Trump just got one number that Nancy Pelosi fears above all

President Trump is smacking Nancy Pelosi with loss after loss.

Despite her being Speaker of the House, it’s clear that Trump is calling the shots.

And he just got one number that Nancy Pelosi fears above all.

Trump’s America-first policies are working better than anybody in the media was predicting.

Every move he makes in the economy is helping everyday Americans, who in turn are jumping on the Trump train.

And the latest unemployment numbers prove that.

The number of Americans in the last week who applied for new unemployment benefits reached new lows, with 16,000 less applying than the week before.

This is a promising sign for the economy, and is especially good for Trump considering this is coming just after he imposed a new series of tariffs, which the media was claiming would harm the economy.

Breitbart News reports:

The number of Americans filing applications for new unemployment benefits plunged lower last week even as trade tensions between the U.S. and China escalated.

New claims for state unemployment benefits declined by 16,000 to a seasonally adjusted 212,000 for the week ended May 11, the Labor Department said on Thursday.

Initial jobless claims are a proxy for layoffs. The low number of claims suggests that rising tariffs and retaliation by China have not hurt American workers.

Claims were expected to decline to 219,000 from the elevated levels seen in the prior three weeks.

Unemployment is hitting historic lows, with minority unemployment being at the lowest rate in U.S. history.

With that trend continuing, Nancy Pelosi and the rest of the Democrat Party are going to have a hard time come 2020.

Every time the economy improves under Trump, he gets a sizeable boost to his approval rate, which is nearing an average of 50%, with some polls already showing him at a higher approval than that.

He has consistently been holding a higher approval rating than former President Barack Obama did at the same point in his presidency.

So if Obama could win despite having a lower approval rating, Trump clearly has a very good chance, regardless of what the mainstream media is claiming.


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46 Responses

  1. Alaskat says:

    There is a book in the New Testament called Romans. In chapter 13 it tells us that God chooses our rulers and always has. It goes on to say that people who attack and resist these rulers are subject to God’s judgement because it is God against whom they rage. If I were an angry Trump hater I would take instant notice. We don’t know why God does things, but He is always right. We are members of a fallen race, human kind, every one of us is a sinner by nature and in need of a Savior who is Jesus Christ. Throwing stones at others does nothing to redeem us.

    • Mary says:

      Thank you for this awesome word from Romans! I too believe in God’s word and that President Trump was placed in office for God’s purpose. I pray for him and his family every day. And, I pray for our Nation to repent and turn to the one true God. May God bless you and your family!

  2. Alaska Woman says:

    Pelosi is not afraid of the liar, money launderer, racist in the Oval Office. He is a habitual lawbreaker. He will be facing criminal charges ihnvolving self-dealing when he leaves office. That is why his foundation was shut down.

    • Isaac says:

      If you consider Trump all those things you say about him then what do you think Pelosi and the far left are? You have your information twisted. You need to look at reality a little closer and see that you are way wrong about Trump. Where is your proof of all the sins you claim that Trump committed???

    • Gregory Sullivan says:

      Alaska Woman:
      You are accusing Donald Trump of being a lawbreaker with no proof at all. You are another one of those left wing mental midgets who are obsessed with turning black in to white and vise versa.

    • Mike says:

      Obviously you were behind the now very much talked about. Your Obama is going to go down as the worst president in history. And you call trump a crook.Somehow you think allowing millions of illegals in our country is OK . Right. Absolute fool and you call yourself an American . joke.

  3. Jeanine says:

    we need voter ID’s. EVERYONE must have valid ID, proving to be a legal voter. And maybe the states who allow illegal’s to vote, should lose their right to be counted. I agree, that it isn’t other counties that cause voter fraud, it is within our own borders, and I feel it is in the democrat party.

    • Alaska Woman says:

      Suggest you consult the law.
      If requires, the ID must be provided free of charge.
      Charging would be a poll tax.
      Poll taxes have been illegal sine 1966.

      • Mike says:

        You are such a fool ,you’re almost not worth talking to. Everyone should have to have a ID in this country .So obviously you don’t care who votes in our elections rather they illegal dead or whatever. This is always the lefts way out but it’s not gonna work this time.If it weren’t for fraudulent votes the Democrats would never hold another office and you know it.

  4. The Real Joe the Plumber says:

    Trump is America’s Hitler or anti-Christ, take your pick.

  5. Daniel Mount says:

    President Trump knows how to beat down these Democrats and Nancy Pelosi with win after win.

    • PAULETTE says:


    • Alaska Woman says:

      So, you approve of lying, racism, money laundering …
      Don’t forget the illegal “university.”
      Then there is the foundation that was just closed due to illegal activity. Trump will likely face charges of self-dealing when he leave office,

  6. Carl says:

    This is what Nasty Nancy fears.

    POLL: Do you think Trump will win re-election in 2020?
    YES ——– 99%
    NO ——— 1%

  7. Roy Parcell says:

    Yes I will be Voting for President Trump in 2020. I would never Vote For Theses Crooked & Corrupt Democrats They Don’t Like The American People

  8. Tom Kenny says:

    People have forgotten that Al Franken, a comedian from Saturday Night Live, ran a campaign that after numerous ‘recounts’ finally had enough votes, (less than 400), to upset the sitting Republican senator from the Twin Cities area for that Senate Seat. The sitting Reb. Senator had won the initial vote, and he won the first of several ‘recounts’, yet, more recounts were asked for. Finally, after a recount went Franken’s way the call was made to have the comedian take the seat. Soon afterwards, it was discovered that more votes were cast than registered voters were on the scrolls. This happened in 2008.
    Then, in 2012, when Barack Obama, won re-election over John McCain, it was discovered in 7-8 counties along the western edge of the Michigan-Indiana border that again there were more votes cast that registered voters on the voting scrolls. This may be a trend, but it’s not coming from the Rep. Party. We learned in high school who was allowed to Legally vote. One person, one vote. This is what worries the heck out of me. We must protect the sanctity of our voting system.

    • Lisa says:

      As a Minnesotan I remember when they found those ballots in the trunk of a car, funny thing they were all for Franken the pos! This is how democrats operate always have spare ballots laying around somewhere, all they know is to cheat.

  9. Mary says:

    I’m glad that more people who wants to work is finding jobs. Thanks to President Trump. Also I just read where Ms. Devos has used her personal email for business. The democrats is just trying to keep the stew pot boiling. THE MAIN DIFFERENCE IS HILLARY SECRETARY OF STATE WAS SHARING CLASSIFIED NATIONAL SECURITY THINGS THAT SHOULD NOT HAVE BEEN ON ANY PERSONAL EMAILS WHILE DEVOS ISN’T IN THAT TYPE OF JOB The only thing would be what school needs to be closed Oh my God is that going to cause WW3? I don’t think so HILLARY IS A TRAITOR TO OUR BEAUTIFUL COUNTRY’ CITIZENS!

  10. Brady says:

    He can’t get everything done a-lone. Many so republicans, vote demo.

  11. warren SAMUT says:

    If the 1.5 Billion Chinese residents can & do have a Government issued WITH photograph & signature permit ( otherwise NO work !!)
    then WHY can`t America have a similar card —for VOTING ??
    How many Driver`s Licenses are legitimate & how many people NEED a Drivers License ??
    We are so sleepy OR scared of some backlash from ~someone !!!
    it would demolish all of the BS about voting rights AND with reference to infirm people the card could easily be obtained by mail OR on the Internet —showing requisite information !!!
    But —- it would clear a hell of a lot of those who don`t belong & those who have departed to begin with !!!
    Taking away Civil Liberties ????
    Wow !!! Someone tell me HOW !!!

  12. cache says:

    Jeff flakes should completely disappear. Jeff totally a loud noise in the background. You could never lead to getting out of the way???

  13. robert says:

    M A G A

  14. Gregory Sullivan says:

    The only ways that the can win is to rig voting machines in their favour with George Soros’s help, getting votes from illegal aliens, votes from dead people, and get more votes from congressional redistricting.

    • Mike says:

      6 million votes from illegal aliens, votes from dead people is what gave Hilary a 3 million larger popular vote.

      • Alan Doud says:

        I am a former democrat and have had aquintances on numerous occasions brag about registering names off of tombstones. Many were racists nice to minorities to get there votes and spoke ill of them behind their backs.

  15. Bill R says:

    Democrats committing voter fraud is no joke and it does very much concern me knowing their effort will be of historic epic proportions come 2020

  16. Richard DiDomenico says:

    Although I love President Trump, I must say that if he were really calling the shots, why don’t we have a wall?

    • Nashoba Losa says:

      Democrats! That is the reason @RichardD. Democrats.

    • Eileen Ross says:

      Because the Jews are calling the shots. We might as well get used to it because it is what has been happening for decades. It’s just that no one has recognized it, due to their propaganda, blame shifting and lies.
      Christians need to rise up and fight for our rights. STAND UP, STAND UP FOR JESUS!!!!!

      • Alan Doud says:

        If you were truly a christian you would know that Gods choice was first the Jews. If you were paying attention every nation has in the pass been condemning the Jews. Did you know that the US was number one in scientific development and Israel number two. Even if they were calling the shots we are on the winning side Do you get it yet? Read your bible and let the rest up to God.

      • Cara Moreland says:

        What a ridiculous comment!

    • Brady says:

      He can’t get everything done a-lone. Many so republicans, vote demo.

    • Alan Doud says:

      Have you accomplished everything you set out for. I doubt it unless your goals are low. Did you have a congress dead set on your failure, because they new stopping your program would be your complete downfall. He has put up walls in other areas like trade abuses, dolling out money to enemies and other governments. We are all onto the dems ploy to use this as a polling point. so give it up.

  17. catherine says:

    UP VOTE for Tom Atoes! I’m laughing nancy.

  18. Mike says:

    4 more years = Heart attack for Nancy and Maxine with retirement for Chuck and a few others.

  19. Tom Atoes says:

    ‘So if Obama could win despite having a lower approval rating, Trump clearly has a very good chance, regardless of what the mainstream media is claiming…’

    …ohbummer ‘won’ because of massive fraud…which will be even more pervasive in 2020…see 2018 mid-terms for details.

    • Alan Doud says:

      Trump won last elections unexpectedly with fake reporting of ratings. God forbid she should win unless you are talking about Obama doing an illegal third term.

  20. pissedoffvet says:

    In a frickng landslide! Go Trump 2020! Eat your little heartless asses off 2%…

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