Trump just made a big threat that Chuck Schumer won’t want to hear

Democrats haven’t even assumed power and have already created a mess.

Schumer and Pelosi have refused to pass funding for the border wall.

Now, Trump just made a big threat that Chuck Schumer won’t want to hear.

This is Chuck Schumer’s and Nancy Pelosi’s shutdown.

That has been clear from the beginning.

The American people elected President Trump to build a wall along the southern border.

Prototypes have been designed and construction has even begun in small parts of the country.

But Pelosi and Schumer are withholding funding to finish the job.

Now Trump is refusing to sign a bill that doesn’t include funding for the wall.

The Daily Caller reports:

President Donald Trump said the federal government will remain shut down unless there is an agreement on some type of border wall or fence.

“I can’t tell you when the government is going to reopen … [Not until] we have a wall, a fence, whatever they’d like to call it. I’ll call it whatever they want. But it’s all the same thing. It’s a barrier from people pouring into our country,” Trump said when talking to reporters on Christmas Day.

Trump’s comments come as Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer said Republicans need to “abandon” border wall funding if they want the government to reopen, just less than 24 hours into the partial shutdown. Trump has not budged on the issue, despite Schumer’s comments, adding that it’s a barrier from dangers like drug smuggling.

Trump’s threat is making Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi begin to sweat.

The reality is that Pelosi can’t afford to spend all of her political capital on a government shutdown to stop the wall.

And Chuck Schumer knows he doesn’t have the votes in the Senate to stop it if Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell goes with the so-called “nuclear option.”

President Trump has shown no signs of backing down.


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128 Responses

  1. Mary Buckley says:

    Maybe part of the shut down should include the congresspersons salaries. Maybe that will encourage them to do right. Why should they get paid when others arent. Might hurry them up to do the right thing. Border closure that even they democrats were talking about a few years ago. They’ve changed their tune for votes. Hypocrites

  2. Kara Wright says:

    It’s a sad day when The Best President and the Best Senate Leader have lost a slight few to the House but the GOP has enough to completely obstruct the DEMS from pushing any bills that doesn’t have full 5.7B in it, so what they do puts it as it will fall by the way side. I think as the DEMS prolong the WALL vote the price will go up ever so slightly. Maybe we can get some of Nancy’s so called capital for the WALL.

  3. Den says:

    President Trump should keep the borders closed until f funding is available. However keeping the government shutdown is not wise. There are employees who are not democrats and it’s not fair to any American to keep their pay hostage. Also whether we like it or not there are parts of the government that need to function for the good of all.

    • Larry says:

      This is very true. I for one, fully support the President, and am on furlough. The govt. should keep the borders closed until funding for a wall is built, period but the govt. should not be shut down. This is a diservice dto the American people and the Fed. employees that are not being paid.

    • Mary Buckley says:

      I agree with you. I think they need to reopen government for those workers. But I also think they need to suspend the congresspersons pay for awhile. Either that will cause them to do what’s right or save the money they aren’t getting paid and use their money from the hold out to pay for the wall. Democrats a few years ago were begging to close the borders and make better immigration laws etc. now they’ve changed their tune for spite and votes. Hypocrites.

  4. Arge says:

    Nancy Pelosi’s father Thomas D’Alesandro Jr. allegedly was a “constant companion” of notorious mobster Benjamin “Benny Trotta” Magliano and other underworld figures during his political years in Baltimore, MD. D’Alesandro was a Congressman for five terms from 1938 to 1947, and Baltimore mayor for three terms from 1947 to 1959. Magliano was identified by the FBI as one of Baltimore’s “top hoodlums,” The apple doesn’t fall from the tree

  5. David Mangum says:

    Trump is Right, He’s the Only One Doing His Job, How Many More Thousands of Americans have to Die Before the Democrats Get a Clue, Personally I don’t think they care How Many American’s Die at the hands of Illegals.

    • Larry says:

      This is also a very true statement. Pelosi has even refused to talk with the war hero that has raised money for the wall. He even came to Washington to talk with her and she apparently went into hiding rather than face him directly. Not only is he a war hero, but he lost both legs and one of his arms fighting for this country. One would think that she would have at least had the courtesy to talk with him and offer him the ‘dollar’ she so graciously agreed to pay towards the wall… She is after all, a public servant!

      • Mary Buckley says:

        Not to anyone that’s supporting President Trump would she give 5 minutes for. But she forgets she’s not there just for democrats she’s in office for all of us. And to not have the decency to even come out and talk to this hero and see what he has to say. Very sad!!!! Trumps been the best thing to come along in our government in a very long time. With others it’s the government and keeping their jobs. Getting the votes even if it’s by illegal immigrants. That’s how they’re going to try and cheat the 2020 presidential election. Through crockery. Just like some of the Democratic wins in November. There were a lot of fishy things going on. They were giving deception a trial run. Who knows what else. But Trump is there for us. The people. America. That had needed a lot of things to help it be great again and that’s his goal.

  6. Impeach them for failure to fulfill their oath office and anything else you can thing of!!!!

  7. Dennis says:

    Let the American people ,donate 5- 10 bucks for the wall he’ll get his money ? Or use the cartels drug money to fund the wall

  8. Frank says:

    Impeach Schmuer & Pelosi, Indict them as enemies of the United States as they oppose the Security of the Border.

  9. Bob Knapp says:

    It’s a very safe bet that they both live in homes that have solid doors with strong locks to keep the uninvited out.

    • Larry says:

      Yes, I am certain they do… Obama even has a 10 foot wall around his DC home… Why? WHY? That’s the question to ask here. Why would he need a wall if the country doesn’t need a wall?

  10. Jason Casteel says:

    Yarema, good Lord! Could you explain to me, or better yet, to our congressional leaders, why they are not able to have a conversation like this?

    I have a feeling that you and I could go round and round about this and I don’t believe we would even raise our voices. We might even have a chuckle or two during out debate.

    Better still, if the COUNTRY could have the conversation. If they did, I would bet we would have an entirely different Congress within 6 years.

    Yarema, it was my pleasure to have this “tit for tat” with you. I will look extremely forward to seeing your name on future posts. Thank you for your viewpoint. I might not agree with it all, but I assure you, I will never forget it. I wish you all the best life has to offer.

    • Yarema says:

      Jason Casteel: I thank you for your kind wishes – and I fully reciprocate the feelings. I also wish you the best that life can offer. And, yes, if we would meet we would not raise our voices, have a chuckle and find a lot of common ground. It would be an enriching experience..
      As to why Congressional leaders are so divided and why the country is so polarized, I have a perspective that may be surprising. As one commentator said, “We have seen the enemy, we have looked in their eyes and the enemy is us”. Wow , what a commentary – but actually insightful. I have lived abroad and traveled through more than 60 countries – some countries that do well, some that struggle economically and others that are basket cases. What I believe is that the US does well in many areas, but some other Western developed countries do better in some other areas. The US is economically dynamic and creative but very litigious and the culture is rather aggressive and often confrontational. There is little attempt to find compromise and consensus. This is a failing and can be very harmful over the long term. I just wish that Americans, especially their political leaders would look at how other Western democracies handle their controversies and not turn everything into partisan issues. Canada, a country similar to that of the US, with linguistic divisions, regional divisions and economic divisions, follows the route of compromise and consensus – otherwise, it would fallen apart long ago. There in Canada the rule of law is key, the Charter of Rights is highly respected, democratic practices are respected by the winners and the losers and there is a lot of courtesy in politics. It is in part due to the different culture in Canada – understating one’s concerns, being polite and not raising one’s voice in public. Now, obviously the US is different from Canada in many respects – but that is an example how the political passions, polarization and divisiveness can be managed. I can go on, about other western democracies, France, Switzerland, etc. But, this blog does not provide opportunities for much discussion. Let me just conclude, by saying that you are an impressive intelligent man and I hope you can lend your perspective to others. I wish you all the best of great health, success in everything and much personal happiness.

  11. Truckman says:

    this is a Democrat shut down they might as well give up the money and move on otherwise its theres to live with it

  12. Louise says:

    Stand firm President Trump. Shut the border completely down. They will fold and you will win.

  13. Estell says:

    Keep the government shut down, close the border until we get the wall. Don’t cave to the democrats.

    • mj says:

      president trump keep the southern border shutdown until you get the money for border fence,wall,electric fence put 15,000 to 20,000 troops fully armed down on southern border then lets see what dems have to say an shut southern border down completely

    • Sb says:

      Absolutely agree. Say it like it is and drain that FILTHY, POMPOUS, obnoxious swamp; set more stringent rules and realustic terms of service, there are many there that have the demeanor of beaureautic,
      apathetic slugs. Who is the younger, drone- like female that sits motionless by Chuck’s side every day?
      D. TRUMP is the most proactive, effective, businessman, charismatic, intelligent and an enigma of talent and strategic savvy .
      He is also a “natural” with people of all ills, unlike many fake politicians that sugar coat unassuming immigrants you pay to get votes.
      HMM, how is it that little AOC suddenly came over to your side?$$$$$, could Aunt Nancy have had a hand in that change of ignorant, not so unprivileged yet coy “Tippy-Top” that uses her youthful looks to win votes over? Guess you emulate Nancy’s style, the has been the timeless beauty queen that has all the senior men still fawning all over her& her almighty gavel? Many of us see right through your Botox cracked face.
      I support President Trump totally and would appreciate the indictment and arrest of the Clinton’s, Obama’s, James Comey, L Lynch, L Lerner, P Strzok, L Page, D Wasserman-Schultz, Huma Abedin & all of Hillary’s little close followers, and would love to see the real Clinton Foundation’s actual books, Chelsea?, etc. JUST getting started here, let’s add Chuck for kicks.
      WE AMERICANS are so sick and tired of these wasteful, exploited taxpayers dollars like the Mueller “Catch me if you can” taildance; believe it or not your smug covertness is not lost on the informed American people.
      The border wall by whatever classification you deem HAS to be built!!! YOU are proving to be the reprehensible phonies you really are. President Trump, you have our 100% support, we all have families to protect and are sick and tired of paying benefits to those who never earned it. Even as a veteran and current cancer patient, I can’t qualify for the many benefits I need. Worked my whole life, NEVER took a dime of welfare or food stamps. Get REAL Dims and maybe you’ll let all of the caravan/homeless/drug addicts camp out on your multi-million estate and defecate/shoot up and trash your walled in pristine front yards. Frustrated and fed up with the fake LIARS you all are.
      PLEASE build that wall Mr. TRUMP and keep the government shut down, DON’T let the Dims win this one, we are anxiously voting for you in 2020!!! Show them who has the true, real, honest interest in America, the Great!!!

  14. Mortimer says:

    The Presiden should raise the amount he wants for the Wall every 10 or 15 days. Call it the Smuck and Peewater penality.

    • Wm F says:

      does anybody know just who Obama really is? After he got elected I heard

      him say, and I quote if anyone find out who I really am, I’ll hunt down and get rid of them. Obama is the same as Osama bin laden and he was our former President for 8 yrs. Osama was born in Africa, not in Hawaii. He is
      not an American, Osama and Obama have the same chipped tooth, same
      eyes, same height, both left handed, ears the same, talk the same, is the
      friend of all the terrorist, he had Taliban shoot down the CH-47 Helocopter
      and killed all 38 SEALS

      • Sharon K Gonzales says:

        Sounds possible. Now days I don’t trust or believe any one. Obum ass is a fraud, big time as michael and 2 so-called daughters I believe he was PUT IN office both times.

    • Cleavland says:


  15. Barry Lease says:

    Every time I see Chucky at the podium there is a stone faced women sitting over his left shoulder, must be his lucky charm

    • Joseph says:

      At some point in time they need to realize no one gets to call all the shots. You negotiate for something you really want and that makes it a win for everyone. If you do this glum and doom you will soon be out of a job. Really people the real racists are the Democrats! They talk one thing and do another, to all of us!

    • Estell says:

      If you’re talking about Michelle, it’s qa man not a woman.

  16. Ron says:

    Schumer is the worst politician in history. He thinks his words are the end all. He thinks he is smart but rather dumb as a b. c cave man. The hunch in his walk displays contempt for a normal polititian trying to serve with honor our great country. It seems he is effected by disturbing events of the past. We can only hope that this man steps down and never involves in politics again.

  17. President Trump needs to tell career politicians nancy and chuckels, that I’ll drop the 5 billion today and replace it with a 25 billion that chucky offered back on 01/23/18. Hold chucky’s feet to the fire! The little worm!

  18. lynn goss says:

    gee the democ..rats have a very short memory span. they approved funding of a wall in 2006. they also approved vetting immigrants but since pres. Trump has taken office, they have done everything in their power to stop them. IF they stopped the investigation into Trump for collusion that has been going on for 2 years, without any proof of collusion………….they could start the wall.with the money that has been spent on it. but they want the illegals into our country cause they vote democratic. mind you they are not suppose to vote. its funny they are so opposed to Pres. Trump getting his wall that they are trying to stop a triple amputee vet from getting money from everyday citizens to get the wall built (GoFundMe account). they say its unconstitutional for the public to fund a government project………..BUT THEY HAVE NO PROBLEM WITH ASKING THE PUBLIC FOR MONEY TO FUND THEIR CAMPAIGNS…… Schumer has to go……….he is just a bag of wind and a cry baby.

  19. sloughfoot says:

    BUILD THE WALL!! We cannot be the savior of everyone who wants to come here at the expense of our own citizens.

  20. anthony earnest perugini says:


  21. Danny says:

    Yarema, these aren’t games being played now. Remember the Democrats controlled both houses the first 2 years of Obama’s presidency. Even had the 60 votes in the Senate. Despite the rhetoric that they wanted to address immigration they kicked the can down the road! Trust me I’m not against immigration just illegal immigration! We cannot be the savior of the world. Most of you liberals want to play the morals and compassion game. Yet if the US sticks their nose into other countries business we here we can’t police the world or the US is imperialist. You can’t have it both ways! Get over losing already! I put up with Johnson, Carter, Clinton, and Obamaand never rioted or protested. Didn’t like their policies but took my displeasure to the ballot box. Take a deep breath! You will survive the Trump presidency and in truth probably be better off when it’s all said and done. As far as a civil war, I have been predicting one since the mid 70’s. I believe it’s going to happen between liberals and conservatives. Just hope the Millenials don’t have a nervous break down when it happens. Probably pretty tough to win without guns! Another reason why liberals don’t want anyone but criminals to have them. The only way things will ever change is term limits. These idiots, both parties, should be fired for not working during the holidays to settle and compromise for the good of the country. Won’t happen of course!

    • Yarema says:

      Danny: I agree with a lot of what you said. The Democrats did not control illegal immigration – in part because wealthy business people wanted to employ illegal workers in order to keep the wages down, (often below the minimum wage) and not provide them with any benefits and rights. I am neither a liberal or conservative – just a radical moderate. I agree that in government policy, one needs to be practical, efficient and compassionate. It is careful balancing act – and one can not and should not go too far in either direction. Like you, I abhor violence, extremist rhetoric and believe in the democratic process. Inflammatory rhetoric is never helpful and people should seek common ground. Divisiveness is something that should be avoided and calm mutual respect is the way forward to help bring America together again.

      • Charles says:

        That is exactly what Trump did.
        He wanted a wall that Pelosi wanted ,Schumer talked about and wanted.even Hillary wanted it.
        But now that Trump wants it ,the liberal Democrats dont want the wall.
        I hope Trump keeps the government closed until we get the wall.
        It is on Pelosi and Schumer now.

      • Arizona Don says:

        It is impossible to reason with an unreasonable person. The dimms have been unreasonable for the last two years. That is not rocket science. When two sides are unwilling to reason out the differences the results are always bad for the nation.

        Electing Barack Obama was the biggest mistake any American ever made. We will be paying for that mistake for the rest of the century. Perhaps with a civil revolutionary war. We are getting close at this very minute.

        • Yarema says:

          Arizona Don: Actually, the Democrats say the same thing about the Republicans. I like to note that if Trump could meet with North Korea’s Kim Jung-Um and try to reach an understanding about nuclear weapons, after all the vitriol, surely Americans (who claim they love their country) could start respectful discussions to find common ground on issues at hand – and get away from the hatred and ideological obsessions. Heated rhetoric is not conducive to bring unity in America, which is essential if America is to be truly great again.

  22. Craig Michael Vandertie says:

    Donald!, you whisked out again, I never even believed a concrete barricade alone would efficiently eliminate the flow of toxic waste into the United States, foreign threat equals military on the border to keep that hazardous material out, now I hear he is considering the same type of preventive measure that the slime is oozing over and under, simple wire or chain link fence is not going to stop the flow Donald just as allowing criminal treasonous federal judges to continue overrule EOs that keep us from being robbed of our freedoms and our privileges as genuinely cognizant patriots of the United States.

  23. Jerry says:

    The whole thing is that we have a bunch of sissies in the Republican party and a bunch of traitors to the American people in the democrat party. KEEP the government SHUT DOWN for the entirety of 2019 for all I care. The government we have is worthless anyway.

  24. Ernst says:

    We elected President Trump to provide border security. If Trump waffles, we will not support him further.

  25. d says:

    Funny that the Congressional Dem fault Trump for not listening to his military leaders but yet they fail to listen to the people who are charged with border protection. And they say that walls don’t work while 0bama is having a 10′ wall built around his place.

  26. Roy M says:

    IMHO, I firmly believe the Democrats (and some RINOs) are responsible for the Government Shutdown. Many of these people believe that what’s good for the Gander (Obama) is not good for the Goose (Trump). Since this shutdown has many Government Employees working without pay, the I firmly believe that those responsible for failing to pass a stopgap budget (the ANTI-anything-TRUMP) members of Congress should also be forced to NOT receive their salaries also as they are the ones who reneged on their Oath of Office to support the United States of America. They broke it-Now they need to fix it.

  27. Nick says:

    I dont understand how, with a Republican controlled Congress and Senate, a bill cannot be passed that includes money for a border wall. What is the point in voting Republican if they dont or wont do what the people who voted for them want?

    • There ARE RINO’s in the House and Senate but when the Dems decide to fight Everything that the President is doing, up to and including the Border Wall, the RINO’s follow suit and join them…Reveal the Voter Fraud that won the Dems control of the House and kick the RINO’s to the curb along with the cheaters and we’ll have a government “For the People, By the People”…Dems Don’t Lead, They Obstruct…

    • D.A.N. says:

      Very simple, Mitch McConnell won’t use the nuclear option that would get it thru. So instead it needs 60 votes which includes some Dems.

      Now the wife of the CA LEO who was killed by an illegal should file a lawsuit against Congress alleging failure to do their Constitutional duties of funding our national security.

    • Capoprimo says:

      Republicans have/had a majority in both Houses, just didn’t have the majority required to pass a Bill without exercising the Nuclear Option.

  28. reality check says:

    ANOTHER Trump lie when he said he would take responsibility for the shutdown. Trump has to understand in his CEO thinking, that there are THREE branches of government, and he cannot be the dictator and tell the other branches what to do! Nor can he practice extortion for very long before it bites him back.


    • Thinking says:

      What do you think Chucky is doing

    • Another Pelosi LIE that he didn’t have the Votes in the HOUSE

    • Alvis Jenkins says:

      Speaking of extortion, the Government via the I.R.S. is instructing your employer to extort money from your non-government wage at your approval.

    • Johnny says:

      Trump is doing exactly what the Demonuts have been doing for decades to get their way!

    • Michael Snyder says:

      Reality check you sound like a Democrat’s lover and a phony to bits at. Hey kid why don,t you get a real life?

    • Jason Casteel says:

      Reality Check, I am pretty tired of you lefties, (hell, I am a lefties. But I haven’t voted for them in ages), talking about another one of Trump’s lies. In politics, sometimes you get going and things just don’t work out the way you wanted. You start screaming LIAR, LIAR!!! You want to go down that road. Let’s talk Obama, shall we. The ones that come to mind first is that crap they shoved down our throats that we refer to as Obama Care. If you like your plan, you like your Doctor, blah, blah, blah. It will save the average family $2500 a year. Did you get your savings? Nobody I know did either. Shall I go further, or have I made my point? Good. Because every president has been mistaken at some point or another. That’s just life.

      Taking responsibility for the shutdown? Fine. The only problem is he tried to reason with them and they said they were not budging. If Trump gives a little and they refuse to, clearly it is now them and their fault.

      Get your head out of your rectum and look at what is happening. Nancy wants to be Speaker so bad she cut deals with all the newbies coming in for their vote for her to be Speaker. She has to stop this. WAKE UP!!! She cares more about being Speaker, than she does for the citizens of the country. THAT is unacceptable. They talk about the sacrifices they make in the name of public service. HA!! They go into congress broke, come out millionaires. Some sacrifice. Having a job that to you get to make all the rules for, pay raises when ever you like. Do you think they have Obama Care? Hell no. Their insurance is 100%. No deductible. Free scripts. The best part is, you and I pay for it!! How about that?

      So, wake the F up. They don’t care about you one bit. At least Trump is trying to make it better for us. He may not succeed,but he is trying, and they are trying to do everything they can to not let ANY of that get done.

      So tell me, how good is that for you and I? Food for thought. I am still registered as a Democrat, but I cannot vote for any of these idiots. Not until they decide that it is the people that they work for. Not themselves.

  29. Bruce House says:

    Keep the Gov. shut down until crying Chuck and Nancy do there jobs rather then obstruct and allow illegals to enter our country and kill Americans! Most of the immigrants are peaceful but there are bad hombre’s within these caravans and bad ones do use our boarder to smuggle children, sex slaves, MS-13 and other gangs, drugs and guns into our country from the southern boarder. Build the wall or fence white and picked if that’s what Crying Chuck and Nancy want but give the finding and it will be paid back by Mexico as the president had said from the beginning but the Dem.s keep leaving that fact out! Do what’s right for the country not your party! Globalism isn’t the answer! We fought to keep communism out of our country and I’ll never bow to it!

  30. Tom Curry says:

    I think Trump should hold the Democrats to their word of saying they want security also but no wall !! Well let them show us if they really want to secure our country like they say they do for they opened their big mouths giving us nothing but lip service!!! Mr. Trump put forth a deal telling them that you want your immigration policies and laws paced, and to end catch and release, and to remove sanctuary states and cities, and to remove all illegals from our welfare rolls, and to put an end to DACA, plus to remove all legal immigrants from our welfare rolls that have been on it for more than 5 months!!! Aso that any illegals that get caught get deported with no interference from local governments, also a bill should be passed that give all ICE agents the authority to arrest any Mayors or Governors or Judges or police that interfere with Ice making arrests of illegals!!!! For all of this kind of action will put an end to illegals even wanting to come here and would be just as good as having a wall and will even work better than having a wall!!! Let these lip service Democratic try to explain why they aren’t for this kind of deal for it saves us billions if not trillion of dollars plus gives us the security that we all want!!! You can bet the Democrats will also reject this as well, for there saying they want security also is nothing but BS and lip service for they don’t give a damn about our security as it will be shown by them when they continue to reject the will of the people!!! For Mr. Trump come 2020 we will take back the Congress by a huge margin and a even a greater margin in the Senate and then we can get the wall and all these other things I stated passed!!!

  31. enrique araya says:

    I do not understand the way of thinking of Democrats. I would say that every citizen of the United States of America wants the best for the k\land but how we can have a secure border with out a wall, have you see what is happening on Mexican cities? All the garbage that the invasor are producing? We see in some news the deplorable sight of a beautiful city as San Francisco with the tents on the streets, the human waste everywhere, same in Tijuana. Ten thousand people defecating on American soil is what Pelosi, Shummer and all the liberals want? Ge real push the cart the same direction and make this country big again

  32. John Reed says:

    Piss on Schumer and Pelosi! Go nuclear and pass the bill for the wall with the 51 votes needed and we’ll thank Dirty Harry Reid for making it all possible and acceptable. If the vast majority of Americans are in favor of the wall, the passage won’t have any negative affect come 2020.

  33. Karen says:

    Schumer and Pelosi signed an OATH to PROTECT the U.S.A. and WE THE PEOPLE when they accepted their jobs..
    They are EVIL PEOPLE along with most other LIBERALS..
    Maybe we need to consider whether he and his RHINO FRIENDS need to be OUSTED TOO.

  34. Zeek says:

    The Democrat party Isa hive mind. They mean to destroy Trump by any means necessary. The he as other and safety of the citizenry is but collateral damage.

  35. Harvey Yellen says:

    Very disappointed in our politicians. I want action and progress. Figure it out is my challenge to both parties.
    We must have a wall and immigration changes to get this right.

    Trump was elected to make things happen. Let’s support him.

  36. Kathy says:

    Democrats and liberals are Satanic and demonic!!! Democrats and liberals lies, deceiving people, drama, trouble. God is peaceful, loving, kind, caring!! Praying for America and President Trump Administration. BUILD THE WALL 🇺🇸

  37. Danny says:

    Yarema, guess you forgot that 54 Democratic senators voted for the wall under Obama including Mr. Schumer! Also Pelosi endorsed it as well from the house side. Obama himself advocated for it. But as soon as Trump won it was an immediate reversal! The hate isn’t on Trumps side it’s on the Democratic side. I’ve never seen such hate, immaturity, and poor losers in my life. It’s like someone taking a toy away from a baby. Oh what temper tantrums flow! The Kool-aide must really flow at your Home!

    • Yarema says:

      Danny: Yes, politicians play games all the time. Remember what the Republicans did when Obama was President – they sabotaged his agenda, to the extent they could, at every opportunity. Remember that Trump even accused Obama of not being borne in the US (though he eventually dropped those claims). So the the Democrats are giving the Republicans a taste of their medicine. Now, proud intelligent Americans should be saying enough of all this hatred, let’s work together and find a moderate approach to forming government policies. If this does not occur – then what would be the consequences? More hatred and divisiveness and gradually careening towards a Civil War? would that help to make America great again?

      • Alvis Jenkins says:

        But Obama himself has admitted to being born in Kenya.

        • Yarema says:

          Alvis Jenkins: No, Obama did not admit that he was borne in Kenya. Yes, his university yearbook said that he was born in Kenya. But, in his youth, he wanted to appear exotic and did not challenge the write up in his yearbook. May be , as Kavanaugh admitted at his hearings, he had too many beers. . His birth certificates, both the long form and the short form prove he was born in Hawaii. His father met his mother in the US, conceived their son there and he was born in Kansas, USA, if I recall correctly. They statement that he was born in Kenya is fake news spawned by right-wing conspiracy sites.

          • Yarema says:

            Alvis Jenkins: Sorry, I meant to say his mother was born in Kansas and Barrack was born in Hawaii – according to the birth certificates.

          • I guess you can’t believe your lying eyes.
            That being said, why is an INBRED Operative of the Democrat-Communist-Islamic-Nazi Terrorist Organization, on this site ?

          • Pat says:

            He most certainly did. In one of his 2008 campaign stops he expressed his amazement that he, a man born in Kenya, could be running for President of the United States. It’s on film so it’s going to be pretty difficult for you to prove otherwise. Maybe you should get in touch with Obama and come up with a new life. After his first election, he said he was born in Hawaii. He continues to claim that birth place. His immediate family says he was born in Kenya. You need to set him and his family straight and let them know he was born in Kansas.

          • Steff says:

            He admitted to being born in Kenya when he recently visited there and made the comments to their parliament.

          • Yarema says:

            Robert Kahicle: You are consumed with hatred and totally illogical. For you truth are lies and lies are truth. Please get some professional psychiatric help.

          • John Rayburn says:

            I actually saw video of Obama on a golf course admitting he was born in Kenya. The Arizona sheriff, showed conclusive evidence that Obama’s Birth certificate was a forgery.
            Our POTUS was correct. Obama was an illegitimate president. John A.

          • Yarema says:

            Jay Rayburn: What you saw was a doctored video. Teh Arizona sheriff’s “evidence” was not accurate. Many right-wingers tried to do their utmost to prove that Obama was not legitimate – but they never succeeded and that is why he was a two-term President.. Just stop and think, why would Obama’s mother ever want to travel to Kenya to give birth to a baby, knowing that the medical facilities there, were not as good as those in the US?

  38. bagster53 says:

    i still say he should do like oboma did and divert the funds from other agencies , oboma raised the money they get so high there is plenty left over , and that’s how oboma fund all his dirty deeds with out going to congress

    • Nellie says:

      How much did Obama pocket. How much did he give to Muslim organizations.
      Muslim Brotherhood got millions..
      Build the wall.
      Liberals won’t have votes in 2020.

  39. Betty says:

    What a big suprise above title statement is. Considering that any words out of CRAZY donald & D for DUMB trump’s Big, Fat, Stupid, Lying Mouth is Words that nobody in their right mind would want to hear, period!

    • enrique araya says:

      You do not have to tell me YOU ARE A DEMOCRAT

    • cheryl D. says:

      OMG, You sound like one of my past 3rd graders.

      • Jimbo says:

        Oh Betty, oh Betty what can I say but let’s be clear. Don’t believe
        everything you hear. The democrat party must be your choice but
        Donald Trump is a President with a strong and very loud voice.

        I for one think you should move closer to people who have brains enough to see what Pelosi and Schumer are doing to our country!

    • Freddie says:

      Hey,crazy Betty,guess what?I most certainly do want to hear what President Trump,has to say! He has more common sense in his little finger,than the whole dumbocrat party has in their entire organization.The idiot dumbo’s have nothing to offer as far as solutions,or answers to anything,all they do is play the ‘obstruction game’,whatever President Trump wants for the good of this country,the dumbo’s want to make sure he doesn’t get it and wherever the dumbocrat party,is in control,states,cities,etc.,you have rampant crime,corruption,disease and lawlessness!Heaven help us if the ‘dirty dumbo’s ever regain any kind of majority leadership in this country again,we will be finished!!

    • Conrad says:

      We have 40 new congressmen that make the majority. And they are not going to pay for the wall that lyin Trump said Mexico was going to pay for

  40. Paul Dancer says:

    “I (meaning You) am guilty of thinking”? I (meaning me) am thinking no one reading your comment believes you are capable of thinking!

  41. Fr Tom Martin says:

    He made that mistake once. It did not work. The Democrats have no integrity. I hope he never trust a Democrat again.

  42. Steff says:

    With all the voter fraud reported it’s no wonder the democrats won the House. It’s time that the voter ID laws get passed by all the states through a grassroots petition for an amendment to the constitution that states that voters must be identified with a legal ID in order to vote in federal elections whether by in person voting or by absentee ballots. We also need to execute the EVerify law to assure that only legals are allowed to work in this country and receive ANY benefits that this country offers. This will help to have illegals self-deport.

    • Deborah says:

      The democrats are infamous regarding cheating since was back . It won’t stop. If they can’t win they cheat,destroy someone’s reputation[like they even know what one is]except for a bad one like thiers. Voter ID is expected in every corner of the world in some fashion. Only Demcrats don’t want it. Heck I need ID to go buy a bag of baking Potatoes at Sam’s Club!

  43. Yarema says:

    Why is it that when a Republican President makes a threat or criticism, it is fine and he is fully justified to shut down his political opponents and leave them “speechless”; while when Democrats make a threat or criticism, they have gone too far, crossed the line and have gone to new lows ? These are double standards that undermine the credibility of the pro-Trump Republicans. I guess, that according to many on this site, I am guilty of thinking – which is a bad thing. One should just adore Trump.

    • Bill says:

      The correct answer to this question is Love and Agree with Success gained for the American people ! BUILD THE DAMN WALL !

      • Yarema says:

        Bill: The divisiveness in American society, the partisan hatred, is not conducive to love . To be truly success , American people need to be overwhelmingly united – and Trump , with his heated rhetoric, has not done that. Much of the credit for the American economy’s performance goes to Obama – who inherited a weak economy in recession from Bush and turned it around. Building the wall is also divisive and not an act of love to the less fortunate. The Democrats are willing to provide funds for a more secure border – which would have the same effect but be less obtrusive and costly. But, then, you will accuse me of thinking – and not just adoring Trump which we all should blindly do.

    • drscot says:

      The difference being Constitutional authority. For example, Obama said repeatedly that he did not possess the Constitutional authority to pass DACA. He did it anyway.
      Take the time to read the Constitution, Bill of Rights, the Federalist Papers as well as the Anti-Federalist Papers and you will have a lightbulb moment about what you asked as well as many others you are no doubt confused about as well.

    • Steff says:

      First of all the only thing the democrats do is resist, obstruct, lie, and ignore what the people have voted for. The double standard you speak about are not undermined by truth. I am pleased with almost all of what President Trump has done for this country, but I do not “adore” him. I respect him for being able to shed light on the evils our government has been doing and for standing strong for the rights of the people and country. Take a look around this country before you react. The democratic controlled cities of this country are in shambles with failed infra-structure and failed economies that keep many people in poverty. The tax and spend democrats who fund things such as studies on quail’s sex lives and just throw money at problems with corrupt bureaucrat managers instead of implementing solutions. Also the war mongers who want to wage continuous wars that kill and maim our proud patriots. These are the things we need to fight against. We have been super critical of the Republican RINOs who just want glory and money and don’t give too hoots about you or me. Think about all this before you make the statements you did. I really think you are not a real republican or even a liberatarian from your statements.

      • Bryan Fuller says:

        Steff thanks for speaking the truth dems only want your whole paycheck so they have more money to waste trump is doing what’s right for Americans &America that’s driving the left more bonkers than they already are

    • Bob Knapp says:

      Does your home have solid doors with strong locks to keep the uninvited out?

      • Yarema says:

        Bob Knapp: Yes, I do have solid doors – but I also provide charity (funds) to the less fortunate poor. I mix caution with compassion. I am no fool but I am also believe in being merciful.

    • John Rayburn says:

      It’s not that you’re not thinking, it’s just that your thinking is based on misinformation and dis information if any at all. There are some of us that have seen your “facts”, know them to be leftist talking points with little or no basis in truth. John A.

      • Yarema says:

        John Rayburn: I actually think the same – your thinking is based on right wing “fake news” that contains massive omissions, exaggerations and misinformation – fueled by fear and hatred. My facts are not ‘leftist”. I turn to diverse sources for information. I am opposed to all violence, extremist rhetoric and extremist ideology. I considere myself as a “radical moderate”.

        • Jason Casteel says:

          Yarema, you must be going to different sources than the rest of the normal people. The left is and has been notorious for fact smudging. ie….illegal aliens, then undocumented immigrants, now just migrants. They keep saying that we’re all against immigration. Not true. We are all in favor of the 1M people coming here to contribute and assimilate. Not the 5M per year who come here to sponge off our system. It is the ILLEGAL immigrants that we don’t want here. This is just one example how CNN and MSNBC change things to fit their narative.

          I have no clue whatsoever about the right doing this. I have never seen a Republican twisting things around like that. Mind you, I am a Democrat. I just believe they have completely lost their collective minds. I have not been able to vote for anyone in my party since 2008, and it wasn’t for Obama.

          I am a citizen without a Party. The Dems are on a road to destroying this once great Nation, and the Republicans, who haven’t got a set of nuts between the lot of them. How they can let this blatant voter fraud go on without even a wimper is beyond me and very disheartening.

          I would love to get together with you and look at your material where you got your facts from and show you mine. I believe we could have quite a discussion and I am sure one of us would leave the table with a changed mindset.

          In the meantime, you keep doing your research. At least, you say, you are not taking the word of just one of these idiots on TV. You are making up your own mind and, although we disagree, I honestly respect your opinion. Like I said, I don’t agree, but at least it is YOUR opinion. So good for you.

          • Yarema says:

            Jason Casteel: Thank you for your comments. I respect them, though I may not fully agree with them. I especially like the fact that you are an independent voter – and will vote according to what you believe are the merits of the issues, as opposed to voting blindly according to party lines, because that has been your family tradition.
            Yes, I would love to have a respectful discussion with you – if it were possible.
            You will be surprised to read that my sources of information are largely foreign news media. I like the Economist, the BBC and the CBC (Canadian). These sources are not caught up in partisan US politics. I hate to say it, American democracy is flawed – and some other Western countries are more democratic and will not engage in such activities to such voter fraud, voter suppression as in the US . The courts in places like Canada are non-partisan, and the judges become judges because of their professionalism and experience. I am not a leftist or a rightist – but a moderate . Regarding economic policy, I personally believe that it is important to maintain an incentive system to encourage people to work hard, study hard and take risks; while there is a need for social programs in Western democracies for the less fortunate. However, the social programs need to concentrate on education, job training so that people do not get addicted to welfare. Yes, I do respect the in depth research and analysis of such publications as the New York Times and the Washington Post, if those articles are well researched and provide facts as opposed to ideological spin. I do like to think outside the box – and that is why I often turn to foreign media sources for more balanced reporting.

            Yes, we may still hold different opinions – but I would still respect yours, as you are a thinking individual not obsessed with ideology.
            My kindest wishes to you.

  44. Sandra says:

    The American citizens want the Wall. Schumer and Pelosi seem to think they
    are the last word. They do not listen to the people, frankly they don’t get a
    flip for what the people want. It is time the people start putting the fear of
    God into these “elected officials”, the operative word “elected”. Pelosi, and
    Schumer have both outlived their welcome. They are vengeful , arrogant
    frauds. I think they have probably done enough damage to our country and
    it people for all time. They need to go.

    • Cheryl Hargiss says:

      True. Where did Pelosi sneak back from with that big mouth of hers. Oh! maybe she came from hillarys cartel and friends. CARTEL ! That woman is of evil makings.

    • Jason Casteel says:

      Sandra, oh Lord, how I agree so much with you. The problem is, we don’t live in the districts where these two clowns are elected. Believe me, if I did, I would be on that ballot running against either one of those hacks.

      I was born and raised in the beautiful State of California. However, under the likes of Pelosi and Feinstein, that state has been destroyed. I left there in 2009. Never to look back. I have lived on the East Coast as well. New Jersey taxed the crap out of me. New York and the Democrat’s there have taxed everything so much to pay for all the freebies the average mooch get.

      Did you know that in 1988, you had to earn $48K per year, that would be $24 an hour, to have the same lifestyle as someone on Welfare? If that is not the most insultive thing that I could possibly imagine against the working man. At that time, I was earning $800/wk. $20/hr. I thought I was doing OK for a kid of 26. Then I got those numbers. That was the turning point in my life. That is when I went ballistic for Welfare reform. This country is in serious need of some revamping of the government. President Trump is the man to do this. The problem we have, these havks will not put the interest of the American people first. They will do ANYTHING to keep that cushy job they have. THAT is a slap in the face of those who elected them. Now the problem is those people who voted them in, are just too stupid to realize that they have just been slapped.

      That, and the massive voter fraud. Can you ever remember the democcrats ever find a box of uncounted ballots that had predominantly more Republican votes? Me either.

  45. James P Hutchins says:

    Thats screw the liberals.

  46. James P Hutchins says:

    Screw pelosi and schumer both of these liberal scumbags are the reason that the Government is shut down and screwed up liberals are trash of the Universe.

    • Albert says:

      James H.. Right ON !!!!!!!!!!! Plastic face Pelosi & Scumbag Schummer !!!!!!!!!!!! what a rotten pair these two are. we need term limits !!!!!!

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