Trump just smacked John Kerry with news that will destroy a UN scheme

Since taking office, Trump has been unafraid of taking on even the biggest of his enemies.

Among them is the UN, which has been cooking up a horrible scheme in tandem with John Kerry.

But Trump just smacked Kerry with massive news that will destroy the UN’s biggest scheme.

Trump is unapologetic about being a nationalist who loves his country — and loathes globalism.

But in the last administration, the actions of Barack Obama and his lieutenants indicated they felt exactly the opposite.

John Kerry, as Obama’s Secretary of State, did all he could to destroy American sovereignty and the Second Amendment in order to help the United Nations implement global gun control by putting his signature on the anti-gun UN Small Arms Treaty.

Even without ratification, Kerry’s signature was a powerful symbol of U.S. support for the Treaty, and left the door open for its full implementation.

But last week, Trump publicly declared to gun rights supporters that he is un-signing the Treaty and leaving it all together.

Bloomberg reports:

“President Donald Trump said that his administration is withdrawing from a global arms treaty that set rules for sales and transfers of small arms, missile launchers and warships.

“My administration will never surrender American sovereignty to anyone. My administration will never ratify the UN Arms Treaty,” Trump said Friday at a National Rifle Association conference in Indiana. “We’re taking our signature back.”

The NRA, a key constituency for Trump, has long opposed the Arms Trade Treaty, saying it infringes on gun owners’ rights, even though the U.S. never ratified the agreement.
“I hope you’re happy,” the president said.

The White House was concerned that future revisions of the treaty could have created new exposure to the Second Amendment rights, according to a senior administration official who requested anonymity to discuss internal deliberations. The treaty will be open for amendments in 2020.”

This is huge news for U.S. gun owners who have been under the threat of ratification since 2013, when Kerry signed the Treaty and it was sent to the Senate for ratification.

But now it is all over, and gun control supporters are back to square one in their plot to force global gun control by making America adopt the scheme.

Now, with this major act of defiance toward the UN, some are hoping Trump will take things a step further and leave the UN altogether.


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97 Responses

  1. Linda H says:

    Mike Turoff, I think the UN should be taken to Iraq and set down in the middle of old Babylon where they belong.

  2. My only question is: When is John Kerry going to get an indictment charging him with Treason after he broke the law Colluding with Iran illegally while Trump was negotiating the Iran’s Nuke deal? John Kerry was illegally back door collaborating with Iran which against the law.

    Seems like there is a double standard in our laws, via lawmakers being excused from any laws while in or out of office.

    • Mama says:

      Kerry & Mueller are ‘twins’ . both look like ‘spuds’
      Mueller has plenty ‘skeletons’ in his closet.
      AG BARR Has a HUGE Responsibility To UPHOLD
      & Needs Support to Continue. ( Ahem Senator Graham,
      Senate Judiciary Chair).

  3. Glenn G. says:

    I’m Pis**d, Today I checked my Texas sample ballot and found that not only had they stopped allowing you
    to vote a strait Republican ticket. Now you have to search the name and check the bio to see if they are Republican, demoncrats don’t even admit they are democrats in their bio. some Republicans were asleep at
    the switch to allow that to go thru. Is this just Texas only or is it national?

  4. Mama says:

    As I scroll thru comm’s
    Betty Loves Hate. Wow.

  5. Mama says:

    Whew. Amen. Thank YOU Pres Trump.
    This UN treaty Is V. Dangerous to US.
    to the point of collapse.
    HOW can ‘some’ ppl NOT UNDERSTAND
    this ‘stuff’.

  6. Alaska Woman says:

    Trump embarrasses America before the world — again,.
    Nothing new, people; juat walk away.

  7. JC says:

    John Kerry is a SOB. He is a traitor to America. I am still mad at him over Vietnam and he has gotten worse since. The Iran Nuclear Deal, The Global Climate Agreement, The UN Arms Agreement…he should be charged and thrown into prison!

  8. Dewey says:

    Anything with John Kerry’s name in it is bad for America. This condescending moron is an embarrassment to our country. He gave away 150 billion to Iran. What did one American gain from this absolutely stupid move. There aren’t enough negative adjectives to describe this jerk. I wouldn’t follow this traitor to a local latrine.

  9. Estell says:

    I used to get emails from the UN stating what they were up to. We need the UN gone as of yesterday. Not goo. They are worse than any terrorist group we’ve know.

  10. raygun says:

    Ship the commie UN and ALL of their minions and sheeple to Mars with a one way ticket.

  11. Hal Lemoyne says:

    Should the U.S. pull out of the United Nations entirely??

    OH Yes and immediately!!!

    • William Tye says:

      Like they say “Keep Your Enemies Close”. I feel that the UN in New York is nothing but a “Spy Den”. So in order to keep an eye on them, move them to Hawaii so they don’t have free run ot the 49 states. That will cut down on Security Costs and the UN Building can be put to a better use.

      • raygun says:

        The vacant building could be donated to the NYC indigents. Complete with dining, latrine and sleep facilities. San Francisco indigents and illegalsrr could be bused to NYC

    • T-pac says:

      Make them pay their own way …………….. nothing more than the ” Rape of the American tax payers” while All the politician’s steal their piece of the American Pie right in front of our faces. All politicians should audited by the IRS and why not if u have nothing to hide?
      . I live on disability and got audited

    • Drew says:

      Not only should we exit the UN, but we should kick the UN out of the United States!
      Let the globalists find a new home. Think of it… no more foreign government sanctioned spies running around in our country, courtesy of the UN. Member countries don’t contribute their fair support for this place so take back all the land, buildings and other UN Prius’s payment in kind for all the money the US has paid and show the foreign representatives and their staffs to the airport! Good bye and good riddance!

  12. Joseoh says:

    The United Nations, like the League of Nations before it, was a lofty idea with lofty goals. It was designed to prevent war and promote peaceful dialogue to resolve disputes. Sadly it was doomed to failure for very simple reasons. It became a hotbed of accusations, allowed despotic Nations to ban together to condemn free governments, and allowed the worseoffenders a way to deflect the eyes of the world to some slight that gave them the right to act with impunity. Iran, Iraq, Russia, china all did things then blamed the west. Small countries got away with abuses and actions against western countries because o pressure from the United Nations to let it slide or be seen as a bully.
    The United Nations time is over. It doesn’t work nor does it function properly. It now acts as a defacto world governmental entity what believes it can force compliance to some farcical edicts. It even has its own army that can be called upon to intervene in a country’s functions. Who pays for this? Who foots the bill for all of these things. Whyvtge United States that’s who. We provide a vast majority of its funding and yet we and other free countries of the world are the ones who are pointed to as the problem. Simple solution is stop all funding of the United Nations by the United States, pull completely out of the organization and give the store structure 30 days to leave our country. Yet you know what will happen right? The United Nations general assembly will condemn the United States for being heavy handed, will refuse to leave and then fine a petition at the World Court who will immediately rule against the United States of America. Then what? The United States will have to forceably remove the United Nations delegates and tell the World Court it cannot rule on domestic claims with this country. It will end up with a possible conflict between the United States and the United Nations. Do we have the courage to get out of the United Nations and tell it to find a new home? The American people do and have been calling for just that for years. Problem is I don’t see our government having the intestinal fortitude to do it. They’re too scared of being perceived as being the bad guy. I’m afraid it will take massive civil unrest before enough of the old guard leave office and new people placed in government before that happens. Diplomacy is great, when it actually works. With the United Nations and even our own government it doesn’t because the system is broken and I don’t believe anything short of armed conflict will make it happen. I hope and pray I’m wrong but based on the past 40 years I don’t think I am. I swore an oath to my country and it’s constitution and am prepared to keep it if necessary. I swore to give my life for my country. Not the President it Congress but the country and the constitution. Not the United Nations or any other country or entity.
    So let’s kick the United Nations out, get ourselves out of it and do what should have been done years ago. LRT THE GAMES BEGIN!

  13. Jose Luis Vizcarra says:

    Hey guys, why are so many ignorant fools still following the destruction of America the greatest country ever created? We must use prayer and start preaching freedom that is not being taught at home, schools, colleges, media, entertainment, etc. Our small children must be rescued by having them read the Bible and the Constitution, the TWO PILLARS that make this country the freest, most successful and wealthiest of all! Most liberals will tell you that Europe has the best of all world. Yes, but thanks to President Trump we no longer are going to pay for their protection! NOW THEY HAVE TO SPEND MONEY ON THEIR OWN MILITARY! Oh boy! Most of us did not know just how great he is! MAGA 2020! We MUST vote out of office ALL legislator who oppose him and elect ONLY true CONSERVATIVE representatives to truly help him complete his FANTASTIC LEGACY OF MAGA! May God give him the time and strength to PUNCH BACK AND KICK THEM ON THEIR COLLECTIVE REAR ENDS!

  14. Francisca says:

    Mr Trump send the UN out of American soil. Let them live and pay their dues.

  15. Faith Paone says:

    I think getting the u.n. out of our Country would prove we are a sovereign Nation and we are against globalism……u.n. seem to be more and more in bed with our enemies along with kerry, Barry, and mrs clinton…….l’ ve wanted them and their wish to control the U.S.A. dead and buried.

  16. Betty says:

    Hopefully, somebody will someday very soon Smack d. trump with some news that will End forever the re-election presidential bid & hopes both of that Sick Minded Pile Of Walking, Talking CRAP in Human Form, That Piss Ass Pig!

    • Michelle says:

      The pigs in our county are the corrupt America-hating dems! TRUMP 2020!

    • Bud Wilhelm says:

      Betty, Betty, Betty, don’t you realize that when you react like that your head will eventually explode? But then again if it explodes your a$$ will be blown off!

    • Jewel says:

      Why Betty, that’s exactly what you see in the mirror every morning.

    • John says:

      You’re quite the idiot

    • Dale says:

      Betty are you a demented deranged out of her medication Democratic loonatic from some mental institution that some how got into the office to use the computer while the staff was out delivering the evening medication that maybe you should be on your way to get yours to calm you back down again. Every thing going to be just fine for next say 5 almost 6 years while President Trumps in office. It will all be just fine don’t you worry about a thing.

    • David Rose says:

      Tell us how you really feel, you ignorant pig.

    • Betty, Betty, Betty. Such language. Change the hate in your heart to love- love- love…….and hop the Trump train….

    • VW Provaska says:

      So betty whats your excuse

    • Linda H says:

      Betty, I feel so sorry for you. If brains were gun powder you wouldn’t have enough to blow your nose. That is because when they were giving out brains you thought they said rain so you left to get an umbrella.

  17. Kerry’s a stone cold criminal TRAITOR, and should be hung by the neck until dead, on the south lawn of the White House.
    Mr. President, send a message to these INBREDS.
    God Bless America and President Donald J. Trump, an American HERO. MAGA

  18. Will says:

    That’s good news , Thank God for President Trump , as for Obummer / Barry and simpleton Kerry , a date with The Old Hangman at the Gallows , is where they need to be standing , for Sins against God
    , Country and We The People !! End of story

  19. Douglas Eugene White says:

    Get the un out of this country,period. Push them out.

  20. A S K says:

    Thank you President Trump for holding John Kerry accountable for violating the Logan Act. This is treason. John Kerry must be punished.

  21. A S K says:

    Defund and disband the UN, including kicking it out of the USA. It is anti American and believes its power supersedes law of the USA. That’s treason.

    • The United States pays several times it fair share of the costly, anti-American United Nations. It is time we withdraw from this feckless organization and charge them rent for the building!
      We must stop being the worlds patsey! Most other nations hate us anyway, so cut the support for all these freeloader nations!

  22. Leslie Pallin says:

    We need more people to show how they love America not more haters. Leave the U.N.

    • Rich says:

      My vote, for what it’s worth, would be to run the Den-of-Thieves (the UN) out of NYC and convert the buildings into homeless shelters.

      This not only would solve a definite problem Mayor BigBird has, but would finally make the Den-of-Thieves set up, take notice and have them stealing from each other, rather than out of your pocket ????

  23. Fred says:

    Mr. Kerry the Ex-US SOS and his Predecessor Mrs. HRC truly need to be held accountable for breaking the LOGAN ACT, where they did NOT CEASE, THAT THEY WERE STILL ACTING LIKE A PAIR OF US SECRETARY OF STATE, WHICH ACCORDING TO THE US CONSTITUTION IS ILLEGAL!!!

  24. Fred says:

    Mr. Kerry the Ex-US SOS and his Predecessor Mrs. HRC truly need to be held accountable for breaking the LOGAN ACT, where they did CEASE, IN STOP ACTING, THAT THEY WERE STILL ACTING LIKE A PAIR OF US SECRETARY OF STATE, WHICH ACCORDING TO THE US CONSTITUTION IS ILLEGAL!!!

  25. Ted says:

    The UN is like a terrible tenant living in your house. They won’t pay their rent but demands free food and now is telling us how to live and run our government. Well, there would not be a UN if it weren’t for us. This is the kind of thing that happens when you allow idiots to run these organizations. If we don’t have control of this we should step out and let them drive themselves out of business.

  26. shlack says:

    Right on, Cliff !!!!!

  27. Carl J Bujan says:

    Thank you President Trump for protecting our Second Amendment Rights.

  28. Grim Reaper says:

    There is absolutely no benefit for America being in the U.N. any more than there are benefits of allowing illegal aliens into our nation or Muslims. All of them can go as well.

  29. Donna Tivis says:

    Thank you Mr. President for standing up for the constitution and our second amendment rights! I respect your decision!

  30. Ed says:

    No organization, no other country, or groups of countries regardless of size should ever have any say over the sovereignty of the American people. How would allowing this not be the death of the United States and the principals of it’s founding? Any temporary representative of the people giving away the rights of the people is treason against the Constitution, the Country, and the people. We never should have joined the UN because of this. No treaty should ever be entered without a vote of the people no matter how hard it would be to pass. We are the greatest Nation on the earth because we were founded on the God given rights of the individual which honors the one true God!! While the Bible clearly declares our time will eventually end, who in their right mind would want to be the “Judas” who denies this blessing to our children and grandchildren?

    • Carl says:

      Amen to that I believe God set up this country it was spoken of by Jesus that another country would be blessed it has to be this one I believe with my heart

  31. Mike Turoff says:

    I wouldn’t pull out of the UN entirely, but I would force the UN to move out of the USA since it no longer represents the principles upon which it was founded. Move it to a middle eastern country and see how they like paying the bills.

    • Dee says:

      We Have to pull out entirely ! The un is Soo Dangerous to America !

      • johnny says:

        I agree pull out of the United Nations. The United Nations is a Muslim run agency that do not have our best interests. The United Nations is for building Muslim Nations inside of Nations using Sharia law and massive refugee migration using climate change as their reason.

    • John T. Kos says:

      I agree it’s the biggest swamp in the world. Full of creatures serving themselves, and their agenda is POWER, & CONTROL WITH ONE WORLD ORDER.
      When you observe the UN and their agenda you are looking at the what the DEMO-RATS are all about. God Bless President Trump. #MAGA

  32. Breaker 19 says:

    If you put John Kerry’s brains in a bumble-bee, it would fly backward. Obama didn’t want smart people in his administration, that why he picked people like Kerry.

  33. Jerry says:


  34. h8aliar says:

    Moulton, McCain, Kerry, three turds in the same bowl. Pull the handle.

  35. Mary Tackett says:

    What can we say, If u are a Dem then u must be crooked or u wouldn’t say in that party.
    What are we goona do when we don’t have a Pres. like Trump to stand up for us?
    It’s a scary thing.

    • Dee says:

      Hopefully President Trump has taught the republicans a lesson that you Can be a Strong person and stand up for the American People and Our Principles and be Very Popular !! I think you can already see how even someone who seemed to be pretty layback like Mike Pence really step up and be strong and fight for Us ….

  36. Sedrick Harris says:

    The idea of the UN was good; however, the organization ts now set up where very small countries who hate democracies are having major control . Since we have one vote in the security council – just like 7 (?) other countries we should each be paying the same amount to the UN – or leave entirely.

    • Karl says:

      Agreed. When UN was stood up after WWII, purpise was to promote peace and prevent war. It has survived far longer than the League of Nations thanks to US money and support. Sadly, like the League of Nations, its time has come and gone.

  37. Raven78 says:

    First off, I would like to say this Useless Entity should never ever have been formed. Far better ways could have been conjured up to protect against any nation thinking they can take over the world.
    Second, name the time or incident this useless organization ever stopped a war or brutal act of another country. Just name one time… Bet you cannot.

  38. Gregory Sullivan says:

    There are many people in this country that wants the headquarters of the U.N. to be moved to another country as that body has repeatedly worked against our country on almost every issue.

  39. Dave Miedema says:

    If it’s bad for the UN and for Frankenkerry, then it’s great for America.

  40. Rodney says:

    We should have dumped the UN long ago. We have been the major contributor and yet been the major whipping boy for the UN. Since 9/11/01 the control in the UN has shifted more towards the Islamic countries, Russia and China, against the best interests of western nations. Time to say Good-Bye! For John Kerry, you are no longer with authority to speak for the US, so STOP IT!

  41. FedUp says:

    Thank you Mr. President for loving America & the people. Thank you for putting America first.

    • Dan Moriarty says:

      In 1950 we carried signs “Get the UN out of the US AND the US out of the UN!”
      Kerry was Vietname coaward whose own Platoon and Batallion rejected him as a traitor!

      • Dee says:

        Kerry Was and Is a Failure at Everything !! Obammy picked these brainless suck ups purposely to help his takeover of Our Country and Our Values ! I hope Our President Persues Criminal charges against him on grounds of the Logan Act . These thugs will just continue carrying out their plan to Destroy Our Country if they’re not held accountable !

    • Annie Maull says:


  42. We’ve paid the way fir mist of the world fir the past 74 years, little to nothing in the way of gratitude shown by this countries. It’s time to let them see what it means to be a world power , by withdrawing that power and letting them stand in their own 2 feet fir a change. Instead of on the backs of the American taxpayer.

  43. Cliff says:

    Get the U.S OUT of the U.N and the U.N OUT of OUR COUNTRY. Why should we provide a place for other countries that hate us and all we stand for to badmouth us. Turn the building into something useful perhaps a home for homeless Veterans.

    • Blue says:

      Wow, I couldn’t agree more, Cliff, to Hell with the u.n. on USA soil!

    • Karl says:

      Having taken a vacation to NYC few years back, went on a guided tour of Manhattan. Guide pointed out the black Suburbans of the UN diplomatic transport services and made a curious comment. UN diplomats are the largest traffic and parking ticket violators in the entire US. Whether thats true pr npt remains tp be seen. But it is true that as credentialed diplomats, they are immune from the ways courts have to deal with scofflaws.

  44. You need to watch that old devil Kerry…He like Oboma both worked against the u.s.a with
    the Iran deal………..and still messing with the Iran people………He had no authorty to do
    anything on any deals…….Just a crooked Democrat…..thank you

    • D.A.N. says:

      A crooked Democrat that when it came to his medals, threw someone else’s over the fence. Why won’t he let doctors remove the shrapnel from his butt? Because it would prove once and for all that it was his own demolition charge that went off and wounded him.

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