Trump just got poll results that have Joe Biden terrified for his future

Time is running out for Joe Biden to prove to voters that he is better for them than President Trump.

But he can’t help but screw things up for himself by saying stupid things.

And now he’s in more trouble after Trump got poll results that have him terrified for his future.

Democrats believe that the coronavirus pandemic has given them a golden opportunity to take down President Trump in November.

After three years of unprecedented economic prosperity under Trump’s leadership, coronavirus has flipped everything upside down.

Some states are nearing 30 percent unemployment after seeing the lowest unemployment rates in history just at the beginning of this year.

Instead of acknowledging that this was completely unavoidable, and an unprecedented situation, the Left is trying to argue that it is all President Trump’s fault.

They are ignoring the fact that coronavirus is hitting Democrat-controlled states much harder than Republican-controlled states to argue that every death, and the economic fall-out are at the fault of Trump.

If the American people believe them, it will almost certainly put Trump in the White House.

But a new poll shows that isn’t the case.

Voters in nine battleground states trust Trump more than Biden on both holding China accountable on the coronavirus crisis, along with overwhelmingly supporting Trump’s efforts to protect businesses.

The poll, obtained by the Washington Times shows the poll for America First policies finds that 57% of voters in those key swing states approve of Trump holding China accountable.

Voters in the poll gave Trump a 17-point advantage over Biden in the poll, with three-fourths of the voters holding a negative view of China.

“The American public does blame China for this virus, and their trust in China is at an all-time low,” said Kelly Sadler, communications director for America First.

The poll was conducted in states that are expected to decide the 2020 election in November: Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Iowa, Michigan, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.

It includes a diverse viewpoint, with 38% of those polled being Republicans, 38% being Democrats, and 24% being independents.

Needless to say, this is bad news for Biden.

Coronavirus will be the biggest issue for voters in November.

And it is clear that holding China accountable is a very big part of that.

Trump has already proven he is willing to stand up to China, while Biden has a very shaky record relating to the Communist nation.

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37 Responses

  1. Dr. J.D. says:

    Latest Donald Trump Job Approval
    The latest data (June 4, 2020) on Trump and job approval shows overall that 56% of all registered voters disapprove of the way Trump is handling presidency, compared to only 41% approve, a 15 point gap. One benefit of the way handles the data is that it breaks it down among age, gender groups and by each state. Here is some of the results you can verify for yourself at the website:

    Category Approval Disapproval
    Females 35% 62%
    Independents 35% 60%
    Michigan 35% 62%
    Pennsylvania 36% 61%
    Wisconsin 39% 59%
    North Carolina 38% 60%
    Texas 39% 58%
    Florida 40% 58%

  2. James Edward says:

    QED, and Lincoln, and Scott27, and Dr.J.D. (real one) are all the same troll. It’s only one person folks.
    One person that trolls under many different names. Sometimes this troll will use other people’s names like Dan Tyree and make fake posts. Think of this troll like the Antifa rioters. Just an agitator looking to mess with people for his own personal reasons.

  3. sharon says:

    Well all those polls seem to be taken in lala land. Because Biden isn’t with it enough to say anything rational in interviews. But I guess if you take a poll on who will beat who in the election-Biden will be beat Biden(His words in an interview). So nope-don’t believe the polls.

  4. Ted says:

    Reading these posts, I can’t help but laugh at the brainless comments from the brain dead lefties. It’s unbelievable that there are living, breathing beings who are supposed to have working brains, that are unable to determine how stupid the child molesting Joke Biden is. The guy is a moron among morons, and in no way has any marbles left in his soon to explode swollen liver spotted forehead. What a$$holes the demwits are.

  5. George Carter says:

    This is my opinion on how this Biden thing will play out. Democrats know Joe, if he wins, will not last his full term. They will put a strong woman on the ticket who will become the first female president. They will most likely choose a black woman to siphon women and black voters. Hillary is standing by and keeping quiet thinking she would be the savior of the party if the convention becomes deadlocked, which I don’t think will happen. It may go to an open convention after the first ballot due to committed delegates. Joe will not beat Trump. He has to much going for him to lose… unless the Dems resort to cheating again. I wouldn’t be surprised if he even carries California.

  6. Corruptionhater says:

    Joe is going to take a major turn for the worse about a week before the election. The Dem’s will be stunned. They will have lost the election by their own stupidity for not doing something about Joe before that happens. Imagine losing an election when the election hasn’t even happened yet. They can blame no one else but themselves.

  7. Ghost says:

    DemonRats have not won an Honest Election to date.

  8. @QED……………….Get back on your meds !

  9. If the sun didn’t rise in the East tomorrow morning, that would be Trump’s fault too !! The entire Dem Party are absolute LUNATICS !

  10. WILLIAM says:

    Democrats are people that are brain washed by ignorant, incompetent, reps and senators that are out of touch with todays americans in todays world. They are thieves like Hillary and Biden (senile old man)

  11. Texas Tea Partier says:

    Biden is like Pelosi, they have been in government so long that they were totally corrupted over 30 years ago. Both are pushing 80 and should have retired from public service years ago.

  12. Lincoln says:

    Fluffy Pillow Five, among the better educated Democrats AND INDEPENDENTS, they dislike Trump because he is a lousy president, he lies compulsively, he is dictatorial in his edits, he attacks legions of people, he alienates our allies, he favors the rich is a tax bill he says if for all but 83% of benefits went to the richest 1%, he is a meglomaniac, nascissist, he totally lied that “everything was under control” and did not respond to the pandemic that has killed 104,000 Americans, he has committed crimes with Cohen and obstructing justice, instead of helping heal our nations problems, he only seeks to lead to my divisiveness, and he blames all his faults on everyone else. Is America right not been made greater – – are we better off with Trump as president – — HELL NO!!!

  13. Lincoln says:

    Mark A. Pearson makes a valid point about Trump being a Democrat far longer than being a Republican, with expressed views 180 degrees different than today. But he had NO FUTURE among Democrats, who prefer more educated and experienced nominees with the best credentials, rather than a blow-hard, self-centered conman with a questionable past. So, Trump saw his future better among Republicans – – he does not really care about policies – – only what benefits Trump. Trump does not care about 103,000 people that died from COVID-19 (most, 80%+due to the fact he wasted two months and did not respond properly as other leaders) – – he cares only about his re-election.

  14. FluffyPillowFive says:

    Bill, it’s because most democrat voters are low information voters. They couldn’t even name the 3 branches of government or tell you the difference between the 1st and 2nd amendment.
    All they know is what they see on the MSM. 24/7 all they see it Trump is racist, Trump hates black and brown people, Trump supporters are white nationalists, Trump is a Nazi, Trump is responsible for the COVID virus and 100,000 deaths, Trump didn’t really win the 2016 election – it was stolen with the help of the Russians, Trump is using the government to enrich himself, Trump plays too much golf, Trump won’t wear a mask, and so on………
    Most of these people don’t know any better – they only know what they watch on TV, so they despise Trump like no other president.

  15. QED says:

    That is another post that fakes the name of Scott27. You right wingnuts must be getting desperate, trying to discredit everyone else is always your game. Trump has attacked almost everyone in America except his cult base, all the media, both Twitter and Facebook. There was a time President Truman told America that the president has to accept responsibility and on his desk was a sign “the Buck stops Here!” For Trump, it should read “only the credit goes here, the blame goes everywhere else.” This is a sign of a personality disorder called malignant narcissism.

  16. Michael says:

    I just look at the uneducated Trolls that babble but like the 1st comment said the Turds cannot name anything but their bigoted hate. TRUMP2020!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Dr. J. D. (real one) says:

    Someone posted under my name, but this is the orginal Dr. J. D.. This is predominantly FAKE results, because it covers SUBQUESTIONS, NOT THE OVERALL TRUE RESULTS. I did my research on the latest and highly rated polls (by experts) and when all polls are tallied together, Trump has increased his unfavorability to this: 53.6% disapprove of Trump and only 42.6% approved, an 11% deficit.

    Now back to the other subquestions, take a look at the better respected new poll: May 20, 2020, New Quinnipiac Univ. Poll Says Trump is 11 points behind Biden, “By a sixteen-point margin, 55 – 39 percent, voters say they think Biden would do a better job than President Trump handling the response to the coronavirus.” This leads to Biden Holding an. 11 Point Lead As Trump Approval On Coronavirus Dips.

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