Trump dropped the hammer on Nancy Pelosi and sent the Deep State running

Democrats think they can impeach Trump in 2019.

Now that they’ve won control of the U.S. House, they will launch new fishing expeditions under the guise of so-called “transparency.”

But President Trump just sent the Deep State running for the hills with these eight words.

It’s looking more like Mueller is coming up empty on proving the Trump campaign collusion conspiracy.

So now Democrats are threatening to investigate everything from Trump’s taxes to his orders to protect our Southern border.

But Trump is prepared to fight fire with fire.

President Trump threatened to order investigations into Democrat leaks at the Justice Department and into Hillary Clinton.

Breitbart reports:

President Trump, in an interview with the New York Post Wednesday, threatened that if Democrats launch probes into his administration, he will declassify documents exposing that the Obama Justice Department, FBI, and the Hillary Clinton campaign worked together to set him up.

“If they want to play tough, I will do it. They will see how devastating those pages are,” Trump told the Post.

Democrats who are set to take over the House in January have vowed to inundate the Trump administration with investigation after investigation — into his taxes, if his campaign colluded with Russia, and his order to the military to deploy to the Southwest border.

“If they go down the presidential harassment track, if they want [to] go and harass the president and the administration, I think that would be the best thing that would happen to me. I’m a counter-puncher and I will hit them so hard they’d never been hit like that,” Trump told the Post.

Trump promised to drain the swamp.

So far he has made good on his promises.

And if he exposes the liars and leakers of the Deep State, conservatives will cheer.


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205 Responses

  1. Russell says:

    I hope the President releaces everything so the American people can see the real corruption in government!

  2. Carole ANNE Quinn says:







  3. Corinna B Garrity says:

    It’s about time Mr. President!! Release everything regarding “crooked Hillary”
    You should have done this months ago.

  4. jim dandy says:

    We the people have every right to see those papers. If they have did any thing illegal they should be charged for the crime.

  5. Kara Wright says:

    Mr. President do what you do best and finally let us all know how bad the DEMS are and I hope it will finish them off. Chuck is already in trouble with the lies he and Nancy told about the migrants its about time all the characters in the Deep State are pushed down the rabbit hole and maybe they will need a hill to pull over them. This country need you to do just as you have said shut down the government and move forward with the wall. I’m sure Mr. President you have many more thing to get done and so cleaning your decision out should free you up to do what you do best, your job.

  6. Craig Michael Vandertie says:

    Donald stop making threats and expose them for the wicked enemy of the genuinely cognizant patriots they are, holding onto evidence until you think it will work the best in your interests makes it seem far less credible as in is it reliable or was as is the case of claims made by the Communist sharia ideological party and their mouthpiece purveyors of propaganda, complete lie spewing Lamestream media commentators nothing but vomited toxic waste.

  7. Larry says:

    Declassify all of those documents. The American people need to know how Corrupt and crooked the Democrats are. We already know they steal elections by cheating

  8. Fr Tom Martin says:

    RELEASE THEM ONE PAGE EVERY OTHER DAY . The juicy ones last. Make them suffer every day – what comes tomorrow eho will be named???!?

    • Craig Michael Vandertie says:

      That would not be the wisest method, because the details will get lost from page to page even people with the sharpest minds tend to get the specifics mixed up or simply forget, I have always suffered from the symptoms of severe Attention Deficit Disorder which until 2007 I did not realize that 1 of the symptoms is the side effect of Dysthymia and at just shy of 58 years of age I would never be able to efficiently follow the sorted details on a page per day basis.

  9. Jeanette Smith says:

    We, the American people, are tired of this disaster. Release all of the documents and let us be a part of the decision making process. We are getting angrier and more negative. I understand pacing and believe in our President, but enough is enough. Drain the Swamp. I had no idea how corrupt Washing was. As my Granddaughter would say, this is ” freducilus.”

  10. Steve says:

    Expose ALL the liberal & rino criminals in the government . Trump can’t MAGA if he is blocked continually by the now totally liberal criminals of House of Rep. immediately , before it can even get to the senate. The House criminals are working for the NWO top criminals instead of Americans .

    • Cliff says:

      I agree!! The time has come to FINALLY hold the democommunist/rino CRIMINALS responsible for their actions ..Arrest, try , convict, and imprison these individuals. I for one am TIRED of these CRIMINALS “pleading the fifth”, walking out free as a bird, LUCRATIVE pension in hand smiling at the TV cameras, with their “middle finger” extended at the AMERICAN PEOPLE.

      • Sharon Jenkins says:

        I would like to see Trump declassify these documents, however, keeping them as a leverage over the Democrats can also prove beneficial…

    • Sue says:

      If congress,blocks President Trump just what will that cost the taxpayers? Both parties are Obstructionists.

    • Craig Michael Vandertie says:

      You failed to mention those who are suppose to see to it that the true letter of the law is upheld those criminal federal judges are a serious threat in preventing any actions that protect the rights of the genuine law abiding patriots of this nation.

      • your right and those who tell us that the Judges are in office for Life are Layers the U S Constitution is the Law of the land and it distinctly states in Article 3 section 1 clause 1 says the Judges , both of the supreme and inferior Courts, shall hold their offices during good Behavior .) (nowhere in the Constitution Dose it Say they Shall Hold there Office For Life. Case Closed.)

  11. Chris says:

    Regardless of it being a tit for tat, we are entitled to these documents. These damn politicians work for us which, they seem to forget. There has been so much corruption going on for many years. It needs to stop. We need to take back our country from these crooked assholes. Let’s expose these idiots and arrest them now. ???????????? WWG1WGA

  12. John says:

    The childish demos are digging their own graves. They are only creating a hugh wave of support from the mass majority of the people to support anything our President needs to do to put an end to this insanity. It’s not only costing us a ton of money, it’s an international embarrassment to our country. Their squabbling like little children over nothing and attempting to make or create something out of nothing. I think it’s time for major reprocushions and the hammer to fall on the Democratic Cabal.

  13. Norma Garcia says:

    How was it possible for Obama to seal every record related to him from his birth to his transcripts and anything that might have to do with his life, but Trump’s business records should be an open book? Is it time for this president to unseal Obama’s records?

  14. Tony Bell says:

    Timing and leverage, two things president Trump knows very well.
    Bring it democrats. You will not know what hit you.

  15. john says:

    More talk, lets walk the walk! We’re 40+ million behind on deportations!

  16. Kara Wright says:

    They are doing just what President Trump knew they would threaten, so our Pres. Trump he was waiting and just because they won the House they won all. Not True. They did not win the Senate and since the President still controls the WH the DEMS have not so much control when there are Republications still in control and the Senate can help the President put forth his plan for the country.

  17. Philip Simon says:

    Pray hope the Deep Blue State will go out of Buisness.

  18. bagster53 says:

    or maybe just do like hitler did , round them up and take them out back to the firing squad , i ain’t for violence , but these useless rich criminals need to be put in their place one way or another

    • Eva says:

      Do not want to shoot anyone : however they should be held accountable for their actions.
      If they hurt this country or our people by their actions hold them responsible.

  19. Jose says:

    Your answer are done thru prayers and supplication s
    if you really believe in results when it comes to about
    our beautiful country of USA and especially our self
    indulgent, back stabbing , greed of power and $ for their
    own lust of power as either local, state, or federal
    politicians , oh don’t miss the employees of these three.
    God heard the prayers of those who seek him. That’s
    why those people you won’t see out in the streets
    protesting. I would never waist my time to lower with
    these left communist, liberal thinking media as well as
    liberal colleges. Folks your paying for the tuitions of your
    kids and they turnout self absorbing ungrateful, selfish

  20. Eric Granberg says:

    Trump ran for President as a Republican because, as he said previously, Republicans have the dumbest voters. Voters who would be happy to be led by Putin voted for Trump.

    • Sue Jackson says:

      Please educate those of us that are “dumb” just when, in what venue or general setting President Trump made this declaration as to why he choose to run as a Republican. I thought it was because he has always supported and been a Republican voter. I do love it when someone like you decides to reveal such news to all of America and just exactly how you came about this revelation. I will be certain to study your sources of this information so that I may then make an educated decision as to whether I find your sources to be reliable. I do prefer to be very well informed but then again I did vote for Trump so you may think I am too ignorant to understand your superior source of such diabolical information.

    • Chris says:

      Really? I say get your facts straight before you speak. Trump had nothing to do with Putin. Mueller has not one iota of evidence showing Trump colluded with him. If he did, it would have already been exposed. Besides, there are very few politicians that actually care about their constituents and want to do the job they were voted for.

      • Joyce says:

        Yep, they are in it for the money and the ass kissers of their party. It’s definitely not a job that I would want. I damned sure wouldn’t run as a Democrat, there hasn’t been an honest one since John Kennedy, and their reputation is in the toilet along with the feces of the liars of the party. It’s a damn good thing we don’t still have outhouses, because all the crap the dems put out would fill an outhouse in a week.

    • Taborinni says:

      Eric, you just added a new example to the Dictionary examples of the term “Moron”. Congratulations!

      • The Real M says:

        Taborinni, Eric Granberg is Trolling, Trolling, Trolling on the river! ( as in the song Rolling On The River)
        He’s a young obnoxious abrasive little liberal snit and it is hard not to tear into him!
        Just remember he is a TROLL and he works at it!

    • Sue says:

      Good got, quit beating the proverbial dead horse. 2 long years of “the Russians.

      • The Real M says:

        Sue, Don’t take Eric Granberg seriously. He is just trolling Republicans, trying to see how much money he can make from our “replys” to him.

    • Cliff says:

      The only ones that are “DUMB” are the DEMOCOMMUNISTS that all vote in lockstep to attempt to turn this country into a third-world CRAP HOLE, (just like OBUNGHOLE, the fraud gay mooslime POS we had to endure for 8 years wanted thanks to the DNC, and RAMPANT PROVEN VOTER FRAUD.)
      HE FAILED and WE THE PEOPLE WON by electing a REAL POTUS.
      Seeing our country is doing a LOT better now, it looks like we “dumb” REPUBLICAN voters CHOSE WELL!

  21. Daniel Mount says:

    What I think the President needs to do is to deploy the Marines to start Arresting all of these Treasonous Politicians and all of the Child traffickers all of the 63,000 of them before they have a chance to do something to him.

  22. Satindoll says:

    Timing is everything. He will do it when it serves him best.

    • Jim says:

      I hope he doesn’t wait too long, however I understand how leverage works. And he needs to maintain an upper hand, these followers of the beasts need to feel the pressure.
      God Bless America….

  23. Marilynn Reeves says:

    The whole damn bunch needs to be in GITOM

  24. Scott27 says:

    Wow. Seriously? Trump dropped no hammer that sent any Deep State running. Get a grip, folks. And there really is no deep state, unless you think a bunch of true patriots who want to protect this country from the throes of a dictator are a “deep state.” Please, join the real world and leave that imaginary world behind.

    • You can “IT” The Deep State, The Shadow Government, The Powered Elite, The NWO, The Rothschild Banksters, or The Despotic/Debauched Zionists; by whatever name “IT” is given, “IT” is still The Evil, The Corrupt, and Satanic Forces that are vowed to keep Their Agenda to Destroy America!!

    • Satindoll says:


    • lou says:

      If the democrats are allowed to have their way America is doomed. It is people like yourself that may make it possible. These true patriots are out to destroy our way of life and you are too delusional to know it. You have a lot to learn.

    • Sharon Jenkins says:

      Eisenhower stated in his farewell address after his Presidency ended about Shadow People running the government….. it appears it started in the Eisenhower era and has continued……

    • Cliff says:

      Apparently you are either deaf dumb and BLIND or continually watching the “fake news” propaganda channels. YOU need to open YOUR eyes and SEE what has been going on for DECADES. The only “dictators” are the DEMOCOMMUNISTS/RINOS /GLOBALISTS that are trying desperately to tun this country into a third-world SH**hole and the American People into well-controlled SHEEP to be USED, ABUSED, or “eliminated” as THEY see fit.

  25. lisalles says:

    Release the documents and let Americans see what has been going on. Just release all of them.

    • Dora says:

      I agree release all doc to we all can see the real corruption that the Demo Craps and RINOS have created. Release them all we have a right to know we pay their salary and more.

  26. RHawn says:

    President Trump, you need to go on the offensive, and help all of America understand exactly what the Democratic Party has done and how they have destroyed the highest levels of government. All of America needs to see how evil the Democratic Party has been and how they have weaponized the FBI, the IRS and the CIA. Please release the classified documents as soon as you are able. We need to be totally honest with each other and the country needs to understand the rest of the story (from false FISA creation to the communication linkage and it’s ugly and dishonest execution through the fake media). The real and honest news that is being hidden by CNN, MSNBC, CBS, ABC, NBC, etc. and needs to get to all Americans in manner that they know where the “real corruption” has been committed. Good Luck and let me know if I can help.

  27. Craig Michael Vandertie says:

    Donald, please! cease playing the childish Demoncommiecratshariaideological party game and holding onto incriminating evidence, the only difference is you actually have incriminating evidence on them, they only have incriminating evidence on their own, sounds like Hellary has a J. Edgar Hoover’s worth of dirt on those within the Demo. party to prevent them from ever turning on her.

  28. Jesse says:

    While he is at it he should bring Obozo up on TREASON charges for releasing those 5 TERRORISTS that went back to killing Americans and the TRAITOR Bergdahl who is a deserter as well. He deserted his post and went looking for the Taliban to join them. His actions got good people hurt and killed. He has done nothing but whine since he was returned. Send him back to the Taliban since he wants them.

  29. There are two ways President Trump can destroy the criminal Democrat Party Mob Congress attempt to destroy him!! First is to release the “crooked FISA warrants by lying to the FISA court which will involve President Obama and Hillary Clinton in crimes against we, the American people”!! Secondly, use the secret DOJ grand jury to indict President Obama and Hillary Clinton with her possible 118 felonies, along with their criminal DOJ FBI, CIA and other government agencies criminal Democrat Party Mob supporters in a massive indictments along with sanctuary Criminal Democrat Party Mob officials with RICO violations indictments for creating nationwide criminal empire involving illegal aliens !! Do them all at once!!!! The American people will love it!!!!

    • Steel Magnolia says:

      Daniel R. POTUS IS ‘BIDING Time’. &
      ‘knows’ Tuff To Wait. But we must Wait .
      POTUS KNOWS. & Also MUST Protect
      His ‘LIFE’ etc.

    • Carla says:

      What your’re basically calling for is a Military TRIBUNAL against the Obama Administration, Democrat Polititians ! I second the motion. Democrat Polititians have demanded terrorist attacks against American Citizens, INVASION OF AMERICA, Guillotines after election, Nukes on American Citizens that refuse gun confinscation! TREASON, Domestic Enimies of America!

      • Joyce says:

        Yep. Let’s get Chuckie and Nancy first, then Mad Maxine, and then “Let the games begin.” Televise it on pay per view, and with the proceeds pay off America’s debt. That makes the whole thing a win win for America and the American people.

    • ronald fischer says:

      Daniel i would enjoy seeing our President giving it right up were the sun doesn’t shine,and the first one to go after is that Kenyan Illegal Immigrant that commented Treason upon our country for 8 freaking years.And after him the rest of the corrupt SS Democrat Nazi Party that almost brought our country into to hell but President Trump brought us back from the Tyranny and the Coup that the SS Democrat Nazi Party tried like hell to take over our country.

      • Floyd says:

        Oh so true so true the demokkkrats want the whole nation enslaved to the government. They want to have everyone enslaved government. They also love to kill the unborn. They have KILLED OVER 61,000,000 BABIES.

  30. Chris says:

    Go get them they their winning they thought they won the election Oh THATS RIGHT THEY DID NOT SIKE. YOU CANNOT WIN AGAINST GOD

  31. Tom says:

    If he threw every corrupt congressman or senator, Judge in prison we would have nobody to run the country. You could nkot just put 15 people off the street and say here run the Defence spending agency. And this would apply to all other government run agencies. You have to take them out slowly and hope they do not corrupt the newcomers.

    • Pam says:

      Tom you have got to be kidding me………..the reason we are in debt, in wars,……………..It’s because of those experience people………..get rid of them and maybe just maybe honest people would be running the country

    • Paula Bois Brady says:

      Wrong. A clean slate is just what we need. Too much opportunity for the remaining undetected sleezebags to corrupt the newcomers. There are plenty of loyal, patriotic, talented businessmen and veterans who would be more than equal to do the job. We need to start running the country like a business, efficiently and on a budget. Let’s fix what the past administrations let deteriorate.

  32. Tom says:

    Trump should declassify all the information about the Clinton email scandal. She is as guillty as hell so is Obsma and all others that knew. Of her home server. This not a. Mistake it was a deliberate action taken to hode information. And then to destroy as she thpught that information. Every single email was captured along with the Bill/ loretta lynch airport meeting recordings. The FBI has it all along with the NSA. But you and i will probably be a thousand years dead before it is released if ever.

    • Uglybad says:

      I wish the President would stop threatening to declassify and JUST DO! These next two years are going to be nothing but law suits against law suits and what do you have, Government not doing anything at all!

  33. Mary Jo says:

    It’s about time!

  34. If Mueller had anything he would have presented it already. His continued investigation is a matter of desperation. It is harassment and attempted political assassination. Even though the House will have the votes for a bill of impeachment they do not have the votes in the Senate for a conviction. It will only serve as a distraction to obstruct President Trump getting any real work accomplished. And distract the American people from the nefarious activities of the democrats.

  35. Kara Wright says:

    The DEMS are thiefs and liars and to think they are more powerful than the president is nothing more than a joke since they have always had more dirt on themselves and the president knows it. They can try but they don’t have one brain between all of them. Our President will run over them and mow them down and leave no witness. I am ready for Our President to put all his weapons on the table so they can’t be surprised how the American voters will see them and talk about turning against DEMS is the best hope. This has to be done to get rid of old dead wood. They can play like they are working but we all know they have spent years doing nothing. And they have just enough of Hillary’s game book with them that we all know what happened to Hillary last time. They will follow her right down the rabbit hole. And all the new DEMS better watch their back and make sure to not buy into any of their BS.

    • Mary Jo says:

      Great comment. I was going to comment, but after I read yours, I didn’t have to say a word. Except……we have to come down hard on the Dems.

  36. Martin says:

    Releasing and un-classafing the papers should have been done before the midterm election. They would have kept the House if that had happened then.

    • Paula Bois Brady says:

      Wrong. A clean slate is just what we need. Too much opportunity for the remaining undetected sleezebags to corrupt the newcomers. There are plenty of loyal, patriotic, talented businessmen and veterans who would be more than equal to do the job. We need to start running the country like a business, efficiently and on a budget. Let’s fix what the past administrations let deteriorate. Plenty of failing businesses have been saved by having a team come in and straighten out a mess.
      On another note, anyone employed by our government should wear a uniform to remind them they are in service to the American People.

    • HomeOfTheBrave says:

      Martin, YES. Such an obvious solution to this long-stupidly-drawn-out problem!! Stop letting them take our country apart little by little and just wipe them out with the TRUTH!!

  37. Carl R Carlson says:

    What are you waiting for Mr. President? If you got anything illegal on anyone in our Democratic branch of government throw it at them, they are trying their best to take you down.

    • Blondie says:

      President Trump can almost read their minds & certainly can read all their BS & body language.
      He always waits for exactly the right time to make his move. He is doing this now. He is so savvy & smart. He drives the world crazy with his tweets & that is exactly what he wants to do. It messes with their minds & they don’t know which route to take next —– mass confusion on their part. He then sits back & watches them take themselves down, down, down. He will declassify those documents right on target & not a minute earlier. He is one of the most fascinating individuals anyone has met. These fools can’t see that he has been extremely successful because he can read their minds. He is an awesome business minded man. They will never take him down as there is no reason to take him down, except, in their minds, because he out smarts all of them & makes fools of them. They can’t take it. Ha Ha Ha!!!!

  38. Ernst says:

    Only one BIG problem with this Trump threat. Attacking Clinton and her cronies would tremendously please many Democrats who are looking to move higher into Party leadership roles. Many younger Democrats would be happy to not have to contend with the powerful old guard.

    • David in MA says:

      This would be a good thing, maybe the youngsters would see how corrupt and centralized the democrats are on a communist style government for America.

  39. Deplorable Lanie says:

    We will see what he has on them become if they don’t launch all these “investigations” than we will know that every word he has said about the Democrats and Hillary Clinton is true. Because they are afraid of him.

  40. James says:

    Why wait? Declassify the documents and release them now!!! Lets throw the first punch and make it a knock out punch!!!

  41. Kara Wright says:

    Release the Docs and let the DEMS try to find a rock to hide under. You have the Docs so you should use them as control. Good Lock Mr. President.

    • Ed says:

      Release the Documents that will finally prove the Democrats are really Communists. Take everything the Congress has uncovered and slam the Commie Criminals right on the side of their heads hard.

  42. Gerry says:

    Release the docs. — Transparency was promised to the citizens of the U.S. — let us see it. We already know that n95% of all our politicians are corrupt or corruptable so what’s the big deal. We also know that obama’s administration was the most corrupt in our history — so show us the proof.

    • MARY says:


  43. Bender says:

    Trump offered his master Putin a 50 million dollar penthouse in Trump tower Moscow before the deal fell through after he got nominated in 2016. If you’re so sure he is innocent how did you see Muller’s evidence? I’d like a look at it also. I’ll save my judgment till then. I’m sure not going to believe anything from cadet bone spurs or state run propaganda machine of FOX.

    • Luis Uribe says:

      Really. WOW! U say u are going to reserve judgment yet u state that “P” was going to be given a 50 million dollar penthouse. How did CNN & The View miss this one. Question, do you talk to trees or hug them? You a fake news watcher?

    • Big Schlong says:

      It’s your side that’s bringing it up asshole

    • Pedro says:

      Money from Uranium 1 you mean?9

    • D says:

      That was proven not true some more of the fake news BS!!!!! Don’t you crazy ever get it!!!!!! It’s the left wing loons still coming up with made up crap to try and get trump, it’s been proven your wonderful people like Hillary Obama and all the other snow flakes in Hollywood and Washington just can not stand that they have lost their!!!!! Crooked power!!! Did you ever get sick of being used and manipulated by the dems.!!!!

    • snark says:

      Bender, the ‘penthouse offer’ WAS a ‘marketing ploy’ . Do you get that ???
      > BoneSpurs ? You have 2 rows of bonespurs in your mouth. Do you get ‘that’ ???

    • TOMMIE CLARK says:


    • Jason Casteel says:

      Bender, no. You’re just spouting this crap off as if it were fact. It’s not. You’re talking about FOX like they’re the devil. Ha!! At least FOX has Democrats on staff that give their opinions and insight as well. CNN and MSNBC have nothing but 24/7 Trump bashing. No fair and balanced news there. I’m a Dem myself and I see that there is no balance at all. They twist their narative to suit their agenda. Omit s word here, add a word there. Nobody is against immigration, as they would have you believe. They omitted the word ILLEGAL Immigration. Then they add the word WHITE with nationalist and there you have Trump, racist. Get real. Just watch the bitches on the View. Good God !!! Nothing but their slam on everything Trump. What has he done that had made your life so terrible that you have this insane hatred for the man?? No one had given me a valid answer yet. All I have got for answers are repeats of Chelsea Handler or some other Hollywood Douche. I’m just curious, you think FOX is so awful, what’s your opinion on the other networks. Please, do tell.

      • zee* says:

        Wow Jason. Say ‘some stuff’. Tell me Now-
        HOW CAN Any0ne at this point >>>Identify
        a ‘political party’ At this Point in ‘Time. WHEN
        1 world 0rder/ NWO IS ‘looming’ OVER E’0nes

  44. Jerry Todd says:

    There’s one smoking gun every elected official and appointed executive has in common: a solemn oath to protect and defend the Constitution. It’s time we hold them to it under penalty of sedition or treason.

  45. Jeffory Sweat says:

    What in the hell would 1% of these people say NO for? I thought they wated TOTAL AN COMPLETE TRANSPARENCY. Oh I see as long as they are not mentioned. I know he holds the smoking gun. But for us we need to see so we can VOTE properly in ELECTIONS. Expose these Thugs to the world.

    • Ronald Hatt says:

      If, Collusion, is not a crime…….what’s the problem? Just de-classify this “info” in question”, & be done with it!

      Prosecute these un-patriotic, idiot Liberals, & build a new jail to house them! It will be “full” immediately! Throw in every MS-13, & Illegal Immigrant, & Muslim terrorists……Put them all in together behind bars, & let them sort it out!

      • Marsha says:

        i like your way of thinking, it is time, stop talking about it and just do it, we want justice, and time to put them where they belong, Jail…..

      • Mike Blazek says:

        While you are at it throw in a couple of knives and a hand gun or two and then arrest the survivors. There’s already a nice prison available, it is called Gitmo!

  46. Mike W says:

    Once again President trump was right – having Nancy Pelosi back as the speaker of the house is the best thing that could have happened. Letting this depraved old b**ch run amok for the next two years will do nothing but harm to the democrats in 2020. The #Walkaway movement is just getting started – the younger voters are not at all impressed with the people like Pelosi who have been around way too long – they are the very people who have gotten us into all the messes we are in. Presidents have come and gone but these same fools have been there year after year – administration after administration – and you will notice how wealthy they have all become.

  47. Pete says:

    Going after ALL the TRAITORS on the left should not be dependent on them committing further evil deeds. They should be investigated anyway. In fact, it’s way overdue.

    • MSPS says:

      Do you pay any attention to Judicial Watch? They have killary in their sights right now and forcing her to give testimony. Trump knows that all of this stuff is going to come to light and intends for it to happen but if he can use it for leverage to get the dims to play nice, pass his judges, build the wall, more power to him. We have waited this long for mueller to hang the entire left echelon of power, let him finish and take them all down at once. Trump is a strategist and he did not get where he is by being impatient!

  48. JAL says:

    When do the American public find out how then President Obama, donated $1.50 Billion US to Iran at the nd of his term, with much of this money being moved by Military transport planes and personnel during the night. $ 1.50 BILLION ~ are we kidding/ think about all the cries that we hear from the Democrat Leadership, why is this not exposed along with an accounting of how much public money was spent on the Obama FAMILY worldwide farewell tour actually cost the American taxpayer, Talk about abuse of power, what hypocrites, how dare you pontificate what needs to be done now, when you abused taxpayer funds with no public disclosure and /or congressional approval. The Iran donation borders treason………

  49. Floyd B. says:

    Why wait? They don’t have a problem with keeping this Russia BS going just to keep the spotlight off of them. We’re tired of hearing this sh**.. Let’s nail them, and if this was a conspiracy, hen tell Americans about it. This “let’s keep this quiet” crap is getting old.

  50. Rosa White says:

    Get Obama also .He was supposedly the master of the deep state. Obama just said yesterday that every body was being indicted but he wasn’t. now show him that he can be indicted. he is the most corrupt.There is a lot of dems that hasn’t been charged w/anything. Eric Holder for one Samantha, Cheryl, abedin clapper and the other cia person

  51. M says:

    DJT is a brilliant strategist and he is willing to initiate plans and do battle in ways no Republican has ever been able to bring themself to do. The GOP has always been the party of ultra genteel people who would not do battle and wage war against the low down dirty deeds and tactics the Dems have been willing to do and have done. That is until now, we, the GOP, have a street fighter who will play as rough and tumble as he has to and he is always several light years ahead of his opponents. I wondered why he held back on the declassification of the FISA docs and now see he thought we might lose the house and if so, knowing what would happen, he saved them for an ACE in the hole. He now has weapons to keep the Dems from totally shutting his agenda down. Masterfully played, Mr. President! I hope the Dems realize DJT says what he means and means what he says!

    Somebody help me tell the Republicans in Congress to watch and learn, DJT will teach them how to play D.C. politics. They all better learn, we may not ever have another master teacher like we have now.

  52. Robert Herring says:

    Mr. President you to need to move away from this blackmail attempt. It seems to me you willing to stop & obstruct investigations into crimes that various Democrates, Justice Department and FBI officials committed in order to stop the harassment against you, your family and your Administration. These illegal activities are very serious crimes of perjury, obstruction of Justice, Treason and many others. These people that broke all the laws must be prosecuted. No coverup or side deals.

    • DSC says:

      We are not going to let anyone take President Trump down. What lies? I think you are thinking about Bill Clinton…I did not have sexual relations…blah blah blah…just more BS! So what lies did he tell?

    • Larry Carlson says:

      Red Herring, obstructing justice doesn’t apply to false charges. Unless you have some proof of collusion that muller hasn’t found yet then the conclusion that the charges of collusion should be dropped and the investigation ended.

  53. Betty says:

    Too bad somebody doesn’t drop the hammer on CRAZY donald & D for DUMB trump, that Two Faced, White House WORTHLESS WORM & His Gold Digging, Dime A Dozen, Legalized, White House WHORE!

  54. The Doctor says:

    What is the administration waiting on? The Democrats have continuously attacked the Republicans and some have even been thrown in jail. Most of the corruption is on the Democrat side of the house. Why do these criminals continue to be let go. Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Shumer, Diane Fenstien and Maxine Waters have done so much damage to our government and continue to do so. We sit back and watch, but don’t see any action taken against them, only talk. We the people have waited a long time to see them raked over the coals like Mueler is doing to Trump. Don’t we have anyone in power that will take the lead and put them where they belong, behind bars. Make their life miserable like they continue to do to others.

    • LPaul B says:

      So true, yet Dems constantly get away with attacking and punishing Reps for the least offenses while they skate free on the most contemptible corruption.

  55. Dr. JD says:

    If Trump were wise, he would drop his threats and realize that the more he does, the more he convicts himself with more charges of obstruction of justice! History taught us that when Nixon tried such stunts, leading up to the “Saturday Night massacre,” it blew up the support of Congress for his presidency and would have lead to him being both impeached and removed from office.

    We have learned in the last 24 hours that Trump lied to the American people about “not doing business with Russia” when he had signed a letter of intent and was still working on building his largest project, the Trump Moscow. Without a doubt Trump was asking for Putin’s help on this, which means he was compromised and cultivating Russian favors – – so he clearly downplayed Russia’s invasion of the Ukraine and Putin’s interference in our 2016 election. Putin admitted in Helsinki he was helping Trump get elected.
    Cohen admitted to lies before Congress, but now it looks like others, like Don Jr. and others were also complicit in those lies — – -. Now that Trump’s written answers are now completed, expect to see the first steps of action by Mueller and the Russia investigation. Trump might be smart to stop threatening and look for a deal like Nixon did.

    • Another FOXTROTTING INBRED Operative of the Democrat-Communist-Islamic-Nazi Terrorist Organization spews his hate for America.
      Remember this Putz, you reap what you sow. If you want a real man fight bring it on, you will wind up committing Suicide, girlie man.

    • Alan G says:

      You must be high on Democrat cool-aid. Running as a candidate (private citizen) his organization is free to pursue business opportunities. No comparison to Nixon. Mueller has found nothing on Russian collusion as he has been investigating the wrong campaign, He need ts to look at the Clinton campaign which we know colluded with foreign agents.

    • Alexander A Naudus says:

      Heay ass wipe go play with your globalism people!

    • Betty says:

      But trump, like the Idiot Retard he has proven himself repeatedly to be, isn’t Wise, period, in the Warped & Twisted Mentality Of His Sick Mind & Diseased Brain!

      • LPaul B says:

        I’m guessing you say these things and make these posts simply to draw ire and piss people off. No one is that stupid to really believe this crap.

      • DSC says:

        Please…if you can’t say something nice don’t say anything at all. So, what is your problem with President Trump? Can you have a civil conversation or are you so ignorant that you don’t know what you are talking about so you just call people names to make you feel like a big person? Merry Christmas!

      • Sarah Penny says:

        When you are right, you are right. I do not understand how or why anyone would be so stupid as to believe a President who would lie like a rug and never hesitate at dirty talk, and name calling, It is obvious he just uses people, uses events to detract from his awful mistakes and stupid remarks. Dude Naudus is crying about globalism; beats living in the united states of Russia. Betty, have a very good Christmas and may things change for the New Year for all of us.

        • M says:

          Sarah Penny, Since my buddy Janet Thomas is not here right now to tell you, I will. You and Betty need to get a room. You two are making decent, patriotic people sick to our stomachs. You both are ill bred lowlife pond scum liberals. My, that flows nicely.
          You two are a disgrace to humanity! You TROLLS!

          • providence says:

            M, that post, like many of your posts is uncivil and shows you are NO PATRIOT, disrespecting fellow Americans like that. If anyone is acting disgracefully, it is you M!

          • M says:

            What’s up, Providence? You want some too, huh troll! Betty and Sarah would be happy to have you join them in their room, two’s company-three’s better!
            For the record, you would not know patriotism if it bit your butt completely off!
            You liberals think it’s okay to harass conservatives but when the shoe is on the other foot you squeal like the pigs you are.
            TROLL ALERT!

          • Motel 8* says:

            M. Thank you for reference.
            >We 0ffer ‘clean sheets’ – & don’t discriminate 3’somes.
            >Turkey sandwitches ‘are on the house’. & Yes
            “we’ll leave the Light 0n for ya ” ___

      • John Bowers says:

        Dumb ash loser, Bless you!

    • Meredith Berry, Jr. says:

      You are obviously mistaken. Trump was not President when he was looking into the project. No commitment made, no deposit, and no project started. You obviously are not a businessman. Two years and millions wasted and Mueller has found NOTHING other than the collusion with Russia by Hillary and Obama. Before his re-election Obama told the Russian ambassador to tell Putin to be patient until he was reelected. That’s collusion the making.

    • Lib hatingismygame says:

      Dr JD,
      I’d love to debate you and compare facts AND where you got them.
      Actually, it’s hard to get into a battle of wits with an un-armed opponent .
      You’re just another angry dimbulbcrat whining because killary didn’t win.

      • Dr. JD says:

        Your handle says it all, you are a person filled with hate. Frankly, I don’t mind Hillary did not win, I was never that much of a fan. That is old news, and now I have actually come to APPRECIATE Trump and some of his policies. For example, Trump has done a better job than tens of thousands of workers to re-energize the party, and at midterms produce THE LARGEST number of voters choosing Democrats over Republicans IN HISTORY! I actually agree with Trump’s caravan policy and the need to apply our laws on immigration.
        What many of you admire about Trump, actually produces fuel to energize Democrats – -as I said it would. It has dramatically driven females and minorities into Democratic party, along with young voters. Hispanics are more active voting, as are other minorities, and it has produced some real new blood in the Dem party. In truth, once I was upset about the election of criminal Trump, but like Nixon, he rather than the others, did more good for the Democrats than anyone ever could.

        • M says:

          JD, You are a malignancy and a blight to free thinking, free spirited, patriotic, God fearing people who love their Country.!
          You are a common bred liberal troll wanting nothing more than to tear down honest decent Conservatives.
          Your arrogance and pseudo superiority are a pitiful attempt to make us doubt ourselves but, we will never waiver from our conservative goals. We are strong as steel and will never be made to feel demenished by the likes of you or any liberal.
          You would be quietly dangerous if anyone took you seriously, instead we recognize you for what you are, a liberal troll, and nothing more. Get another hobby, goober!

  56. Dave says:

    Stop the infighting already! Quit acting like elementary school children on the playground and start governing before it is too late. Or do you have no clue about how to solve the problems that we face. Debt! Immigration! Debt! Funding SSI! (SInce you robbed it to pay for things that it was not supposed to fund) Get busy or get out!

    • LPaul B says:

      Sounds like a great message to Dems. THEY are the ones who refuse to govern and focus solely on gaining power, always. Even once they get it, they rarely do anything that results in benefitting the majority of Americans. They simply push pet projects that helps the radical extremist groups and crony friends on Wall Street.

  57. Jessie says:

    Agree 100 % let’s put out there just what the Democrats have done for all to read all about it, and yes I stand behind this President Mr, Donald Trump, A Man of his word, and there has to be A Wall at the border, let’s get started in getting it built. we need it and the security that comes with it being built, when it get’s built. and the democrats can roll over on the paying for the wall but it will get paid for one way or by Drug Money, Democrats, take your pick, every one that get’s stopped at the border and get’s cited for drugs will be paying for that wall. take that to the bank.

  58. Jack says:

    Don’t make threat’s , take action. MAGA

  59. gary says:

    “Drain The Swamp NOW” A.S.A.P> because the opposition is doing now what President Trump should do them, but the President should do worse, he is I the position!

  60. Silvia says:

    We demand the declassification of VISA warrants. Inquiring minds need to know.

  61. lisalles says:

    ,Expose the deep state now. Whether they harass you or not. Release the documents. I want to know what they did. I want to know all of it. I also want the main stream media revenue stream exposed. Who is paying them….? I wan the names of the foundations, people whomever it is that owns the main stream media. And while you are at it, expose the revenue streams of the protesters who are arrested. Who is paying them?

    • Sarah Penny says:

      Pres. T. has no conscious. Separating babies from their mothers. No honesty. He is way up into the 3,000 on the count of his lying. I keep wondering what the Journalist killed in Turkey knew and had not published yet.I just keep wondering why the Prince would do favors. The journalist likely would not say much about the prince…what is the tie to Trump in all of this?

      • John Bowers says:

        Poor, poor Sarah, you have let your hate or jealousy, overcome your ability to real, the whole story, and get your shiet straight, you can only believe what you want not the real truth!

      • M says:

        Sarah Penny, And liberals think conservatives are conspiracy theorists, nobody is better at it than you, troll. You are looking for the boogie man! Go check under your bed, goober, you will more likely find him there than trying to tie DJT to this Saudi thing!
        Separating babies from families, you have conveniently forgotten that BHO and WJC did the same thing. Come on troll, is this all ya got?
        P.S. Why are you still here, I thought you and Betty got a room for some one one one stuff?

      • Steelie* says:

        Sarah, obama separated MORE. Also parents separate their own kids
        to ‘coyotes’.> Fake families, hon. Factoid.

  62. Anggeluz A says:

    Mr. President we ARE with you 1000%.
    Just DRAIN the sea of pus SWAMP!

    Never ever forget that: Above ALL God is with you! That is why? you were duly elected!

    • The redhawk says:

      I agree WE HAVE HIS BACK .. WHAEVER IT TAKES and PESIDES PEELOUSY must know that a sitting PRESIDENT Cannot be INDICTED….Or does she know whar she does not know???? all she needs is a phone call to DERSHOWITZ to LEARN US CONSTITUTIONAL LAW …

    • Bill says:

      Trump is a Deadbeat loser since the 60s

      • Sandra Thompson says:

        Bill, I would love to hear what you’ve done (aside from not getting your candidate elected! You cannot imagine the stress President Trump is under. His grace is that he is an excellent strategist, perhaps in decades. Do not judge him, because he is 10 steps ahead of the Democrats! Keep your eyes open, he is certain of the course he is taking. What promises have any other president fulfilled in decades? He made the promises and so far has kept them. What did Obama do for you?

      • DSC says:

        Yeah, right. Do you know the definition of deadbeat? It is a person who avoids paying his debts or share of expenses; sponger. Like the kids today living in their parents basements or dads who have children then run and hide so they don’t have to pay for raising the child. Trump does not fit that description. And a loser…if what he has accomplished is the meaning of loser I want to be a loser. So try again. Merry Christmas!

      • Dr. J.D. says:

        This may seem weird, but God bless Trump – – with his narcissism, nastiness and crimes, he has done more good for the Democratic party than anyone!

  63. Blonnlass says:

    Little Nancy Pelosicoat
    In her Presidio Petticoat
    Lives on Zinfandel Lane
    Red grapes like her vernol nose;
    She has something that shows-
    Opposition to a neighbor’s vineyard,
    Pelosicoat grows grapes with Paul the Bard,
    Repetitious Helena-bleeps
    He Gives neighbor the creeps!
    No more Gravel on Zinfandel Lane
    Grape vines BUT NO PLAN,
    No vineyard expansion For the Land
    NOT Growing grapes for a winery!
    Only For sale to a foreign dignitary,
    The longer Pelosicoat stands,
    The shorter she grows!
    Pray for wind power to Blow out her CANDLE,
    The More WE know about
    Pelosicoat’s deep state Handle,
    The Greater Pelosicoat’s Scandals…
    Under her Gorbachev hugs,
    It left recorded bugs,
    “Here’s to you and here’s to me,
    If by chance we disagree,
    The Hell with you Gorby,
    Fineswine FEINSTEIN and Boxer still owe me!”

  64. Robert Lutz says:


    Reveal the real truth behind the DEMS plan, the country will then know what really motivates bleeding liberals, power, $, and not a care for anyone but themselves!

  65. James P Hutchins says:

    Declassify the fisa warrants for the democrats and the obama administration lock them all up.

  66. John King says:

    If Trump is holding back these documents to be leverage against the new democrat ran House, he is making a well thought out move! But, as an American citizen, President Trump must reveal these documents before his time in office is up! The Swamp MUST be drained ASAP . . . and if he has the ability to put Hillary in jail, he had better do it before the end of his time in office this term, not his second term!!!

  67. Robert M Hellen says:

    I have been wondering just why the Reps have not been firing back with investigations and lawsuits of their own on the sleezey Democrats. We should have been doing this all along. Fight fire with fire!

    • Bill says:

      The Repubs. have nothing. Think when they tried and tried and tried with Clinton and only came up with an extra marital affair while many Repubs judging Clinton had affairs of their own. Repubnuts are hypocrites.

      • Meredith B. says:

        They haven’t even begun to investigate Hillary. If they ever do, she will go to prison for numerous crimes. So far, the FBI and DOJ have protected her. Same with Odumbo.

      • Larry says:

        Hey Bill, try tilting your head to one side, while tapping on your Cranium with a moderate to heavy blow. I t might just empty your skull of the s… that currently resides there. What about the 50 plus American Citizens that ended up dead under the evil watch of The Klin-tons ? No, you Dummycrats are the hypocrites.

  68. Randall Hawn says:

    Go for it fast and hard. This is ridiculous that this has gone on for almost two years and nothing has been done to expose the venomous things that the Democratic Party has done. They are the ones that should be investigated and I hope that you use all the tools that you have to expose the Democratic Party. I am behind you and I know that the Americans that understand what America is are behind you as well. Get it Done!!!

    • kath says:

      Agree 100%!

    • Dr. JD says:

      I agree!!! Keep this up and with each move, that blue tsunami coming in 2020 gets larger! Don’t be diplomatic or PC, keep obstruction the Russia probe, keep verbally abusing people – – – and whatever you do, keep badmouthing members of the GOP so your party is even more fractured. Thank you for the political help it gives to the opposition.

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