Trump just asked Brett Kavanaugh to do one thing that will change 2020

The Democrat Party can’t stand the fact that Brett Kavanaugh is on the Supreme Court.

They did everything they could to block him to no avail.

And Trump just asked Kavanaugh to do one thing that will change 2020.

Outside of their impeachment hoax succeeding, there may be nothing Democrats want to see happen to Trump more than his tax records being exposed.

They want his tax returns, in the hope they can dig up some sort of dirt on him.

If they can secure his tax returns, they will have a much better idea of how his finances look and the media will have a field day spinning them negatively no matter what they contain.

That’s why Democrats made it their mission to get Trump’s tax returns a subpoenaed.

And Obama and Clinton appointed judges helped secured it for them.

That’s why Trump just asked the Supreme Court, with Kavanaugh as their newest Justice, to block the subpoena.

Breitbart News reports:

“President Donald Trump is asking the Supreme Court to block a subpoena for his tax returns, in a test of the president’s ability to defy investigations.

The filing Thursday sets the stage for a high court showdown over the tax returns Trump has refused to release, unlike every other modern president. The justices also could weigh in more broadly on Trump’s claim that sitting presidents can’t be prosecuted or investigated for crimes.

He wants the court to decide the case by late June, under a deal to keep the Manhattan district attorney from enforcing the subpoena in the meantime. The returns are held by Trump’s accountants.

A second, similar case is headed to the court over a House committee subpoena demanding Trump’s financial records from the same accounting firm.”

At the end of the day, Democrats want Trump’s tax returns hoping they’ll find something they can attack him with.

And with him being as rich as he is, they almost certainly will find something they can use as an attack, whether or not he actually did anything wrong.

When all’s said and done, it should be Trump’s decision whether to release them.

And voters already elected him, despite the fact that his tax returns are not public.

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135 Responses

  1. Tom says:

    Being an “Old Schoolteacher” there are so many of you having 2nd. and 3rd. grade Words that are totally misspelled I don’t understand how in the world you can even make sense!
    Keep trying to improve on this one facet of Education!!
    I know what you are trying to write but……please let’s improve on this very important item!

  2. Connie Mitchell says:

    U r right. misleading headline does not help Pres.Trump. it only antagonise his haters to continue to mobilize against him that continues to divide the ciuntry.
    Come on, conservatives, do better. u accuse the MSM for the same thing abd u do the same.

  3. Leon Keller says:

    Well said!!!

  4. Leon Keller says:

    Get the demoncrap senators , house representatives, the Clinton’s and Barry Sanders aka Barak Obama aka Kenyan born Muslim to show their tax returns and how they fleeced Americans to line their cofers.

  5. Bruce says:

    Leave Obama alone. These comments are comming from Closet Communist.

  6. Alvina Sedwick says:

    I fully agree altho I don’t think anyone should show their tax returns, it’s no ones business as their financial records has nothing to do with their work performance. I wouldn’t want my tax returns shown to the world & I have nothing to hide just no one elses business

  7. Bill says:

    Are you really this stupid?

  8. Jesse says:

    If anyone should release their tax returns it is all those Democraps who became Millionaires on Congressional pay.

  9. Andy Mercer says:

    Your headline, “Trump asked Brett Kavanaugh to …” is misleading. He didn’t ask Kavanaugh; he asked the Supreme Court to overturn a lower court decision that could allow his tax returns to be made public. By saying he asked Brett Kavanaugh to do it, you make it appear that he asked him personally, giving the impression that he was putting undue pressure on the person he had appointed to the court.

  10. 2004done says:

    OK, which is it? CH3NZ, or CHENZ? Or is it more Russia, Ukraine, China, DNC, and RNC collusion? “Inquring minds want to KNOW!” from one of the most reliable, consistent-veracity, News Sources we have. Or I suppose you’ll expect us to believe it was “just a typo?” [your name, not dissapear. If schiff finds out you’re leaking these codes behind the miss-spelling that he doesn’t want leaking, you’re “Off the Committee.”] Well, whoever-you-are, we must decide ourselves on how honest ANY website might be, which helps me to remember how easily I can be mislead. Now, pardon me, I’ve got to feed my bat-faced-boy-in-the-basement before he marries the UFO-King identifying as a “her” today.

  11. Arlene Kittay says:

    Democrats drop dead

  12. Barbara Lauren says:

    Anyone who continues to refer to “the Democrat party” is obvioulsy too close-minded to engage with. From now on, I will refer to “the Republic party.”

  13. Elizabeth McLean says:

    The corns a popping,

  14. Elizabeth McLean says:

    LOL that is what I just said too, Becky. I surely agree.

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