Trump just exposed Obama’s link to a terrorist plot that could destroy America

President Donald Trump isn’t afraid to tell it like it is.

He is willing to point out facts that other politicians are terrified to bring up.

And he just exposed Obama’s link to a terrorist plot that could destroy America.

Iran is the top state sponsor of terrorism in the world.

They have engaged in attacks on U.S. troops, and planned attacks on U.S. soil.

And President Trump pointed out that it was Barack Obama who sent $150 billion to Iran, adding that some of that money was used to attack U.S. military bases in Iraq this week.

Breitbart reports:

President Donald Trump blamed his predecessor, former President Barack Obama, on Wednesday for funding the missiles Iran launched against the United States.

“The missiles fired last night at us and our allies were paid for with the funds made available by the last administration,” Trump said, referring to the $150 billion returned to the Tehran regime under Obama as part of the Iran nuclear deal.

Iran launched more than a dozen military missiles on Tuesday, targeting American bases in Iraq as a military response to Trump’s decision to kill Iranian Quds force commander Qasem Soleimani last week.

Trump said that Iran’s hostilities in the Middle East only increased after Obama’s “foolish” 2013 nuclear deal, noting that Iran used the funds to back a campaign of terror around the world.

“Iran went on a terror spree, funded by the money from the deal, and created hell in Yemen, Syria, Lebanon, Afghanistan, and Iraq,” he said.

In 2016, then-Secretary of State John Kerry acknowledged that some of the billions returned to Iran could end up being used for terrorist activities.

“I think that some of it will end up in the hands of the IRGC or other entities, some of which are labeled terrorists,” he said in a CNBC interview in January 2016.

Obama’s Secretary of State John Kerry was well aware the money was going to fund terrorism.

He admitted as much when sending the money.

Yet, Obama still allowed it to be sent to them in order to appease the nation that hates us, and wants to wipe Israel off the face of the earth.

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156 Responses

  1. Jeannie says:

    b HUSSEIN o is the biggest fraud ever perpetrated on the American people. He is a muslim traitor and a terrorist lover!! He hates our country and our people! He is a disgrace! The truth will come out eventually and that is what this impeachment fraud is all about. The corruption of his administration!

  2. Flo says:

    Trump is no gift to anyone. He is a known LIAR and not knowledgeable enough to be president. He was
    more at home on TV, where he could fire anyone and it wouldn’t hurt the whole World order and mostly
    our country. He doesn’t care about our Allies of long standing. The one person who he cares about more than anyone or anything is himself. He is a sick individual!!!!! If he had any class, he would resign
    like Nixon,who really loved our country.

  3. Lebo says:

    Everyone knows Obama is a terrorist and traitor. The demoncraps don’t care and the Republicans are too afraid to admit it from fear of the backlash from the silent majority.

  4. Cliff says:

    If anyone had “doubts” about FRAUD obamas ‘intentions”, for the American people, (especially Christians and conservatives) google fema camps and guillotines. Be prepared to be shocked and “enlightened” .

  5. John lillard says:


  6. There is no big mystery as to why the Dems want President Trump out of the Whitehouse ! Obummer and his entire CORRUPT Administration have too many skeletons in their closets and are deathly afraid that Trump will expose them all for the Traitors they really are!! Obummer orchestrated this whole Coup and put idiots like Pelosi, Schiff and Schumer up front to take the heat and being the morons that they are, they were only too willing to do the job for him. The whole damn bunch of them are Traitors and should be treated as such !

  7. Bonnie kantner says:

    You all at the Patriot are damn liars! I have it from excellent sources!

  8. Darrel Winchell says:

    Are you insinuating obama was none of what you refer to President Trump is ? You harbor a distorted sense of reality. Seek counsel or therapy there may be hope for you & the like.

  9. Darrel Winchell says:

    Well stated, excellent description. Fits to a tee.

  10. Darrel Winchell says:

    The whole democratic party it seems have a warped agenda that does not include what is best for Americans. They are all a bunch of sick power hungry liars.

  11. 11B10Grunt says:

    How about what he is really known as…”A POS!”

  12. 11B10Grunt says:

    obozo needs IMPALING that needs to be BROADCASTED ON “ALL NETWORKS” so we can watch for DAYS his slow painful demise! FLOCKING POS!!!~

  13. Mark Stephen Gilbert says:

    Amen brother

  14. WOW..I knew there was MORE out there!! THANKS SO MUCH FOR MORE…TRUTH

  15. Yo rosa,Tijuana is missing their actress for the donkey show..

  16. P.k West says:

    GHWBush. Pic on internet wearing WW2 German military uniform, w/ different name. CIA plant ?

  17. jboo7 says:

    I talked about “the kettle calling the pink flower vase black”.
    You see: A kettle IS BLACK, after some use – a pink flower vase IS NOT BLACK.
    That parable means that we hear a lot of untrue stuff claiming to be true.
    And that is the point of “political correctness” and an ’embedded press’.

  18. CHENZ says:


  19. ivy says:

    Very well stated. All the verification of everything you’ve said is out there. Yet many still are blind. We are in a fight for OUR VERY WAY OF LIFE! Ppl treat this as a joke. Thank you for putting this all together in 1 post. I ???????? it will be seen by many! Bc THIS should be shouted from the rooftops!!!
    Thanks again patriot!!!
    May God bless you & keep you!!!????????❤

  20. kat says:

    we can keep praying. good think we have a president that likes a good fight. i can’t think of a single president we’ve had that could have dealt with this. he is a gift from God.

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