Trump declared all-out war on Chuck Schumer after he made one despicable announcement

Democrats are working like never before to take down President Trump.

There isn’t a line they won’t cross in this fight.

That’s why Trump just declared all-out war on Chuck Schumer after he made one despicable announcement.

President Trump’s top issue is border security.

Since announcing his campaign, he has made it clear he will put an end to illegal immigration, using a wall as the biggest deterrent.

But Democrats have made it impossible to get new funding for a wall through Congress, blocking every effort no matter what.

So, calling it a national security issue, Trump declared a national emergency, which allows him to reallocate billions in funds to go toward the wall that Congress appropriated for military construction.

And the measure is working, with the wall beginning to be built.

But Democrats are trying to shut it down, and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer just announced a measure to shut down his national emergency.

In his announcement of the measure, Schumer, with no evidence, claims Trump’s plan is to “steal money from military families and put it to the wall.”

Breitbart News reports:

During a speech on the Senate floor on Tuesday, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) announced that Democrats will force a vote to terminate President Trump’s national emergency declaration within the next month.

Schumer said, “As stipulated by the National Emergencies Act, Democrats will once again force a vote to terminate the president’s national emergency declaration. The provisions of the national emergency act dictate that the resolution of disapproval be privileged, and therefore must be voted upon.”

Over 100,000 illegal immigrants are being apprehended at the border every month.

In one sanctuary city in Maryland, there have been multiple cases of illegal immigrants raping young women just in recent months.

Building a wall is a national security issue.

But Democrats don’t care anymore, and are willing to open up the borders to rapists just to play politics.

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