Trump gave the military the one order that caused the caravan to have second thoughts

Three more migrant caravans are barreling toward the United States’ southern border.

America faces an invasion.

So that’s why Donald Trump gave the military the one order that caused migrants in the caravan to have second thoughts.

One of the caravans making its way through Central America consists of 12,000 migrants.

While Congress dithers on negotiations over border security, Trump is taking matters into his own hands.

The President is ordering an additional 2,000 troops to the southern border to put up more razor wire and provide more logistical support to the Border Patrol.

The Daily Caller reports:

The Pentagon is sending several thousand more troops to the southwestern border, fulfilling a request made by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).

Currently, there are about 2,300 troops stationed at the southwestern border. Pentagon officials revealed Tuesday that they will be deploying an additional 2,000 troops as part of the DHS’ request for the military to extend its mission there. Originally intended to last until Dec. 15, the military’s mission will now be extended to Sept. 30.

The entire operation is estimated to cost $132 million by the end of January, and over $600 million by the close of the fiscal year in September.

“We are supporting our federal partners on the border, and that mission has been extended until September,” stated Pentagon spokesman Lt. Col. Jamie Davis. “We are currently sourcing the units involved and there will be an increase of a few thousand troops.”

This type of action is why Trump retains the support of his base.

Trump supporters see the swamp trying to thwart the President while Trump is pulling out all the stops to fulfill his promise to secure the border and crack down on illegal immigration.


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245 Responses

  1. Illegals? They cross our border they are DEAD.

  2. Dennis says:

    I agree with Dean, but what if our President decided to close the southern border both coming and going and to include air travel and cruise ships until the funds to build the wall.
    Some one tell me why that wouldn’t work!

  3. Dean says:

    El Chapo is now in prison for life! Ted Cruz is right, use El Chapo’s $14,000,000,000.00 to BUILD THE WALL!!! Or any of it!! If the Demonrats oppose, they will look like a bigger Jackass Party. Let everyone know this would be so amazing!

  4. bILL says:

    build the fricken WALL!

  5. Dee says:

    We are behind President Trump 100% Democrats need to stop taking whatever is making them INSANE; And either change their way of thinking or get the F__k out; Follow American rules & stop breaking the laws. Some of them need to be prosecuted for letting illegal immigrants; MURDER American citizen’s; Illegally using our tax dollar’s on people that are not living in America. Much More!!!!

  6. Robert E Cummings says:

    Electrify the dam fence. Put hungry alligators in the Rio Grand River. Shoot water cannons at people trying to climb over the wall so they fall back into Mexico

  7. Robert Ewing says:

    Me and millions of other Americans support the shooting of all invaders. Period

  8. Richard D. Wyatt says:


  9. snark, alerts. says:

    To Real M. /+ Anyone else.
    PP blocked response to Real M.
    >Scroll down for comm’s re ‘estudiante’
    ~ TRUTH, Real M.

    • snark, alerts. says:

      Repost. re ‘brief comm’ w. Real M.
      >Going thru this x.

      snark, alerts. February 4, 2019 at 10:48 pm
      IQ comprehension Affected.
      PPH vacc’s
      Chem Food/drink
      Monsanto ‘glyphosate’ Diet
      Dyes/ Aluminum (brain)

      The Real M February 5, 2019 at 12:17 am
      snark, alerts, Your diagnosis sounds on the money to me. Wonder where Scott27 got off to, he is a real piece of work. He and JD’ s mantra was to dazzle with phony pseudo brilliance, well NOT!
      >NO “dazzle” re jd.\ ie Busted/ ‘self Admission’. 27 ‘waking’ ?

      • Wondering Woman says:

        These snarks fall far short of dazzling us with brilliance and wind up just as far short of baffling us with their BS!
        We must stamp out the common core curriculum in our public schools before they completely destroy our children with the new world order indoctrination in lieu of an education.

      • Wondering Woman says:

        You left off two very important toxins regarding the brain, but both also affect other areas of the body, as bad as their killing off the neurons in our brains and central nervous systems.
        Does make you wonder why they added monosodium glutamate to the vaccines as a preservative to replace the brain toxin thimerosal, when they removed it. The other toxin that kills off brain cells in most of our highly processed foods in our SAD, is aspartame sold under name of NutraSweet, Equate and may have already been renamed since many of us have already learned to look for aspartame in the ingredients lists on containiers.

        • june Burgess says:

          guess who gave onsanto the rights to put GMO seeds into ALL aspects of our veggies and fruits. Look no further thatn Monsanto’s donations to the clinton foundation. Alsost all our produce is tainted.

        • Bonnie says:

          Are you on some kind of mental medicine? Where do you people come up with such BS? Stop spreading this junk tell me when the the USA do something to your brain.

  10. 81 says:

    Bring back public Hangings!

    • Estudiante says:

      YES!! Start with that fat, orange Slime Ball in the White House!!!!

      • The Real M says:

        Estudiante, Yes Demon Diane, we’ll start with you, give me your neck so we can get this show on the road. “It’s Show Time”!
        See you have added yet another pen name to your repitoire. 🙂 Now you have gone to another language, doofus! You keep trying for originality, so keep trying, you have a long way to go, goober!

        • Steelie says:

          U ‘astute’ Real M.
          Estudiante ‘fools No 0ne’ EXCEPT
          estudiante. LOL.

          • The Real M says:

            Yo Steelie, That stupid idiot does that all the time with her pen names and every so often I just have to let her know “we all” know.
            She is a mental midget retard.

          • Steelie says:

            scroll on, see post .

          • Steelie says:

            Real M. Diane may be ‘autism spectrum’.
            Don’t think even Pelosi would support
            ‘style’ of opposition. Pelosi et al have already
            dis-0wned ocasio-cortez. Pelosi ‘dem’ Club would destroy Dianebetty/ estooodio, jd. tit. granberg etc in a ‘heartbeat’.
            > Let ‘them’ post in Peace & Dig their ‘hole’ Deeper.

          • Estudiante says:

            I fooled you! LOLOLOLOLOLOL!

        • Estudiante says:

          WRONG!! You got that wrong–but in true Republiclown fashion, you jump to conclusions without FACTS!

          • Estudiante says:

            WRONG!! You got that wrong–but in true Republiclown fashion, you jump to conclusions without FACTS!
            “Trump’s approach to governing seems to be, essentially:
            1) Take a dump on the carpet
            2) Complain loudly that there is a turd on the carpet
            3) Blame the turd on everyone but him
            4) Demand someone else clean up the turd
            5) Smear the turd around
            6) Say he cleaned up the turd better than anyone else could have
            7) Declare victory
            And somehow, 35% of the country still thinks he’s great because Obama never took a dump on the carpet.”

          • The Real M says:

            Estudiante/Demon Diane, Your reply makes absolutely no sense! As a Republican I ask, what FACTS are you talking about! This reply was in response to my getting on your case personally and was not political at all, period.
            You are just a mean liberal airhead, the same as always; always have been, always will be. It is difficult to make sense when you have no sense, and Demon, you don’t! Get your pacifier. suck on the end that has the little soft semi-round end, go back to sleep and let the adults handle this, turd!

        • anthony says:

          send him back to Honduras in a black garbage bag

      • jwden says:

        No. We’ll start with you, slime ball.

      • John Schneider says:

        You will be the first you illegal wetback. see ya don’t want to be ya. Food for buzzards worms and coyotes

      • anthony says:

        yeah ,make him the hangman and then get the dirt bags and clean out the swamp

      • june Burgess says:

        Oh has Clinton changed her wardrobe. That slime ball tried walking away with over $250,000.00 of White House Furnishings when she and slick willie left. Now why wasnt she charged with grand theft, they made her return the items but there was still over %0K missing

    • zee says:

      Long Gone Is the ‘0l Wild West !

  11. Kara Wright says:

    Poor Nancy, she has no way to stop the additional arms forces to help the Border Patrol and as the people in the caravans see the amount of military power President Trump has sent to make sure no one gets in she is having a meltdown or Brain Freeze. We have a mighty President and a mighty Good country.

  12. Julia Schmidt says:

    I immigrated here since the 60s and even then the MEXICANS at our University would talk of MEXICOs plan to take back their territory which they accuse us of stealing from them & since they could not win it by warring they will claim it thru the invasion of ILLEGALS & they offspring who claim citizenship but are NOT… & of course the reluctance of the opposition LEFT who will PASS Legislation to REFORM OUR IMMIGRATION BILL removing all the Loop Holes & upholding the No Benefits No Entitlements & all the Enticements that feeds this invasion of lawless uncivil disrespectful of our sovereignty No Coattails No Lottery No Anchor Babies etcetera… Enforce E-VERIFY with heavy penalties + jail 10yrs for employers & all who in anyway aid & abet them (Landlords) TOP DOWN….

    • Steel Magnolia says:

      Good post Julia. I wonder If the Mex at your Univ. were
      preaching this, b/cuz they Also WERE/ARE X-treme Left.
      > Most Mex does not feel this way. PPL WANT to Love &
      STAY in their ‘countries’ IF SAFE & NOT ‘RULED’ by
      > X-treme USA Left Ready to Take USA ‘down’ Anyway’
      they Can. & THEN, All of the ppl that want to come
      here Will Be V. Sorry In the ‘future’.
      >POTUS HAS PUT a HUGE ‘Dent’ In the ‘Big Plan’.
      > How Long Will ‘it’ Last ??? No 0ne knows. Butt , BIG
      Prayers & Action WILL HELP to Save Sovereign USA.
      > 0BRADOR IS GOOD & ‘aligned ‘ w/ POTUS. & ‘he’
      (Obrador) NEEDS ALL the ‘HELP’ he can get, as well.

    • Bama Bill says:

      Make out rules “Same as Mexico’s or Canada’s”! I immigrated to Canada, had to have a Canadian Citizen sponsor me, my Canadian wife. Could only take a job that NO CANADIAN had filled in 90 days! Sponsor was 100% financially responsible for me the first TEN YEARS! Don’t believe their lies, I paid less than 15% income and other taxes here. I paid 45% on the $80,000 I earned the first year! They needed more money, so the tax on alcoholic beverages was raised FIVE TIMES in two years! When I move back in 1999 a 24 of beer was at least $40! Whiskey, $40 / litre! Gasoline is now $1.29/ litre, or $6/gallon! Plus they kept all the money I paid into SSI !!!, like SS here. Why? Because I was out of country for over 180 days! My Canadian friend just bought a used 38′ cruiser, just got a tax bill for 12% of the $150,000 selling price! That’s $18,000 on a used boat! The Canadian dollar is now down to $.76 U.S.

    • Clutch R. Cargo says:

      You are so right Julia. We were outnumbered 3 to 1 and still kicked their asses and
      they just can’t man up and let it go.

  13. walkedAway Liberal says:

    I love you All, Patriots. Thank you for
    helping me to ‘wake up’.

  14. Dorothy says:

    I hope the troops are armed and can use extreme force against an invading army.

    • Bama Bill says:

      I read that Donald said any invader that assaults our people on the border with a gun, rock, bottle etc. will be shot. And anyone resisting will be taken down and cuffed. Set one foot on U.S. soil and they will arrest.
      All will be held at the border and transported back to Mexico. I’d vote to shoot anyone setting foot into our country. Not a center mass or head shot, but put on the ground. Give them order to get back across the border! Let their fellow invaders care for them! I wouldn’t offer any care to them.

      • The Real M says:

        Bama Bill, I am supportive of the same values you are. Please do one thing for all of us mature patriots and don’t refer to President Trump as “Donald”. He holds the highest office in America and “the office” should be respected, not the man but the office and is a tiny little piece of what we are so desperate to hold onto.
        The Dems are trying to make America into something our founders would not recognize. President Trump is working so hard, day and night to save America and his effort and office deserves every American’s respect. He doesn’t always sound like a traditional President but, he always iIS our President. I respect him and the office he holds.

    • Estudiante says:

      Yeah–An invading army of the poor, with lots of women and children who are fleeing the violence in their countries. Shoot ’em all, and let God sort ’em out!!! Yea!!! Make America Great Again!! Make America Run Red with Blood!! (Republiclowns-sheesh!!!)

      • The Real M says:

        Estudiante, Wow dog-do-do, Demon Diane, you just had a meltdown only a bleeding heart liberal snowflake could have!
        Conservative Republicans love LEGAL IMMIGRANTS! We expect them to follows the rules and apply to legally immigrate to the USA as millions have done. We don’t like or intend to allow you to throw open our borders to let gangs, criminals, terrorists and God only knows who in along with the poor. It is too dangerous and providing open borders is not fair to others who have applied legally and waited and are still waiting for their turn to enter. I don’t understand how you liberals justify your stance, that is unless you are just not intelligent enough. Is it just too complex for you Diane?

      • Richard D. Wyatt says:

        You ever hear of the “Alamo”, you ignorant cu*t? After we wound them we should stack them in a pile and set them on fire!

  15. Nancy McGregor says:

    Gmail is going away April 2nd

    • Tim says:

      I too am moving my email service, Google don’t care about us or our country. MS is being looked at as well in-favor to a different OS as well as yohoo who I have already been removed
      nor will I support any sponcers that pull ads because a handful of trump haters pull their ads on Carlson, Laura I. of any-other conservatives talk hosts. that are like minded thinking and knowledge

      Nor will I tolerate any of them to slander or shout my voice down of my own or others that speak like me.

      I only wish I was evil minded so I could turn it aganced the most evil of the DC swamp

      • Robin says:

        Protonmail is automatically encrypted, and additionally, they don’t retain the (encrypted) emails, so no FBI dweebs can get a warrant to see them. Just fyi

      • Bill Moran says:

        tim Gmail is not going away just google plus which was a social networking system they tried but failed and do believe anything without checking it out . For believe it or not everyone here isn’t so bright for he skipped the who article
        for it was at the end it said Gmail will remain the same

    • Patrick Crumal says:

      No – Gmail is not going away. Google+ is going away. They are not the same thing at all.
      Google+ is Googles failing attempt to displace Facebook – and is IMO a weak FB imitation
      and that is why it is failing. Failing in the non-commercial space – that is personal use.
      Google will still have a platform similar in function but targeted for commercial use.

      • Bill Moran says:

        Finally Patrick , a guy who reads the whole article and sees Gmail isn’t going away for I have just tried to explain it to two people who didn’t do their homework
        Have a good day

      • Estudiante says:

        Patrick, you are wasting your time on this moron. He won’t be able to figure out Protonmail either.

    • William says:

      You better check on that for Gmail is not going away , Google + is going away which was a site they were using to create their own social networking like FACEBOOK but it didn’t work out .

    • Richard D. Wyatt says:

      Yet another example of our tax dollars being squandered on “Common Core” and “No Child Left Behind” . Perhaps you should do a tad more research using the reading comprehension skills they attempted to teach you in elementary school!

  16. Don Hampton says:

    I know many people that are liberals and even they want a WALL! If the media would just stop trying to make news and just print the facts that are out there we would have already solved the have problem solved. All the people I have talked to feel as I do. Don’t the congressmen even read and understand the laws that already on the books concerning immigration ? Why are no limits on the number of terms for them like the President??? A little common sense could go a long way. Do they have to leave their brains at home when get elected ?? Its probably all about the MONEY!

    • Steel Magnolia says:

      > What IS ‘going’ 0N, rite here, Rite NOW in USA
      devoids a Person IDENTIFYING w/’political’ party. RE:
      > DEMS ARE QUITE OPEN re this + More. Sorry to say__
      & IN yo’ FACE. TAKE a ‘STAND’___
      > SUPPORT POTUS DOING Best he Can , against Major opp.

    • michael ramirez says:

      You are soooo right

    • Estudiante says:

      So, why didn’t the Republiclowns get the money for the wall when they had the majority in BOTH HOUSES of CONGRESS for the ORANGE BLOB’S FIRST TWO YEARS?????

      • Jack Handy says:

        WHY ? b/cuzzzzzeee. Rino/Establishment GLOBALISTS.
        honey, U still have not done homework re Agenda.
        Somtimes IQ just can’t handle/ comprehend___

      • The Real M says:

        Estudiante, Demon Diane, You are too dense, dumb, deranged, + all other adjectives describing your demished capacity.
        You asked the question and know the answer unless you have short term memory issues as well! You are so inconsequential I can’t be here another minute!

        • snark, alerts. says:

          IQ comprehension Affected.
          PPH vacc’s
          Chem Food/drink
          Monsanto ‘glyphosate’ Diet
          Dyes/ Aluminum (brain)

          • The Real M says:

            snark, alerts, Your diagnosis sounds on the money to me. Wonder where Scott27 got off to, he is a real piece of work. He and JD’ s mantra was to dazzle with phony pseudo brilliance, well NOT!

  17. Jonathon R Walker says:

    I would like to point out something that as a single case or multitude, is terrifying…. Those that come from other countries to become US Citizens are not only vetted by the Government to be of good moral character (OR at least a decent type person, LOL) BUT they are also vetted by the healthcare side of the immigrant process to become a Citizen. Those that come across the border illegally can be a carrier of God knows what. Hell, thanks to the whole NON – Immunization Movement, there are hundreds if not thousands of children that are not protected. Children and young adults…. Dying….. All because people want us to turn a blind eye to Illegal Immigrants….. Even the death of ONE CHILD is too much….

    • Debra says:

      J R Walker, totally agree. well said.

    • pcbeau says:

      We already have an outbreak of Measles , cases of Tuberculosis, and even polio! It will only get much worse if these illegals are not stopped! THEY HAVE NOT BEEN IMMUNIZED which makes them carriers of all the diseases that America has worked so hard to contain!!

      • Clutch R. Cargo says:

        pcbeau, as if that wasn’t bad enough the vaccines for the flu,whooping
        cough,& hepatitis A in Indiana,I believe Ohio and Kentucky were comp-
        rimised according to the CDC.

      • Estudiante says:

        The Americans who are getting measles now haven’t been immunized! Most are children, and their parents believe the fake news about the” hazards” of the vaccine. It wasn’t brought in, but is a growing epidemic due to the stupidity of US citizens! They won’t trust our own National Institutes of Health, but put their trust in quackery. The worst of it is up in the Northwest–Washington and Oregon, NOT Texas, Arizona or anywhere along the border with Mexico!!!

  18. Dennis says:

    Screw the wall and relocate all our available ground troops to the southern border and shut down all trade with Mexico until they show signs of helping out in this crisis!

    • and suspend all money going to the those countries as AIDE. Give the Military permission to return, in kind, any and all attacks on them.

    • snark says:

      Must ‘understand’ Stuff. MEX IS Not bad. Mex PPL = Good.
      Especially w/ newly Elected Obrador Aligning w/POTUS.
      > IT IS the ‘CARTELS’ ! (that Mex ppl /USA NEED ‘relief’ from).
      >( & ‘past’ aligning 0fficials w/ CARTEL $$) Capish,no?
      > Remember GWB aligning w/Vincente’ Fox) = TOTAL KrAAp.
      (& ‘we’ are experiencing ‘that KrAAp’ NOW.)
      >POTUS ‘trying To Correct w/ 0brador.

    • Debra says:

      That’s a good idea.

  19. JAD says:

    Personally I say “SHOOT TO KILL”!

    • Robert E. Davis says:

      Now we have an epedemic 😷 of typhus in LA county…..And the Democrats don’t believe or think there is a crisis????!!!!!!! Please President Trump our southern border is under attack by illegals bearing contagion that stands a good chance of killing people due to an epidemic STOP 🛑 THEM AT ALL COSTS, forget the Democrats, they have shone, beyond a doubt that they flat out do not care!!!!!!

  20. Linda says:


    • lee says:

      their goal is defeat TRUMP.

      • Ursula Raymondo says:

        Exactly. That’s what this whole fiasco is all about. In the meantime they bring in more than death. They will bring with them Terror.

      • Steelie says:

        Nan & Chuck + more 0n
        ‘Adrenochrome/Ambrosia (babie meds)
        DO NOT CARE re USA. Got That?
        ‘THEY’ DO NOT CARE re USA.
        ‘THEY ARE ‘Consumed’ W/ ‘the AGENDA___
        > & y’all By Now, Should KNOW ‘WHAT’ the
        ‘AGENDA’ IS.

      • Richard D. Wyatt says:

        To all who have TOTALLY MISSED THIS !!!! President Trump IS NOT THEIR TARGET ….. WE ARE !

    • Statesman Patriot says:

      Trumps wall request was for $5.7 Billion, not million.
      But you are right. The continued cost using military personnel will far exceed that amount and eventually exceed the full $12 to 15 Billion needed to complete the wall.

    • Patrick Crumal says:

      To be correct – It is $5.x B Billion – $5M Million
      That really doesn’t matter – because whatever is spent to have our
      troops there is either going to be worth it or wasted.

      I would think worth it – since it is money spent to secure the U.S. until such time as the “barrier” is built. I would like to suggest we start using the term a barrier rather than a wall.

      • Steel Magnolia says:

        Patrick. per Your suggestion re the ‘w’ word (wall) Is
        0ffensive to ‘rio linda’ / Dems etc. (ahem cough-cough.)
        > “BARRIER(s)” IS Correct Terminology.
        “BARRIERS” IN ‘UNPROTECTED’ >SECTIONS LESS than 400 Mi. (of which pelosis/schumer
        ‘brainwashing/controlling } ‘remaining’ ??? jfk Good
        Dems? / Rinos/ Globalist Establishment ARE ‘Blocking’ FOR 0Bvious ‘Reasons’.
        > IF Any0ne Here doesn’t ‘KNOW’ ‘what up’ = IT
        IS ‘Time’ To ASK. ‘We’/ ‘I’ WILL Tell You. a Must Know.
        > Please ‘comm’ (communicate’) ___
        > SUPPORT POTUS/ Sovereign USA.
        > ‘WE’ , Together, CAN BREAK ‘the Plan’. Capish,no?

    • Debra says:

      Linda,, Well said.

    • Chuck says:

      To answer your question. They are VERY stupid. They don’t care about the country, only about having the Democrats in power.

    • Debra says:

      AMEN !!!!!! And they should be barred from holding any government office. Fire both of them.

  21. Estell says:

    Good move. I was hoping that he would send more troops. And plese allow them to use force to keep them out. I’m sure there is plenty of our people that would help also.

  22. Edward Ferguson says:

    If you don’t stop this invasion now, most of South America’s population will be right behind them. Lawless states, run by dictators.

  23. JO says:

    I look at the young men trying to get into our country…..strong…..eager… do what? earn a living?… become an American?…I think not………or be part of a “army” to destroy from within our democracy……I don’t trust any of them…they should be in their own country…trying to improve it… we have done ….go back….go back home…..we don’t want or need you behaving like you are………….come into the USA the legal way……that we welcome

    • charles says:

      those strong young men should be back in their own country and rebuliding their problems,,,,all we will do is support them and they will continue to break our laws and raping our young babies and women,,,,,,we need to use our weapons to keep them out,,,,,they are criminals and the enemy,,,

    • Herschel Huff says:

      We are not a demorcracy We Are A REPUBLIC. Get It Right.

    • Richard D. Wyatt says:

      They are soldiers dressed in street clothes …! Wolves dressed as sheep!

      • The Real M says:

        Richard D. Wyatt, You spoke the absolute truth!
        Has anyone else noticed that a lot of these young men wear baseball hats and lower than heads so their faces are not seen when a camera is around? Yep, they are already wanted criminals, gang members or terrorists headed for our border! I am so sick and tired of liberals saying these are poor desperate families looking for a better life, Bull$hit, these caravanners are estimated to be 80 – 90% young men. Hey you liberals, have you watched videos of the caravans, if not, you should watch them. If you have seen the videos, then you are dirty rotten liars and your family may be one of their victims one day!

  24. Tony Bell says:

    Reality check, asylum seekers do not approach the country they wish to ask asylum of carting the flags of their home country. They do not come to assimilate into our society. This is an invasion, by all manner of definition.

  25. John J says:

    These are not “TROOPS” they are construction workers, give them their loaded weapons and orders to stop the invasion

  26. Ray Copeland says:

    If the sorry b*st*rds try to cross, BLOW their dam pea brains out.

  27. Carl T. says:

    Another fake poll , asked only of the party faithful. And as such , it means nothing in the Real world. But it does give the more extreme right wingers a chance to vent and say poo-poo words to fellow travelers among their own kind.

    • Patricia Overbey says:

      you need to get a job or you need some serious help. I am a die hard Trump supporter & proud of it. God bless President Trump & the U.S.A.

      • The Real M says:

        Patricia Overbey, Old Carl T. is simply another liberal paid troll. He is making money when we reply to him so, between his troll pay, living off welfare and living with his mom, he is doing okay. We should ignore him, his Mom should put his but out on the curb and he should get a real job. There are plenty of jobs to be had so unlike the BHO era. I swear his time in office lasted at least 20 years, so glad that phony “everything” is gone!

    • Wayne says:

      Congratulations, you are the idiot of the day.

    • Scotty says:

      Hey,Carl T. The more invaders that come here , the less free stuff for YOU . Fool.

    • Joseph says:

      People like u stay home in the kitchen with mommy while the men are risking life and limb defending our great country.Remember in times like this your childish insults to the men and women that are brave enough to fight for OUR COUNTRY are seen as cowardice, UnAmerican and Traitorous. Think before you open your cockholster.

    • Liberal hater says:

      Hey Carl T.
      Reality check you stupid liberal pos. It is an invasion,
      What safe place do you live?
      Do you have walls and a door with a lock mind you , where you live and call home?

  28. manuel govea says:

    Pelosi and Shumer are the ones to blame for all this mess just because they hate our president they dont care about the safety of the American people this Nazis could care less about America.

  29. Marilynn Reeves says:

    Should have said you cross your DEAD
    Texas is tired of these rats

    • Wayne says:

      That wouldn’t be too much. Every one that crosses is taking money from you. Stealing is an accurate term. The dems are stealing enough all ready.

  30. Craig Michael Vandertie says:

    What total treasonous nonsense was that Patriot Pulse advertisement I just had to categorize as inappropriate.

    A photograph of that homosexual illegal Kenyan “Butt Pirate Bathhouse Barry Osama ” standing and speaking from a podium with the words asking if I am a proud liberal and then something about the Progressivenist party, Progressivenist equals completely delusional and therefore in no way patriotic, so again I am confused as to why PP would be running such an ad.

  31. chuck says:

    they are an invading force no guns are used because each person is the weapon .they draw upon our resources and our good will but in doing so they take from our citizens .,our legal citizens. we all put this money called taxes away for our legal citizens, did you know these people make more money and free benifits by not becoming a citizen.we the people are the losers and we need to do something now. biuld that wall nooow.

    • Craig Michael Vandertie says:

      Which is why every time the proposal of Peurto Rico becoming the 51st state came up the people voted it down, like CaliMexifornia it is a “Welfare State,” with politicians and judges every bit as despicable as those in CaliMexifornia.

    • Marilynn Reeves says:

      Should have said you cross your DEAD
      Texas is tired of these rats

    • Marilynn Reeves says:

      They Cross they die. Texas is feed up

  32. snark says:

    NOT RUMOR: Trump found a loophole provided by the “war on drugs” by George Bush which will allow him to immediately begin construction of the wall without congressional approval

    10 U.S. Code § 284 – Support for counterdrug activities and activities to counter transnational organized crime does indeed have in it a stipulation that will allow Trump to block off the entire southern border by building a fully lit fence complete with perfect observational access along it’s entire length, for the purpose of stopping the flow of drugs across the border. The legislation does not say “wall” but a fence can mean anything, including many of the designs already submitted, including the designs which are made out of closely spaced steel poles 30 feet tall the border patrol wants the most because they can see people approach from the other side.
    >Trump does not need congressional approval, or even to declare a national emergency to get going on this TODAY.
    > SAY “BARRIER” ___

    • snark says:

      More than 2000 Additional troops are deploying to border as we speak. w/ Razor Wire etc.

      • The Real M says:

        snark, Let all true American patriots say AMEN! President Trump, get on with building the barrier! Build it in a way that anyone trying to breach it will be severely injured (or worse)! Nothing is 100% successful but it will stop more than 90%, drones and technology can track that few and the border patrol can pick them up. They will claim asylum and we can send them back to Mexico! It will stop any possibility of storming the border. Be prepared for the Dems to file a lawsuit to stop the barrier(as they always obstruct) but this sounds great. I had heard there was another option besides declaring a national emergency and this must be it.

      • The Real M says:

        snark, Good thing sending more troops and installing more razor wire to do all possible to stop the caravans headed our way. Mexico has ended their asylum program so all of these thousands will be headed straight to good old America looking for us to take care of them. I think they and the Dems think we have “money tree” groves around the country growing money to support the world. Baa Humbug!

        • snark says:

          Real M.
          10 U.S. Code § 284 – is not the POINT, (of Injury
          by Force. ) Razor wire = Brutal. Do Not Touch,
          ‘the Deterrent’ ___(0r ‘cut’ IF ‘electrified’. )
          > NO ‘w’ word (wall) 0nly BARRIER SECTIONS
          In ‘Crucial Cross0ver Sections ( cartels) using
          coyotes using fam’s As ‘shields’. Less than
          500 miles.

          • snark says:

            POTUS Working W/ newly Elect 0brador
            to Contain. 0brador Aligns W/ POTUS.
            Do Not Believe Any ‘other’ Smack___

        • snark says:

          Re ” money tree”. Yes USA ‘Federal Reserve’
          IS “money tree” / keeps inking ‘Fiat $$’ .
          > & Then ___
          >Federal Reserve Is Independent of USA
          3 Branch Government. Fed Reserve IS Globalist.

    • Craig Michael Vandertie says:

      Build a DMZ type wall that puts the one that has existed between the 2 Koreas for over 60 years, robotized guns with motion sensors and actuators.

      Wide enoutlgh across the top to drive Hummers back and forth.

  33. Craig Michael Vandertie says:

    Yet the Border Patrol and the National Guard failed to keep 100s of the last caravan out, what good is the entire fiasco if even one gets into the United States and it is far more than one as the size of these caravans increases the average may go up as high as 2 to 3 thousand.

    • Wanda Crane says:

      Why don’t you just bring yourself DOWN HERE TO TEXAS and help STOP this “fiasco”?? Is your home being invaded, your family threatened, your livestock killed?? If all of y’all are so smart, get on the democrats to get this wall built now!! it is put up or shut up time!!!

      • Bob says:

        The time has come to tell our representatives that either they get on the ball and get the wall built or we the people will take care of the situation and it will not be pretty for them. That goes for both the invaders and the representatives

      • zee says:

        We ARE W/You Wanda. Stay Strong.

    • S. says:

      I think if Medicare, food stamp or welfare receives any application that seems like the person just got in around that time period, they should reject it and send that person packing .

  34. Flor Gutierrez says:

    I am Hispanic and I would not call the President a racist if he uses lethal force at the border. Do whatever he needs to do to stop infiltration of all these people into our country.

  35. David says:

    We are being plundered to do nothing. Put a wall around DC also and use it for our Sanctuary City. Take a vote by which politicians stay in the wall as a no vote. See how that goes!

  36. Sherry L Chase says:

    Looking forward to the State of the Union! Ok my dream! Mr. President Trump’s brings out All the corruptions of the Demorats…. Including Killary and obo, Soros, Comey, Mueller ect Military arrest them All. Like I said! My Dream… Plus cleans out All Muslims out of We the People’s government… 🇺🇸Mr. President Trump 🇺🇸 2020🇺🇸

  37. Kevin R. Godier says:

    I believe in sovereignty,constitution,liberty,and justice,the right to bear arms,and punishment for the criminals,foreign or domestic,so take pride each and everyone of the military doing the job those useless individuals over in Washington DC never do for the rest of US who work so hard every day that make this county great and have been for years and still do-I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the republic for which it stands one nation under God indivisible with liberty and justice for all! I will fight along side every American and we will win.

  38. Patti says:

    The fight is not about the wall. It’s that they don’t like Trump . They have lost sight what is best for the country its personal. There is a reason he was elected

    • The Real M says:

      Patti, You are spot on! It is all about Pelosi and Schumer’s HATE for President Trump. He messed up their “sure thing” when he was elected President. He taunted them , he could not help himself, wish he had not because it just intensified their loathing of him. Also, if the Dems can’t control the situation, the set about to rid themselves of the “situation”, as they are attempting to do at this very minute. They have not been able to stop or control him and it has driven them out of their minds. All they have been able to do so far is say NO to the wall.
      No conspiracy other than hate and loathing of DJT.
      Stand by for the next chapter!
      President Trump, hold the line until they fund the wall!

  39. Gregory Sullivan says:

    Donald Trump did the right thing,to keep those Illegals out however, it’s sad that he won’t use lethal force to keep them out as he would would be called a racist against the Hispanic people.

  40. Gordon Goodrich says:

    If they dont want a wall then use lethal force but protect this nation

  41. CLIFF says:


  42. Fay Butler says:

    Wrap Nancy and chucky in razor wire and roll them at the invaders. That’d be enough to scare off Big Foot.

    • Escha says:

      😂😂😂😂. So true. Put a hand held battery and on every turn over a slight shock would hit their bottom 😂👹 Escha

    • cecil says:

      The Democraps are anti American as their leadership hates the average American and they will do everything they can to be against US and President Trump. Now NY and Virginia are fighting to be the leaders of the baby killers movement. They want abortions at anytime up to and including after birth. Maybe we should get letters from Pelosi and Shumers mother saying she really intended to about them, then execute they according to the new NY laws.

  43. Jim says:

    Good I’m happy with my president’s action. BILL THAT WALL!

    • Pamela says:

      I am glad Trump is sending troops to cover the border until the wall is built and the wall needs to be built!! The only thing I differ on is I think the solders should be allowed to shoot to kill!! Letting them get away with in small groups or even tear gasing them is not stopping them from coming!! IT IS AN ILLEGAL INVATION AND SHOULD BE TREATED AS SUCH.

    • William Hayes says:

      BUILD Jimmy.

  44. Pat K says:

    Negative Nancy, Chucky Cheese, smooth-talking Shimer, big mouth Waters and their Demwit puppets don’t have time to defend our borders (even if they knew where they were??) and do the job they were sent to Washington to do for “we the people” because they are too busy constantly campaigning, hassling for funds, whining, complaining, throwing temper tantrums and trying to get rid of Trump for accomplishing what they’ve never had the brains to do!!! If there was ever a time to get rid of the DNC and its pathetic do-nothing and useless spendthrift members….it’s now….before they cause more destruction!!!

  45. D. Mark says:

    If the Democrats will not cooperate with border security, maybe we need mandatory E-verify to stop the illegal immigrants working here?

  46. Edward says:

    They wouldn’t give it a second thought if you have something they want. They would KILL YOU in a heart beat.
    The only thing the Democrats see are VOTES. They already want to give illegals the right to vote.

  47. Richard Roberts says:

    I for one am very anxious to see action started on building the barrier. Information has been made available to people in the past few months that easily proves that a crisis exists on the border. I’d think President Trump has to exaust every reasonable effort to go through normal channels to do this but now it appeares he is ready to take what ever action is necessary to get the barrier built. Not many people would have the patience to dilly-dally with these sensless airheads that he’s shown in trying to work a broken system. Keep up the good work, President trump….we are winning.

  48. Tony says:

    If these invasions continue we will loose this country to them. They must be stopped. The we money hand out to countries that couldn’t care less bout the U.S. A. would more than pay for the wall and tools to stop this invasion. Like Diane said if conditions are so bad where they are leaving why are they carrying their flag? Their intentions are bad.

  49. Patricia Welkie says:

    Send those 2 idiots, pelosi and shummer to the border along with their families, so they can be vulnerable to these people bringing in the drugs. Let them try the drugs and see what happens.

  50. h8aliar says:

    None of this is going to stop the invasion. Only when the laws are changed to deny aid and citizenship and lotteries and chain migration will it end.

    • Cy says:

      also a “shoot to kill” order would be nice. Bet it’d stop the caravans

      • Hydro says:

        Put Pelosi, Schumer and anyother negative politician in front of the Army – have them stand there after all its all made up so they should be safe – right – it’s just a dream as everyone of those morons are cowards

    • S. says:

      Yes. If they knew they weren’t going to receive housing, food stamps & health ins, I don’t think they would be so eager to come here. They are fleeing their awful country wanting to come in by hook or crook and on top of that shove their flag down our throats. SMH

  51. Dennis says:

    I have written this before and it landed on deft ears. I lived in Co Spgs a few years back when one of our Presidents was thinking about reducing our bases and the people in Co. Spgs went nuts because their finances depended on the army base at Ft Carson and the Air force base . At that time I wondered why are bases were there in the middle of the country and not close to the borders they might have to protect. I think the President should place all the Army and Marines military on the southern border and sent the Air Force, Navy and Coast Guard to beef up our ports and coast line. There is a bonus to this, they would be training in a environment much like the Middle East where they seem to be fighting a never ending conflict. Now they are shoveling snow. I would not be opposed to them building their bases on the border, the entire border and treat the invaders as combatants and put them in prison camps like Gitmo. I do hope this is something that he can do and someone gives him this message. I am a Navy Vet that saw service in Gitmo during the missile crisis. We are the baddest mothers in this land….Let’s Act Like It!

    • Debra says:

      Dennis, ,,,, What would be great for all of us Americans,,, is if we would send our thoughts directly to Pres Trump, by mail. I’m sure he would like to know our thoughts about how we really feel about things and what we would like for him to do about this issue at our border. Most of ya have some really good ideas, in my opinion. I think Pres Trump would like to hear ya’s ideas. It could help him put a plan together that could work to stop the invaders.

      • The Real M says:

        Debra, President Trump is such a hands on person and listens to his base, I would be surprised if he does not have staff reading these blogs for thoughts and ideas. I have stated many times, I’ll bet he knows what we are writing because blogs are a good source of our pulse and how we are feeling about things. We get passionate in this setting and write what we really think and feel. I know I do!

  52. June 74 says:

    This Granny ready to lock and load. Want my soon 10 Great Grandkids to have a future. Build the DAMN WALL & lock up Piglousy. She is NUTS & ALCOHOLIC COMMUNIST PAID OFF by Cartel.

  53. william says:

    MY ORDER WOULD BE 3 WORDS,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, “SHOOT TO KILL”!!!!!!

  54. Linda says:

    Trump is the best person for our Country. He truly loves this country. Nancy Pelosi should have a term limit of 24 hrs to vacate. Charges of Treason should be filed on Pelosi, HRC, Schumer, and Waters. Then move forward build the wall, Drain the swamp. OUR
    USA has finally shown the lefty loonies for what they are. Find out who decide to tap into our earned SS funds? Fire them for theft of the people’s Social Security Fund. Set a Term limits on Congress, cut their wages, medical insurance and all those other special benefits. Let them live on the same insurance, income and benefits they allow WE THE PEOPLE to have. Better yet congress does nothing for us, so they are not doing their jobs. They work for us. We need to band together and fire every single one of them and start over with who will know who they work for.

  55. grammysam says:

    Having the military on the border to handle the invasion saves we the American people from having to travel down there and use them for target practice!

  56. Robert Higginbotham says:

    The only command that with stop or slow down this invader rabble is, “lock and load”.

  57. Betty Hicks says:

    I read a report someone put out the other day that said the Mexican drug cartel gave lots of money to the Democrat party and to Hillary Clinton if this is so that might be the reason Nancy won’t give on the border problem. they have been bought off. They have sold out the American people.

    • Chris says:

      Read that to. These so called Americans, don’t give a rats ass about us. To me, they have committed treasonous acts against my country, and need to be dealt with…

    • Donna says:

      The ones (Democrats) against the wall are all being paid off by cartels, but then it’s not anything new, been going on for many years and now they can’t imagine life without this gravy train! Theyr’e desperate to keep it going, desperate people take desperate measures💩

  58. Molly says:

    Several have said it…”we are being invaded. ” we need the troops to defend our country..That’s the reason most of them joined the military, to fight, if need be, for their country.

  59. Dennis Sumner says:

    Funny, all the countries these people on the left admire so much, would and do kill invaders of their borders. Never to be seen on CNN.

  60. renato says:


  61. Karen Martin says:

    President Trump I’d doing whatever is necessary to protect Our Country, since the Democrates wont help protect US! Behind you all the way President Trump!

  62. Dave Miedema says:

    I LOVE seeing Trump, the military, ICE and the Border Patrol turning away Undocumented Democrats before they cross the border.

    • The Real M says:

      Dave Miedema, Way to go Dave, call it like it really is! Clever!
      Unfortunately for Dems, 50% of Latinos (legal I am sure) support DJT. Don’t you know Nasty Nancy and Schmuck Chuck are scratching their heads trying to figure that out!

    • Shirley says:

      Love your statement undocumented democRATS. Oh how true, why do you think the democRATS don’t want a boarder wall? The democRATS party is now democRATS communist party.

  63. That’s the law. You kill invaders and anyone getting in the way.

  64. The traveller says:

    This is an invasion. Shoot to kill.

  65. Mike says:

    This will not stop until we start shooting them .bottom line.This is a full invasion .How could anybody in their right mind think that letting hordes of people in.This is going to be only the start of even more coming.So if you’re an American born and raised and you’re watching all this ,are you disgusted or what .are we supposed to turn our country into South America?And don’t give me any of this racist crap.

  66. Diane L Revard says:

    What are the Democrats waiting for? This is a full blown invasion. Do they really think this is going to be a peaceful take over? They are carrying their flags. What does that say about their motives. We need a wall. Not just a barrier. What about our safety?!?! Do they even care about our safety.

  67. Richard Van Horn Sr says:

    What good do all of these “Polls” do, other than provide an eMail address for the respondents. I don’t see any of these results being put to any use what-so-ever!

  68. President Trump call that National Emergency get the Funds and Call out the Core of Engineers to hire contractors to start Building the WALL send about 20.000 to 30.000 more Troops to Pertect the Workers And Border Patrol Befor thoes Caravans get to the Border and start Rushing the Workers and Let the Troops use Lethal Force if thay have to to Pertect The worWorkers And Border Patrol.

    • The Real M says:

      Davis Woodstein, Your comment is what all true American patriots want. We need to “git er dun” before these caravaners get into America.
      We cannot properly take care of our own citizens and the illegals who are already here! This is just ridiculous!

  69. Hugh Turner says:

    With Cobras, Apaches, Arbrams and Bradleys

    • DHConner says:

      NOW you’re hitting on all cylinders!! Forgot some things though: Tanks loaded with beehive rounds, naturally, and 10 Puff’s airborne at all times, and a couple 135’s to fuel them. Yes!! And lots of Warthogs too. Damn right I mean business. I mean all out war against any invader, armed or not.

  70. S. says:

    We have homeless in the streets. Scammers on food stamps, scammers on Medicare, credit cards going up as people are forced to use them to pay for what their checks cannot cover, rents going thru the roofs, people looking for jobs that can’t be found or pay minimum wage that they still find themselves in the streets. We need to send a message strong and clear. We cannot afford to be giving any of these caravans assistance especially above all our own citizens. The working people cannot support these people when they are having trouble supporting themselves. These people think by size magnitude they can just rush us or wear us down, start finding means to get into American soil because we weren’t able to stop them and I see truly fed up people starting to take matters into their own hands. They cannot just walk in, sneak in, run in, while they are others here already waiting years to get their citizenship the legal way. It’s a slap in the face to them, a slap on the face to us and a bigger slap in the face to our government who can’t control their country. AND while we are at it shut all people coming in across the board (except the ones on vacation ). It was done many years ago. Just for a couple of years. Ten if I’m not mistaken. Or put a limit to how many can come in per country for a time period. Let’s do it again. Give this country a chance to catch its breath from all that’s going on across the board. Let’s put our house in order first and foremost.

  71. Rodney says:

    I will help, just give me a weapon and all the ammo I need!!!!!!

    • Robert M Hellen says:

      A machine gun every 500 yards affording a field of fire 250 yards each with snipers at the rear to catch the slippers should do it. On a 3 shift basis should put a thousand or so to work and boost the economy along the border region at least. We are either serious about security of our nation or we are not……..which is it?

    • Arlie says:

      You had better get your ammo now the loony tunes calling for gun control now can stop the production of ammo, a back door approach to gun control

  72. Rex says:

    Amen!!! to both Cliff and Steff

  73. Cliff says:

    This is becoming a full-blown INVASION. The time has come to authorize LETHAL FORCE.
    Let the military do the job they were trained to do. “MINDS” will change after a few get “taken out”.
    Mexico let them “in” let Mexico keep them. We TAXPAYERS are tired of “footing the bill” for these invaders.

  74. Steff says:

    It is time to have the troops assist in the direct enforcement of border protection. They should be armed and ready to take on the criminal invaders.

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