Trump just ripped Jeff Sessions to shreds for this cowardly act

President Trump and Attorney General Jeff Sessions have a love-hate relationship.

On one hand Sessions is taking California and other so-called “sanctuary states” to task for defying federal law and exposing the anti-Trump Deep State.

But Sessions angered many Trump supporters when he recused himself from the Mueller investigation and the president just let him have it again.

Sessions’ recusal has allowed Obama’s Deep State holdovers to turn the Russia Collusion investigation into a fishing expedition to dig up any dirt they can find on Trump.

And Trump has had enough.

President Trump tweeted a quote from Rep. Trey Gowdy’s (R-SC) appearance on Fox News.

Despite pushing the America First agenda forward in many other areas, Sessions has tied his own hands on the Russia collusion witch hunt.

Now MSNBC is reporting that Sessions is a key witness in the investigation.

The fake news media is giddy with excitement that they can keep reporting on this non-story despite the fact that zero evidence of collusion has been produced.

What do you think of Sessions’ decision to take the job as Attorney General only to recuse himself of the most high profile case his office would oversee?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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59 Responses

  1. Mac says:

    Fire him a pick another. Your hired to do a job and you don’t do it your done for

  2. james sawyer says:

    Sessons is a weak man with a yelllow streak.

  3. Alan Gooch says:

    He is part of the deep state. Why else would he do what he did/

  4. eric siverson says:

    There was nothing wrong with some one investigating the president for crimes And that investigating could not be Trumps own department of justice .But there is something wrong with refusing to investigate the investigators them selves for crimes . That was Sessions job . It looks like the deep state has been allowed to run wild committing crime after crime trying to destroy and hamstring Trump’s presidency

  5. Bryce Thompson says:

    Sessions is a Liberal demon- rat piece of crap

  6. Charles Thurman says:

    Raymond, I think you might be on to the reasons behind his bizarre actions

  7. Judith Selich says:

    I do not think Sessions is incompetent; rather, it is simply that Sessions may not have skills to address issues confronting the presidency. Technically, any licensed attorney could be AG, but when comes to understanding political issues within the context of the presidency, it is far different from just giving “legal advice” or knowing the legal implications of a decision. There are too many booby traps in the way!

  8. JUANITA REED says:


  9. Dolores says:

    What In the world is wrong with Jeff Sessions. He should not be AG. He recused himself just after being inaugurated as AG. This was really stupid.

  10. zee says:

    Ray, your thoughts are perceptive. AG Sessions is Truly a Good Man.
    In the quagmire now. Just like Gowdy, ‘falling’ into fbi tank
    w/ remarks several days ago. These guys Under Tremendous

  11. zee says:

    Yeah that’s rite, Sandra. A lotta ‘schnitt’ Going on here,
    that many of ‘us’ ARE Not ‘privvy’ to. But can ascertain
    to some degree.
    >There was ‘stufff’ Going on at 3am , BEFORE DJT was
    announced POTUS. > Deals WERE made. do you agree ???

  12. zee says:

    ps. MS13 HUGE ISSUE for POTUS & ME TOO &&&
    Should be for E’0ne Else ,if you ‘knew’ what’s
    really going on here.
    >Kudos AG Sessions in that Dept. Thank you.

  13. zee says:

    I Agree. Gee Sarge, i guess we pretty much stand alone
    w/ a much different ‘insight’ ? forsight? ___
    Sessions has been ‘compromised’ on some level. What do
    you think ???

  14. KEN says:

    Rudy was my choice as well. I heard at the time of nomination, Rudy was having major health problems. Mr. Trump asked but Rudy declined because he would not be at full strength. Also involved with a marriage break up. Just bad timing. He’s waiting in the wings, there is still hope left

  15. John says:

    All Jeff sessions has done has created problems for president Trump. Yes she is doing well on Sanctuary cities but that is the job president Trump gave him as his agenda. President Trump did not ask him to recuse himself to cause all these problems. President Trump is someone that does not cave in to anybody it’s in his book and if Jeff sessions would have let him know he would have told me to hit the road or do not recuse yourself it’s that simple. If you hire somebody in a corporate position and there’s a big job you need him to close on to make a couple million dollars and he decides the deal is not worth it and doesn’t tell the owner he will be looking for a new job because he didn’t discuss it first with the owner it’s pretty simple.

  16. John says:

    I think Rooney Julie and it would have been an exceptional choice he would have got things done and would have been on Trump side through and through

  17. John says:

    I think Trump should have picked Rudy Giuliani I’m sure he would have accepted the job and he would sucked the sewer dry and would have been on President Trump side like no other and we would be prosecuting the elite government elected officials buy now and maybe even hitlery and Obama then Trump’s first-year and a half would have been an accomplishment no other president in history wouldn’t have on top of all the other things that President Trump has accomplished that no other president has accomplished. By the end of President Trump’s 8 years there will be no president ever to top him.

  18. Tinker says:

    Jay Seculow might have been a better choice. He would certainly help drain the swamp. Does anybody know if he ever got his security clearance since he became one of Trump’s lawyers? I am glad Trump has Jay on his team somewhere. I just hope he gets access to EVERYTHING so he can help Trump drain the swamp!

  19. Fr Tom Martin says:

    Session is an incompetent @gas been”. He should resign and stop embarrassing himself.

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