Trump is about to release the smoking gun that will destroy the Deep State for good

The end of Robert Mueller’s investigation answers a lot of questions.

But there are still a lot of questions Americans need to know the answer to.

And Trump is about to answer them with a massive smoking gun that will destroy the Deep State for good.

Robert Mueller’s investigation proves Trump didn’t collude with the Russians to win the 2016 election.

But it also proves that fact has been known for a long time, and powerful interests allowed the lie to continue, including into the 2018 midterm elections.

Trump isn’t content with just letting that go, and is calling for the declassification of other records relating to the investigation.

Among them the FISA surveillance warrants against Trump adviser Carter Page, and the FBI interview of Justice Department official Bruce Ohr, who is married to Fusion GPS staffer Nellie Ohr.

As reported by The Daily Caller:

“President Donald Trump committed Thursday to declassifying a slew of records related to the Russia probe “and much more.”

Trump said in an interview with Fox News’ Sean Hannity that he was “glad” he waited to declassify the documents until after the end of the special counsel’s investigation.
“I thought that maybe they would obstruct if I did it early, and I think I was right,” Trump said.

Trump has for months considered releasing portions of a classified surveillance warrant application granted in June 2017 against Carter Page, the former Trump campaign adviser. He has also considered declassifying FBI notes of interviews with Bruce Ohr, the Justice Department official who served as dossier author Christopher Steele’s handler for months after the 2016 election.”

Fusion GPS is where all the shadiness of the Russia Investigation lies.

They created the dossier that was later used to obtain a FISA surveillance warrant to spy on Page, and which was later used to justify Mueller’s investigation.

The entire dossier was funded by Hillary Clinton and the Democratic National Committee.

So Mueller’s investigation is based entirely on opposition research on Donald Trump that was funded by his opponent.

Knowing the full truth on this will be devastating to the Deep State, which is why they have been fighting tooth and nail to keep it secret.


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83 Responses

  1. Karen says:

    Love this site

  2. Robert Glade says:

    It is time for Trump to quit talking about declassifying records concerning the actions of the deep state conspiracy, the corruption in the FBI, CIA, and Justice Department under Obama, including the phony FISA applications, and crooked Hillary’s private server and pay for play activities as Secretary of State, and the corruption in the Clinton Foundation and actually do it. The Mueller Investigation is over and there was no there there, so that excuse is gone. Stonewalling now will only lead to a speculation that Trump may have something to hide that these reports would reveal. I don’t believe that is the case, but the longer he drags his feet, more doubts will arise.

    • Emma says:

      I believe he is just letting them simmer in their own swamp.
      The more he talks about it , the longer he waits, the more unhinged they all become.
      It’s interesting to watch.
      They know what they did & they also know they have been completely & thoroughly exposed.
      Releasing the documents will be their autopsy.
      The commiecrats are in their death throes as a party

  3. Don says:

    Releasing the information is one thing …….getting rid of the deep state garbage in our government is another. I pray it does. I ‘m tired of their garbage…..and part of it is from my own state by the name of Romney.

    • Kenneth says:

      I agree, Romney is like the crooked Demorats. He’s a self-serving POS. If he’d had exposed the Obamas and the Clintons he could have won back in 2012, but instead they offered him something or threatened him either way he’s a spineless greedy little man. We need to get rid these types of politicians.

  4. rebecca says:

    TIME TO LOWER THE HAMMER!!!! The American people, & our President, Donald J. Trump, deserve justice.

    • The Real M says:

      Rebecca, I totally agree! We do deserve justice! Our Country, The Constitution, the American people and, President Trump have all been violated! In addition, think of the people who were called by Mueller’s investigation and intentionally led into entrapment just so they could be charged with lying, in an attempt to coheres them into cooperating in an effort to bring down President Trump. This mess has caused lost careers and financial ruin for people who obviously were not able to help Mueller at all!
      The Deep State, Dems, RINO and others responsible for this travesty, are a lot worse criminals than anybody they dragged into this mess! They are for the most part atheists and don’t understand they will have a huge price to pay for all the people they have caused undue harm to. Hell has no fury like the judgement of the Lord!

  5. Joe says:

    Finally after we see the deep state corruption revealed justice should prevail for everyone that had a hand in it. It’s high time that all those in the DNC, Clintons, Congress, DOJ, FBI, CIA, and the Obama Administration including Obama himself be exposed and pay the price for undermining and trying to destroy a duly elected President. Justice is coming and payback will be a bitch. If we had public hanging that is what they deserve. We must put a stop to those who undermine our values and country. This is war without weapons.

  6. Mary Johnson says:

    The FISA warrant should never have been issued. All involved should be held accountable and charged. Anything that came from said warrant is ill gotten fruit and therefore should be thrown out.

    • T-pac says:

      A Political HIT JOB ? REALLY ?
      President TUMP should go after each and everyone who tried to frame him destroy MY F’N COUNTRY and we all know what they say about pay back. and it’s coming and coming HARD

  7. George says:

    Some of these people have made a mockery out of our, Americans, Government.

    It must stop.

    Our Government is not meant to be an Entertainment entity, which is what many are making it out to be.

    Hollywood is dirty enough, we do not need that dirt in the Whitehouse, and most of the dirt is from the Dems, although some of the Rinos must be stopped also.

    Go get them Mr. Trump, all of them. Trump 2020.

  8. Saturday, April 27, 2019

    It’s about time to unveil the dirty plot against the President Trump by the Deep State. It was all funded by the opponents like Hillary, Obama, Soros and the DNC.
    The President did not want to interfere in those false allegations, allowing Muller chosen by the Deep State to conduct freely the searches and conclude.
    Muller wasted time and tax payer’s money to find a proof of collusion. None. But he left a sneaky doubt giving to congress’ supervision to conclude. It was the way to show his complete commitment to those who elected him to indict the President. Now Trump is ready to unveil the protagonists of this dirty game. The truth about FISA surveillance, the Obama and Hillary input, the Fusion GPS, the machination created of Russia interference in the 2016 elections. But most of all the ultimate fight to get rid of the president elected at all cost. It is the start of contre-attacking the Revolution vowing to change the roots of America by previous leaders with eliminating the only intruder in their hoax: The President TRUMP CHOSEN BY AMERICANS who rejected in mass the previous ones.

  9. Bill Beveridge says:

    If the Clintons, Obama, Holder, Lynch, Pelosi, Schumer, Feinstein and most of the Democrats are involved, you can be pretty sure that there is anti-American activity going on.

    • It’s about time to unveil the dirty plot against the President Trump by the Deep State. It was all funded by the opponents like Hillary, Obama, Soros and the DNC.
      The President did not want to interfere in those false allegations, allowing Muller chosen by the Deep State to conduct freely the searches and conclude.
      Muller wasted time and tax payer’s money to find a proof of collusion. None. But he left a sneaky doubt giving to congress’ supervision to conclude. It was the way to show his complete commitment to those who elected him to indict the President. Now Trump is ready to unveil the protagonists of this dirty game. The truth about FISA surveillance, the Obama and Hillary input, the Fusion GPS, the machination created of Russia interference in the 2016 elections. But most of all the ultimate fight to get rid of the president elected at all cost. It is the start of contre-attacking the Revolution vowing to change the roots of America by previous leaders with eliminating the only intruder in their hoax: The President TRUMP CHOSEN BY AMERICANS who rejected in mass the previous ones.

      • if i was one of those deep state people i would be making a bee line to the attorney general’s office and spill their guts on what was happening so they could stay out of jail. The house of cards are falling faster and faster by the day. These people do not understand trump and do not understand how smart and strong he is. He has a back bone, guts and you know what happens when you poke a bear, you start running for the hills. Brendon clapper, clinton page stroke and etc you are all going to look good in a orange jump suit.

    • Robert Baird says:

      You can make book on that one BB

    • Alaska Woman says:

      United States V. Trump, NY, 1973
      FinCEN v. Trump 2015
      Then there was Nixon …

  10. Carl Hutchinson says:

    When will George Sorros be arrested and deported?
    As long as this snake breathes American airlines this crap will continue.

  11. Tobydog1 says:

    I’ve always referred to the “Deep State” as the Political Mafia! They would make Al Capone and his thugs look like angels. America will not see justice until each and every one of them are behind bars, or worse. When President Trump said that he would “Drain the Swamp”, I’ll bet that even he didn’t realize how deep the swamp really is. Fortunately, for US, no matter what his faults are, he is doing his best to keep his promises to US!

  12. Denny says:

    All I want to know is when the trails start for Sedition? hen Will George Soros, his sons, Tom Steyer, and many Democrat Leaders, in the Federal Government,. State Governments, and the Cities be arrested and Charged, The Same with the RINOS . They should be arrested, and all their assets confiscated till their trials are over. Their asserts should include all stocks in Companies thy control, also their computers, Both in bossiness’s and home. and then take a page from Muller and arrest all attorneys who represent them . their assets and computers at home and in their offices. Remember what Muller Did to Roger Stone and others? Take a battalion of US Marines, get volunteers from the battalion and swear the volunteers in as US Marshals temporarily to make arrests and guard them in jail. Jail them all, including heir lawyers, in the Guantanamo Bay prison, in Cuba. No Bail. Sedition is Treason. It can carry a death sentence. Next, all elected officials, no matter what party, that stated to do away with the constitution, the same constitution they swore a oath to uphold and protect from foreign enemies and domestic enemies from with in, Should also be taken out of office, and arrested for Committing Sedition and tried. All their assets and properties should be confiscated, and they should be investigated an see who supports them, and the donors should be arrested also. If you want a country, time to enforced our laws.

  13. Mark Barnette says:

    While I greatly applaud the release of what we have all known for so long, unfortunately, my belief is that it will not make ONE BIT OF DIFFERENCE AT ALL.

    We live in two very vastly different countries and neither will accept any information, regardless of how iron clad it is. Just like the left has rejected the mueller report and even said it says something that quite clearly it does not say, there is no evidence they will accept.

    They will clearly say that “Trump is out to punish the people who correctly had him in their sights and that the “walls will be closing in for him to pull this act of desperation.” It will be complete miss reported by the lamestream media and be used as another “example of why Trump must be impeached.”

    So while I look forward to any and all release, I would caution anyone from celebration or expectations that any thing will change.
    It won’t.

    • Pat says:

      Mark Barnette, I believe you hit the nail on the head! One thing they are not counting on or aware of—They have been yelling Trump is uneducated, mentally ill etc. AND THEY HAVE CONVINCED THEMSELVES IT IS TRUE, It is very far from true! He did not get where he is by being uneducated, nor mentally ill—-LIKE A FOX HE IS! He simply gave them enough rope to HANG themselves! The house of cards(crooks and liars) is about to fall!! We will all have a ringside seat.

  14. Carol says:

    Mueller should not investigate the dems . Barr should.

  15. Marcus says:

    For a long time now I have waited and wished the Dirty Cop Robert Mueller and his Gang of Liberal Trump Hating Lawyers would just go away , But I must admit it turned out slightly better then I could have guessed and hoped for , It is like the light being turned on at night to see the Demonic Rat Cockroaches scurry away back into the woodwork , I could not believe that The Evil Marxist Witch Shillary recently slithered out from under Her rock , That Woman belonged in a Federal Prison years ago , In a cell next to Comrade Chairman Obama AKA Barry ( The Muslim Rat ) Soetoro

  16. Margaret J. Libby says:

    This voming reveal is going to be epic!! Dirty cops and so many others are going down! Let the pigs begin to squeal. I have waited 2+ years for John Solomon and Sarah Carters digging to come full circle and I sure am in for this ride! I will get in line tobegin stitching orange jumpsuits for this gang of crooks!

  17. Robert Casper says:

    I think when one or two get indicted, everyone is going start squealing like pigs. They will see that they are going down and the plea deals will start rolling in. The deep state is very deep as it has been established for decades now.

    It is probably several generations deep. It took a person like President Trump to take them on. Most all of them are beholding to large donors with lots of money.

    Talk about wasted money. We could end the US debt with the dirty money spent to try to over throw this country.

    We all need to pray for President Trump and make sure that his security team has his back every second of every day. I am sure the closer he gets the more attempts to take him out are going to occur.

    He needs God’s protection!!!! I know he is far from perfect as we all are, but I truly believe God is using him to turn this ship around….

    And if the be the case then he is in the best hands of all of us because God will not allow anyone to get to him…..

  18. FrankC says:

    Turn it all loose. Stop waiting, just TURN IT ALL LOOSE!

  19. Earl says:

    Oops, I forgot Brennan and Clapper.
    Mr President, please declassify the FISA warrants and expose the fraud these swamp dwellers pulled on the secret courts. Also, maybe it will expose the corrupt FISA judges. They seem to be as bad as the Ninth Circuit Kangaroo Court.

    • Fran says:

      You mean Crapper, not Clapper. They all stink so bad of deviousness, underhandedness, crimes and misdemeanors.
      Just think, if unscrupulous Hilary had gotten in, we never would have known about all this. Thank goodness for “ little things”. I sincerely hope they all wind up in jail, from narcissistic Obama to..actually there’s too many to name.

  20. The rehhawk says:

    And Biden/Obama “No SCANDALS BS ” will be hitting the FAN along with Fast & FurIus/IRS/Brennan spying on the Senate/ Uranium gate/ tarmac sale/state secrets on air by Hilly/ etc …..Can someone remind Biden to stay SILENT instead of make up BS Stories???

    • EdnaRowell says:

      That creep, Chuck Schumer, says “We are at war with Russia” and I think well Hillary gave them the Uranium supply. She should be the first in front of a firing squad. I volunteer!

      • Scott27 says:

        Edna, please. Give it up on the uranium nonsense. Totally misinformed.

        • Murphy says:

          Truth may hurt but it is still the truth. You are about to be exposed to a lot of crimes committed by obummer and all of his cronies. And it will include some conservatives as well. They will start rolling over on the next rat above them and it will turn into a snowball rolling downhill!!!

        • Darren says:

          You’re the one that’s misinformed! Edna is spot on!

  21. Earl says:

    Let’s start with waterboarding Steele, HRC, Mueller, Comey, McCabe, Strok, Page. Both Ohrs, all employees of Fusion GPS, Rosenstein. Oh sorry, forgot Lynch.
    Oh wait, their response will be “what difference does it make”.

  22. Tony G says:

    Yes! Draining the swamp. . . . . Trump 2020

    • The Redhawk says:

      LOCK them up starting with OBAMA !!!

      • Lester M Bolling says:

        The whole Trump crime syndicate needs to be locked up, no one is above the law, he clearly obstructed justice countless times during the investigation, and when Don Jr accepted the meeting with the Russian on the pretense of damning info on Hillary, that was definitely collusion. They lie on s daily basis, the most corrupt administration in American history. His praise for dictators is unprecedented. He’s trying to make the United States and I authoritarian dictatorship. Doesn’t follow the rules of law, as a major of political science and history and a veteran of three wars he’s leading America down a dangerous path that may ultimately lead to it’s downfall, the Russians will attempt and probably succeed in meddling with our election again. You Trump supporters are blind to reality. Faux news and Trump are rottinh people’s brains

  23. nate says:

    Accountability! I certainly hope they’re just accumulating evidence and all facts/truths before all the indictments are delivered? There are a lot of people to be held accountable, and every single one should be questioned to the maximum. Leaving NO STONE UNTURNED! President Trump is 100% correct when he states “this should never happen again”. The only way to secure that phrase?, is to prosecute to the fullest extent! BEST WISHES, AMERICA IS WATCHING! KEEP AMERICA GREAT, 2020 TRUMP/PENCE

  24. Blue says:

    Lock’em Up! About time, hope this really happens, starting with hillary!

  25. theolddog says:

    We keep waiting breathlessly.

    Is this the 23rd or the 31st time we have heard or read the same thing?

    Godot will arrive before the cap gun does.

    You DO know who Godot is, right?


    • Scott27 says:

      haha.. like that old dog. I doubt seriously more than a couple here know who Godot is. Most live in an entirely manufactured universe. And I agree, every day someone has been “devastated”, had their hopes “crushed”, seen their career ended, yadayadayada… Hard to believe such willful ignorance is so rampant among this crowd.

  26. Tim Shepperson says:

    I’ve been waiting for this ever since I heard there were such documents. Now we’ll see if this was BS or the real deal. If it’s real I look for the defecation to hit the oscillator.

  27. Dave Miedema says:

    if it puts deserving Communist Democraps in prison, then I’m all for it.

  28. libra says:

    Let’s see how the swamp lies it’s way out of all the info coming from Pres. Trump declassifying all the nefarious stuff Obama/Clinton/FBI/DOJ/CIA and swamp creatures pulled to get him impeached. I would almost bet that Mueller was in on it himself. I believe the Federal Government should at least fine the instigators enough to reimburse all of those who had to hire attorneys and lose their homes and retirement savings and for what –a vindictive Hillary Clinton seeking vengeance because she lost the election.

    • Bruce Lindsay says:

      libra I agree 100% These horrible politicians have disrupted many lives and are to be held responsible for all hardships that have occurred because of their ill actions to rid whom they HATE, our one and only truthful among the group, our President a man of dignity and word, though obstructed doing his best for this country and its people, like no one ever has

  29. Michael says:

    Mr Donald J Trump, now that the dust has settled somewhat….your our BEST chance ever to nail that dirty bitch Crooked Hillary to the wall… She truly thinks she is bullet proof…she won’t shut her mouth like a normal person who has done the things she has done all her life…if that dirty bitch falls, Obama will start running scared…that means that arrogant piece of CRAP Comey, Brennan, ect might start realizing the walls are starting to close in on them as well…the news media has backed themselves in a corner that will hopefully put an end to CNN, MSNBC’s lies…the Liberals don’t give a damn about America…they hate Trump so much, they are totally unqualified to be in a position of power, they are neglecting the people in the districts that elected them because of the blinders they wear when it comes to Trump…I say fry them all Mr Donald J Trump and Mr Barr

    • AL says:

      Oh…I am definitely with you 100% on this one, I absolutely want to see that lieing old hag hil-LIAR-y and also that FRAUD obozo both pay for all of this. I am tired of both of them and want to see both SWEATING BULLETS and definitely hear the words “FOUND GUILTY OF TREASON. Oh will that be a blessed event. And let those other backstabbing demonCRATS all be running scared as well. PRESIDENT TRUMP has EXPOSED all of their corruption and their hate has been for way too long. TIME TO GO AFTER THOSE CAREER CRIMINALS ONCE AND FOR ALL…GET IT DONE. JUSTICE NEEDS TO BE SERVED…N-O-W!!!!!

  30. trapperwv1 says:

    The DNC and RNC and the Dems and GOP are the deep state we need to dump them ,they are both working to keep the power into their clique. We are all Americans and Trump is the first president outside the parties that represents all Americans . He had to run as a republican because people identify with parties . We need to coalesce together and eliminate the deep state and run our government as Americans.

    • Bruce Lindsay says:

      Absolutely! So vote for Donald J. Trump once again. He deserves another four years, he’s committed to our country’s prosperity and reputation as the most fair country on the face of this planet when it comes to honesty and fairness.
      He has done a great job in the last 2.5 years regardless of continual interference by so many corrupt individuals. GO DONALD YOU GET MY VOTE REGARDLESS OF WHAT THEY SAY OR CONTRIVE.

    • Concerned American Citizen says:

      I agree 100%! I have thought and said that many times… The Patriot Party or The Constitutionalist Party or just The Conservative Party. Just shut the RNC and DNC down.
      Now could be a good time for Don, Jr, Eric, Ivanka and family, start putting it together. Then Don Jr can run under that party in 2024. They can also take the great heroes with them… Rogers, Flynn, Nunes, Gaetz, Meadows, DeSantis, the Senator from Georgia, Norman? What a beautiful thing it would be!

  31. Hondo1046 says:

    This is the day that I have been waiting for, for the last two years. Most Americans’ don’t really know what precipitated the Mueller probe and “the People” really do need to understand what the Democratic Party leaders did to stage the “third world coupe”. Somehow, the mainstream media needs to be exposed for what they really are, and they need to be forced to cover what really happened and watch their “Puppets” be held accountable for their heinous behavior. Keep going for it Mr. President.

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