Trump is going to crush Al Sharpton after he crossed the line with two words

There are few who have been worse for race relations than Al Sharpton.

He has made millions by stoking the flames of racial divide.

And now Trump is going to crush Al Sharpton after he crossed the line with two words.

Al Sharpton has made a name for himself for attacking white people for decades.

The self-described “civil rights leader” has inserted himself into every racial controversy in his lifetime.

In doing so, he has made boatloads of money, which he’s often neglected to pay taxes on.

And now, he’s used his career to torpedo himself into a cushy job at the Far-left fake news network MSNBC.

From his position at the network, he attacks Trump every day of the week.

And in a recent interview he took things a lot further.

Speaking to The Guardian, Sharpton was asked about his past association with Trump, with Sharpton even featuring the then-businessman at his Action Network conventions.

Sharpton says that he did so to show bipartisanship and that it wasn’t until the election of Barack Obama that he realized that Trump is a “white nationalist.”

The Guardian reports:

In 2002 and 2006 the billionaire appeared at Sharpton’s National Action Network conventions, now among the largest civil rights symposiums in America, as an invited guest. The pair posed for photos, both beaming.

Does he regret bringing him now?

“I wanted to show bipartisanship,” Sharpton says, striking a surprisingly defensive tone. “You can’t have a civil rights convention where you say I’m only going to have one side, and so it was in that spirit.”

But it was after the election of Obama, he says, that his assessment of Trump went from being one of a “cynical manipulator of race” to “a white nationalist”, as he led the “birther” conspiracy movement.

“At our last sit-down meeting he argued with me about Barack Obama not being born here but being born in Kenya. If you’re not one of us, you’re one of them. That’s when I was convinced … That’s who he is. He’s a white nationalist. This is not just some maneuver of his. He deep down inside believes that.”

To Al Sharpton, anybody even slightly in the Right-wing is a “white nationalist.”

So it isn’t surprising he is attacking Trump with that baseless charge.

But with as shaky a past as Sharpton has, it probably isn’t a great idea to target the President.

Trump could easily destroy him with just one tweet.

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90 Responses

  1. Randy Smithr says:

    Glenn, you ask a very good question. This zombie looking freak is a tax cheat above and beyond. I find it most interesting in that every one of the Demo candidates for President talk about taxing the rich, yet they suck up to this guy every which way. The corrupt Demos are just amazing when it comes down to how evil; they really are.

  2. Glenn S Todd says:

    How come the IRS has not gone after this tax cheat. When I owed $ 1,500.00 the IRS would not stop until I paid the money. He owes over a million and a half dollars and the IRS is not doing anything. WHY NOT?

  3. BigR2491 says:

    BIG Headed not so Sharp AL. Ol Sharpie is a born opportunist. He sees a dollar on every corner, ripe for the taking. He is Americas first born race baiter.
    Killery Clinton brought up the birther notion and asked th Donald to pursue it for her. And pursue it President Trump did. I am quite sure President Trump is sitting on information that sooner or later he will use. Ms Clintoon is the very reason President Trump ran for the office in the first place. He found out so much about his “friends” that he decided that America needed a break from politics as usual.

  4. Randy Smithr says:

    moron, a rather mild term for this very evil and wicked individual. just the sight of him makes me want to throw up. I think he just crawled out of the grave by his looks. your right Sandra, needs to be taken down

  5. Sam says:

    He is behind all the trouble with white and black. All he’s good for is starting trouble with the race issue. If anyone is races is Assho Al. Part of the problem with what happened in Ferguson is because of him he just all stuff with the rioting as soon as he got the next thing you is we were having riot’s. With all his races comments he’s trouble wherever he goes he’s a riot waiting to happen you seen it live in Ferguson

  6. Randy Smithr says:

    His only accomplishment is he got very ugly. That man looks like walking death

  7. Kath says:

    I agree, Richard. What a waste of space this anorexic, ghetto trash is. And I’ve got news for him, nothing wrong with White Nationalism, this country was founded for White people. He shouldn’t even be here, he should be living in a mud hut in the homeland. I’ m pissed that Lincoln was assassinated, if he wasn’t all these trouble-making black bastards would be in Liberia. The more you give them, the more they want. Scream about equality and then demand special treatment. All men are not created equal and the africans in this country are living proof. Worthless!!!!

  8. Richard Parker says:

    I will be glad when his last day on this earth is here. He is like Epstein no good for anything. Breathing good air that someone that matters could be breathing.

  9. William says:

    Put Ginger in with Sharp and see how she likes it

  10. Luis M Rojas says:

    Why i dont understand is that Sharton owe the IRS lot a money and nothing happened to him if was meet they took everything and put in yield.was wrong with IRS because is black he get away with everythind. Hes is a racist

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