Trump just destroyed one 2020 Democrat hopeful with these five words

Dozens of Democrats are jockeying for 2020.

Elizabeth Warren, Kamala Harris, Bernie Sanders, and even Joe Biden are rumored to run.

But Trump ended the hopes and dreams of one 2020 contender with these five words.

Many have speculated for years that former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg would make a run for the White House.

Political pundits believe Bloomberg is a strong candidate given his financial status and fundraising abilities.

The leftwing media loves him because he is a former Republican turned gun control activist.

But when Trish Regan of Fox Business asked the President about Michael Bloomberg he gave this answer:

“I think he’d be easy. I think he’d be so easy. I don’t think he’ll get through to the Democrats.”

The Daily Caller reports:

President Donald Trump brushed off a potential Democratic presidential run by former New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg in an interview with the Fox Business Network.

“Michael Bloomberg might be running,” Fox Business host Trish Regan said to Trump, who abruptly replied, “That’s good.”

Trump continued, “I think he’d be easy. I think he’d be so easy. I don’t think he’ll get through to the Democrats.”

The president also noted that he does not think Bloomberg would survive the Democratic primary process: “I think the Democrats will eat him up. You know you have a lot of people running. I’m hearing names that are shockingly bad but they’re nasty.”

Bloomberg has spent millions trying to install Democrats in office over the past several election cycles.

Many of them will owe him favors.

And Bloomberg is the worst nightmare candidate for anyone who supports the Second Amendment.

He’s bankrolled the anti-gun group Everytown for Gun Safety, which pushes for so-called Universal Background Checks.

This would lead to a national database of every gun and gun owner in the country.

So even if he failed in his bid for the White House, he could successfully push gun control to the top of the agenda for the Democrats.


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35 Responses

  1. canam884 says:

    We don’t need racism on this site. It is demeaning to all especially the one advocating it. Get off and think a bit.

  2. Joe says:

    Bloomberg should put up or shut up on gun control If you believe in what you preach why no, have your body guards not carry any type of guns!!! Go ahead show us that our streets are so safe you don’t need firearms for protection !!!!!

  3. Nellie says:

    With picture!!

  4. BELIVER says:

    NOPE!!!!!!! RICB

  5. BELIVER says:


  6. Richard Reynolds says:

    Bloomberg is a shame, like Schumer

  7. snark says:

    ‘Ride my (OUR Patriot)Backs’ for a few more minutes,
    you ‘goon’.

  8. zee says:

    YES ! ‘proper’ Voter ID IS Mandatory.

  9. Gregory Poor says:

    I am behind Trump!

  10. Grampa says:

    the game of gotchas continues and points compiled to what end? the one with the most points wins? or so the game is played. for it seems it is all a game. each slinging barbs at one another to see the response. a game of thrones.——Grampa

  11. Rob Wells says:

    He is a lil Jewish Prick that has nothing going for him in friends and the ones that he has are only on the Gravy train for his $$$. Biggest POS besides cuomo in NYC.

  12. Lib destroyer with facts says:

    Mike , you are an absolute moron! Keep on being a lemming

  13. Norma says:

    You Bet. That guy is a crook and is very self centered. Tell him to live like normal people and see how he likes it!!!

  14. Joe says:

    Last I heard, billionaire Michael Bloomberg has 17 armed body guards. He wants to take guns away from every one else. The decent, honest citizens would be defenseless. The criminals would still have their guns. Every city would be like Chicago! Of course, Michael Bloomberg would still have his body guards!

  15. Mark says:

    Bloomberg is a nanny stater. No to sodas. No to self defense. No to having a regular family . No to the USA being a sovereign state. President Trump would have a field day against this clown.

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