Trump just ripped Jeff Sessions to shreds for this cowardly act

President Trump and Attorney General Jeff Sessions have a love-hate relationship.

On one hand Sessions is taking California and other so-called “sanctuary states” to task for defying federal law and exposing the anti-Trump Deep State.

But Sessions angered many Trump supporters when he recused himself from the Mueller investigation and the president just let him have it again.

Sessions’ recusal has allowed Obama’s Deep State holdovers to turn the Russia Collusion investigation into a fishing expedition to dig up any dirt they can find on Trump.

And Trump has had enough.

President Trump tweeted a quote from Rep. Trey Gowdy’s (R-SC) appearance on Fox News.

Despite pushing the America First agenda forward in many other areas, Sessions has tied his own hands on the Russia collusion witch hunt.

Now MSNBC is reporting that Sessions is a key witness in the investigation.

The fake news media is giddy with excitement that they can keep reporting on this non-story despite the fact that zero evidence of collusion has been produced.

What do you think of Sessions’ decision to take the job as Attorney General only to recuse himself of the most high profile case his office would oversee?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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58 Responses

  1. james sawyer says:

    Sessons is a weak man with a yelllow streak.

  2. Alan Gooch says:

    He is part of the deep state. Why else would he do what he did/

  3. JUANITA REED says:


    • eric siverson says:

      There was nothing wrong with some one investigating the president for crimes And that investigating could not be Trumps own department of justice .But there is something wrong with refusing to investigate the investigators them selves for crimes . That was Sessions job . It looks like the deep state has been allowed to run wild committing crime after crime trying to destroy and hamstring Trump’s presidency

  4. Dolores says:

    What In the world is wrong with Jeff Sessions. He should not be AG. He recused himself just after being inaugurated as AG. This was really stupid.

  5. KEN says:

    Rudy was my choice as well. I heard at the time of nomination, Rudy was having major health problems. Mr. Trump asked but Rudy declined because he would not be at full strength. Also involved with a marriage break up. Just bad timing. He’s waiting in the wings, there is still hope left

  6. John says:

    All Jeff sessions has done has created problems for president Trump. Yes she is doing well on Sanctuary cities but that is the job president Trump gave him as his agenda. President Trump did not ask him to recuse himself to cause all these problems. President Trump is someone that does not cave in to anybody it’s in his book and if Jeff sessions would have let him know he would have told me to hit the road or do not recuse yourself it’s that simple. If you hire somebody in a corporate position and there’s a big job you need him to close on to make a couple million dollars and he decides the deal is not worth it and doesn’t tell the owner he will be looking for a new job because he didn’t discuss it first with the owner it’s pretty simple.

  7. John says:

    I think Trump should have picked Rudy Giuliani I’m sure he would have accepted the job and he would sucked the sewer dry and would have been on President Trump side like no other and we would be prosecuting the elite government elected officials buy now and maybe even hitlery and Obama then Trump’s first-year and a half would have been an accomplishment no other president in history wouldn’t have on top of all the other things that President Trump has accomplished that no other president has accomplished. By the end of President Trump’s 8 years there will be no president ever to top him.

  8. Tinker says:

    Jay Seculow might have been a better choice. He would certainly help drain the swamp. Does anybody know if he ever got his security clearance since he became one of Trump’s lawyers? I am glad Trump has Jay on his team somewhere. I just hope he gets access to EVERYTHING so he can help Trump drain the swamp!

    • John says:

      I think Rooney Julie and it would have been an exceptional choice he would have got things done and would have been on Trump side through and through

  9. Fr Tom Martin says:

    Session is an incompetent @gas been”. He should resign and stop embarrassing himself.

  10. Joe says:

    True Believer, Sara did an excellant job with their explanation of Sessions. To think that President Trump was not aware of the Deep State and the corruption before the election would be insane. President Trump knew what he was getting into. Trumps 3- dimensional Game of chess has been ” on” and hes wining. Give the mavrick the time he needs, support him. He will continue to make rhe right moves. We will eventually find out what happen to the five men that lost their life all within 6 weeks of each other during the election. Hell ….we might find out what happen to Foster and McDougle.

  11. zee says:

    Gowdy ‘fell’ /& exposed himself Into the fbi ‘tank’ Remember that.
    AG Sessions Did Not.
    IF AG Sessions ‘dismissed’ – Does ANYONE here Prefer the
    next in line (Rosenstein) to ‘step up’ ??? UNTIL Next
    Stonewalling Approval.
    > I don’t think so.

  12. Marlo says:

    I have come to believe after seeing his performance for the past year that Jeff Sessions is part of the Deep State and not for America. He is as obstructive as the Obama DOJ was.

  13. gatorman says:

    Could Sessions be the “Insurance Policy”

  14. GySgt Lew says:

    Give AG Sessions one more chance…

    • zee says:

      I Agree. Gee Sarge, i guess we pretty much stand alone
      w/ a much different ‘insight’ ? forsight? ___
      Sessions has been ‘compromised’ on some level. What do
      you think ???

      • zee says:

        ps. MS13 HUGE ISSUE for POTUS & ME TOO &&&
        Should be for E’0ne Else ,if you ‘knew’ what’s
        really going on here.
        >Kudos AG Sessions in that Dept. Thank you.

  15. Ken says:

    Such a cute head. It would look good in a basket. Bring back the guillotine

  16. Ken says:

    Can’t happen fast enough for me

  17. Does Jeff Sessions really have a yellow belly? Or, is he just another turn coat, a RINO who has come out of the closet?

  18. Michael says:

    Sessions needs to go…but Mr Trump also needs to sign the proper paper work to get the FBI to unclassify all relevent redacted information in this case and send it to the congressional over sight committee…lets fry Comey, Clinton, Lynch, Obama, Rosenstien, and all the other Clinton Cronies..that would shut up CNN, CNBC…and make some on the fence Liberals see the truth before the Midterms

  19. Gene Tindell says:

    I think that Sessions is scared of the Clintons. I think they have warned him about doing anything to them or off goes your head Mr Sessions

  20. Reb says:

    Sessions is a weak kneed,no balls do nothing A G !

  21. Ken says:

    Without a doubt, that is a Clinton trick. Just goes to show how corrupt our politicians really are. That goes for the Repubs as well. Term limits has been my call for years…clean them all out and install term limits. Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely

  22. I truly believe that some people are being blackmailed into compliance by the deep state, and Sessions may be one of them. What he did and is doing just can’t be justified. Don’t forget this is one of the Clintons favorite ways of getting what they want, and who knows what the FBI has on him that they would have access to, because they owned Comey and a host of other upper echelon FBI officials.

    • zee says:

      Ray, your thoughts are perceptive. AG Sessions is Truly a Good Man.
      In the quagmire now. Just like Gowdy, ‘falling’ into fbi tank
      w/ remarks several days ago. These guys Under Tremendous

    • Charles Thurman says:

      Raymond, I think you might be on to the reasons behind his bizarre actions

  23. Ken says:

    That would be Christmas in July.

  24. Jeff Sessions has proven himself to be a Weasel, and content to let Mueller harass OUR President with his BS. FIRE HIM NOW !

  25. Ken says:

    Then, without a doubt, it’s time for him to go. He always had that mambe pambe look about him. Just mention Clinton and you can see he had to change his Depends

  26. How can you drain the swamp with Sessions, who seems to be afraid of his own shadow.

    • Carlos says:

      this is all a crock of bull$h1t! Trump has replaced untold numbers of his cabinet but lacks the balls to replace this jug eared useless buffoon, WTF?! Trump needs to stop the verbal diarrhea on Sessions and can his a$$!!

  27. DJ says:

    Sadly he has demonstrated himself to be weak and ineffective. He is ‘establishment’ and seems to be scared to address the HC issues. Bill Clinton bragged that he had files on everyone in Congress and would resort to a scorched earth policy if the establishment tried to expose him. He assisted Bush Senior (CIA) with the drugs, money laundering and arms for the Concha Rebels and has information that would embarrass a lot of people. Sessions has been around for too long and has his claws in too many historical issues that could expose him. Hence Sessions lack of willingness to deal with the issues. Trump has had a raw deal.

  28. GySgt Lew says:

    Both AG Sessions and Asst. AG Rosenstein should be “fired” – they have been screwing the President to long – Get some people who will help the President do his job – he’s doing a great job so far – draining the Swamp – he needs help now…..

  29. Both AG Sessions and Asst. AG Rosenstein should be “fired” and here is why!! Either AG Sessions found out about the FBI “spy” in the campaign late from Rosenstein and he should be fired for not knowing what the hell is going on in his own DOJ since he is in charge or he found about it early and covered it up to protect the FBI and DOJ from possible crimes and should be fired”!! Eithter way both of them should be fired for lying to the President!!!…..

  30. Dan M. says:

    Well, There must be something that Jeff Sessions is afraid of that can come out that Sessions may have something to do with? This is why he continues to recuse himself from the so-called Russian Probe.

  31. James Riggin says:

    It is time to FIRE every single appointee at the In-justice Department. FIRE Sessions, Rosenstein and everyone that was appointed by the Obama administration. Clean House. Also get rid of Mueller while you are at it, Democrats will make noise for maybe 10 days and then they will move on to something else.

    • Ken says:

      I agree completely. Any holder over from Obama’s admin can’
      t be trusted. If you clean house, clean the entire house

  32. William Hopkins says:

    Thank god,our president is finally seeing the truth, session is part of the swamp,

  33. Personally I do not beleave that Trump is a bicot, is main objective is to make this country great again and you can’t do it if you are a racist.

  34. Sandra Lee Smith says:

    Trump agreed to allow the special counsel; I don’t believe that was discussed before the inauguration, so how could Sessions plan ahead to tell him he would be recusing himself from that, and why? In fact, the call for it didn’t arise ’til after HRC LOST! It wasn’t needed prior. Sessions reason for doing so was right, and he IS doing the job otherwise as instructed. It was Trump who backed off on HRC , initially, not Sessions. IF Trump wants Mueller shut down, as he should have been when he overstepped the bounds of the investigation. He was supposed to take a crime and find a perp, not take a person and KEEP DIGGING ’til he found a “crime”! Keep in mind, Trump allowing leftist bench legislators to dictate which of his duties he “can or can’t” perform, unchallenged, is also not Sessions’ fault, but those also tie his hands.

    • zee says:

      Yeah that’s rite, Sandra. A lotta ‘schnitt’ Going on here,
      that many of ‘us’ ARE Not ‘privvy’ to. But can ascertain
      to some degree.
      >There was ‘stufff’ Going on at 3am , BEFORE DJT was
      announced POTUS. > Deals WERE made. do you agree ???

  35. True Believer says:

    I’m just hoping that first of all Pres. Trump is working with Jeff under the table to get all the “I;s” dotted and “T’s” crossed and then wham. All at once we have people being indicted and held (take away their passports so they cannot run to a country that has no extradition where they have stashed money) to face the music. I don’t know Mr. Sessions personally or what he has or has not accomplished but a number of people who do, say that he works very quietly (which by the way is what he should be doing and maybe that is why he recussed himself from the Mueller probe because he could be more effective under cover for Pres. Trump_) and when he is ready is like a bull dog and gets what is deserved by the law. Pres. Trump in this case has to keep up the front to the main stream and the liberals. We certainly don’t have a long time to wait to see if this is true.

    • Rick says:

      I’m with you True…lets see how judge in Manafort case and the
      Judge in Russian case respond. Patience is a virtue!

    • brenda says:


      • Ken says:

        ALL liberal communist infiltrators and those politicians who aid them should be rooted out and deported or jailed as terrorists.

    • GySgt Lew says:

      I agree with Sandra and True Believer – let AG Sessions and Trump do their jobs – leave them alone….

  36. Mike says:

    If we didn’t do our jobs, we would be fired on the spot!
    I really can’t see a success that Sessions has had since becoming AG.
    Time for him to go.

  37. Rick says:

    Please remember Trump is not a politician and it was Sessions who kicked off Trump’s
    campaign. Just maybe it takes a little time to get the act together. Be Patient Old Bob M
    is hanging all of them including Rosenstein and others. Sessions will be there at the right
    time. Slower sometimes is much better than faster.

    • Mike says:

      Slower sometimes means you are going to get ran over.
      18 months is long enough for him to prove himself and it hasn’t happened!
      Fire Sessions now!

    • game50 says:

      Rosenstein wife is a Lawyer for the Democratic party. … There is something drastically wrong with that…. no fairness no justice when it’s one-sided

  38. ED Noce says:

    Jeff Sessions is a coward !!!

  39. Margaret Heller says:

    Sessions should resign first. If not, Trump should fire him forthwith. Enough is enough of namby-pamby!

  40. JLM says:

    Sessions is a) lazy b) is incompetent c) is under someone’s thumb who has something on him. I strongly suspect all three, certainly the last one.

    • Judith Selich says:

      I do not think Sessions is incompetent; rather, it is simply that Sessions may not have skills to address issues confronting the presidency. Technically, any licensed attorney could be AG, but when comes to understanding political issues within the context of the presidency, it is far different from just giving “legal advice” or knowing the legal implications of a decision. There are too many booby traps in the way!

  41. Michael says:

    Sessions is not doing his job he needs to resign let Trump put a component person in his place

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