Trump is smiling from ear-to-ear after getting a win that nobody thought was possible

The left-wing media wants you to believe that Donald Trump is failing as a president.

But time and again he proves them wrong with massive victories.

And now he is grinning from ear-to-ear after scoring a win nobody thought was possible.

On the campaign trail, Donald Trump spoke with a confidence no other presidential candidate ever has.

He didn’t try to argue that he would be a good president: he argued that he would be the greatest president in history.

On the campaign trail he stated he would “be the greatest jobs president.”

And as it turns out, he wasn’t lying.

In fact, a new poll shows that Americans are more confidant in the job market than ever.

The poll, by Gallup, shows that 71% of Americans have confidence in the job market.

Since Gallup began polling, they’ve never seen close to that number.

The Daily Caller reports:

Americans’ confidence in the job market is at a record high, a new Gallup poll shows.

The poll shows confidence in the job market at 71%, the highest among Americans since Gallup started polling the statistic in 2001. The poll also found that 51% of Americans say that current economic conditions are excellent, and 54% say the economy is good.

GDP has exceeded 3% growth in consecutive years after never having reached 3% in eight years under President Barack Obama’s leadership.

The unemployment rate also hit its lowest mark in nearly half a century last year, and statistics reported by the Department of Labor last month showed the lowest amount of workers claiming unemployment benefits since 1969.

Despite these huge numbers, the mainstream media continues to claim that President Trump is going to lose re-election in 2020.

To many of his supporters, this is ridiculous.

Trump has the same message as he did in 2016.

In the 2020 election though, he’ll be able to point to real results he’s achieved since taking office.

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108 Responses

  1. Joe says:

    Nonsense! Are you aware that Trump is a lifetime leftist Democrat. Do you know that George Soros gave Trump between two and three billion dollars to run for POTUS. Soros is the one pulling Trump’s strings.

  2. Joe says:

    Your claim is a half truth. The facts are that Trump is the highest paid POTUS in history making 3 million+ per week just for playing golf at his resort. That is what he is charging us taxpayers. He donates his salary of $200,000 for the tax deduction.

  3. Joe says:

    You posted almost all nonsense on Trump’s goals. You erupted into a lot of hot air that is for the most part false. If you had been keeping up with the Trump news you would know that Trump has admitted that there will be no border wall endorsed or promoted by him. He is instead building a decorative fence on our border that will make it easier than ever for illegal immigrants to come into America. The fence will cost millions just to maintain. Trump admits that it will rust and be an eyesore. His solution for that is to paint it rust color. Trump promised a wall to protect our border but instead we get a decorated border.

  4. You are spreading nonsense June

  5. You cannot be serious…ROFLOL!

  6. Trump is the most egregious liar in the history of our Republic to become POTUS.

  7. Kathleen says:

    Only one statemnent I disgree with and that is concerning Trump not catering to immigrants. He has no problem with Legal immigrants. It is the Illegal aliens he has issues with as do the rest of the sane people in the world.

  8. Tony Bell says:

    Well said.

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