Trump declared all-out war on Chuck Schumer after he made one despicable announcement

Democrats are working like never before to take down President Trump.

There isn’t a line they won’t cross in this fight.

That’s why Trump just declared all-out war on Chuck Schumer after he made one despicable announcement.

President Trump’s top issue is border security.

Since announcing his campaign, he has made it clear he will put an end to illegal immigration, using a wall as the biggest deterrent.

But Democrats have made it impossible to get new funding for a wall through Congress, blocking every effort no matter what.

So, calling it a national security issue, Trump declared a national emergency, which allows him to reallocate billions in funds to go toward the wall that Congress appropriated for military construction.

And the measure is working, with the wall beginning to be built.

But Democrats are trying to shut it down, and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer just announced a measure to shut down his national emergency.

In his announcement of the measure, Schumer, with no evidence, claims Trump’s plan is to “steal money from military families and put it to the wall.”

Breitbart News reports:

During a speech on the Senate floor on Tuesday, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) announced that Democrats will force a vote to terminate President Trump’s national emergency declaration within the next month.

Schumer said, “As stipulated by the National Emergencies Act, Democrats will once again force a vote to terminate the president’s national emergency declaration. The provisions of the national emergency act dictate that the resolution of disapproval be privileged, and therefore must be voted upon.”

Over 100,000 illegal immigrants are being apprehended at the border every month.

In one sanctuary city in Maryland, there have been multiple cases of illegal immigrants raping young women just in recent months.

Building a wall is a national security issue.

But Democrats don’t care anymore, and are willing to open up the borders to rapists just to play politics.


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107 Responses

  1. Mark says:

    The wall is necessary. If one American dies at the hand of an illegal immogrant or if a legal immigrant dies at the hand of an illegal, it’s one too many. President Trump has never said that all immigrants are criminals but we know that 2% are criminals. If 100,000 illegals cross our borders every month then approximately 2000 are criminals who commit crimes against our country and the people here legally. IMO Upchuck Schumer and Pathetic Pelosi are disgusting individuals working against the American people and all the legal immigrants in this country. Besides cheating at the poles…Do the democrats have something else that they can benefit from letting illegals into this country? Is there extra money to feed the swamp creatures who are trying to undermine our Country, it’s Constitution and the hard working Americans and legal immigrants that deserve to be in America. Why are the liberal left media new stations allowed to lie about our President without consequences? Why isn’t Comey in jail along with Hillary, McCabe, Strock, and Page. Then there’s Rosenstein who wanted to tape record our President and subsequently lied to President Trump as if it was a joke. It was no joke to me. I’m pissed off about it. These stations are as disgusting as the Upchuck Schumers and Pelosis of the world with whom they align themselves. I look forward to justice being served as long as it gets done with fair and EQUAL JUSTICE.

  2. Mike Lee says:

    Trump should Ban ILLEGALS because they are ILLEGAL! How come Congress doesn’t Ban ILLEGALS?

    • Mike Lee says:

      They don’t want to Ban them because that would take away Votes from the Democraps. If Congress were to Ban ILLEGALS , God Forbid this would mean they were doing their job!

  3. Peter says:

    Every potential move this president tries to push for gets knocked down by the left.When the Republicans had the house they sat on their asses because Wisconsin Paul Ryan hated Trump.Sad to say that for the first time in many yrs, we have a president willing to do what many other presidents and staff promised to DO BUILD THE WALL.Our only chance to see true greatness will be in 2020 because that will be term 2 of trying to make AMERICA FIRST AND GREAT AGAIN.You must vote out to the dangerous left wing maniacs. They will destroy this great country.Thank BILL AND HILLARY for the Chinese problem.Their foreign policy gave China the green light to take out USA products and technology.Then President Obama decides to get 4 trillion in bonds (cash) from China and I believe only a small percentage from 1 other middle eastern country(oil producer).Obama and his communist regime, allowed the BANK OF CHINA AND BANK OF SHANGHAI to be on AMERICAN soil to give CHINESE people loans 1million at 2% 50yr paper.Can any American get that from our banks ?Totally unacceptable.

  4. DON says:

    Build the wall and put Schumer under it

  5. Larry says:

    Schumer is a Very Crooked ASSHOLE and a disgrace to the human race

  6. Bob anderson says:

    Build the wall and put the Democrats that oppose such on the Southside of the wall. The wall is needed to protect US Citizens from this influx of criminal activity from the South. It’s not a joke, never has been a joke it is needed asap.

  7. Walter E Beverly III says:

    The DEMONcRATS are going to have a conniption when Trump is reelected. If you think Trump Derangement Syndrome is bad now, just wait.

  8. Shelba says:

    The women in Montgomery county need to get a gun even it is an illegal bought gun since the law won’t protect them they need to protect themselves from these illegals that are raping women and children, after shooting them put a knife in their hand and claim they were assaulted by the illegal, if they can’t get a gun carry a sharp knife and get instructions on the best way to use it, when confronted by an illegal bent on a criminal intent don’t hesitate to use it

  9. Shepherd says:

    Actually, the demonrats are the party of DEATH. Look at what they support – abortion, infanticide, MS13 murderers, illegals who murder Americans, they have even gone on national tv and said they wanted to kill the President and ALL of those who voted for him and most of all the want the DEATH of AMERICA. Name one POSITIVE thing they support.

    • Phil G. says:

      There is none!

      • unions, the military, health care for the poor, care for the enviornment, reasonable gun laws – they do not attack the press, FBI or DOJ, he is supported by the KKK and Neo-Nazi hate groups after all there are some good Nazi. Supporting him, means you agree with his support of hate groups and therefore are a Nazi. ONE CANNOT REASON WITH A PERSON WHO IS BIASED OR IGNORANT. What would Jesus support and do?

  10. sherri says:

    Jim Jordan, Congress, Please ask Schumer why his name is in EPSTEIN little
    black book .Dirty Schumer. The FBI has the documents.

  11. Mike Flanagan says:

    Anyone that believes that Illegals have rights and belong here must be required to house feed and support them in their houses,

  12. David Cole says:

    It should be made law that if you are not at least a 5th generation America citizen you can be part of our government period

  13. William Milot says:

    President Trump has cost all these crooked Demoncrats Billions of Dollars with the changes He’s made and they can’t stand Him for it and will stop at Nothing to ruin Him as He has been Ruining them since He got Elected. They would be willing to work with Trump if He would take some “SPECIAL INTEREST” money to push through their agenda and the things that they can steal Billions out of! Trump won’t even take pay for being President which makes the ones that call him a crook look all the more Stupid! The “WALL” was a big deal for the Demoncrats and they wanted it BADLY until Trump got in and started to actually build the Damn thing, think back to 2014 when Pelosi said “It’s like a Pandemonium out there” street gangs and all the crime caused by illegals in our communities people are scared to leave their homes because of all the crime in the streets and we need to act NOW and construct a Wall to secure our Borders from these Criminals and their Lawless activity. That’s why I’m asking congress to give President Obama the $59.7 BILLION DOLLARS needed to construct a Barrier Wall to close off our Borders to these Criminals! REMEMBER THAT SPEECH , I remember it well. Trump only asked for $5.9 Billion (that’s only 10% of what they gave Obunghole) and STILL hasn’t gotten it because of the PERSONAL HATRED of the Demoncrats toward Trump for cutting off the supply of embezzled money to them! Where did the $59.7 Billion go that they gave Obunger is the question that’ll be asked if Trump gets it Built for 10% of that! The Dems can’t be trusted and Trump proves that more every time He gets things done that they couldn’t for even 10 times the money because Trump isn’t STEALING the other 90% and they can’t stand Him because of it and will do anything they can to Destroy His Character and Decimate His intentions!

    • Emil Henning says:

      Well said. Thank you for reposting the speech Pelosi gave for building the wall. Did they give the 59 billion to Obama ?

    • the wall is not necessary – most criminals from the south come through ports of entry; Mr. Trump’s claim they are all criminals – false according to FBI data; the Bishops and Pope Francis have encouraged welcoming these immigrants. I saw on the evening news an asylum seeker from the south use a ladder to cross the border. To take away money from the military is hurting our ability to defend our selves and not helping our veteran’s families who are in need of housing. China and Russia are in the process of upgrading their military and here we are building a wall – which would you prefer a wall or a strong military? ONE CANNOT REASON WITH A PERSON WHO IS IGNORANT AND BIASED.

      • Walter E Beverly III says:

        Horse Pucky! The criminals are poring across the borders. They are smuggling pot, cocaine, heroine and of course illegal aliens.
        The fact is that crossing the border illegally is a FEDERAL CRIME. So your “FBI data” is twisted to fit your agenda.
        I don’t give a hoot what the Bishops or Pope Francis have said. The money that was taken from the military for the wall, enhances our security on the border. For your information and edification, the Border Patrol is apprehending Middle Easter males at an ever increasing rate.

  14. mlhtd51 says:

    Just done the Poll and I see there is 1 %, Stupid, UN-American Idiots on this Site. Don’t Know and Don’t Care who You Are, But You are Welcome To Leave at Any Time, Just Extradite Yourself to Wherever Country You are Comfortable. Hell would be a Good Start. “TRUMP 2020”

  15. Karen Baumann says:

    The answer is simple; stop enticing illegals to come here by giving them free handouts – medical, welfare, food stamps, low income housing, allowing the baby they are carrying to automatically become a citizen because they are born on U.S. soil (they take the nationality of their parents – if the parents are Mexican Citizens, the child is a Mexican Citizen as well, no matter where they are born). If we did this; illegals wouldn’t want to come here.

    • Henry Naizer says:

      Birthright Citizenship and Illegal immigrants who enter our nation without permission

      14th Amendment, “All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside.”

      One of the co-authors of the 14th Amendment, Senator Jacob Howard, explained the meaning of this Amendment as follows:

      “Every person born within the limits of the United States, and subject to their jurisdiction is, by virtue of natural law and national law, a citizen of the [United States]. This will not, of course, include persons born in the United States who are foreigners, aliens, who belong to the families of ambassadors or foreign ministers, accredited to the government of the United States, but will include every other class of persons.”

      Note the word “aliens.” What was the definition of this word. Referring to the 1828 Noah Webster’s American Dictionary defines “alien” as, “1. Foreign; not belonging to the same country, land or government. 2. Belonging to one who is not a citizen.”

      Senator Howard’s statement includes the word “alien.” Thus a mother who is a “subject to the jurisdiction thereof “ a foreign nation and enters our Nation illegally (alien) and gives birth to a child, the child is NOT automatically a citizen of our Nation.

      In 1898, thirty years after the 14th Amendment was ratified, the liberal Supreme Court wrongfully ruled in the Wong Kim Ark case that a child born in the United States to non-citizen parents WAS a United States citizen. Thus this Court ruling violated the Original Intent as explained by one of its authors Senator Jacob Howard

  16. David SALERNO says:

    ANYONE who continues to support the Demonrat party is an UnAmerican MORON.

  17. Shell says:

    The power hungry democrats have not a “smidgeon” of care, nor consideration for the PEOPLE even though they are elected to represent them and vowed to uphold the CONSTITUTION which is explicit in the power designated to the three branches of government When one of those entities encroach upon the others the government is ineffectual and NOTHING get accomplished….as now with Pelosi, Omar, AOC, Ilaid, and a vast group of “group-think” whose only obvious aim is to bring the “PEOPLE’S HOUSE” to a halt, and use social media to spread HATRED among the legal citizens of this great country.

    • Kenneth Sloan says:

      Power is supposed to be designated into three branches, but Trump wants all the power to himself. No wonder there are GOPers who are challenging Trump for the 2020 nomination.

      Oh, by the way, Omar did not marry her brother so he could be granted US citizenship. The man she married was not a relative, never sought US citizenship and went back to England where he came from after the divorce. Hope this clears up that she-married-her-brother lie.

      • Wendy says:

        He HAS THE POWER! Those are not true GOP’ers, those are RINO’s in a quest to lose! LOL
        PRESIDENT Trump HAS the overwhelming SUPPORT of GOP VOTERS…
        All the left has are a bunch of communist lunatic’s! And maybe a couple fame seeking RINO’s!

      • Fon morcus says:

        You are brainwashed. You got to be a Democrat to think the way you do .
        You are a DANGER to the American people . The way you think .

      • Steve Scoutaris says:

        Trump campaigned on border security and he won. That means a majority of Americans want illegal immigration to STOP. Its the democrats in congress, and on the courts that want to stop Trump because all they care about are politics and power. The democrats want to stop Trump at all costs from having any success that will help him win a 2nd term. Democrats don’t care about citizens or illegal aliens. To democrats, everyone is a pawn to be used for their agenda.

        • Richard A Jennings says:

          Couldn’t been said any better. The Democratic party is not the party for the people but the party for themselves and their communist agenda.

      • Countryboy says:

        Keep drinking the Kool-Aid Kenny. Dems love fools like you.

      • Karen Phelps-Trimmer says:

        check and read more on this. where is your solid truth coming from. so people can rethink on this.

      • Tammy L Green says:

        STFU. Liberal idiot!

      • Susan glancy says:

        So we should consider the matter of Omar marrying her brother settled on your say so. You know no more than the rest of us. We want PROOF, and those investigating say YES she did so there you have it

  18. nani t, cruz says:

    To all!!! Why revisit the border wall construction? It is prudent and beneficial to all to encourage legal immigration which means proper evaluations of immigrants capability and character. Closing our eyes and open the door to anybody is not good for the country. Let us let brilliant individuals to run and govern our nation. USA IS THE PLACE FOR THOSE WHO WANT TO WORK HARD AND EARN THIS LIVING TO SUPPORT THEIR FAMILY.. BE REAL AND HAVE PROPER COMMON SENSE.

  19. Dr. J.D. says:

    I want to take issue with the statement made: “But Democrats don’t care anymore, and are willing to open up the borders to rapists just to play politics.” Many Democrats disagree, like I do, about open borders and would work with you to get Congress off its worthless butt to have more reasonable immigration policies. But don’t frame all Mexicans or immigrants as bad people (rapist, drug runners, killers etc.) because many of them are decent, very hard working people that contribute tremendously to our economy and our wealth. If not, why would the Trump golf courses and resorts have hired so many of them and encouraged they to get fake credentials?!?

    Back when I was a teen, most of us took restaurant, landscaping, construction, roofing and many of the jobs that today’s youth will not take. No matter the pay, most farmers can’t get Americans, especially the young, to help bring in the crops and/or even do hard labor. We have tons of workers here that are Mexicans or Mexican-Americans, that are decent, very hard working (try to get the young to take those jobs!) and focused on families. Since we are an aging population and the young often will not take those working jobs, our economy will stagnate unless we bring in immigrants who WILL work those jobs. We just need to do a MUCH better job of separating the good ones from the criminals.

    • Wendy says:

      ????????”encouraged them to get fake credential’s”…thats extremely funny, thanks for the humongous laugh today!????????????

      • Susan Glancy says:

        Allowing illegals into the county to do the work Americans won’t do is nothing but a talking point. For decades they were allowed WORK VISAs status. It was never to be for an indefinite stay. Importing low income, uneducated illegals would create a low wage uneducated class of people. Just like the caste systems in other countries

    • Bill says:

      Dr., you say that you are a Democrat and disagree with party leaders about the need for the wall. I will remind you of the adage that ‘if you lie with dogs don’t be surprised if you end up with fleas’.

    • Shell says:

      You concentrate on the jobs the American youth will not do and that is true, and you are correct it is the citizens of Mexico, and latin america who do those seasonal jobs to keep food flowing to the world, but those people are generally “legal” with work permits. They do not “STORM” the borders, DEMAND” to have ‘their laws enacted, their flag flying over “Old Glory,” They are not citizens and are acutely aware of what they considered at one time their good fortune, that is until Democrat opened the door to free healthcare, free housing, free education, and a myriad of entitlements (?) often given to them before legal citizens, and now we have a an outcropping of homeless living (existing) on streets in uninhabitable, unsanitary, pitiful conditions often as a result of illegal drugs. No other country in the world has as many LAWYERS seeking FAME and FORTUNE eager to take anything to the courts to gain for themselves at the expense of the hardworking, taxpaying legal citizens struggling to provide for their families. GREED 101 TAUGHT IN LAW SCHOOL…..

    • Paul says:

      Twonks and snowflakes are too lazy to work. Marxist/ Democrats are the pary of skavery

    • Wendy says:

      I wouldn’t mind them coming to do agriculteral jobs on a WORK VISA then LEAVE…not take mfr and other jobs CITIZEN’S NEED TO SUPPORT FAMILIES ON! AND NOT OVERSTAY THEIR WORK VISA’S! And not suck blood while here from our welfare programs meant to help OUR OWN STRUGGLING FAMILIES!!!

    • Stan G says:

      The reason our kids don’t work manual labor jobs is because parents and teachers are too soft and tell them they are too good. Sadly they never get work experience or ethic and expect others to do it all. The CCC gave men work, pride, and self respect. Today’s kids lack that work ethic. Stop giving handouts and they will work. Fix the homeless problem by hiring them to work the fields, construction, lawn care, etc

      • vet says:

        wow Stan…that’s going back some. But you are correct.

      • Ed Rizzo says:

        Exactly! Kids are not taught by parents the value of a dollar. They are not taught good work ethics. They are not taught that to work hard for what you want in life has more rewards then expecting to get what they want just because they are told they are too good for labor jobs. Parents don’t even teCh their kids respect. Both my daughters were taught these values at Avery young age and both could t wait until they turned 16 so they could get JO BS! They knew at an early age that if they want things in life they have to work hard, set goals and how to reach their goals. Everything wrong with this country can be linked to today’s parents. Not only in teaching and actually raising their kids instead of allowing cell phones to raise their kids. But it’s also, for the majority, parents that vote for these liberal morons that push that agenda that it’s better to get but not give back. We need to stop fighting each other as a country and learn to live this country like we used too.

    • Brady says:

      right in one point all Mexicans and immigrants are not bad. but how can they pay a guide to bring them across? Most Mexicans just want to get a good job family and chance to get ahead.

    • Steve Scoutaris says:

      Dr. JD, it’s not about whether Mexicans are bad or good people, or whether the illegals from Guatemala and Honduras (that skip over other countries to claim asylum) are bad people. It’s that we have a federal law which states you CANNOT enter this country illegally. If you don’t like the law, then vote to change it. You can’t just break laws you don’t like. The democrats seem to have a real problem with comprehending that. Call Trump whatever you want but all he is doing is what he promised to do during his campaign, and that is to crack down on lawbreakers that enter our country illegally. This whole thing is very simple actually.

  20. Dan Winright says:

    SCREWMER is talking about thievery? Well theres a oxymoron for you

  21. theolddog says:

    Donnie Deferments ought to know better than to pick on a New York Jewish man who is at least 10x smarter than he is.

    • MrJeff203 says:

      theolddog, you’re an ASSHOLE

    • Car says:

      Right, moron.. You are dumb as a pile of crap. Your jewish friend is hurting everyone(even other jewish people )with trying to unsecure ournations borders. You call that smart? Hahah.

    • frane says:

      I agree!! the old dog needs to take a dirt nap

    • Dr. J.D. says:

      You know, MrJeff203 and car, you need to get past the bad habit of calling everyone who disagrees with you to be “dumb.” Trump calls everyone “dumb”, but he is THE ONE WHO HIRES ALL THESE PEOPLE HE ENDS UP CALLING “LOSERS AND DUMB.” Clearly, NSA John Bolton, and Rex Tillerson are smart and well educated people, even if I disagree with many of their policies. I know you will get mad at this one, but TRUMP IS CERTAINLY NOT AS SMART AS HE CLAIMS TO BE. One of the real areas where Trump fails is HIS INABILITY TO LISTEN. No one can be smart in every area. But the smartest ones were the ones who learned to listen to other great minds who knew some issues and angles better than they did. Not Trump at all.

      We had a saying in higher education, that THE FIRST STEP in learning, is to BECOME AWARE OF WHAT YOU DON’T KNOW. The term “sophomore” means “wise fool” – – when young people reach the age where they think they know EVERYTHING, and that older people are dumb if not pathetic. They can only move on and grow in wisdom when they become aware how little they really know, and start learning to listen to the wisdom of the ages.

      • MJB says:

        I suggest you take your own advice and become aware of what you don’t know. For example, you don’t know what goes on in the white house. Trump wants people around him that has the same vision for this country that he has and come with ideas to get to his goals. He doesn’t need people that bring him ideas counter to what his vision is. We elected him for his ideas not someone else’s.

        • Edward Cavallucci says:

          Now this is a great truism about are president that most of real americans support,the next election will make it vary clear to all how america feels,IT WILL BE THE BIGGEST LANDSLIDE IN HISTORY>GOT BLESS ARE PRESIDENT AND GOD SPEED.

    • Wen says:

      LOL, now thats funny too!
      A deferment is better than a stay in canada as clinton did…at least getting a deferrment means he went thru the process instead of running like the scared dog he is!

    • April says:

      Chuck Schumer is so smart, that he is losing voters who supported him and now they are supporting President Trump. Schumer is showing democrat voters who the democrat politicians are and the voters are waking up and walking away from the democrat party. Yep, so that old jewish fart is real smart and yes, even democrat jews are leaving the democrat party. I was one of those democrat voters who left the democrat party and I know millions of others who have left and did you miss the protest against the democrat party in NY a few weeks ago by the democrat jews..calling out Cry Baby Schumer, they left the democrat party. Yep, Schumer is real smart 10x smarter, that’s what you said not me.

    • Freddie says:

      Well,olddog,age certainly hasn’t made you any smarter,but being a democrat,intelligence just doesn’t matter much does it?!

  22. The fellow who said they know how to use the system, well why don’t we all just have A REVOLUTION and clean up the country sum, it is clear that we are divided so why not, when your CESSPOOL is full you pump it out rite or wrong. Do not talk about change, be willing to risk it all, or shut up, let the President call for all good men & women to come to the aid of the country, we are divided now so what is the loss. Take this example I asked a young man would he fight for the country he replied it depends for what it is for? someone gave you the right to do as you like like drive to the market, park or to the next town etc: So I replied to him that is WHAT FOR STUPID ASS.

  23. Loyd says:

    Between Schumer and Pelosi the Democrats and a few others, they are giving the news casters something to do,most news caster are on the Democrats payrole, I guess they call it fake news.

  24. Leon Amer says:

    Hey, sanctuary places: send your undocumenteds to have their wicked ways with daughters, wives, nieces (and sons, nephews and male spouses too, for that matter) of the Dems who set up your sanctuaries, as a “Thank You!” We have 2 Senators here in NYistan, one of whom being an attractive (while silent) blond, who’d love to host you for a year or 3 in their basements! Our Emperor also just ordered the publication in a library newsletter of a piece detailing how you should act when dealing with LEOs, basically saying “F YOU!” to Federal immigration law, so you will probably love his girlfriend too, plus NYC Mayor DiBlasio & family. Enjoy them all till they have no more blood left in them!

  25. James Howard says:

    Patriot Pulse. Please darken your font. It’s very hard to read.

    • Nelson Jones says:

      or make it BOLD

      • Mike Otrok says:


        • Dr. J.D. says:

          You are so funny, Mike! I am sure the Trumpers do not like you poking fun at them. Just lucky you were not a victim in Alabama of the dangerous Hurricane Dorian! It is not that Trump made a gaffe again, it is that Trump cannot admit when he makes and error and has to blame EVERYONE but him.

          • Wendy says:

            No….thats obummer the trator who blames everyone else…and tries to steal everyone’s credit for his lousy thieving, traitorous, seditious,degenerate self

  26. Gregory Sullivan says:

    This is an act of desperation by woodchuck schstupor& company who want to keep wide open borders. They are paranoid that once the wall is completed, it will choke off the supply of illegal alien votes that they depend upon to help them win elections

  27. Diana says:

    The demonRATS are Satan worshippers and pedophiles!! They are not letting vets of America, in fact they hate Americans!! They are despicable, they are not our friends, they hate our president Trump because he is overturning everything Muslim obozo did when he was our illegal president!! He was never a citizen of the USA he was born in Kenya and his birth certificate was proven to be forged!! So everything he did is now null and void!! So we need to,wipe out everything he signed into law or anything else he did!! And he needs to be hanged for Treason, hopefully where all America can watch along with killery, bill, pelosi, Schumer, and many of the demonRATS all committed for TREASON!! Pray to God that all enemies of God and America will be jailed for life in GITMO!,

  28. Melody says:

    Those are two of the most despicable people in politics. Dumb and dumber! It’s a toss up who comes first.

    • Linda M. says:

      Melody: They are not dumb. They have played the system and us , the American people, very well. What they are is evil and corrupt. With a lot of despicable sub humans backing them up. I don’t think we will ever be rid of them or the Clinton’s…

  29. T.Bell says:

    Chuck Schumer can kiss my ass along with that old ugly bitch Nasty PISSalocie !

  30. Lance says:

    I am sick to death of the do nothing demoncrats. Leave the President alone and do YOUR jobs. You a holes make me sick.

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