Trump is terrified at the news that just came out Georgia that changes everything

Things aren’t going well for President Donald Trump.

He is fighting with everything he has, but the establishment is on the verge of cheating themselves to victory.

And now Trump is terrified at the news that just came out of Georgia that changes everything.

There has never been a U.S. election with as many improprieties as the 2020 election.

These are the sort of improprieties one would expect from a third world country’s election.

But Trump is fighting back, and even if Joe Biden takes the White House on January 20, he is going to continue to fight.

Currently, the worst thing that could happen in that effort is Democrats winning in the Georgia Senate run-offs.

If they win, control of the Senate will effectively go to Democrats, with Kamala Harris holding the swing vote as Vice President.

And the way things are going, President Donald Trump could be in trouble.

The Democrat Senate candidates have shattered fundraising records, massively out-raising their Republican opponents.

Georgia Democrats Jon Ossoff and Rev. Raphael Warnock have both raised over $100 million in the past two months.

Their $210 million total was split almost evenly, with Ossoff reporting $106.8 million, and Warnock reporting $103.4 million.

Much of this funding comes from out of state, with left-wing celebrities holding fundraisers for the two.

Their two respective challengers, Sens. David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler raised over $130 million in total, with Perdue raising $68 million to Loeffler’s $64.1 million.

All four broke the previous Senate fundraising record held by South Carolina Democrat Jaime Harrison in the third quarter of 2020, who raised $57 million in his failed challenge to Sen. Lindsey Graham.

As that race showed, money isn’t everything, but Democrats have a clear money advantage in this race.

Currently, polls show Sen. Perdue ahead in his race against Ossoff, but Loeffler being behind in her race against Warnock.

This divide likely comes down to Loeffler angering many Trump supporters due to her not standing up for the President as much as she should.

At a recent campaign rally, Loeffler’s speech was drowned out by Trump supporters shouting “fight for Trump,” and “stop the steal.”

Republicans may end up losing the Senate due to candidates not standing up for President Trump as strongly as they should.

And if that happens, it will be bad news for Republicans, giving Democrats the ability to run the show in Washington, D.C.

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