Trump just humiliated Joe Biden with one bold move that proves he will win in November

The campaign of Joe Biden is akin to elder abuse.

He doesn’t seem like he knows where he is half the time, yet Democrats continue parading him before the American people.

And Trump just humiliated Joe Biden with one bold move that proves he will win in November.

Since the start of coronavirus, President Donald Trump has been forced to slow down his most valuable campaign tool, which is his rallies.

Trump rallies truly energized his supporters throughout the 2016 election.

Unlike most other events politicians put on, where they are fed lines on a teleprompter, then-candidate Trump spoke directly to the people, and had a Rockstar-like reception.

And at the start of his 2020 campaign, Trump was having that same level of support, filling massive arenas.

All the while, Joe Biden and other Democrats were having trouble filling small rooms.

But even without official rallies kicking off again at the same level, supporters of the President aren’t letting their enthusiasm dwindle.

This week, Trump hosted a campaign event to a limited crowd just outside of Scranton, PA.

Crowds lined the streets as far as one could see, without a single counter-protester being visible along the street.

These sorts of crowds aren’t unheard of, and at this point have become commonplace, with Biden and his campaign simply not being used to seeing this.

But this event was being held just outside of Scranton, PA, which is Joe Biden’s hometown.

With this being just outside of Biden’s hometown, one would expect Trump would not have much support.

But it appears that even the people of Biden’s hometown don’t care for him too much.

This event was being held on the same day that Biden was speaking at the Democratic National Committee.

Outside the event center the convention was being held, Trump supporters also made their views known, holding up a wall of signs, mostly calling Biden, “Creepy Joe.”

One female supporter even had a cardboard cutout of Biden held up to appear it was sniffing her hair.

This was in reference to the creepy behavior Joe Biden has been caught on video engaging in.

Between these two events, Biden was surely humiliated, and his campaign has good reason to be worried about November.

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