Trump could go down in 2020 after a massive voter fraud scheme was exposed

Democrats are no strangers to voter fraud.

Virtually every time a voter fraud scheme is exposed, it involves Democrats.

And now Trump could go down in 2020 after a massive voter fraud scheme was exposed.

Tuesday’s elections spelled bad news for Republicans in Virginia.

The state is rapidly shifting to the left, which is beginning to cause a lot of problems for conservatives in the Old Dominion.

Proving that point, Democrats swept Virginia and now control the State House, Senate, and Governor’s mansion.

But news reports claim that voter fraud may have played a part, with hundreds of reports of ballot problems and voters even being told they could not vote.

Breitbart News reports:

Election Day on Tuesday in the Commonwealth of Virginia was filled with ballot problems and some voters were told they could not vote, according to media reports in the state.

Local radio station WTOP reported on some of the problems:

In Prince William County, several hundreds ballots were misprinted and contained only one side, election officials confirmed to WTOP. Earlier in the day, another problem emerged in Stafford County, where for the second straight Virginia House of Delegates election, some voters there cast ballots in the wrong races Tuesday, state elections officials said.

Prince William County confirmed ballot issues at three voting locations Tuesday morning. After getting calls from two listeners who said they had trouble voting in the morning, WTOP got in touch with registrar Michelle White, who confirmed the problem.

White said several hundred ballots were misprinted Tuesday morning at three voting locations in Woodbridge. The printers mistakenly printed the front of the ballot instead of the front and back.

White told WTOP that the sheriff’s department drove reprinted ballots to Rippon Middle School, River Oakes Elementary School, and Leesylvania Elementary School.

These problems may not have been intentional, but when there is smoke there is often fire.

Democrats have been rigging elections for decades, and this may have been their trial run to rig the 2020 election.


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113 Responses

  1. Glenn says:

    DemoCROOKs are communists. They cheat in every election. Even when there’s only a demoCROOK candidate, they cheat!
    Without voter fraud, few of them would ever get elected!

  2. Desert Fox says:

    The Demoncrats have allowed, encouraged, and helped illegals to register and vote. This is fraud; and then with the Soros’ voting machines flipping ballots–I feel that every ballot should be hand counted and verified. Look at the extremes that these crooks have gone to to unseat a duly elected president. My tragic fear is if they can’t take him down by election time they may resort to physical violence, and I mean another klinton suicide. I keep him in my prayers as we all should.

  3. BootsOnGround says:

    In general, Dems are pros at three things….fraud, deceit and theft. No surprises here.

  4. Cindy Murphy says:

    The GOP better do a recount. I know last time in Mich they did not do a recount especially in Detroit. I think things would of gone differently if they did. The Democrats would cheat, rig or do anything at any cost to win. Those folks can’t be trusted.

  5. Poon says:

    Scott are you an A hole? Have you ever herd of ACORN?Those idiots are still in jail for voter fraud when Obama was fraudulently elected.

    • Mary Browden says:

      DemRats always “find” ballot boxes after the ballots have closed and brought them in stuffed with votes for democrats in districts that they are losing. They cheated to give HIllary the nomination stealing it from Bernie an their own party members, tried to cheat to steal the Presidential election by giving Hillary the debate questions then trying to overthrow our vote for Trump by impeachment. dirty party politics dimrats

    • Mary Browden says:

      DemRats always “find” ballot boxes after the ballots have closed and brought them in stuffed with votes for democrats in districts that they are losing. They cheated to give Hillary the nomination stealing it from Bernie their own party members, tried to cheat to steal the Presidential election by giving Hillary the debate questions than trying to overthrow our vote for Trump by impeachment. dirty party politics dimrats

  6. Mario E. says:

    By Mario E. Porrata
    August 19, 2019

    A Union is composed of its members and only they should be allowed to vote in the election of any of its Officials. This should be the case of the Union of Citizens of the United States of America, but it is not. There have been instances of non-citizens voting, in spite of not being allowed to. This fraudulent scheme must end.
    What makes this issue worrisome is that some candidates promote these illegal votes to get elected, thus rendering null the votes of citizens that are qualified to vote and vote otherwise.
    Further, the electors of any Union have a right to vote only once, “one man one vote principle,” and there has been evidence of electors in the Union of the United States voting more than once.
    To make matters even worse, tampering with the electoral system has been the playground, not only of politicians, but now of political parties. Thus we have a political party trying to destroy the established system of the Electoral College by the Founding Fathers, which protects States with low population, by inserting a “popular vote” concept that would allow large populated states to control the electoral results. This system would have a fatal outcome: Destroy the sovereignty of all the States and destroy the Union of Citizens of the United States of America. In effect, the end of the U.S.of A. This is very serious.

    From our end, the problem seems to be that the States have a lot to do with the federal elections. The crux of the problem is that States control who votes in federal elections. Add to that that States have been identifying with political parties, and so do those citizens that control the electoral machine of the State. Being human beings, these people seem to be inclined to protect the votes that favor their political affiliation, even if they are fraudulent.
    The Founding Fathers could have never foreseen what is happening today because they set up a system based on the honorability of the people in charge. Neither were they able to foresee the conditions that persist today of the several States.
    So, this is it: An unqualified voter may be allowed to vote if his political affiliation is known by the people of equal inclinations and in charge of the voting lists. And the elected officials of the State will merely present a blind eye for the same reason. After all, the most important motto in elections is to win at any cost! Nothing else matters.

    The solution is simple: Federal elections must be controlled by the Federal Government exclusively. From voter registration, to actual voting, and to vote count, every step must be controlled by personnel sworn and hired for the exclusive purpose of conducting federal elections.
    No State is allowed to participate in the implementation of the federal electoral process, just as it happens in the elections of any Union. Federal elections would be handled separately from State elections. State elections would be handled by the States themselves, in whatever manner or form they wish, as long as they don’t violate their Constitutions.
    The results would be handled in the same way as it happens now. Nothing will change except for the management of the entire federal electoral process.
    A Federal Elections Department would be established, with branches at the State level. All responsibilities would be assigned accordingly with a budget large enough to do a perfect job in order to secure the purity of the electoral results.
    Congress would establish a joint oversight committee to ascertain the purity and non-partisan behavior of the system. The Supreme Court would establish a Special Committee to oversee the actions of the Department and to certify the electoral results.

    The Federal Electoral System of the Union of Citizens of the United States of America is being attacked on different fronts, with the objective to obtain partisan advantages and undeserved electoral victories. The honorability of the system is being destroyed by unscrupulous individuals at the State level, whose lust for power is immense.
    By centralizing the entire Federal Electoral System, the government of the US of A should be able to correct most, if not all, the deficiencies that allow voter fraud.
    This is the perfect moment to install such a system, given the initiative of the government to develop a more perfect citizenship census.
    In implementing this strategy, there are many suggestions that come to mind, but which discussing them are not the purpose of this paper. But given that a special commission would be created to design and implement the proposal here presented, I would be very happy to submit them in writing, or in person, when the timing comes.
    By all means, this proposal will disengage the federal electoral process from the political and partisan bickering that is actually taking place. AND DO AWAY WITH ELECTORAL FRAUD!

    Mario E. Porrata
    Gurabo, Puerto Rico

  7. Martin says:

    If President Trump loses in 2020 it will be because of voter fraud. That is the only way the the Democrats can win anything.

  8. Dan S says:

    Why in the hell do we not have voter ID yet? I have to come up with 6 points worth of ID to prove who I am to get my NJ drivers license but anyone can walk into a polling location and just sign a name to vote. I don’t care which party you are part of, we need voter ID now!

    • Bill says:

      I wholeheartedly agree with you. We need proof of identification to do almost anything these days and people don’t seem to have any problem acquiring the required documents. Yet, when it comes to voting many of these same people go into conniptions when asked for proof of identity. A government issued, tamper-proof identification card should be a requirement for voting anywhere in this country. The right to vote is too precious for us to let it be corrupted by political parties.

    • Steve Scoutaris says:

      Because the democrats claim voter IDs disenfranchises black people, which is actually very racist if you think about it. The real reason is democrats don’t want voter ID because it makes it more difficult to cheat and engage in voter fraud. Democrats can’t win elections anymore without voter fraud.

      • Paul Aldredge says:

        There’s a clip, or was, on Youtube showing Liberal college students who basically were saying minorities are too stupid to obtain I.D.s! Liberals also don’t want to admit the same people, like everyone else, NEED identification at banks and many other places!

    • Lori says:

      This ticks me off every time I vote. We have to show a drivers license to buy allergy pills but no ID required to vote! Ludicrous!

    • Barbara Gross says:

      It shouldn’t be any big transition deal. We already have to register to vote and we get a voter registration card. Why not add a photo to the card and problem solved. No ticket no laundry!

  9. Vickie McGee says:


  10. Kenneth Hecker says:

    I agree with so much said here. Remember when Al Gore, a veteran, wanted ballots sent through Military mail from overseas disallowed because the bags didn’t have a date on them to prove they were in transit by the end of Election Day?

  11. Republicans cheat also says:

    Let’s see the last voter fraud was North Carolina the perpetrator was not charged with a crime and he was able to get back on the ballot for the re-election that took place months later, and he is a RETARDican funny how everyone is okay with that, it seems to be a one-way street Dems do it BAD reps do it GOOD.

    • Steve Scoutaris says:

      Voter fraud is bad no matter which side does it. Also, it’s wrong for the democrats to not want the citizenship question on the census because a good chunk of the California population is illegal aliens and democrats don’t want their largest state to lose electoral votes or federal money.
      Democrats oppose voter ID laws because it’s more difficult for them to engage in voter fraud and the same goes for the census citizenship question.

      • Gayle Clay says:

        In my opinion, if CA doesn’t adhere to the laws of this govt. To prohibit illegals from voting and be strict about it, then CA should simply not be allowed any voice in the voting process period. No one from that state should be allowed to vote.

    • Uncle Hoppy says:

      Why don’t you use your real handle “ih8reps”?
      We all know who you are.

    • Paul Aldredge says:

      Wow! Man, are you simply stupid!

  12. Bobi says:

    There should only be one ballot printed per social security number and then only to those 18 y/o and over. When turned in they should have your thumb / finger print on it.

  13. Tom Curry says:

    You can bet that the Democrats are cheating and they have been doing it for years and you can bet they are going to do it big time in the presidential race as well in the Congress and Senate races!!! The voting system needs to get fixed quick by one Getting voter ID laws passed an finger printing scanner could be set up for voters also that also take your picture!!! If any fraud is detected then the party involved their candidate automatically gets disqualified from the race!!!

    • Will says:

      Huh ??? By doing that we never would get anyone into office , because all it would take is for a mole in the other party to vote for the opposing side and make sure there was corruption . Think about it

    • AK Lady says:

      You can bet that the Republicans are cheating and they have been doing it for years and you can bet they are going to do it big time in the presidential race as well in the Congress and Senate races!!!

      • April says:

        I use to be a democrat and I can tell you personally from working on democrat campaign, we went to cemeteries and got names off of headstones and we signed up drivers to drive people to different polling places to vote more then once. Yes, they even have electronic computer voting equip. if you vote for a republican the machine switches the vote to the democrat. AK Lady I know exactly how and what goes on personally the dem. party need to be in power and control and they will try to win at all cost. I couldn’t do this anymore, I left the democrat party and it is so freeing. I know the democrats will destroy people just to win, win at all cost. They coordinate with MSM. The media is so complicit, the media knows if you tell a lie long enough people will start to believe it. Just to let you know when HRC was running against Obama, Syndney Blumenthal started the birther thing, I know that for a fact. I worked on HRC campaign and everyone who worked on HRC campaign knew it. Obama won because he just out frauded her. Read Rules for Radicals by Saul D. Alinsky , when I started working on dem campaign everyone was given this book and we had to read it. I suggest every voter read this book, so they can become knowledgeable on the tactic’s of the left

      • Steve Scoutaris says:

        Which party opposes voter IDs?
        Which party opposes the census citizenship question?
        You know the answer, Alaskan Woman.

      • Paul Aldredge says:

        Always barking at shadows! Let’s see you post PROOF!

        • Lee Griffith says:

          I am ready to leave Virginia, born and raised here. Going out west to get away from this lib and trashy people who are faults witnesses , ring any bells, i.e. Ten Commandments that the libs want to erase from our country, along with any reference to the Bible, but they leave Muslims alone………..Whom would stone any and all of the LGBT group, think about it just a little……..

      • Sharyn Rogers says:

        Richard Nixon knew in 1960 that the Presidential election was rigged to elect Kennedy. Everett Dirkson, who was Senate Minority Leader, agreed with Nixon, BUT knew that JFK intended to install his brother as Attorney General so also knew that any protest would die a quick death. Maybe, AK Lady, you might try learning to READ rather than following the sheeple behind CNN and MSNBC…..

      • Sissybrat says:

        AK Lady I thought or was hoping you fell off the planet. Just like a bad penny she’s back. We don’t want or believe any of your spouting off like your a knows all. Go to a Liberat page. It would be much appreciated because WE DO NOT LIKE YOU or your libtard remarks. Read Hillary’s America and read the facts of your beloved party,.

  14. Truckman says:

    I hope the votes in Virginia is a forced recount and a hand count at that and that the ones that were not allowed to vote sue the state

  15. William T Fitzgerel says:

    They are two years into attempting to steel the 2016 election. They they are working on the 2020 election as we all know. They make up the rules as they go.

    • Nancy says:

      That’s what Dems do best, rig elections and I’m sick of it! That’s why we got four more years of B0, Killary won the popular vote, and the Dems took back the House in the Midterms. They will go out in 2020, and trust me, if people don’t believe the illegal aliens are deciding who should be our PRESIDENT think again! We cannot allow this to happen in 2020.

      • AK Lady says:

        When was the last time you registered to vote?
        It is obviously been decades, as you have no idea, whatsoever, as to the identification required.
        No, Nancy, illegals are not deciding who should be President. The Electoral College elects the President, Learn how your government functions.

        • gandolf the White says:

          AK Lady so you don’t know that the Electoral College in each State gives their votes to the winner on the ballot? Illegals have voted in States like California and NY. Any State with sanctuary cities lets illegals vote. A State like NY where NYC gives drivers licenses to illegals lets them vote.

        • Steve Scoutaris says:

          Which party opposes voter IDs?
          Which party opposes the census citizenship question?
          You know the answer, Alaskan Woman.

        • Sheila says:

          Thank you for an intelligent response to the previous comments. Apparently people who write some of the comments do not understand what goes on at the voting polls. Maybe they should apply to work at a site to see what the procedures are involved.

        • Sissybrat says:

          When was the last time you voted AK Lady? I have been voting for years and we do mail in ballots. My son got an ID from the DMV and they immediately sent him a voter registration. He doesn’t have the least bit interest in politics so I registered him as a Republican and voted. No ID required. And by the way he is a felon. What’s your OP on that Ms. Know it All and don’t tell Nancy to learn how her government works. Get lost loser

  16. Walter Deveau says:

    No surprises there, & I’m sure that same problem got the commies elected in commifornia

  17. Ted says:

    democrats are the lowest form of scum. They all have that mad insane look in their eyes and shouldn’t be allowed to mingle with humans.

  18. Mike says:

    Scott 27 congrats on your comments, we need more people like you to post on this site with the truth, not the vital most of the illiterates post on this site. The republicans own the patent rights to voter fraud, specifically what has occurred in North and South Carolina!! Hope you keep posting Scott 27.

    • Chenz says:

      Mike seems to me it’s The Social Democrates that own Fraud!
      Just examples!
      We don’t believe every thing were told!
      The truth is about to come out.
      You make a good little COMMUNIST

    • Laura Wagner says:

      I’m sorry, but for most cities, Chicago especially, we can’t get the Democrats hands out of the election boxes. It has only been two years since the last ballot box stuffed with Nixon votes from the 1960’s was found in Lake Michigan. We also have the solid Democratic voting block of all of the graveyards and any registered voters who have moved out of state still vote Democrat here. Chicago came close to inventing vote fraud. If we are going to clean up the system, somebody please start with Chicago!

    • Uncle Hoppy says:

      “not the vital most of the illiterates post”?
      What are illiterate posts vital for?

  19. DrRichard says:

    Nullify that election –do it over legally with Trump sending in the troops to monitor the whole thing and throw those dems in jail

  20. Mike Flanagan says:

    Dead Democrats tend to vote early and often.

  21. Jonathan Conover says:

    More allegations of voter fraud !! That’s a fu**in surprise.

  22. Paul says:

    I truly do believe the Democrats would commit mass murder, treason or any other corrupt action to gain power, money & control and then use tax-payer dollars to bribe , cover up & bury the crimes!

  23. Look at their track record? Nothing suprises me in amything that they conspire. Their waste of time tactics and the cost? We have to nail the root of this problem. Their funding. People like Sorros. Hammer the old gizzard and deport him back to the country where he came from. He is making waves in this country and we need to stand up to this crook mobster.

  24. The Democrats would PIMP OUT their Mother’s Wives and Children for a single VOTE.

  25. James Hall says:


    • Jim S. says:

      Sorry about your losses James. I pray you set whomever was responsible straight. In fact I hope you sued them into the ground. They more then deserved it

  26. Don says:

    When the Dimwitts loose all hope as is currently happening with the BOGUS Impeachment witch hunt, the “only” thing left is to try and RIG the votes in the election, but we will stop it, we have no other choice. There is no way that President Trump should loose in 2020 despite Virginia, CA, NY, and IL! Eveyone is moving out of CA and NY and you will see Chicago exodus will start very soon!

  27. Scott27 says:

    Will you people ever put country over party? One, even your supreme leader’s own commission exploring voter fraud disbanded because there was not enough credible evidence to move forward. Two, why do you ALWAYS claim voter fraud when you lose an election? Talk about sore losers. Three, the only proven case of voter irregularities in recent years involved republicans in North or South Carolina. You can’t seem to debate issues without running for the standard voter fraud and name calling. What children.

    • Ron Corbin says:

      You are really something. How about the election where Obama got 110%’of the vote. And talk about not accepting the results of an election Hillary is still blaming everyone but herself for her loss in the election. And how about the woman in the Florida governors race that almost two years later still has not yet conceded to her loss. There are many others that I could name but I think that shows voter fraud and not accepting the results of the election.

      • Adin says:

        Right on, Ron!

      • Scott27 says:

        Show me where Obama got 110 percent of the vote… that’s utter nonsense and misinformation. And who cares about Hillary. She may be the only one in my universe who blames others (and pointing fingers elsewhere rather than accept responsibility is a stock maneuver of our current white house occupant). And if you have proof of voter fraud, I’d like to see it; and not just rumor on-line BS.

      • Peter Gaskin says:

        It’s a fact that the democrat party is corrupt to the core and their appointed officials are their to carry out all their crimes most American citizens know it the rest of the world definitely knows it law enforcement and justice departments in all democrat run states and cities know it but they are all guilty of the same crime they are treasonous traitors to America and its citizens

    • Terry L Earl says:

      You sir, are clueless about the truth. Blind partisan!!!

    • Desert Fox says:

      You forgot about the voter fraud in Arizona, New Mexico, California and other states where Soros voting machines were flipping votes. Michigan, where two weeks before election thousands of Killary votes were found in a warehouse. Philadelphia, not one Republican vote in any district recorded. New York City where the man in charge of voting admitted on video that he was busing voters from one polling venue to another. Check your facts before you comment. I was a proctologist so I am use to dealing with ash wholes.

    • Deplorable Lanie says:

      Actually the reason the commission disbanded was not because there was not enough credible evidence, the reason it disbanded was too many Democrat run Secretary of States would not cooperate and share information. So maybe there wasn’t enough credible information because the Democrat run States didn’t want to share their tainted information. Or maybe we all need to quit pointing fingers at each other and stop saying things like “voter id is meant to disenfranchise minority voters”. And start realizing that voting is the most important act a person can do to support their community and their country. It needs to be handled in a way that ensures no one’s vote is appropriated by anyone else. Even Mexico has voter ID, so there is no reason that we can’t institute a voter id that will identify your name, date of birth, place of birth and nationality. We can make them free, or a person can use their passport. And we should be using paper ballots so we always have a paper backup. If we did those two very simple things we could save a lot of problems.

    • Will says:

      What about Donna Brazile,, wasn`t there a little something that went on with her ??

    • gandolf the White says:

      Scott27 really? What proof do you have of voter irregularities by Republicans in North and South Carolina?

    • Uncle Hoppy says:

      Which party opposes voter IDs?
      Which party opposes the census citizenship question?
      You know the answer, Scott

  28. John M says:

    Russia, Russia, Russia.
    Impeach 45, Impeach 45, Impeach 45
    Quid Pro Quo!
    They are desperate and will stop at NOTHING to win this election. It IS their final shot for existence.
    If they lose, the Dems will go the way of the dinosaurs.
    They WILL cheat. I truly believe it.

  29. J says:

    It’s the only way the demon rats can win is to cheat.

  30. Samuel Morgan says:

    My vote is for TRUMP 100%, but if they cheat it won’t matter!

  31. Christine says:


  32. Glenn says:

    demoCROOKs are so corrupt that they still commit voter fraud when there’s only one candidate and they’re another demoCROOK.
    Expect a minimum of 10 million dead voters plus who knows how many illegals.

  33. renato says:

    the liberal democrats will do anything to grab power and they are willing to steal and do voter fraud
    anything to win the election that they never have a chance to win it fair and square so they have NO
    choice win it but to do what is necessary to win an election and the only CHOICE they have is to CHEAT/VOTER FRAUD AND STEAL THE VOTE OF THE PEOPLE. SO WE THE PEOPLE OF THIS

  34. Victoria Larsen says:

    Hey, let’s remember that Virginia is really close to DC and a lot of the sewer rats both live and work there so no real big surprise.

  35. Debbie Downer says:

    Voter Early – Vote Often.

    • Ken says:

      The saying is “Republicans vote early (as in when the polls open) – Democrats vote often (as in stuff the ballot box with multiple ballots)”

  36. gary says:

    You Americans will loose your country big time if you are not ALL Vigilant at ALL voting polls at All local and national elections for any and all anti-American democrats and their tool for it the bought out biased medias propaganda LIES fraudulent means! Do Not be lazy and stupid you Americans!

  37. The RedMan says:

    Their bodies were warm to the touch, and the woman was moist and receptive. They exchanged bodily fluids in the bathhouse with little bleeding. Their fluids intermingled to produce half breeds that sprung forth. Peace be upon them, and praise be to Allah for all His good works Amen!

  38. T. Bell says:


    • Victoria Larsen says:

      Now Now, don’t lower yourself to “their” level. WE are normal, classy Trump Voters!

      • Scott27 says:

        That’s called a non sequitor, Victoria. There is no such thing as a normal, classy trump voter.

        • mike dar says:

          And making the same mistake 4 years later. There no such thing as an intelligent educated leftist.

        • Uncle Hoppy says:

          You are as big an idiot as Hillary was for calling half the voters that didn’t want her in office “deplorables”. You idiot democrats are so naive and self righteous you believe anyone that doesn’t vote the way you do is not normal. What a moron you are.

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