Trump just made a move with the military that no one saw coming

Americans sent a clear message in 2016.

No more elitist swamp monsters using American servicemen as pawns for their war games.

And President Trump made an announcement the Swamp hated.

Trump ordered the withdrawal of all U.S. troops – nearly 2,000 – from Syria.

The withdrawal sent a loud-and-clear message that Trump is putting America First, not the interests of neocons and the Washington, D.C. establishment.

The President announced on Twitter, “We have defeated ISIS in Syria, my only reason for being there during the Trump Presidency.”

Former CIA Director John Brennan wasted no time attacking Trump’s decision, calling him “impulsive.”

Senator Lindsey Graham, who is the leading interventionist in the Senate, said pulling out troops was “a huge Obama-like mistake.”

Sadly, the warmongers in Washington, D.C. would rather risk American lives for an endless war in a country most Americans couldn’t point out on a map than protect our own borders.

On the day Trump was inaugurated, the Defense Department estimated there were roughly 35,000 ISIS fighters.

Since President Trump took office, coalition forces have liberated nearly all of formerly ISIS-controlled territory in Syria and Iraq.

This is a huge victory and it’s time to come home.

With this move, Trump signaled an end to nation building overseas and instead is focused on building up America.

Do agree with Trump’s move to bring the troops home from Syria?

Vote in our poll and let us know your thoughts in the comments section.


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75 Responses

  1. B says:

    Let Israel, Canada and other nations step up. The US is neither the world’s cop nor banker. Every freedom loving nation should have been committed to this fight.

  2. Chuck says:

    I lost all respect for Mattis, he just outed himself as a tool of the military industrial complex! We invaded Iraq 15+ years ago and WTF do we have to show for it?! You can’t impose democracy and Western values on sand ni**ers who crap into holes in the ground and worship death. Are the Dems and media loons so insane they really believe this is a winning issue for them? Do they think most Americans, even the few Dems who fight wars, want their kids off in Syria or other M.E. $hit holes to get blown up by an IED while accomplishing nothing?! Let them run with that and open borders, see you in 2020!

    • Smartbiscuits says:

      Where were you when Putin congratulated Trump and suggested he withdraw from Afghanistan. And what do you know Trump is withdrawing troops from Afghanistan.. He doesn’t care who gets killed when the troops leave. Trump lied about ISIS being defeated. They will come back and kill the Turks if Russia doesn’t do it first. The Turks fought to help the US when needed and now the are abandoning them. You forgot what Trump said about President Obama withdrawing troops and ISIS took over. This will be worst than that if the military do not listen to his misguided advise from Fox News and Russia.

      • Kenneth L Rafanan Sr says:

        Then get your ass out there and fight the unwinnable battle. I don’t think you have the guts to face a bullet and hardship that follows if you make it back. You’re a loudmouth!

      • Maria lena l kalamau says:

        biscuithead, the turkey government are deceiving Islamic radicals!????????

    • Nunyer Binnis says:

      BIG 10-4, Rubber Duck!

  3. Marlene says:

    Anyone want to bet where they will be stationed? I hear that army engineers are good at building.

  4. Estell says:

    We are on the veerge of civil war ourselves. We need our troops home .

  5. Tom says:

    F the Neocons from Demolitions Bush Inc. to their Demoncat allies. They should all be hung.

  6. Jimbo says:

    We have a strong and very good military force. Why do they need to be in a country that doesn’t appreciate our efforts. Bringing our military back home
    Is less costly and we will have them here to help with the situations which can and probably will arise if the elected officials don’t soon get their head out of their
    ass and work for us the people who pays the bills.

  7. Russell A Palmer says:

    I am all for his bringing us home from Syria. Both side in Syria at war were Islamic terrorists. Let them fight it out, then kill off the winners. We under this idiot Obama, should never have gone into Syria to support on side not the other.

    Station our troops on the southern border. Put the old Coyote Ear price on the ones coming across. We used to get $10.00 per set of ears on Coyotes.

  8. Barbara says:

    OK, people — for some reason I’m getting a another feeling of why he is doing this. Remember we are not always going to know the reason why until it is on top of us. There has got to be something else that might be coming our way and having our guys here would be a plus. It is just a hunch as if something is in the wind. Yes it is better to be safe then sorry. We know that Russia as stuff in Venezuela . And we want the wall. And that Russia has been making threats. ——- Have your home ready with supplies to be safe.

    • Russell A Palmer says:

      It is not Russia. It is the imbeciles coming in from the south. Time to bring in Puff the Magic Dragon and do a process of elimination. Do it on Mexico property then they would have to clean it up.

    • Tony Bell says:

      May be that Syria is about to be destroyed. Prophesy foretells:

      Isaiah 17:1 –“The burden of Damascus. Behold, Damascus is taken away from being a city, and it shall be a ruinous heap.”
      Isaiah 17:14 — “And behold at evening, trouble; and before the morning, he (king of Damascus and his city) is not.”

  9. Craig Michael Vandertie says:

    All muslims should be flushed out of our Constitutional Republic and no United States Service person should be forced to swim in their toxic cesspool, certainly not for the benefit of our wealthy and that of the wealthy of our government’s allies, anyone who beats that patriotic drum for the purpose of the elite prospering is anything but a true patriot.

  10. Michael says:

    President Trump is doing the right thing by bring our troops home from Syria. I will back him 100% in all his efforts to make America “great” again. The wall construction on our southern boarder is an absolute necessity, if we are to keep America safe from unwanted illegals who have but one goal in mind, to destroy the American dream that we who came here legally enjoy. Besides, with all the hidden-faced groups roaming the streets in the United States, the troops could be used to rid America of them, as their aim is to over-throw our government. This we can thank the Obama administration for, as well as the all the unwanted illegals he allowed into our country. Please build the wall, President Trump.

  11. tom matthews says:

    There have been far too many American lives lost and shattered to promote actions that are not in the best interest of the American servicemen and citizens. These actions have been to the benefit of the groups identified by President Eisenhower .(The Military & Industrial Complex ). This was over 70 years ago ,just read some history ..We can use our military to protect our borders,Texas, New Mexico ,Arizona & California could use the help.

    • Craig Michael Vandertie says:

      No, it is in the best interests of major oil investors who should be paying mercenaries to protect their investments.

      As for ISIS, when Donald was beating the Tom-toms shooting missiles at Syrian airbases because in the opinion of his military intelligence people or was it State Department possibly both it was Bashar al-Assad who was dropping gas bombs on innocents, it was erroneous intel and the truth is it was ISIS killing ISIS to get our gullible government to sympathize with them.

      If the Trump administration had kept their noses out of it the Syrian and Russian militaries would have eliminated ISIS far sooner.

    • Mark Smith says:

      there is NO reason to be anywhere in the Middle East those people have been fighting among themselves since time began, NOTHING anyone does will stop it. it’s their way of life. we do not need to spend our money or American lives for something that will NEVER change

  12. Eric Granberg says:

    Is ANYBODY stupid enough to think that ISIS is really defeated? Hell, they’ll just follow our troops home; and that WILL be Trump’s fault.

    • Dave churbuck says:

      NO, Only you are that completely Stupid.
      You are totally bereft of a logical working mind .
      Your unfounded assinine fear mongering asertions
      can be exposed by a little web research.
      Try helping America instead of hurting it.
      You are a pot hole in the road of life.
      Try being nice and constructive and you might have more than spiders for fiends.

    • Craig Michael Vandertie says:

      Just how are they going to get into the United States so easily you grand idiot, unlike Obama who snuck terrorists in during the dead of night we now have some semblance of security.

    • Mark Smith says:

      Eric You are an IDIOT, tell Mommy that you are to Frigging STUPID to play on her computer anymore.

    • Russell A Palmer says:

      Eric Grainbrain, do you not think they know where America is? Even if the DemonicRATs do not, the ISIS does. If they follow the Troops home, they will have to grow feathers and wings, or gills to swim. With President Trumps policy,. we would meet them at the border and destroy them even more.

      Time for all Democrats to move out of America,.

    • Randall M says:

      You , sir, are a moron. Get your face off of MSM!

    • Kenneth L Rafanan Sr says:

      How old are you that is a stupid statement, or sorta like the carvan wanting to get into the US.

  13. Linda says:

    Bring the troops home! The other nations only want us there to weaken us. With all our military deployed they can just walk in and take us.

  14. Tony Bell says:

    It’s is simple folks. People will never learn to defend themselves as long as someone else does it for them. Just like telling your snowflake kid to get out and get a job. They will not if they are continually supported. Logic and reasoning people.

    • Craig Michael Vandertie says:

      Snowflake is not the most accurate or efficient way to define completely fragile being that in the N. or S. pole snowflakes hold tough, more like Wallflowers on walls constantly covered in May Flies and repeatedly having to be hosed down and always fading.

      The fact of the matter is there is nothing normal about the way most people in this nation under the age of 45 think, scrambled brainwave losers indoctrinated by scrambled brainwave teachers, read an article yesterday about young adults in Germany embracing islam, and I thought our young were the completely disillusioned.

  15. Michael Skok says:

    It’s always popular for an American president with the American people to bring the troops home. It was like that in WW1. It was like that in WW2. We pulled out of Korea. After that came the Korean War. We pulled out of Vietnam after we signed the peace treaty. After that we lost Vietnam. We want to end nation building when we never had a nation building policy. We are too afraid to take on Islam and the Muslims. We would never carry out what Ann Coulter said we should do. We can’t even do that in our own prisons and in our own schools.

    • Craig Michael Vandertie says:

      Doh, if there was a peace treaty signed with the Vietcong that means the war was over, we lost and had to high tail it out of there, there was no peace treaty you mindless wonder, we had surrendered.

      Leave al-Assad alone and they can do a better job at keeping the peace than our troops ever could, as for Afghanistan after almost 18 years of spending money foolishly and tossing our Service people into the meat grinder it is time to permanently withdraw, if putting your life on the line for the components of a terminal viral pandemic plague then pick up a gun and you go to protect them.

    • Mark Smith says:

      Vietnam was NEVER meant to be won, is was a money mill for the DemonRats enforced by LBJ. the DemonRats didn’t care that 55,000 American lives were lost and how many more were injured for life. it was all about making money at someone else’s expense. the TRUE DemonRat way.

    • If Congress won’t give him money for the wall, then he can use our troops to protect our border with help from ICE.

      When was Ann Coulter elected President? When did she serve in our military? She has no background in either area. I have lost all respect for her.

  16. bagster53 says:

    first of all it’s not our job to try and keep world peace, that’s the u.n. job, and personally i am sick of politicians sending our troops to battle , to protect their financal interests , you ain’t going to change rusia or china , and the middle east is a lost cause , the mulla’s will never get civilized , me i would use finance to ruin them , sink or blow up any weapons being sold to the mulla’s , untill russia and china stop selling them weapons , and we should stop selling weapons , some how we have to put a stop to arms deals

  17. Eric Miller says:

    By all means pull them out. If needed the can be back in days.

  18. merridee says:

    It is Obamas fault we lost so many in this war and also many were wounded. The democrats would rather have a war protecting other people then the people in the USA . We have wasted lives, enough blood has been shed and lives taken,, and what do we have to show for our effort is nothing but a pile of dead bodies and and lots of widows and fatherless children. President. Trump has made the RIGHT move bringing our servicemen/service women back home This is a middle east problem, so let them deal with it.. We really don’t need there oil and we do not need any more terrorist Islamists. WE can let the service men that come home help protect our Southern Border as Security until the wall is built, in fact a few of the service men might even be able to help with the Construction of the wall.. And while the servicemen are protecting the boarder teh construction workers can build the wall faster as they will be safe from illegal immigrants and it will be built in record time. This will show teh democrats we mean business and President Trump keeps his word, also it will show the rest of the world we mean business. You come here the right way or don’t come at all.!!!!! It is terrible to waste money our tax payers money and the lives of our military on the lives of people whos hate us in the first place. Congress NEEDS TO WAKE UP and give the funds that are needed to build the wall. Thou I did see a VET who has lost 3 limbs has started a go-fund-the wall account and in three days raised 5 million….so if congress won’t do it, the American people can contribute to the go fund the wall account I don’t know the address. It is time to stop giving the people in democrat raises, and others that sit on their tush and do nothing but block what our President is trying to accomplish in making America safe and great again. They benefit from it to and have not done anything to help. they should all be fired without back door pension, retirement pay, or benefits, or secret servicemen, or discount this and that. PUT them back into the life of the working American people and let them get pay 5 to 15 dollars an hour. They have lived off our tax money long enough and have don’t earn their wages. We know according to the BIBLE the signs of the time and that Israel is God’s Chosen People and they will be protected and win the war. There land is richer then it has ever been. LET THESE POLITICAL WARS END NOT ONLY ABROAD BUT IN USA BETWEEN THE HOUSE, SENATE, CONGRESS, AND ALL GOVAERNMETN DEPARTMENTS. LET US UNIT AND STAND FOR JUSTICE NOT CORRUPTION. CLEAN THE SWAMP DWELLERS, AND CORRUPTION FROM OUR GOVERNMETN. PRESIDENT YOU ARE DOING A WONDERFUL JOB KEEP IT UP. WE KNOW YOU ARE ON TEH RIGHT TRACK, AS DEMCRATS ARE AGAINST IT. (Of course even without them bucking everything we know your doing the right thing) PTL Jersuleaum once again has been made the capital of their country and our US Embassy it there. AMEN Well dear saints keep looking up time is drawing near.



    • Duane Lovell says:

      You are so right Charlene there are just way to many people that have no sense in the US and the problem is they can vote. Another major problem we have in the US is the voting it has to be controlled by people that can be trusted in every state

  20. John says:

    You can’t fight an Ideology/Religion,And that is what is happening there in Syria.Those people have been fighting there for thousands of years,and will be fighting there for thousands more years .You can’t change what is in a persons heart and mind. I say cut your losses and bring them back home to be with their families for Christmas. They have been in both Syria and Afghanistan far too long.There has been far too much blood and treasure wasted in these wars.

  21. Rick50 says:

    NEWS FLASH! we have troops in nearly every country on earth.
    Screw the world. Let them pay for their own defense and everything else that our country has been doing for them. They have to grow up sometime.

  22. Truckman says:

    hes doing the right thing how is it that just 2000 troops is going to make that big of a diffrench in that so called war unless they are the only ones fighting the people need to know by now how to fight there own battles let these big mouth democrats go over there and take care and show them what to do let our people come home to there familys

  23. Nuel says:

    With the money saved we could build a needed wall. The Seabees could do that in record time an better. If the problem in Syria returns we can return. At least we will do something for this country.

  24. Randall M says:

    By all means pull out the troops. But the need to keep intelligence in Syria is vital.

  25. howard buckley says:

    america will be much safer with our military at home where they belong, besides why should we kill our own people it,s not our country anyhow come home and defend the ones your suppost to your own families. GOD BLESS AND WATCH OVER ALL OF OUR GREAT SOLDIERS PAST AND PRESENT, THANK YOU FOR ALL YOU,VE DONE FOR US AND OUR COUNTRY.

  26. Bo Dalton says:

    There are Politicians in Washington, that for years, thru their direct ties and association with Industries that build War Machinery, have a vested interest in keeping international conflicts ongoing so they personally can make money off our young people giving up their lives, so that these companies can make money and pay these Politicians Dividends. How sad it is that we have ignorant voters still putting these people in office. It is time to start listening to TRUMP !!.

  27. It is often impossible to tell the good guys from the bad guys in Syria. Let them fight it out among themselves. The President made a good decision.

  28. Ronald Harris says:

    It’s like Eli Wallach said in Good, Bad, and Ugly. “If you’re gonna shoot, shoot! Don’t talk!” Too much “PC” BS takes place, Kick ass, take names, and BE DONE!!

  29. Bev says:

    We have wasted enough blood and treasure on people who would rather see us dead than to look at us. What we have to show for our effort is a pile of dead bodies and an even bigger pile of wounded. I blame that on Obamao. Trump is right, bring everybody home. Let the middle east deal with the middle east. We don’t need their oil and we certainly do not need any more Islamists.

  30. Jim says:

    Put them on our Southern Border as Security for the Construction workers. Build that wall as fast as possible. With our military backing up our construction the wall will be constructed in record time. Show the world we mean business !!

  31. Billy says:

    I would hope we arm the Kurds so they’ll be able defend themselves

  32. I agree with President Trump 100%! We need to stop wasting our money and our military life’s on people who hate us! If Congress doesn’t give us the money to build a wall, we can use the troops there. Thank you President Trump for doing what the over paid special interests so called politicians ass holes won’t do!

  33. Chuck says:

    Exactly! Trump is right!

  34. MHK says:





    MYOB should be our motto.

  35. Hot Skillet says:

    Bout time, 17 years in Afganistan and Mad Dog couldn’t defeat them with the worlds best forces?
    Shoulda retired earlier.
    Go POTUS, put them down on our southern border with all their equipment and start building the wall.

  36. Ray says:

    US history shows that withdrawals such as this invariably increase existential threats to the US. Then when the reality rears its ugly head US military forces pay dearly in reclaiming the positions previously held.
    This is a mistake of potentially monumental proportions. The base in Syria is crucially located and while we hold it, we block a land route that Iran will now be able to use to increase its dominance in the region. This is a declared mortal enemy of the US. They are working to negate the distance between their weapons and our country.
    All those in favor of this withdrawal ought to start building fallout shelters.

    • Johnny l mills sr says:

      British and there warriors will control it along with seria. .we are doomed anyways from what the Democrats has caused to this nation.Fall out shelter not Gonna Help

    • Russell A Palmer says:

      Show what the followup problems were from bringing our troops home from Nam? Did the Vietnamese Send their troops and take over America?

  37. Gerald Ladd says:

    DemonRATS love war, as long as they personally don’t have to go fight! Picture limp wrist Barry with a helmet on.

  38. Michelle says:

    I do think the troops should come home but not from Syria. Doing that will leave a void in that region that will be filled by Turkey, Russia and Iran. Not allies!! It will put Israel, Jordan and the Kurds in a very tenuous position. It is why we leave troops/bases in Europe, Asia, Korea etc. to provide stability and deterrence to unfriendly regimes. I love the intent of the President I just think this move at this time is a mistake.

    • Dave churbuck says:

      Syria is not our country and we were never invited, Look it up.
      If, you accept that Invasion, which it was, then you cannot complain if others do the same to us.
      And it was never about isis, It is about a gas line from russia with Syrias approval which is also none of our dam business.Please educate your self on a computer and not on tv.
      Merry Xmas.

  39. CB says:

    Let other countries choose their destiny. We cannot police the globe without assistance in personnel and funds.

  40. June says:

    So tired of POLITICAL WARS. Bring men and women Home is wonderful. If needed they are always ready forces. Let the politicians go to hell.


  42. Randall Edward Genshaw says:

    Yes I agree 100% with our President.

  43. Donald says:

    I agree with President Trump in bringing our troops home. Should it be necessary to return then it should be in FULL force to destroy ISIS to the man.
    No if’s or but’s about it. I am not for Political wars…

  44. Dee arnold says:

    I love what President Trump is doing for our country we also need to bring our troops home from West Africa that are deployed there with africom Africa

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