his temper was at the hearing, The money that went to Iran was their money that had been held, until there was some arms accord was met, Trump kisses all the dictators’ butts like Putin, Kim, Duarte, Orban, you don’t even know the last two dictators countries because you know nothing, nothing at all. Veterans often do vote Republican although Republicans are the ones that cut veterans’ benefits. Check out all the Republican draft dodgers in the past, Trump, Romney, Rove, Boehner, Lott, Cheney, Tom Delay, a lot of these bigshots you don’t know because you idolize Trump like the Germans idolized Hitler, you must be proud that you helped elect a serial sexual assaulter, a thief, a constant liar, braggart, a draft dodger who insulter John McCain when McCain was healthy, sick, and now when he has been dead. The Republicans are cowards like you who do not challenge his attacks on the press, the FBI and CIA yet he is the one that started fake news with his sick birtherism. Get educated Joy, so your name matches your spirit.

        • Blue says:

          obama becoming a president was a Scandal itself, those historians are bent to the left, one of them a plagiarizer, your leftist talking points about Benghazi, Climate, and Iran, just that, liberal crap, Kavanaugh had every right to be ticked off at that hearing after all those leftists were lying about him, John McCain’s actions in life were less than honorable. President Trump’s attacks on 90% of the anti-Trump media is Great, finally a President standing-up to them!

    • Paul Jarrett says:

      Joe the rectum plumber you sound deranged yourself, when if ever can you see truth is your soul so enraged with darkness that keeps you blind

    • ART NUEVO says:


    • Joe, you’re an idiot!

  13. Mama says:

    Yes, Pelosi IS a mess. Most ALL of her speeches
    ARE ‘garbled’. Many say alcohol.
    NOT Alcohol . IT IS ‘strokes’
    Mini Strokes & L0TS of them.
    V. 0bvious to me.
    + ‘baby juice treatments ?’ Capish,no?

    • Chrisanne says:

      Are you a physician? Do you know her, or are you responsible in any way? Have you seen her medical records? Unless you answered yes to these questions, I question how you could possibly arrive at an “Obvious to me…” diagnosis, particularly because I can think of several possibilities that would have to be a part of the differential diagnosis. Have you considered Korsakoff’s syndrome? I would guess ‘no’, because you have categorically eliminated alcohol either as a cause, or as a contributing factor. Have you even considered Parkinson’s Disease, with accompanying dementia. Perhaps you could explain what informs your diagnosis of Transient Ischemic Attacks; I am truly interested in knowing how you arrived at this conclusion.

      • Francisca says:

        Stop this nonsense Pelosi is her own worst enemy. She’s full of hate, rage working for herself…SHE SHOULD listen to the citizens who elected the best man for the job.. She doesn’t give a dam about US…SHE has a vicdictive Blind deaf war against reality.

      • Mama says:

        I ‘Stand ‘ by my statement.
        Of Course, i’ve considered ‘other’ malaise.
        No Parkinson’s etc. = 0bvious.
        FYI Parkinsons does in NO Way ‘preclude’
        Dementia. discussion is Moot. You need More
        info. But at least you ‘think’ ( which is good !)
        – More than most. eom.

  14. Ted says:

    Every dummycrat is crazy and ugly. They all have crazy eyes and no ability to be truthful..

  15. Ted says:

    Pelosi is a shriveled up puddle of smegma who is too stupid to lie down and accept the fact that she’s dead. Even in death she’s crazy.

  16. Philip Allen says:

    P-Loser is correct about the need for a family intervention. Her family needs to force her to get an. Immediate medical retirement and mental therapy.

  17. Ronald Hatt says:

    Nancy Pelosi, is no longer relevent to American Politics! Even medication does not help her!

  18. Will says:

    PA daaa , Padaaa, padaaa , that`s all folks PIglosi has left the building

  19. George W. says:

    I like to call her “Nazi Pollution” it fits her, she’ll be 80 next March 26th, maybe she won’t be around much longer, and mad Maxie Waters can also disappear along with her, she is 80!

    • Bumper says:

      Dirt naps are in order for those two. Nanshee needs to lay off the liquor and get some polygrip before her choppers fly out of her mouth. And Mad Max needs to return James Brown’s wig to his family.

    • ART NUEVO says:


  20. Les says:

    Nasty Pelosi is the product of a corrupt political figure from Maryland. Think
    Trump should start exposing this woman’s ugly past and her “roots”. It would explain a lot about who and what she is and always has been!! DIRTY!!! Would think by this time she would have been cast out of the Catholic church what with
    her supporting the killing of babies within and outside the mothers womb!!

  21. Michael Christopher Scott says:

    Why not make lecture notes as bullet points on index cards prior to a speech, Nancy? This always kept me on track. I can write extemporaneously on most subjects I already know, but a good public speech is more difficult.

  22. Gideon Rockwell says:

    Nancy Pelosi or as I like to call her Crazy Eyes is the epitome of the Kalifornia Moonbat, that Dems in that state like to send to Congress. That should give you some idea of the mental state of the average Kalifornia Democrat Voter. But in a vain attempt to preserve her long ago faded youth I fear poor old Nancy is suffering from Botox poisoning which has mentally diminished her and mixing tranquilizers with vodka probably exacerbates that onset of Alheimer’s, but I know dealing with the crazier than an outhouse rat Ocasio-Psychotika has got to be getting under her skin. All things considered Nancy needs to be moved from Speaker of the House to Mayor of Crazy Town. Of course with the Dems in control the House of Representatives should be called the Casa de Locos.

    • Dora says:

      How she brings the money into DNC is a million dollar question but she apparently threaten donors to dole out the dough and they do. But this loony botox lady is really really has lost it The rest of the loonies demo craps are following her very close behind. Sad to see her make a fool of herself. She is better to watch then the cartoons.

  23. Sandi says:

    They found six dead bodies in Hillary’s backyard. How many will they dig up in Nancy’s backyard?

  24. Louise "Biddy" B. Hammett says:

    Remove my email from your list:

  25. Lynn B says:

    She’s a DRUNK and is showing signs of Dementia — REMOVE HER !!

  26. Mary says:

    No I don’t think Nancy lost any sense. To be able to lose sense means you had some at one time or another. I don’t think she had any to start with. All of these trips she took on a government loaned plane then bill the government for all of the alcohol including some very expensive ones from overseas tells me she does have a drinking problem. I watched the tape and it wasn’t altered in any way. I’m a witness on the way people with a drinking problem acts. You could say I’m an expert. I lived with a drunk father. He got so drunk he threw things at my mother and even kicked me. She needs to just resign and go drink herself poor instead of getting drunk on taxpayers dollars.

  27. Frank Yelt says:

    I wanted to answer “no” to the question of whether I thought Nancy is losing her facility. My answer is really NO, I don’t think she is losing her facility…I KNOW she is! Keep her in there along with the other duds of the dimocrap party such as schmucker, harass, creepy Joe, commie sanders, Pocahontas, sparkless, buttkrieg, and the rest. They are the best to happen for the GOP! Trump 2020! Landslide!

  28. Buckwheat says:

    Yes Betty. You need to up your daily dosage or are you just that stupid…

  29. Marty says:

    Asking for a yes or no answer on whether Pelosi is losing her mind is a little over the top. As a flaming liberal, she does have to suffer from mental illness, along with her cohorts. She certainly suffers from age-related lapses, but I suspect that she is still able to crack the whip over her sheep in the House of Reps.

    • Frank Yelt says:

      I agree…the question should be answer “yes” or “I know” she is losing her mind. You get ### two but not ## answer choices! LOL

      • CrawfishFestival says:

        Yep, the House of Reps who are on the chopping block, right along w Pelosi.

        Nadler and Pelosi are in a spiral, and from what I became aware of recently Cummings and his wife have problems and gross conflicts of interests on how Cummings’ wife acquired federal money that she refuses to acknowledge, and refuses to abide by the “open book” policy that non-profit organizations are required to abide by – when requested.

        Looks like Biden collected through his son Hunter, and Cummings thru his wife.

        That’s why democrats are all stammering as if they lost their minds, bc they did.
        Democrats’ BLUE WAVE was pre-meditated ELECTION THEFT – to win back the HOUSE- thru VOTE FRAUD.

        President Trump = MAGA!!!

  30. Ted Rigger says:

    Pelosi and Schumer swore an oath to help and protect the CITIZENS of these United States of America. Everyone knows this to be true. If these basturds make an about face and refuse to do their job they should be impeached from office. Nadler, Schiff and a number of other congressmen should also be removed from office. It just shows us what extremes they will go to when they have unimpeded control. Obama had control and look at the damage he has done to this country. It will take years to undo what he has done. We must vote these traitors out of office. I cringe at the thought of AOC staying in office to continue her lunacy.

  31. C says:

    It is time to fight fire with fire. We need to start exposing all the dirt and skeletons in closets of all the democrats!!!!!!!!!!

    • Jo says:

      Love. Nothing to any of them and also, some GOP. Most all in congress are sewage plant rejects, totally worthless.

  32. STIKMAN says:

    the commiecrats twisted views on everything is totally wrong. for example if I murder a human baby before or after birth im a hero but if I had a hunting dog and it got raped by a pitbull I would go to jail and get heavy fines if I terminated the puppies before or after birth. im just saying that murdering human babies SHOULD BE A CRIME

  33. Just what we would expect from you Betty. Nice to know you are still alive. It’s to bad those medications aren’t doing you any good.

  34. Richard A Hunt says:

    The trouble is Nancy Pelosi and the rest of the dem idiots. Try working with the president, even if you dont like him. You are supposed to be working for the people, not your own twisted agenda.

    • CrawfishFestival says:

      That’s why US Senators should go back under the authority of their States, so that useless FILTH can be recalled.

    • Bob the Builder says:

      The president again stormed out. First pound the table, walk out the door. Next time, have the TV cameras in there while I have my say and that didn’t work for him either. And this time, another temper tantrum.

      Trump should say, you win Nancy, from now on we will have reporters and cameras in every meeting we have from now on.

    • ART NUEVO says:


  35. C.Meredith says:

    I might be wrong, but it seems to me the dems in congress have no deal interest in doing anything to help our nation or our people. Their objective is to cause so much confusion and bad relations between all Americans by creating problems and then blaming them on Trump and his supporters. It really looks like they are so centered on gaining power and control in America they are willing to sell their souls to the devil to get that control. They are literally destroying the nation in order to gain power over the people. They are pulling in so many different directions that there seems to be many democratic parties and all of them are crazy. The only things they agree on is Trump is bad and guns are bad and only they know what is best for all of us.
    Even knowing how wrong, destructive and just evil a civil war in America would be it almost seems preferable to having the democrats gain control of both the House a

    nd the Senate with a democratic president in the White House. If the dems ever get congress and the W.H. this country will cease to be the home of freedom and I truly think a civil war will kill off the next two generations of Americans leaving only profiteers and other disgusting creatures that his under rocks when their nation needed them. I seriously hate to speak that way but somebody has to try to wake people up and pour the coffee for them to smell. I fear time may be growing short and opportunity to fix things is slipping away.

    • CrawfishFestival says:

      A quick-fix to have them all screaming, is to give everyone a Bill to pay – for use of US Assets and resources – for their personal pursuits, in traveling w friends and family members – and forcing it upon US Taxpayers to pick up the tab.

      Why should uber-wealthy members, who became RICH while in office, not have to pay for personal travels – going on holiday w friends, family members and associates?

      We have homeless Veterans and Elderly people who need help w food and shelter.

      We The People need to have legislators pay their way, so we can use the US Taxpayer money that they abused, to help others truly in need.

    • ART NUEVO says:


  36. Betty says:

    It’s d trump who is a Mess. With his latest Childish Taunts toward Nancy Pelosi, That Self Proclaimed,So Called “Stable Genius” only proves what an Sick Minded Lunatic he really is & with every passing day he slips more into Deluded, Dangerous INSANITY

    • Jay says:

      Betty. Nancy Pelosi outright lied about what was said at the Trump meeting!
      Trump did the right thing by walking out! The democrats have lost all concept of what their job is!! We are all entitled to our own opinion, but no one is entitled to their own facts!! The truth is Pelosi lied! Fact!! Plain and simple!
      Get help for your TDS asap! You are really confused Betty.
      God bless America!! Trump,2020 – our only hope to stop the liberal insanity!

      • Bob the Builder says:

        The president again stormed out. First pound the table, walk out the door. Next time, have the TV cameras in there while I have my say and that didn’t work for him either. And this time, another temper tantrum.

        Trump should say, you win Nancy, from now on we will have reporters and cameras in every meeting we have from now on.

      • ART NUEVO says:


    • Bruce Weibel says:

      Wake up and smell the coffee, DEMOcrats want only one thing and that’s to take the freedom away from the AMERICAN PEOPLE!

      TRUMP 2020

    • Dave says:

      Are you living in a dream world, Betty. Wake up. Look at the facts. Not hear say. I really do not think you are that dumb. You smarter than what you just displayed.

    • mspidge says:

      betsy-wetsy………YOU ARE AN IDIOT!!

    • Steff says:

      AAH I see Betty the troll is still writing her ludicrous notes. This my friends is a real troll who has been outed many times before. She/he/it reveals what an idiot proclaims to be truth. Everyone should just ignore these rambling stupid comments. We all know that stupid can’t be cured or fixed!!!!! Crawl back into the slime whatever you are!!!!

    • Barry says:

      Betty, looks like you’re the deranged one – he actually IS a “stable genius”. The leftists (of which you are one of the least significant ones) are fearful for their lives because of their nearly 3-year attempt to oust a sitting President of the U.S.A. You are blind if you think they are lawful in their attempts to dislodge Pres. Trump from his Office. Watch and see – many, many congressmen/women are going to prison (or worse) before long.

    • John Dendy says:

      You are an ignorant fool. Get your head out of your butt

    • Cliff says:

      Go back to your basement safe space Betty, play with your crayons and coloring books, drink you hot coca and scream at the moon like the rest of “your kind”… PIGLOSI started the “childish” fight because PRESIDENT TRUMP wouldn’t bow and kiss her feet. .. If ANYONE is on the brink of INSANITY she is a prime example. We FINALLY have a POTUS that isn’t afraid to give it right back (IN SPADES) to DEMENTED MORONS like her, and her DEMOCOMMIUNIST “party” lackeys.
      Get used to it..4 MORE YEARS!!!! MAGA!!!!

    • MARK BELLEAU says:

      Betty, your really pulling straws and it shows in your remarks.

    • MARK BELLEAU says:

      Betty, your pulling straws and it shows in your remarks.

    • Blondie says:

      Poor Betty! You played right into Trumps hands just like all the other crazy Dem’s, celebrities, haters & low life’s.

      Trump is one of the smartest individuals walking on this planet & he knows exactly how to play yourself & the other nut cases into loosing your minds over simple things you could never understand. Those aren’t temper tantrums! They are smart tactics to drive you crazy & wonder if your mind is still working correctly. All of you are pawns for Trump.

      I love him & I love his intelligence & the way he plays all of you. Ha Ha Ha!!!!

    • Bemused Bill says:

      Betty Boo Boo. the loony BBB is at it again ha ha. Betty has a bit of trouble with her use of upper case letters…and her failing mind.
      Have you all noticed the more unhinged a Liberal is the more likely they are to use upper case to emphasize emotions rather than use facts, links or original thought out ideas? This is down to the emotional manipulation her controllers at the DNC propaganda factory use on her, Betty Boo Boo is a very emotional person and no doubt cries a lot on her own. She has been programmed to believe, “Orange man bad!” and so believes that with all her might. And whenever she sees the Don trying to steer the country towards a better future and away from the hatred, obstructionism and violence of the Fascistic mess left by his predecessors….she just gets soo mad!! And has to have a little cry to vent her fury. How will she cope with the coming massive political scandal that will probably destroy the Dem Party? Why, by lying to herself…see above comment for irrefutable evidence, Betty Boo Boo doesn’t need a propaganda controller any more, she is fully indoctrinated.
      Betty Boo Boo will go to her grave believing that Donald Trump is in fact, orange!!

    • RACHEL LYONS says:


      • Blue says:

        I agree with you Rachel, but sometimes I think this betty is a communist plant, hard to imagine anybody as stupid and dumb as her!

  37. Anna McGuire says:

    Anna McGuire Not only do I think she is losing her mind, I am of the opinion she has already lost it! What’s going on in DC is undermining our great Country’s image and creating doubt as to the verity and integrity of our Administration. Adults, acting like stupid out-of-control name-calling assholes makes me wonder how they got into the positions they presently hold. Are any of the Democrats psychiatrists? Why does Pelosi continue to accuse the POTUS of things she knows nothing about and refuses to know about? She demeans herself in public every time she opens her mouth. God Bless America!

    • HOW can you even say “God Bless America” with such a MENTALLY DISEASED entity as Speaker of the House…??? THIS entity is a NIGHTMARE for the WORLD to see….!!!

      • CrawfishFestival says:

        Scary that our country does not have a trap door for these maniacs to remove them from office, when showing signs of being unfit for office.

        Military Tribunals can get a trap door going.

  38. Sarah says:

    People do age….people also cause themselves harm when they live with hate in their hearts. Pelosi should back away, retire and find good that she can do. People of age have vast experience and knowledge and when wisdom is present can be great contributors.
    Shouldn’t we pursue wisdom?
    I wholeheartedly disagree with Speaker Pelosi and the entire Constitution enemy’s, and I believe that everyone should live up to their words and deeds.
    I am completely convinced that the majority of politicians, have become reprobate.
    When Americans will not stand in support of a President and make America whole, where is the fidelity. What a shame and disgrace so many have brought into our home!
    Let ALL truth have its place! Stand for right and disdain what is corrupt; make America Great, whole and Respected again.
    Drive out the anti-American spirit!
    This President, from the beginning, called for “unity” and was and continues to be treated with contempt! Why?! Because being an American Patriot is not what these politicians and Hollywood elites want America to be!
    I will continue to support President Trump; I will ally for America’s freedom and the people’s of this God blessed nation.
    I will pray, give voice for those things that are good.
    This is “our home”!
    Nancy Pelosi, you have called in the tyrants who now are turning against you. I am sorry for your plight. Go home, do good for your community.

    • Jack says:

      Sarah o couldn’t of said it better than your commentary ,
      I support this President and o believe the evil that has invaded the depths of politician’s soul is a wake up call to every American who believes on our sound Constitution for liberty , life and justice for all !

    • Jay says:

      Great post Sarah! Thank you!

    • Steff says:

      This is a real eye-opener for all of us. Thank you for presenting the truth!!! I totally agree with your comments.

    • Joseph Clark says:

      It is a sad truth that NP, along with all the other lefties, suffer from various degrees of mental dysfunction. She can’t be helped, just ignored.

  39. David Sunkle says:


  40. Esther says:

    Time for them all to head for the hills, their hateful life’s are all most over

  41. Richard Daugherty says:

    Nancy is a halfwit!! Only Calif could field such a nitwit!! She never needed to be in politics. I believe she is a full on criminal. This is why she loves MS-13. Yes, she needs to leave our country and take 534 others with her. They are all traitors to this country.

    • jw says:

      Her Dad was a crook when he was the mayor of Baltimore Maryland , and her older brother was a crook also ,and they got caught at it !

      • CrawfishFestival says:

        Pelosi and her character is a reflection of The Mob – just like Hillary Rodham Clinton, whose father Hugh Rodham took over running The Mob when Al Capone went to PRISON.

        How do u think these two acquired so much money = selling our nation’s assets and resources, and National Security to foreign governments, drug cartels, terrorists.

        They should all be HANGED as TRAITORS, until DEAD.

    • Barry says:

      “halfwit”, you say, Richard? You give her farrrrrrrrrrr too much credit! She’s actually “MINDLESS”!!

  42. Al says:

    God help us if these liars retain any control over our nation! Surely there are a few sane, serious, dedicated patriots left in what was once a productive political party. Hopefully there are enough of these patriots remaining to wrest control of the party away from the present leadership and uneducated newcomers to save the party and attend to the needs of the country!

  43. Hey Nancy, better keep a stiff upper lip since you lost that vote to stop Trump’s Executive Order in a 248 to 181 vote…looks like you have met your match…

  44. John Raffa says:

    She should step down, she has a half a brain and that is not working to well.

    • David Sunkle says:


    • Sharon Jenkins says:

      In my opinion and for the good of the party , Nancy needs to retire due to cognitive issues….

  45. David Rose says:

    Pignosey is slurring her words on purpose. When AG Barr gets done investigating, and the cards are on the table, her excuse will be I’m not weeeeell, and i need too seeeeee a doooctooor.

  46. Besides being crazy Nancy and Chuck don’t have a positive accomplishment since TRUMP became President. They don’t seem to have a clue of what is going on in our great country. The truth is that they really don’t care. If the DEM’S even tried to do something positive for this great Country I would believe they have a clue. They don’t ! Off with their heads ! Those are the people they care about, Muslims, illegals.

  47. Chaz says:

    These libs are out of control crazy. They are constantly wasting our time and resources. Somthing must be done.

    • Dan Zellers says:

      Right on chaz. The bad part is a lot of damage has been done that can’t be repaired
      To make things even worse they Don’t. Care. I am 64 years old and never in any term have I seen a mess like this. This will go down in history as the largest Democratic mess ever.@!!!!! And the deserve that negativity.

  48. Terry Earl says:

    Actually 100 % voted yes for once. Even the hacks voted yes. hahahahahaa

  49. a fool says:

    Pelosi is a Giant POLLUTANT in America the Beautiful!

  50. Gregory Sullivan says:

    That just goes to show Nasty Pelosky and company that Trump doesn’t take any s*** from anyone. If you fire and salvo at him, he’ll fire a salvo back that’s why he’s a billionaire.

  51. StWayne says:

    There should be a competency test issued every time they get their license renewed. This way, when they hit the gas instead of the brakes, the only one they run over is themselves.

  52. Blue says:

    pelosi needs to help clean her feces-filled streets of San Francisco

    • Keo says:

      with a bucket and a hand scooper and schummer should be given a roll of those plastic doggie poop bags so he could help pick up all the human feces right behind crazy pelosi.

  53. jjofaz says:

    Nancy is losing her mind and Schummer is on his knees looking for it

  54. Steff says:

    Pelousy is beginning to receive physical justice for all her lies and corrupt acts. It won’t be long before she is either committed for insanity or is placed in the care of medical personnel who are able to constrain her acts of lunacy.

    • David Rose says:

      Pignosey is slurring her words on purpose. When AG Barr gets done investigating, and the cards are on the table, her excuse will be I’m not weeeeell, and i need too seeeeee a doooctooor.

  55. Michael says:

    That dirty bitch Nancy Pelosi knew just exactly what she was doing by bad mouthing Trump before the meeting…she knew exactly how Mr Donald J Trump would act toward her and Schumer…so they could bad mouth him for walking out on the meeting…but Pelosi has lost her mind..the way things are falling apart with the Deep State, Obama, Lynch… She is not smart enough to know Mr Trump is in a position to open the files to Mr Barr who Pelosi and company pissed off earlier this month…she is not smart enough to know for a couple minutes in front of fake news… she is sealing the Libs and her fate to be the American people…she like Crooked Hillary just can’t shut there mouths when in my opinion there digging there own graves when they got much bigger things to worry about…I hear that big “C” Hillary is thinking about running again..LOL..might be the only way she can stay out of Jail…LOL…Go Mr Barr…show madame speaker her and her Lib cronies might need those cuffs for themselves…LOL

  56. She needs to be impeached…

    • Chaz says:

      These libs are out of control crazy. They are constantly wasting our time and resources. Somthing must be done.

      • Gideon Rockwell says:

        I agree totally. If they have so much time on their hands that they want to continue a witch hunt in Congress that has already said there is no crime there, then we the people need to reign in and revamp the annual session time and other aspects of Congress. Why does an elected position that the Founders never intended to be a career posting have a retirement program and a better one than the Military and Federal Law Enforcement? They should only meet long enough to set the Federal Governments budget for the next year and the adjourn and go home to their real jobs. And their pay should be adjusted to time in session. We also need term limits. But the majority of responsibilities they have taken over from the states need to be returned to the states such as education. We need a national referendum to totally revamp Congress though, because they are totally out of control. They have totally lost perspective of their place in the scheme of things and placed themselves as benevolent dictators.

    • John Hull says:

      Absolutely! That is the correct and only solution Rob!

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