Trump could go down in 2020 after a massive voter fraud scheme was exposed

Democrats are no strangers to voter fraud.

Virtually every time a voter fraud scheme is exposed, it involves Democrats.

And now Trump could go down in 2020 after a massive voter fraud scheme was exposed.

Tuesday’s elections spelled bad news for Republicans in Virginia.

The state is rapidly shifting to the left, which is beginning to cause a lot of problems for conservatives in the Old Dominion.

Proving that point, Democrats swept Virginia and now control the State House, Senate, and Governor’s mansion.

But news reports claim that voter fraud may have played a part, with hundreds of reports of ballot problems and voters even being told they could not vote.

Breitbart News reports:

Election Day on Tuesday in the Commonwealth of Virginia was filled with ballot problems and some voters were told they could not vote, according to media reports in the state.

Local radio station WTOP reported on some of the problems:

In Prince William County, several hundreds ballots were misprinted and contained only one side, election officials confirmed to WTOP. Earlier in the day, another problem emerged in Stafford County, where for the second straight Virginia House of Delegates election, some voters there cast ballots in the wrong races Tuesday, state elections officials said.

Prince William County confirmed ballot issues at three voting locations Tuesday morning. After getting calls from two listeners who said they had trouble voting in the morning, WTOP got in touch with registrar Michelle White, who confirmed the problem.

White said several hundred ballots were misprinted Tuesday morning at three voting locations in Woodbridge. The printers mistakenly printed the front of the ballot instead of the front and back.

White told WTOP that the sheriff’s department drove reprinted ballots to Rippon Middle School, River Oakes Elementary School, and Leesylvania Elementary School.

These problems may not have been intentional, but when there is smoke there is often fire.

Democrats have been rigging elections for decades, and this may have been their trial run to rig the 2020 election.

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126 Responses

  1. John Gallatin says:

    It would seem that there is a second pandemic running rampant in the good old US of A. Infectious Tammanyitis, is a strain of a virus that infected New York State and the city of New York in the early 1800s, up through the American Civil War and finally lost its potency in the 1870s. The indications that the virus is active are payoffs and bribery, graft, prevarication, election fixing, money laundering, routine political corruption, control of minority groups, the use of local street gangs as enforcers, and the concentration of political power within a small elite group. William Magheer Tweed, otherwise known as “Boss Tweed”, was the leader of Tammany Hall, the Democratic Party of the city of New York. Unless it came from Tammany Hall, it did not happen. When it came to corruption, Tweed’s Gang had no equal. Until now.

  2. F. Rufus Fernandez says:

    It’s so disgraceful that in 2020 we see such evil people going all out, with the help of the media, to bring down a President who has achieved so much for America. What is wrong with these idiots? Do they want suppression and Marxism in place of freedom and democracy? It’s unbelievable!! WAKE UP AMERICA!

  3. Mike Gough says:

    Maybe you should go to a system like Canada has. A growing number of residents are Maple Leaf card hilders and NOT proper Canadian citizens. Its oh so easy to fraud out their fake right to vote in federal or whatever elections. And our PM Prime Minister openly encourages that ML cardholders grow by accepting milllioms more without any qualms about dual citizenship occurring rampantly or the joke status that citizenship is rapidly becoming.

  4. Jeanette says:

    The crooked Democrats will do anything possible to rig the election and steal the election. They have always let illegals and dead people vote. You can’t trust them. it.If I were a Democrat, I would be ashamed to admit it. I am glad I changed my affiliation several years ago.

  5. A Seeker says:

    We need Voter’s ID, as we need Driver’s License!

  6. Tony Bell says:

    What this article fails to address is president Trump’s instructions to department heads to reduce size and establish a database of confirmed US citizens and legal residents from federal and state records. Since the resistance to the citizenship question on the census, president Trump went to plan B, of course the MSM does not publish that. Think of the benefits derived from an undated and accurate record of citizens, legal residents, and illegal trespassers. It cannot be stopped since it is for National Security purposes, the presidents number one obligation of office. Thank you president Trump.

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