Trump ended the War on Christmas with this one move

Leftist culture warriors have been waging a war on Christmas for decades.

They’ve gone as far as to ban a U.S. soldier from soliciting donations for “Operation Christmas Child” – an annual fundraiser organized by a Christian ministry to help disadvantaged children.

But President Trump’s latest move ended the PC Police’s war on Christmas.

President Obama caused an uproar when he released his first White House Christmas card in 2009, which replaced “Merry Christmas” with “Seasons Greetings.”

On the campaign trail President Trump vowed to end the “PC” culture and Make Christmas Great Again.

So it came as no surprise when the White House released it’s 2017 Christmas card, it actually said “Merry Christmas!”

In the eight years of the Obama presidency, the nativity scene and other Christian symbols were relegated to “below the fold” status.

Instead, the Obama’s “Christmas” decorations and photos featured their pets more prominently.

But President Trump and Melania went all-out in decorating the White House for Christmas this year.

And they made sure that the reason for the season was front and center.

You can see more of the White House’s Christmas decorations on Melania’s twitter and instagram.

What do you think of the White House’s Christmas decorations?

Do you think President Trump has turned the tide in the War on Christmas?

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