Trump drew a line in the sand at the border that will make liberals furious

The caravan of illegals has arrived at our Southern border.

Leftists want to open our borders, but President Trump isn’t having it.

Trump just drew a big line in the sand at the border that will make liberals furious.

First, Trump placed thousands of U.S. troops on the border to aid Border Patrol.

Then, he refused to accept the flood of illegal immigrants from Mexico without running proper background checks on asylum seekers.

Now, Trump has authorized U.S. troops to use lethal force to defend themselves and has stated he is willing to shut down the border to defend our national security.

Bloomberg reports:

President Donald Trump said Thursday that he’s signed an order to close the U.S. border with Mexico, adding that he’s authorized troops to use lethal force against migrants who attempt to enter the U.S.

“If they have to,” Trump told reporters at his Mar-a-Lago resort in Palm Beach, Florida, claiming without evidence that at least 500 criminals are among migrants trying to enter the U.S. “So I’m not going to let the military be taken advantage of. I have no choice. Do I want that to happen? Absolutely not. But you’re dealing with rough people.”

He also said that he would welcome a partial shutdown of the government over “border security.”

Trump said he had signed the order two days ago and that “I’ve already shutdown parts of the border.” He warned that the entire border may be closed if conflict with migrants escalates.

This news comes as Border Patrol mourns the loss of Rogelio Martinez, a Border Patrol agent who died last weekend.

A spokesman for the National Border Patrol Council stated that Martinez and his partner were “ambushed” by illegals.

Pro-open borders politicians are whipping their extreme base to a frenzy.

They think we should just allow anyone and everyone into the country – no questions asked.

But as President Trump pointed out, there are many known dangerous criminals who have embedded themselves in the caravan.

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72 Responses

  1. Dee says:

    I don’t understand the Democrats mindset aren’t they Americans as well you would think they would want a peaceful country to live in we need a border wall desperately drain the swamp clean the cesspool

  2. zee says:

    Hi, To E’0ne. 0bserve a ‘World MAP’.
    What is happening to USA thru ‘0pen Borders’
    Willbe the ‘result’ of Angela Merkel, Germany,
    Sweden etc in EU. . China/ Mid-East /Central Americas.
    > USA IS ‘Last Standing Free Country’. & LAST Call to
    ‘Preserve American Soul/Spirit/ Culture’, & BORDERS ___
    >Fight W/All your Might. AnyWay you can. AGAINST 1 world 0rder,
    NWO, & ‘new Dems’ in US. MUST PRESERVE USA.

  3. Robert Higginbotham says:

    I think the headline is the wrong tense. It is not that what Trump is doing “will make” the democrats furious. What he is doing “is making” the democrats more than furious, they are about ready to blow a gasket. I think it is great. Again, the President we elected is keeping his word about protecting our borders despite the America hating libtards.

  4. James Wilson says:

    It is easy to stop these criminals but, you must stop the American criminals from supporting them. It is against the law to provide material support for illegal aliens, this includes all social services. All of the politicians are not above the law so if need be arrest them. Make noise, make a big splash, ENFORCE THE LAWS.
    Put E-Verify into law, stop ALL social services for illegals.

    Just a reminder to the “never Trump” people, what you are saying in reality is, “never our President, and never America”. Doesn’t that feel nice (note sarcasm)??

  5. Randall M says:

    Well said Dave. It is nice to hear an litigant comment.

  6. Sandra Lee Smith says:

    Not anymore; the CIC changed that order too! However, I do agree they need to be shot and the “perceptions” be damned, if they try to force their way into our nation; won’t matter if they “touch our soil” if they do so by falling dead on it.

  7. Sandra Lee Smith says:

    Then there’s the statement of the Guatemalan officials who said at least 500 of those passing through their nation are criminals that they’d identified in the mob moving toward Mexico. Currently there are closer to 5,000 criminals trying to breach our southern border, including using violence in the efforts to do so.

  8. lisalles says:

    “claiming without evidence that at least 500 criminals are among migrants trying to enter the U.S.” Who said that trump is claiming that 500 of these people are criminals without evidence? I think the fact that they are at our borders trying to force their way in is evidence. That 2 border patrol officers were attacked and 1 killed is evidence.

  9. Joan says:

    Reopen Ellis Island! They wouldn’t be coming in like that. Many that tried to come into Ellis Island were turned away and had to go back to where they came. The ones in Mexico were able to stay in Mexico, but chose to force their way into America. God bless our presisent, Donald Trump for protecting America!

  10. Tom Curry says:

    I don’t know what part of invasion these liberal crackpots don’t understand and frankly you can bet that the majority of our citizens don’t give a damn what these liberal sick sh-ts think!!!! These liberals are so out of control, and I really believe that they want a war with all conservatives, and I believe it is coming soon with all their violent acts they have been doing, and when it starts these liberals are going to regret the day that it starts for it is a war that they have no chance in winning!!! For they are the minority not the majority and their ideology is just sick thinking and just isn’t going to ever be realized by normal and sensible people!!! I believe that when they start this war they are not going to be shown one bit of mercy for nobody wants a sick bunch of animals infecting the natural order of things in life period!!!

  11. Dave says:

    The deaths of people at the hands of illegals are seen as collateral damage which the left cares nothing about as long as they can build a voter base. The Democrats have become so unpopular in America that Americans won’t vote for them so the left needs to import voters from any country they can. Don’t be fooled, they don’t have a humanitarian agendas. They may say”oh those poor people”. But in reality they are saying, ” look at all those Democrat voters”.

  12. Gail says:

    Well folks do your homework . Being arrested means their feet have touched our soil . And that means no matter how vile and wicked and criminally insane they are . They are here to stay . And we have more to keep up and work for . And as for lethal force you had better check out what that actually is . They are to use a baton not a gun . If you noticed the border patrol are the only ones with guns . Are soldiers are to be attacked by thousands at one time with only a bat to defend themselves . The word “DEADLY ” force must be used . Lethal is just a word that sounds deadly and is suppose to mean what it says . But with the people involved it is just to make the public think they are going to stop this . Like everything else it is designed to fool you . If they were being shot at they would not still be coming !!!!!!We are being conned . Shooting them is the only way you can stop and invading enemy . Now we will all be fighting in our streets against the millions already here and the millions to come . We have our own treasonous people to thank for the carnage that is coming . Every vile Satanic Democrat and every single person in our government. State and federal . We are a nation of laws that only legal law abiding Americans have to abide by .

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