Trump BETRAYED: Dr. Fauci reveals sick plan to undermine Trump

Dr. Fauci became one of the biggest villains of the coronavirus pandemic.

Fauci supported all the lockdowns and mandates that wrecked children’s development, destroyed the economy, and even cost lives.

And now Dr. Fauci revealed this sick plan to undermine Trump.

Dr. Fauci appeared in the White House press briefing room for a final time before retiring in what should be shame and failure.

The episode stood out due toincompetent White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre shouting at reporters who asked Dr. Fauci about what he did to investigate the origins of the COVID pandemic.

Critics contend Dr. Fauci invented the hoax about COVID originating at a wet market to cover up for the fact that he funded gain of function research at the Wuhan Institute of Virology, the place where all the evidence points to the virus escaping from.

At this final press briefing, the topic of Donald Trump came up for discussion.

And, of course, Fauci could not risk taking one final dig at Trump.

A reporter asked Fauci about the “misinformation” coming from non-doctors at the podium.

This of course was an allusion to Trump’s infamous COVID press briefings.

Naturally, Dr. Fauci joked about Trump supposedly spreading misinformation before claiming it made his own life more difficult.

Dr. Fauci stated:

Well, you remember, if you were around, that at this podium I contradicted those, which set off a whole series of things in my life. (Laughter.)

But, you know — yeah, I mean, we have to continue — and we were just talking about this a little while ago — the way you counter misinformation and disinformation is that — to do whatever you can as often as you can to provide correct information.

The people who have correct information, who take science seriously, who don’t have strange, way-out theories about things but who base what they say on evidence and data need to speak up more, because the other side that just keeps putting out misinformation and disinformation seems to be tireless in that effort. And it’s going to be very difficult.

There was no bigger spreader of misinformation during the COVID pandemic than Fauci.

Fauci lied about the effectiveness of masks and supported school closures.

Fauci then admitted to the New York Times that he lied about the percentage of the population that needed to be vaccinated to achieve herd immunity.

Finally, Fauci lied about the effectiveness of the COVID vaccine by claiming it could stop transmission and infection.

If Americans wanted accurate information about the COVID pandemic, Dr. Fauci is the last person they would want to listen to.

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