Trump just shut up anti-ICE protesters with one sentence

Anti-ICE protests have broken out across the country.

The Left has ramped up their attacks, trying to place blame for the crisis at the southern border on President Trump.

But Trump just shut up all his detractors with one sentence.

Democrats have attacked President Trump for illegal immigrant families being separated at the border.

They thought this scandal would end his presidency, but as we previously reported, President Trump’s approval has only gone up – including a ten-point bounce with Hispanics.

Democrats refuse to lay any blame at the feet of immigrants who choose to bring their children over illegally – or the criminals who use children as a shield to smuggle drugs and violence into our country.

But President Trump just gave the solution: “Tell people not to come to our country illegally.”

Democrats in Washington, D.C. don’t actually care about the crisis at our border.

They’re just using the family separation policy – which Trump has reversed – as a political maneuver to reach their ultimate goal of open borders.

But as Trump reminded in his impromptu press conference:

“Without borders, you do not have a country.”

What do you think of President Trump’s immigration policy? Vote in our poll and let us know your thoughts in the comments below!


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74 Responses

  1. Bill says:

    Hire 100,000 more that will be fun to watch

  2. Folks, here is a question that we as American voters should ask every Democrat Candidate for Congress and demand a true answer!! How many illegal aliens do you want to let come into our America with your open border policy for is it 5 million, 10 million, 50 million, 100 million or is there no limit?? See how they try and lie their way out of that question for they have no answer to it!!! It destroys their immigration policy!!…..

  3. Joe says:

    Anti ICE protesters are pro-criminal!

  4. Dolores says:

    Not only do we need to stand up for Trump as our president but get a” Congress and Senate that will work with him” We do have Laws but even the Grand Jury doesn’t want to follow them!! Other countries have laws. What is wrong with following the ones we have? I’m tired of people coming to America and then want to change everything. If they don’t like our laws let them stay where they came from. By the way how many of the illegals has any of the Liberals taken into their homes to “feed, cloth, taken care of medical bills etc.? I’ll bet Maxine, Hillary, Michele and Nancy don’t have any living in or close to their homes. There’s an old saying “You reap what you sow.”

  5. Gwyllm says:

    Mexico will put you in prison for being there illegally. Why shouldn’t WE do the same?

  6. Linda says:

    In Oregon, when the DMV required a proof of residency to get a license (a received envelope post marked to them showing an address actually IN Oregon) the illegal “immigrants” when crazy!
    They loaded up several buses and went to the Capital Building in Salem and pounded their fists on the doors! Threatening to break the doors down if the State would not relax the requirement.
    We voted for it! That is called America! Where force & being a bully is not appreciated! Unlike Mexico apparently. They could not keep their country from the corrupt cartel by force or effort. Where was their Civil Wars to protect their rights? Now they are here to bully us!
    Unless you are a Democrat! Then by force or threats they continue to bully the legally elected President of the USA, & the American public! And with no punishment?
    So what does that tell you of the mentality of the Democratic party right now?
    WHY do we allow this sort of treatment of our President? Stand up for America and throw those insulting & threatening us out! The past Presidents were so much more to blame for what Trump is dealing with today! Look at what Clintons & Obama did! What do you suppose would have been the reaction if a person would have disrespected Kennedy or Reagan or the Bushes or…as they have Trump? They would have been arrested for breaking the law. So why is Maxine Waters and the Clintons still not behind bars? Or any of the rest of them bad mouthing our government?
    You may not agree with the elected everytime. But an true American stands up for the choice of the American Public.
    Stand up for AMERICA!
    Or leave.

    • Maxine Tisdale says:

      Linda, You are so right. Thank you for the great comment. Our POTUS is far from being perfect with his bull in a China shop personality but you know what? That is not why we elected him and, that is window dressing! His personal life is between him and the Lord. None of us are perfect, no not one! He was elected because people were tired of liberals from both parties turning America into a third world country. He is not disappointing and has already accomplished much more than I thought possible at this point. He deserves the respect of the office of Presidenti of the USA whether you like him or not. It is a shame and disgrace for people to act the way they are. Bless DJT, he is strong and a fighter who never quits. He is working to make people who despise him prosper just like those of us who voted for him. Thank you Mr. President!

    • Linda Williams says:

      I whole-heartedly agree with you!

    • Papa Harley says:

      Out-freaking-standing Linda! To answer your question of WHY? Try YouTube videos of speeches Dan Borgino has given of why nothing is happening to them for their crimes and Clinton’s, obama, Nancy Pelosi and ‘Mad’ Maxine Waters are ALL guilty of unspeakable crimes and Dan Borgino explains why in his speeches.

  7. Normal people should realize by now that you can’t reason with liberals. It’s like trying to wash a pig [liberals] the pig has a great time in the mud, but the person doing the washing is a mess and starts to get frustrated. Maybe he decides a pig roast is better.

  8. von Potter says:

    HURRAH for President Trump, ICE, and the building of the WALL………No more of those killers, rapists, robbers illegals or the muslims….

  9. shouldn’t those who help the illegals also be charged ? the house reps-senators-judges at every level- all the communists that lie & call themselves democrats-lets not forget Cuomo& shumer along with the propaganda arm of the democrat commies the so called news media and education people?

  10. russell says:

    stop democrats from using illegals for winning votes

    • brenda says:


      • James says:

        Brenda I Agree all the way with you

      • M Tisdale says:


      • Bama Bill says:

        Get as many conservatives out to vote as possible! Grandparents, invalids, and relatives. The Liberals hire busses, haul union members, college kids, whoever to the polls, pay their expenses. The “Open Borders Society”, funded by Mr. George Soros, distributes money to over 2,300 liberal groups like MoveON, BLM, etc. to promote his “New World Order”. With almost 20 Billion dollars, they buy lots of votes!

      • Joan Workman says:

        Brenda, you are correct but you forgot another group to vote out beside all the Dem’s….that’s the RINO’s in the GOP.

      • Linda Williams says:

        Count me in too!

    • Anne says:

      Absolutely Russell…..we have to show id, place u live in And Drivers id card

  11. Christiann Revere says:

    When the illegals come across the border put them in holding pens then when you have enough to fill a jet, transfer the illegals to jet and take off to their respective country. A lot of money and time would be saved!

  12. Joann says:

    If they do not like what happens to them when they illegally cross our border, then stay out. Have the courage to change your country and make it better. Don’t tell me you can’t. When we did not like what England was doing to this country we rebelled and stood and fought. Many citizens died, eventually we the people won.

    You will never make it better for you and your country if you don’t start trying. You can always ask the Lord Jesus to help. It will never get done if you never start.

    Stay in your country and make a difference. We could always send you many of our “politicians”. They don’t like to help make America great again.

  13. sherri says:

    Thank you MR. PRESIDENT for saying what we all believe in MAGA……2020

    • TooLateNow says:

      Yes! Thank you Mr. President; however, there is one MAJOR fallacy: You can not shame those with no conscience or shame. You can not embarrass those with no moral compass. Keep up the good work; however, don’t be too surprised that you are having NO effect on Schumer , Pelosi, or Mad Maxine Waters.

      • Bama Bill says:

        They are all “Owned” by Mr. George Soros! Hillary got one check for $8,000,000 from Soros!
        He recently “Donated” almost $20 Billion to his liberal groups. Comey and Ohio Gov. Kasich both got over $600,000 from Soros. Kasich is now a “Trump Hater”! It is all about Soros wanted his “New World Order”, just like his boss Adolf Hitler wanted. Guess Hitler was his mentor?

    • Barbie0409 says:

      He should have told them that we didn’t ask them to come here also, so deal with your children and what you placed them into….

  14. Bob Hunt says:

    That’s my President at work and doing the job!

  15. Keith says:

    The Liberals can make a mountain out of a mole hill on this immigration matter. Bottom line is they break the law crossing the BORDER, and if you break a law & go to jail, YOU ARE SEPARATED FROM YOUR FAMILY , ESPECIALLY YOUR KIDS!!!!
    NOW explain to me the difference? = THERE IS NONE, EXCEPT THE LIBERALS ARE MAKING IT SUCH = spoiled brats, every one of them!!!!

    • Annie says:

      I would say No child has ever been the evil
      we see from the discusting devil worshipers that these ppl are
      Hell is for them, if they keep fighting against our Lord

      • The Man Called X says:

        Maybe you should open up your door to them and take the responsibility for their education, clothing, housing, and support.

  16. Bob Suyak says:

    We need an “anti liberal” protest across the USA . Liberals have f..ked up the USA. I have seen it happen during my 70 years of living.

  17. Herb Koker says:

    We have millions of Dreamers who have been here long enough to know the law. If they are to lazy to go apply legally they should not be just given amnesty. Give them 60 days to apply and if they don’t, send them back to where they came from

    • cliff says:

      We also have many millions of “dreamers” here in the U.S that already ARE CITIZENS.
      Why should we bow down to ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS over our OWN AMERICAN CITIZENS??
      Boot the whole bunch out, and if they want to come back, let them apply LEGALLY, like many have done over the years. This spits in the face of the MANY individuals that got in line, followed the law, did the paperwork, and spent the MONEY to come here LEGALLY as they should have.
      “FENCE JUMPERS” and SNEAKS (invaders) need to be rounded up sent back IMMEDIATELY.
      “TAXPAYERS” shouldn’t be held liable for the costs of “courts and judges” for illegals.

    • Sharon Jenkins says:

      I totally agree. If Congress grants amnesty to the Dreamers, they will probably loose their job come next election time.

  18. Reliable sources report: Obama was just killed in a plane crash and Schumer committed suicide.

  19. Marlene says:

    I wish the democrats would pony up all the money for the illegals they want here. Hey Pelosi, Waters, Schumer,and the rest of the amnesty crowd, open your mansions and let them live with you. I’m sure the M13 gangs would love a little place to live.

  20. Leighton Cavendish says:

    Apply for asylum in the first country you enter after leaving your own country…so if not from Mexico…apply in Mexico…Panama…Belize…Costa Rica…etc etc etc

  21. Roy kinder says:

    President Trump has done more good for this country in what little time he has been in office than any president has done in twenty years or more even with all of the opposition that he has had to put up with and still doing a good job. God bless president Trumpand his administration.

    • Sharon Jenkins says:

      Amen. Pres Trump has been the best president since Reagan. Reagan granted amnesty to millions of illegals and later on he regretted his decision. These illegals (mostly from Mexico) want to come to America to take over America and make it a third world country like the liberals.

  22. Beth says:

    Quit Breaking The Law!!!! Why would you drag your children through such an awful journey just to come through ILLEGALLY??!?
    I’m thinking a lot of them have something to hide! So why not come through at the correct point of entry to the US the right way!?
    You could not come through ANY country and get coddeled like you do in the US!! Why don’t they just turn them back!? If they illegally cross!? Why keep them house them feed them dress them etc…. would any other country do this!? It’s outrageous we have vets living on the streets here what about them?! We have homeless problems all over!! But yet we are so dam concerned about illegal immigrants who should not be here to begin with! Sorry about their luck but we give most of their countries money like a lot of money to help them and they continue to come here!! Shut off the money to these countries!! It’s obviously not helping!!

    • M Tisdale says:

      Beth, You are a super star!

    • Jhn says:

      Beth you are so right. And add to that, the mothers of the little girls making the awful trip start their daughters on birth control and give them the Morning After pill because they expect that the little girls will be molested/raped on the journey to our border. Bet you won’t hear a bleeding heart liberal open their vile mouth about that! Such a vile treasonous group the left has become.

    • Sharon says:


  23. Harry says:

    When are going to state the facts. The democrat allegation of President Trump separating families at the border are wrong . Tell these Dem morons it was Obummer, not Trump, who did this.

    • Jhn says:

      No, but Obama did in fact act on that law. It was the womanizer, Ol’ Bill, you know loving open Hillary’s old man who actually placed the law on the books to separate families of illegals attempting to cross our borders.

  24. Bill says:

    Mexico is getting ready to secure there Southern Boarders for the same reasons we need to and that is to stop all of the illegals, drugs and weapons from going in supplying the cartels. They want to start taking a stand against the cartels to return Mexico to the People.

    • Beth says:

      Looks like we could share the expense of the wall with Mexico! I don’t understand the problem other than they must have Dems in charge there too! Lol

    • Sheri Izzard says:

      Without this crisis, and America complaining, that wouldn’t have happened.

    • M Tisdale says:

      I hope they build a big beautiful wall. When we get our big beautiful wall maybe, just maybe with two walls we can keep most of our problems out and force legal immigration. Oooo, did I say that?

  25. Edward Lewandowski says:

    President Trump is exactly RIGHT. .

  26. Wills says:

    The democrats would have us taking in illegals from all over the world so they would have a new “victim” voter base. Or so they think. They mention people from south and central American fleeing oppression should be allowed to come here to seek “amnesty”. Fine, as soon as they cross Mexico’s southern border they should ask for amnesty there. Why does the Mexican government help them trek the length of Mexico to come to America? Because they don’t want to take care of them.

  27. Mike H says:

    Just stay out.Or go to another country.Problem is pretty simple.I think Germany has opportunitys….Go there. Just don’t come here…

    • M Tisdale says:

      Hey Mike H, Such a easy solution, so good, if we could only get them to do it. For the life of me I can’t understand why they can’t apply to come to U.S. unless they are criminals and crossing illegal is the only way they can get in. What does everybody think?

      • Nancy Anderson says:

        To M Tisdale. Scroll down and see my answer to Grizz Mann. It explains a different way they can enter LEGALLY. Maybe it will help. ??

      • Wynette says:

        I think our borders should be closed to all asylum seekers. They should go to the nearest American Embassy or Consulate to apply for asylum in America. No need to put themselves and their children in life threatening danger, crossing through Mexico to reach our borders to gain asylum. Nor would they need to spend thousands of dollars paying coyotes, to help them get to our border.

    • Bud says:

      Do you realize how much cheaper it would be to Fly any of the illegals in this country to Germany? And be done with them. As compared to having them here eating up our Food Stamps, Education Costs, Welfare Costs, Medical Costs and on and on forever.

  28. G says:

    Dem libs are not very intelligent and a lazy group of folks. The one thing they are able to do is tune In and get all Schumer’s and Pelosi’ s talking points, memorIze them and BAM, they are instant expertsi and good little liberals.They don’t check or think or stop to reason, they just go viral. If we didn’t know better they would convince us they were right and we had been on the wrong path our whole life. Folks, if tjey were not so mean, angry, and violent, I could pity them. Naaaa, excuse me, I got carried away. They should grow a brain, wake up and
    help us MAGA!!!

  29. Nancy Anderson says:

    These leftists are so STUPID anyway. They say abolish ICE to protect children at the borders. It’s the Border Patrol who guards the border, not ICE. ICE is responsible for rounding up criminal ILLEGAL ALIENS once they are IN this country. Their credibility really isn’t much when they can’t even figure out the difference in the two. And, I totally agree with President Trump, don’t want to lose your kids, don’t come here. BUILD THE WALL !!!! They can’t be separated if they can’t get in.

  30. Linda says:

    Exactly! Who would take their child to a bank robbery? Or an invasion?!# One child was only 14 days old!?
    If you get caught you loose the child. That is the same everywhere. If you are involved in a crime the children you had there would be taken away. You could go to court IF you get out of jail and try to get them back. But if you committed a crime you have just given away the kids! That is true in most countries!
    Because it is a crime to break-in to the country without going through the accepted legal process.
    Other countries would shoot at the border. Mexico let them all come across they should be their responsibility. Mexico should be held responsible for encouraging them to invade the US!

  31. Wanda Reed says:

    This was started by the Bush, Clinton and Obama administrations. Yet people want to blame Trump. All he is doing is what laws were in place when he took office. Hello 2020.

  32. Grizz Mann says:

    What a novel idea. Don’t break the law and you will not be an Illegal Alien. Why has no one ever thought of that before?

    • Nancy Anderson says:

      You are absolutely right Grizz Mann.!!!! We do have official Port of Entry spots on our borders where people fleeing can come to claim asylum. They don’t have to cross over ILLEGALLY. If they go to a Port of Entry and ask for asylum, they will be allowed to come in, be vetted, and if they pass that, they are given a chance to stay here, apply for citizenship and become AMERICANs. They are safer that way and they don’t run the risk of being killed by the coyotes who smuggle them in and then abandon them.

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