Trump is ecstatic after a new poll proved one sobering fact for Democrats

As 2020 nears, Democrats are working overtime to take down President Trump.

But with the wins continuing to rack up for Trump, they’re facing an uphill battle.

And Trump is ecstatic after a new poll proved a sobering fact for the Democrat Party.

No President in history has faced the same obstacles as President Trump.

The entire mainstream media, the Democrat and Republican establishments, and Deep State operatives in the government have spent the past two years doing everything to destroy him.

Despite this, he continues to outperform every expectation as America enjoys record low unemployment and unprecedented economic growth.

He is doing so well that he has been able to break through the anti-Trump mainstream media narrative against him, and come out on top time and time again.

And the latest polling shows this clear as day.

A new poll from Gallup shows that President Trump is at his highest approval rating since taking office, at 46 percent.

From Gallup this is impressive, considering that they have been infamous for showing Trump at a much lower approval rating than many other polling companies.

And it is especially impressive considering that former President Obama was hovering between 43 and 44 percent at the same point in his presidency.

As reported by The Epoch Times:

A record high percentage of Americans approve of the job Donald Trump is doing as president, according to polling by Gallup.

The approval rating hit 46 percent in the April 17–April 30 poll, coinciding with the release of special counsel Robert Mueller’s final report, which established that the 2016 Trump campaign did not collude with Russia to influence the election.

The report contrasted with the incessant coverage in legacy media that was largely supportive of the collusion narrative and, at times, false. The public response to the news appears to be reflected in the poll.

Trump’s predecessor, Barack Obama, had an approval rating of 43 percent to 44 percent at the same point of his first term in the Gallup poll.

This new polling is further proof of Trump’s success, and proves yet again that the media is wrong about Trump.

The poll also shows that Trump is gaining in approval among Democrat and Independent voters.

So one thing is clear, and it’s that President Trump has a much better chance winning re-election come 2020 than the Left wants to admit.

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  1. TexanForever says:

    Only a compulsive-obessive would post a mini-book on a blog response site, set up for brief cogent comments, and expect anyone to read it. … I certainly didn’t.

    By the way, please explain why the weather on both Earth and Mars run in parallel, consistent with sun spot activity. Even the polar caps are in synchrony. This was easily observable by telescope for over a century, Global warming is a colossal money making hoax that you and other Liberals bought into, hook, line, and sinker.

  2. Jubal Harshaw says:

    I third the motion

  3. ……And your point is…..? Obama was far worse and Hillary would have worse than Obama.

  4. Blue says:

    Dang, you have to read a liberal rag to tell you what to say, is that it, BS!

  5. james barry says:

    External Image
    The President Seems to Have Just Implied That He’s Glad John McCain Died and Went to Hell
    Yet another edition of Normal President Stuff.

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