Trump just called California Gov. Jerry Brown to the carpet over sanctuary cities

President Trump recently announced that he would use the National Guard to protect our southern border from the influx of illegals.

But California Governor Jerry Brown had other plans.

So Trump put Gov. Brown on notice with these two tweets.

When President Trump signed a memorandum to deploy the National Guard to secure the border, Gov. Brown initially complied.

But Brown is now backtracking by limiting the role of the troops under his command.

The New York Post reports:

On Monday, Brown said his state would not go along with the terms of Trump’s planned deployment of National Guard troops on the US border with Mexico.

He said he would be willing to send up to 400 members of the Guard under his control to fight “transitional crime” but they would not do the same work as other soldiers deployed by other states — including helping to build a wall or engaging in immigration enforcement.

That decision faced immediate backlash from President Trump.

Several California cities are revolting against their state’s Sanctuary policy.

Orange County, CA announced it was joining Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ lawsuit against California for its refusal to comply with federal immigration law.

This just goes to show that Gov. Brown continues to prioritize illegal immigrants over the safety of his own citizens.

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