Trump just got the news he’s been waiting for on the wall

On the campaign trail, there is no issue Trump talked about more than building the border wall.

It is his top issue, and one that Democrats are stopping at nothing to prevent.

And Trump just got the news he’s been waiting for on the wall.

President Trump is making progress on border security.

But one area many of his supporters are disappointed in is Democrats’ attempts to block Trump’s efforts building the wall.

Virtually nothing has been done, despite two years of fighting for it.

That’s because Democrats are refusing to let him get anything done on it, and many Republicans are too cowardly to truly take a stand on this issue.

But in a surprise announcement, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell just announced he will be forcing a vote on fixing the crisis on the border.

The Daily Caller reports:

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said Monday he will be forcing a vote in the Senate to see if Democrats have any interest in fixing the humanitarian crisis at the border.

McConnell said he plans on bringing up a deal for a vote next week in order to get Democrats on the record for either blocking or supporting Republicans’ demands to fix the crisis at the border. McConnell says he thinks it is important the American people see who votes against solving the problem for political reasons.

“I’m going to bring it up freestanding next week and see if they really aren’t interested in dealing with this massive humanity that we have to take care of at the border,” McConnell said on Fox & Friends. “What’s the objection? This is not about the wall but about the humanitarian crisis.”

This comes after the Kentucky Republican praised President Donald Trump on Tuesday for threatening to apply tariffs to Mexico after speaking out against the move last week.

It will likely pass in the Senate, but when it moves to the House you can expect Democrats to fight it tooth-and-nail.

But whatever happens, Pelosi’s caucus will show voters where the Democrat Party stands on fixing the border crisis.

Once they do, voters in their districts can decide if they support Democrat views on border security.


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133 Responses

  1. Lynda Presco says:

    I just can’t understand how so many people think that it is alright for illegal aliens to enter our borders illegally; why should they be rewarded with rights that are only earned if you are a citizen of the US of America. By doing this we are encouraging aliens to continue to enter illegally as nothing happens to them, they’re rewarded. Can’t understand why the Democrats think that illegal aliens should have driver’s licenses; that will make it easier for them to possibly vote which is suppose to be only the right of a US America citizen….oh possibly it is because the Democrats are afraid that they may not win unless they stack the deck with illegal aliens & that is why they would like to pass a law that illegal aliens should have the right to vote…I don’t think so. The only right they should have is to enter our borders legally & adhere to our laws as we must do when we are in their country…oh by the way we can’t vote in any other country as we are not citizens so why should they. Regarding the children who unfortunately died after entering illegally through our borders ….they are exhausted, already sick, possibly dehydrated from their long journey & their immune system is compromised because of all this….the agents & medical teams do everything they can to treat them in a timely manner; has nothing to do with the housing provided them while they are being processed…it’s better than they had prior to this. I just wish our country could come together & see what is happening…there is a crisis at our border. We can’t allow this to continue & we can not allow them the rights that legal citizens enjoy & have worked for. They must come in legally & earn these rights like everyone did prior to them….that is common sense, it is not being a bully or being hard hearted!

    • Blue says:

      Everything you said makes perfect sense to folks who truly love the USA, that leaves today’s democrats out of the picture.

  2. EXCITED for our AWESOME President Trump
    his rally last night was so uplifting
    also –also watch JUDGE JEANINE PIRRO –FOXNEWS
    he had Trump on tonight his guest and its terrific–you can google it–BOY our awesome president and beautiful smart intelleigent family who LOVE AMERICANS and America LIKE all us Republicans( exept amash RINO and Romney RINO–LOL) the Democraps are seething at his success-took in 23 million dollars in 24 hrs donation 2020 campaign–YAYYYY

  3. Please all fellow American Republicans Please get your democrap friends and liberals to watch/google AWESOME PRESIDENT TRUMPS Oralando Florida Rally last night–his 2020 campaign kick starter
    me among millions of patriot Americans are soooo PROUD of him–he did an EXCELLENT job–i cant understand why he does not get the respect he deserves like all our American Presidents have received in the past–its discusting the way the democraps treat him AWESOME Pence was there and wonderful Mitch Oconnel and Ron DeSantis–GREAT EVENING–LOVE HIM—–TRUMP/PENCE 2020 MAGA

    • Patricia says:

      I too thought he did a good job last night. Kudos to President Troop from a New Jersey ciyizen who understands New Yorkers.

  4. Colleen La Rose says:

    I have posted this in other blogs, but you will not believe the total craziness this 1 snowflake has done!! Just when I think they done did the craziest thing I ever saw, another pushes it even further!! Google this fool:
    Elijah daniel/hell michigan

    • mary brumley says:

      Colleen La Rose, I did Google that! Will the sick, perverted wonders I have already read about in the news keep getting more perverted?
      The utter stupidity revealed by Elijah Daniel is beyond the pale!!!!

      • Colleen La Rose says:

        Good morning Mary
        I swear these idiotic liberals are competing with eachother to see who can do & or say the most outrageous ignorant things. It’s ashame that fool didn’t want to do anything that will benefit his fellow country men.

      • Dora says:

        Elijah Daniel is really gone into the cesspool and the turds are drowning her that’s why she is wacky.

  5. Mark Hopkins says:

    Boy Jody, you swallow the communist crap hook line and sinker. It’s not America’s job to take on all the world’s ( especially the third worlds) population and give them jobs, medical care, education, and yes, welfare because there aren’t nearly enough jobs for millions of diseased, unskilled ILLEGAL ALIENS in our country. We barely have enough jobs for pur own, and don’t give me that crap that they take only jobs no one else will do. I’ve known many people that do unskilled labor to support themselves until they can train for something better. They weren’t Mexicans either. Whites, blacks and some Asians. They want to be in a safe country, well so do I, and so do all real Americans, and these ILLEGAL ALIEN INVADERS are making our country a hell of a lot more UNSAFE! Since you’re such a bleeding heart liberal, then why don’t you invite a few hundred of these wonderful people into your home. Why don’t you feed and clothe them and pay for their education. Provide their transportation to and from their unskilled jobs. Go on, take a few hundred in, it’s what Jesus would do… My ass. It wouldn’t be two days before some of them killed your stupid ass and took everything you own. You liberals make me sick.

  6. the comments echo the thinking I had pre-election. giving me the reason to not vote for him, realizing the Iranian woman groomed him to run. I discovered he got by with hiding much background and the Dems allowed it, but don’t want Trump to do the same. I voted against him especially because he came out of the Chicago political machine where he voted ‘present’ instead of ‘yes’ or ‘no’ on Illinois bills as well as the questionable friends he had that had records.

  7. Barry says:

    OMG, you are so full of it. Why do you think Mexicans and Central America women wait until they are ready to give birth to cross border, anchor baby equals instant WIC, Snap food stamps and Medicare!!! These people come here with absolutely no skills, no education and ask the American taxpayer to take care of them.

  8. Barry says:

    The South of the Border people are a failed culture. It is a shame that Spain did not stay there and rule over these people , because Countries there would be very prosperous. I shutter when I see Mexicans celebrate Cinco De Mayo because Spain leaving was the worst thing that ever happened to that area.

    Simply said, poor people who cannot afford to feed themselves have no business having children esp lots of children, and this is the main problem in all of Latin America.

    The first 100 years of the birth of America we needed lots of immigration, but we haven’t needed that in over 100 years. Hordes of people are coming here mostly from the 3rd world bringing not a single marketable skill except for their extreme poverty to add to the problems we already have in America.

    Even Mexico is smart enough to only give a Visa to people who can prove they already have a retirement income coming in as not to burden the Mexican Government with yet more poverty.

    Mexico and Central America continue to flush their toilets by sending the poorest most destitute illiterate people from each of their countries to the USA. People come from these countries to USA and become an immediate drain on social services and the American Taxpayer.

    These illiterate failed societies continue to breed out of control and add to the surplus of poor destitute uneducated people who contribute nothing to society and this is how you create a 3rd world country!

    • Mark Hopkins says:

      You got that 100% correct Barry, but you’ll never convince any of the “bleeding heart” communist morons of that. Their stupidity transcends that of lemmings. In fact, just like a lemming, they follow their moronic leaders right off the political cliff. I hope at some point they are able to isolate the moron gene and possibly cure liberalism.

    • mary brumley says:

      Barry, when my Scots/Irish ancestors migrated to America they were unwashed and uneducated. However, they worked hard and pulled themselves up with their own bootstraps! And, they did that with ZERO freebies!

      • Harland says:

        Scotland , one of the poorest countries in Europe , yet they led the civilized world in intellectual acheivment. Even though the clans fought and all kinds of turmoil, out of this country, scientists gave us the modern world.

    • Dora says:

      They actually need to recruit Planned Parenthood that would be a heaven for them with all those babies that those moron keep popping out innocents babies, they need birth control those countries breed like rabbits and mice.

  9. HEY Mary, Illona,Clyde etc Cant understand hjy the Democraps and liberals CANT UNDERSTAND that we have a great President now in AWESOME TRUMP–with all the hate against him because of jealousy because he is doing such a GREAT job–instead of coming together with the Republicans and doing the job of working for Americans like us who PAY their salary- the Democraps like SChmuck Schumer ,Nancy Trollosie (Pelosie who holds up ONLY 2 fingers when say she has 3 things to say–LOL) Ki ,Christine Brassy Fraud ,etc etc –he has done MORE work for us in 2 yewars than the last 3 presidents combined—already look at what he has accomplished–yes–even us supporters cringe at some things he says but he is not a politician and the main thing is he gets things DONE and he LOVES AMERICA and AMERICANS–TRUMP/PENCE 2020 MAGA

    • mary brumley says:

      Vote4sheyanna, True, true!!!!
      I also think that that some of their attitudes are caused by the fact that POTUS has a beautiful and classy wife! They are jealous because their wives don’t look like her.
      I haven’t seen even ONE classy Demoncrat female in politics either. Have you?

      • Dora says:

        OMG just thinking of the HE/SHE traveling around the world as THE KENYAN wife wearing tank tops to show her muscles. But those MORON Demo Craps, Hollywood idiots and Sillypuddy Valley had such admiration about the HE/SHE. LOL LOL

  10. Barry says:

    OMG, America has enough poor uneducated welfare class to last a lifetime, we definitely do not need these poor uneducated social degenerates from south of the border coming to America . These people are a failed culture and we do not need them here. The Native Americans were even smart enough to only have as many children as they can feed, WTF is wrong with these people from south of the border
    having all these children when they cannot even feed themselves, and now they want to come and dump off on America and screw the American taxpayer by demanding America take care of them

    • trapperwv1 says:

      Ask the pope the dope that should be on a rope

    • Barry, where,s the demonstrations to show support for your belief? Repubs and its followers are scared to do anything. They are intimidated just the way we like it. The way we so called demonrats planned it and its working. Democrat for president 2020

      • Barry says:

        Well, Latino support for Trump is very high among people from Cuba and South America that live in the USA. It is mostly only the Mexicans and Central Americans that vote for Democrats because most Mexicans came illegally or their parents came illegally and the same with Central American people.

        Latino unemployment is the lowest is has ever been in the USA under the Trump Administration, so it is easy to see why Latinos like him with the exception of the Mojados, Illegal aliens who we are currently rounding up and deporting.

        My girlfriend is Colombian, immigrated from Colombia, already had 3 University degrees from there. She is disgusted by the Illegal Mexicans here and never misses an opportunity to tell them about it in Texas every chance she gets LOL!

      • Dora says:

        Arturo El Toro POOPOO, you should have been swallowing the crap they been given you dumb ASSHOLE. As i have mention in the past the Demo Craps have really made fools out of you MORON brownie

    • Buckwheat says:

      Barry, as much as I hate to point a finger at one religious group or another the problem goes directly to the Catholic church’s decree that birth control is immoral. The majority of the people attempting to reach America are Catholic and they just keep on cranking out babies. Perhaps it’s time for the pope to review this antiquated view and endorse at least some sort of birth control.

      • Barry says:

        Agreed, but let us remember, the Catholic Church started in Europe not Latin America. The Catholic Europeans do not seem to breed out of control , so Why do most Latino cultures? Again, You do not see this in Cuba, Argentina, Chile, Uruguay etc, mostly just in Mexico and Central America.

  11. Mary says:

    It’s about time that the cruel tactics the Dems are playing back fires on them. I just read about AOC is accusing Trump as starting concentration camps but in her own words earlier and the other two new members is exactly what he is standing in their way of accomplishing on doing to any one who oppose their new world one nation especially whoever has voted for Trump. They are trying to steal the next election any way they can and if Trump is reelected they will blame another country of interfering with our elections. Every body especially us BABY BOOMERS know that goes both ways and has for years we have put our 2 cents into their elections and they have put their 2 cents into ours but when it comes down the bottom of the pot no hacking into the election boxes or machine was meddle with by the Russians just by the democrats in Texas especially. They were caught and called it a fail up with the machines when people in the first part of the day was voting for Trump the vote was going to Hillary instead.

    • mary brumley says:

      Mary, I was born in l945, so like you, I have seen the corruption abound! Also, when The Donald came on the scene, more and more cockroaches poured from out of the woodworks!
      America today is not the America I was reared in.

  12. Jody Williams says:

    Colleen, many of them come temporarily to do labor that no one else wants to do for a few bucks an hour. Many of the Republican owned businesses hire them as temps, what should be done about the businesses that hire them?

    • Colleen La Rose says:

      I think those businesses should be fined. There can not be any breaks for whatever buisness (on the left or right) that break the law.

    • Shell says:

      Jody, there is a law which would stop all this if only business owners, both democrats and republicans, would employ the E-VERIFY law, which means they could not HIRE ANY illegals.

    • mary brumley says:

      Jody Williams, if our nation would reduce the dollar amount of food stamps, Medicare and freebies they give to American citizens, they would be glad to do the “labor that no one else wants to do.”

  13. Ilona says:

    Pelosi ,Jerry Nadler , Shumaker , and some other old animals from the democrats ,for sur they destroy America if We do not escape from them . GOD BLESS AMERICA.

  14. Fon morcus says:

    I came to this great country 55 years ago .I came here filling out all the paper work . Trump said we welcome you in our country . We need you . You got to do it the right way . WHATS WRONG WITH THAT? . Millions did .

  15. The problem as I see it is who will get elected in the 2020 election. Millennials are growing into a political force that’s bigger than the Boomer generation and will be looking to milk government for all it can get, so welfare systems and schemes will thrive depending upon how many people actually exercise their vote! For those old enough to remember, It will be the repeat of the Roosevelt Years.

    • Jody Williams says:

      You sound paranoid Richard, FDR did the most for the working people, don’t you think social security was a good idea, especially now when businesses don’t have any pension system?

      • Mike says:

        FDR did the most for the lazy people. He’s the reason there’s term limits on the President. He was horrible as far as our economy goes but was great as far as preparing us for war and supplying our allies before we entered the war. He was known as an extreme liar, which was good for our prep to WWII.

      • trapperwv1 says:

        He actually kept the working man poorer.

    • mary brumley says:

      Rest easy, Richard Stanley, our POTUS will be re-elected!!

  16. Gun Nuts of America says:

    We haven’t needed a wall since our beginnings as a nation in the 1700’s. The wall is Trump’s ego trip and 2000 smile statue because he sure isn’t going to get on Mount Rushmore, maybe a wax statue of him on criminals’ row. There are hundreds of tunnels under the wall/fences that we have now. Many people are leaving those areas temporarily or because of war and are refugees. Also, global warming has made growing crops in much of Central America more impossible. We need the technology, border guards, judges to process refugees who have a legal right to request asylum. The tens of billions of dollars would be better spent going after the drug lords, and helping the people with building wells and giving the people goats.

    • brent gerber says:

      i dont believe for a moment that he cares about ego s or statues. his concern is for our country and people like you wouldnt give him a break no matter if he did everything right. we have enough problems here already and dont need more. take a number and get in line! come in legally!

      • Gun Nuts of America says:

        Brent, Trumps’ whole life has been about feeding his ego, his wealth, his lying, his sexual assaults and seduction I suppose, feeding his obese but with junk food. He doesn’t care about anyone but himself, that is the classic narcissistic attitude.

        • Beverly Ross says:

          Gun nut,you have it all wrong! I hope you wake up soon snowflake! You must work for what you want,NOTHING IS FREE! Someone must pay for it! I hope you open your eyes and find reality ,that dream world your living in will only make a fool out of you.

        • Vicki says:

          Go away you troll. There must be a “lemming” site you can spew your hate at. Snowflake is right. Oh, watch Trump tonight and see how much he is loved and admired !! TRUMP 2020. At least he doesn’t get BJ’s in the house of the people. LOL

          • Gun Nuts of America says:

            Vicki, are you the one giving bj’s in the White House, that is the rumor going around the country about Miss Vicki

          • Mark Hopkins says:

            I think I saw a picture awhile back that showed some fairy that call himself gun nuts giving Obama, Biden, Crazy Bernie and Bill Klinton blow jobs. They were all in a circle around their little acolyte. One of them was heard saying”Boy, he really likes the old pole”. Must have been gun nuts, nobody else goes by that stupid moniker.

    • Rob says:

      I think everything you said is 100% wrong. Maybe you are just ignorant of what is coming in, diseases, drugs, rapists, murderers and most likely even more bad things. How would you like it if they raped your wife or daughter or girlfriend or put your son on heroin?

      • 2004done says:

        Rob (gun nuts 100% wrong) “gun nuts” will just continue to troll and blame our successful President for everything his leftist congress isn’t doing, but should [AKA gun nuts is a worthless POS].

      • Gun Nuts of America says:

        Trump did a lot of sexual assaults himself, why aren’t you complaining that our President is a serial sexual assaulter, thief, draft dodger, constant liar, braggart, insulter of even war heroes. He is ruining our standings with allies while he kisses Putin’s butt and money launders his buddies.

      • mary brumley says:

        Rob, Gun Nuts would not care what happened to his family, nor does he care what the Dems and RINOs do to our country!

        • Mark Hopkins says:

          Absolutely 100% correct Mary I’ve posted to this commie moron a few times and he’s totally oblivious to facts or reality. I wonder if he was born without a brain (or a soul), or if he worked hard for years to become that stupid.

    • Delbert says:

      Would you invite any of those Illegals into your home not knowing anything about them,where they came from other than South of Our Border and more than likely have not had shots for any diseases or even if they are a gang member ??
      So many unknowns..
      Why should we allow them into Our Country and give them Asylum when they did not come here through the proper Channels that everyone of them can do as many Millions before them have done LEGALLY ??

      • Gun Nuts of America says:

        I would invite them before you Delbert, because I doubt they carry the hatred you have.

        • Mark Hopkins says:

          Oh they carry the hatred alright numb nuts. They have the same hatred for our country and it’s true people that you do. They just want a free ride, just like you do. Your nothing but a $ hit for brains communist. Probably never owned a gun in your sorry life either. You’re more than likely a criminal to boot.

          • Gun Nuts of America says:

            Hopkins, you make so many assumptions that your ignorance is showing and well as your criticize the commies who helped Trump fix the election. You should be proud of yourself agreeing with the commies who love Trump, idiot popkin

          • Mark Hopkins says:

            Well nut case, if true American Patriots are what you call commies, then yes, I love them. Your blatant stupidity is always showing dumb nuts. You left wing nuts are the real fascist/communists. You’re the ones trying to destroy our Constitution. You’re the ones trying to take away all our freedom. You’re the ones trying to bring in millions of worthless, diseased illegal aliens that taxpayers will have to support. You’re the ones that lie every single time you open your communist propaganda spewing mouths. You’re the ones that are trying to erase our history and culture. You’re all a bunch of whiney, spoiled, communist indoctrinated, sexually ambiguous little freak shows that our country would be a lot better off without.

      • brent a gerber says:

        right on target- delbert

    • Pat says:

      Are you really that stupid? You obviously don’t live in a border state. I invite you to come visit any one of the border crossings in Texas or New Mexico. Spend a week there, then get hack to us. I would suggest Sunland Park or Anrltelope Wells crossing points. It’s real easy for clowns like you to sit there in a state who has no common borders with Mexico and lie about what’s going on our border.

      • Gun Nuts of America says:

        Many of the border states don’t want a wall, don’t you look at surveys. Many of the people come temporarily to do farm work. They know they aren’t wanted and will be hunted down by savages so they are just trying to help their families survive.

        • Beverly Ross says:

          Gun nut,you have it all wrong! I hope you wake up soon snowflake! You must work for what you want,NOTHING IS FREE! Someone must pay for it! I hope you open your eyes and find reality ,that dream world your living in will only make a fool out of you. Or are you one of the paid Soros trouble makers?

          • Buckwheat says:

            No Beverly, he’s a moron! Let’s ask him how much of his hard earned (doubtful) $’s he has given to feed and care for illegal immigrants. I’ll bet the number will resemble a goose egg.

          • Gun Nuts of America says:

            Beverly you think that you are a Christian, but you are just another selfish thuglet. Those poor people want to survive, not suck off the government like many of the people in the red states.

          • Gun Nuts of America says:

            Buckwheat, you are a racist for the name, but I would compare charitable work to your nothing not only to charities but to yourself, you red staters are sucking the blood from the blue state people.

    • Mike says:

      The walls and fences that are already up have been up for decades. They were there when I was in the Navy in the early eighties. Congress has funded building sections of the wall for years until Trump became President. Up till then it was a non partisan issue. Get your facts straight, it isn’t Trump’s ego trip. He’s just trying to finish a project that like most government projects, take too long and cost too much.

      • Gregory Sullivan r says:

        I think you should change your name to Louis Farrakhan. Anyone who names him/herself on this website a name that you think is a racist shows how ignorant you really are.

    • Jeff says:

      Build the goddamn wall period .

    • Buckwheat says:

      Do you believe the sewage this moron continues to spew?

      • Buckwheat says:

        Jeff, I was referring to the Gun Nut above not you.

        • Mark Hopkins says:

          Dumb Nuts is too damn stupid to look up real facts. There are far more homeless people and people on welfare in the stinking communist “blue” states than there are in the red states. There are also more illegal aliens to support in the commie states. Far less freedom and far more crime in the “blue” communist states. I wouldn’t even call them “states” anymore. They’re all separate little communist foreign countries. They don’t belong to the United States now. I think they belong mostly to Mexico and China.

      • Gun Nuts of America says:

        Buckwheat you are so stupid and hateful you try to explain to people which way you are trying to go with your vicious words

  17. Love babies not kill them says:

    We need to destroy the demwit terrorists to save our country at all costs. Just do it.

    • Gun Nuts of America says:

      You talk about saving babies yet implying all people coming through the borders is a terrorist. It’s dimwit fool, not demwit

      • Buckwheat says:

        So no you’re a spelling teacher? Get a life, dude.
        And I’ll just bet that you’re a progressive dope-a-crat and that you endorse late term abortion just because the mother doesn’t want to have to care for another life. IF that’s that case don’t be preaching to anyone about saving or not saving babies.

  18. Randall clark says:

    I would like to think, when the PRESIDENT gets re-elected, THAT will be the demise of the DEMONRAT party!!

  19. Tom says:

    Are we a sovereign nation or not ??? If you don’t believe we should be then it is time for you to find somewhere else to live More than 1.4 million AMERICANS have made the ultimate sacrifice to protect the freedoms you are willing to throw away In years past that would have been considered treason…

    • Gun Nuts of America says:

      Tom, these people are desperate, they wouldn’t be traveling many hundreds of miles through the desert, their crops are dying because of global warming and poor or dried up wells, and druglords are killing and harming them. You probably pride yourself in being a Christian but Christ wouldn’t deny these people basic humane help. Also, many of these people have ancestors that lived throughout the West before yours ever did, as Mexicans or Native Americans, one can make an argument that they deserve to be here before you. BTW I lost my only uncle in WWII in a B-17 over Europe and my Dad flew 50 missions over Europe as a Torretta Flier. Both are long gone but I doubt either of them would believe your reasoning, and then you threw in treason which killed your whole argument.

      • Buckwheat says:

        My Dad also flew over Europe and was shot down over Belgium but he’s still alive and he is mortified at how the dope-a-crat party has polarized this country. He’s 93 and for decades voted on the left. For the past 4 elections he’s voted for conservative candidates. Why has it become America’s job to care for those who won’t do anything in their own country to improve their lot and think that America is the promised land available for free free free.

        • Gun Nuts of America says:

          You brainwashed your father with your self-loathing and playing the blame game on everyone but yourself bucko

          • Mark Hopkins says:

            Your the one that’s brain washed Numb Nuts. You’ve got less intelligence than a dead possum. Your rhetoric is some of the most asinine BS I’ve ever seen. I will give you commie morons one thing though, you’ve got tenacity. You hold on to your stupidity like a pit bull.

      • Gregory Sullivan says:

        If you read our immigration laws, they say that one could only claim asylum here if they are persecuted in their own country or be threatened with death if they returned not for financial hardships and lost their jobs because of the policies of those countries which the overwhelming majority come here for. I say they should stay in their country and change things there and not bring their baggage here as we have enough problems of our own and not be burdened with theirs.

  20. Nancy says:

    Just saw a commercial on t.v. for Lester Holt’s news program on tonight. It is addressing the crisis at the border. Is mainstream media getting on board? The dems are shooting themselves in the foot on this one if they don’t act to protect our borders, our people and our way of life.

  21. TOMMIE CLARK says:


  22. Barb T says:

    Any “present” vote will mean pro open borders to me…..

  23. Mike Flanagan says:

    Mine fields and Machine gun towers would be far cheaper and much more effective on both Illegals and Drug smugglers.

  24. Tom says:

    The main thing this will do, is show the American people, just where the Democrats stand, on MAGA, it will do absolutely nothing to change the Democratic political figures mind. But the American people need to decide what they want, and I don’t think America on the whole wants open borders. This should help clear the polls in 2020, if it doesn’t, then we as a free nation will be destroyed.

    • Saved says:

      America was great before Trump and was actually greater before he took office. He is wrecking out FBI, CIA, peace treaties, trade policies, our position with allies while he goes crazy on Twitter and kisses Putin’s butt.

  25. Teresita says:

    There are the common-sense, intelligent Americans wanting to defend the country? Has every single one.been turned into Stupids following an ignorant “getona” bartender? Wake up americans!!!

  26. Eric says:

    So, what is it gonna say? Fools rush in where angels fear to tread, and here I see lil dee trump supporters rushing in…

  27. Patrick Henry says:

    Any MENTALLY RETARDED Democrat that does NOT believe in securing OUR borders to be DEPORTED to a country without borders!!!

    • Moses says:

      You’re taking the name of a famous patriot is disgraceful because you sound like the typical Nazi who before the Holocause deported many of the desirables.

      • Vicki says:

        The only disgraceful person I see talking is YOU! No one is deporting “desirables” because desirables don’t try to enter illegally. Comparing what Trump is doing to the holocaust just shows your ignorance of history.

  28. Jan High says:

    Their doing everything they can but always backfires on them is because hes NOT a sleeze bag democrats..

  29. Joseph m Owens says:

    AOC, Nancy Pelosi and chuck Schumer epitomize the Democratic party, ignorant, clueless and stupid. No American with an IQ would embrace this party on any level.

  30. Blue says:

    Hope this gets the democrats “on the record” for being the anti-USA bunch!

  31. Colleen La Rose says:

    The libs are fighting so hard against the wall, not because they give a rats a** about the illegals, but because they are scared sh**less President Trump can add this to his list of many achievements that will be even more reason to (GOD willing) get him re-elected.

    • Jody Williams says:

      Trump wants the wall only as an “accomplishment” but it won’t work, hundreds of tunnels have been found under the walls and fences that are already in place. The wall is Trump’s ego trip of a sideways statue because when history is written the only place that might have a statue of him is in the American Nazi headquarters. The wall costs tens of billions of dollars better used to fight the druglords down there and to help the people so they can farm and start businesses.

      • Karin says:

        Jody, there are all those tunnels under the walls and fences that are already in place because the fences and walls were never anchored deep enough to stop the digging. You have been fed the Left propaganda and swallowed it whole.

      • Colleen La Rose says:

        No Jodi
        The wall is another campaign promise that President Trump is working on seeing through. It’s not for him, it’s for America and Americans. Why is that so hard for you on the left to understand? & please tell me how do the American people benefit by allowing illegals to enter our country , & they get food stamps, medical insurance & whatever else the dems give them at tax payers expense.

      • Colleen La Rose says:

        Why should Americans pick up the tab to fight another countries problems? If the government in other countries weren’t so crooked & came down on the cartels rather then accepting bribes, they could make a dent in the drug trade theirselves.

        • Jody Williams says:

          Colleen, those people give more than they take, they want to survive, work for next to nothing, are afraid to be in public much out of fear, they know they are hated by people like you. They bring their courage, entrepreneurial desires, resourcefulness. Almost all work hard and don’t benefit from social security, Medicare, food stamps, etc. What they mostly bring that you red state people just don’t get is Christianity, not the fake red and blue state kind, but the kind that Christ said to work hard, but also be kind of the people without, they mostly take care of their own and would give you the shirt off their backs. They want to be in a safe country, that’s all, and you resent them for that. Maybe you should donate time and money to the less unfortunate like Christ would expect from you instead of venomous words.

          • Blue says:

            What about the people who did it right, came in legally? These folks need to come in the same way, just common sense, Jody.

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