Trey Gowdy went on Fox News and let a secret slip about Donald Trump’s chances in 2020

The 2020 Presidential Election is in full-swing.

And every Democrat is racing to prove they are the one to take down Donald Trump.

But Trey Gowdy went on Fox News and made one surprising prediction about the Democrats’ chances in 2020.

Both former Vice President Joe Biden and South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg boldly predicted they would win South Carolina and make inroads in the solid south.

Trey Gowdy went on Martha MacCallum’s Fox News Channel show and gave his appraisal of these predictions.

And Gowdy laughed them off as pure fantasy.

Fox News reports:

Former U.S. Rep. Trey Gowdy isn’t buying Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg’s assertion that South Carolina could turn blue in the 2020 presidential election.

“I would be willing to bet you, unless it’s a nontraditional nominee on the Democrat side, they are not coming back to South Carolina after they win the nomination. They don’t have a chance in 2020,” Gowdy said Tuesday on Fox News’ “The Story with Martha MacCallum.”

“The only way Democrats can win is if the Republican Party is fractured — and that is how we lost our last statewide race,” said Gowdy, 54, a Republican who served in the House from January 2011 until January of this year after deciding not to seek re-election.

Democrats are not winning South Carolina.

No Democrat has carried South Carolina since Jimmy Carter way back in 1976, and that was during a different time.

Some southern states still voted Democrat and Carter was the Governor from Georgia.

O’Rourke, Biden, or anyone else who could win the Democrat nomination for President are so far to the left that they eliminate themselves from contention of winning states like South Carolina the second they clinch the Democrat Party Presidential nomination.


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63 Responses

  1. C.Wilson says:

    Anyone stupid enough to buy the liberal talking points clearly has no ability to think for them,selves and therefore goes down as an idiot.

  2. The Redhawk says:

    I believe that Trump will win again….BUT let us stay ALERT and watch for more DEMOCRAT ACTS OF TREASON like the COUP they are still ATTEMPTING with FOREIGN and Domestic MONEYS

  3. marilyn says:

    Let’s not think that Trump has it in the bag and become overly confident. We still need to get out and vote and make our voices heard. Also campaign for republicans that back Trump not the Rinos. We have to hold the Senate and win back the house to make change happen.

    • Jo says:

      It’s a long time till Nov 2019 and next election. If some disaster doesn’t happen and Trump’s health is ok, or (God forbid someone hurts him) He’ll be next President.

    • The Redhawk says:

      BULLS EYE !!!

    • Margaret Hill says:

      I agree… we all need to get out and get make our vote count. Trump 20/20

    • Tom says:

      That is a definite. The moment we become to confident as Republicans and stay home because we think it is in the bag the Democrats will win that election. The country is so evenly divided that a few votes one way or another could push a win. All you have to do is look how close the elections in FL have been and we are not the only state to have this happen!!!! Get out and vote and vote out the RINOS.

  4. dlmstl says:

    Fun to watch but way too early to expend any emotional energy.

    Instead, it’s lot more fun imagining where we’d be had the Hunchback of Chappaqua won. Most of the fireworks would undoubtedly surround the antagonistic relation between the WH and Rep Senate.. With only one Queen in the hive, Pelosi role would have been reduced. The mortibund economy and dispirited population find a MSM struggling to creatte stories that bolster sagging interest and ratings. Not even concerns over her health and the prospect of POTUS Kaine makes much difference. See what I mean? In other word Barry III sucks!

  5. John Redman says:

    Right or wrong, this is a non-story, a puff piece. Journalism-not.

  6. patricia rentz says:

    Gowdy would make a great DOJ!!!!!

  7. Connie says:

    GOWDY 2024 !!!

  8. jackcandobutwont says:

    I agree!

    But who care what gowdy has to say?? the man is all bark and no bite!! more like a gomer bull!! Just look at what he did or more importantly did not do with Benghazi!!

    • shadowrider says:

      I agree that individually the democrats are basically clowns. Unfortunately i consider them to have a deep knowledge of how to throw an election. Dead people voting, ballot harvesting, , criminal registrars, illegals voting. etc.

    • Jer says:

      Yeah, well Hillary is not out of the woods yet! Aside from Benghazi, too many of us remember the Hillarycare debacle, lost Rose Law Firm billing records, Madison Guaranty Savings & Loan fiasco, and a host of scandals that stretch back to Bill’s Gubernatorial days in Arkansas. The most corrupt couple to ever hit D.C.

    • Gayleclay says:

      You mean what Hillary did not do, and ended hero’s lives because she was covering up?

  9. Robert Higginbotham says:

    The only thing that can stop the republicans from sweeping the country and take back the House is if the party is fractured, meaning some don’t endorse the Trump agenda. Trump will win, period. Those that support Trump will win also.

    • Tim says:

      Agreed. The DemWits appear to have no chance. Last election their mantra was “Trump is so un-Presidential.” This go ’round, it’s Trump that looks Presidential and the DemWits who all appear small and getting smaller.

  10. jim says:

    MAGA…….The Neo-Fascist Rightwing Jesus freaks need to grow-up
    Supreme Court rejects bid to restore Alabama abortion law

    • Unborn Miracle says:

      Jim, why are you so angry? I am highly insulted by your comment. I am a born again Christian who loves and serves the LORD JESUS CHRIST. Is everyone who disagrees with you, because they believe that GOD creates life and every life is precious to HIM. NO ONE including the democrats or folks like you have NO RIGHT to tell us that we cannot speak up against Alabama’s strict Abortion Law. All you want to do is bad mouth, or call those who love Jesus and are PRO-LIFE names. I assure you one thing, GOD will hold everyone of these judges, supporters of lies, deception, defenders of murdering the most innocent lives of all, GOD WILL put AMERICA under HIS HAND OF JUDGEMENT! Oh, I know you don’t believe that, but God says in HIS WORD, “ VENGEANCE IS MINE, SAITH THE LORD. I WILL REPAY”. Doesn’t matter what angry words you spit out, one day, GOD’S JUDGEMENT WILL FALL UPON THE ENTIRE WORLD……AND JIM, YOU DO NOT WANT TO BE HERE WHEN IT COMES. JUST A WORD TO THE UNWISE. I am 60 years old, and I am NOT a “NEO-FASCIST RIGHTWING JESUS FREAK”. It’s so funny how you put down others just because you don’t want to hear the TRUTH. OF COURSE, THAT IS NOW THE WAY OF THE DEMOCRATS! Jim, maybe you will come to your senses before JESUS COMES BACK. I will be praying for you. GOD CREATES LIFE AND NO ONE, ( not even you, Jim ) HAVE THE RIGHT TO END A LIFE. PERIOD. I wish you the best. BUT, I HAVE READ THE END OF THE BOOK. I KNOW WHICH SIDE WINS. HAVE YOU????!!!

    • Steve C Holsten says:

      You need to close your peter suckin’ Faggot hole up tight!!!! Our Greatest Most Wonderful President Trump will handily win the 2020 election. He’ll be in office till President-Elect Pence takes office in Jan 2025

    • brent a gerber says:

      just thankful we still have those willing to stand up for Jesus. at this time in our country we need him more then ever! our country was founded upon judeo-Christian values and if we lose these values we might as well join the rest of the world save israel.

    • Lynn says:

      You need to get a life. We as Christians are so tired of hearing that we are wrong. Well my Bible says Every knee will bow and every tongue Will confess. The Bible is real and people like you are going to say it in the end. So I hope you will reconsider Your belief. Because God is on his way back, because the way the people are destroying his believes . I feel sorry for the people that don’t believe.. I am not no Neo-Fascit and I am no freak. I am a Christian and proud of it…

  11. Vasu Murti says:

    Trey Gowdy is correct: Democrats can’t expect to turn red states blue until they change their message. Instead of demonizing Democrats, if pro-lifers really want to end abortion, it’s going to have to be bipartisan. I told Jim Frey of Berkeley Pro-Life over a decade ago that we (Democrats) never see pro-lifers venture beyond their own base. Rather than reach across the aisle to Democrats, feminists, liberals, etc., and try to bring them on board with protecting unborn children, they just play to the same old Ronald Reagan / Oliver North crowd.

    If pro-lifers really want to end abortion, opposition to abortion must come from across the political spectrum. Pro-lifers are going to have to venture beyond their own base and convince Democrats, feminists, liberals etc. to distinguish abortion from arguably victimless crimes like marijuana; to argue on secular grounds that the unborn are persons (secular arguments are religion-neutral, and thus applicable to everyone, including atheists and agnostics) and convince Democrats, feminists, liberals, etc. to see the killing of the unborn on par with domestic violence, hate crimes against LGBTs, etc.; and make the case to Americans that it’s possible to protect prenatal life without taking to draconian measures violating a new mother’s privacy and civil liberties in this regard.

    Robert Casey, the former Democratic governor of Pennsylvania, said he believed a pro-life liberal Democrat would easily be elected president: conservatives would vote for a pro-lifer, and liberals would vote for a Democrat articulating opposition to abortion as a secular and nonsectarian civil rights issue. In 1994, even archconservative Pat Buchanan had kind words for Robert Casey! If pro-life Democrats had greater visibility in past decades, perhaps Carol Crossed would have been the first female speaker of the House.

    In 2017, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi admitted that the Democratic Party’s support of abortion has not been a winning issue. Pelosi spoke to the Washington Post about whether her party should support pro-life candidates or require that candidates support easy access to taxpayer-funded abortions through all nine months of pregnancy.

    Struggling after heavy election losses in 2016, many in the Democratic Party are debating whether to support pro-life candidates, especially in rural areas where voters tend to be pro-life. Some, like Pelosi, appear to be recognizing that the party’s support of abortion-on-demand-up-to-birth is losing them voters.

    Trey Gowdy is correct: Democrats can’t expect to turn red states blue until they change their message. Rather than seeing the abortion issue as a real loser for Democrats, especially in red states (crucial with winning the Electoral College!), Pelosi blamed Hillary Clinton’s loss on pro-life voters themselves! Hillary Clinton supported the unpopular platform of forcing taxpayers to directly fund abortions, and she promised to nominate Supreme Court justices who would uphold Roe v. Wade and abortion on demand up until birth, if elected.

    Pelosi told the Washington Post : “You know what? That’s why Donald Trump is president of the United States—the evangelicals and the Catholics, anti-marriage equality, anti-choice. That’s how he got to be president. Everything was trumped, literally and figuratively by that.”

    Pelosi, who supports abortion but describes herself as a Catholic, said many in her Catholic family are pro-life. She also mentioned U.S. Sen. Bob Casey from Pennsylvania, a Democrat with a mixed record on abortion.

    “You think I’m kicking them out of the Democratic Party?” Pelosi said.

    Trey Gowdy is correct: Democrats can’t expect to turn red states blue until they change their message. Jay Ware, a black Democrat in Illinois, said on the Democrats For Life email list as early as 2004 that it should be automatic: just as the Republican Party supports pro-choice candidates like Rudy Giuliani and Arnold Schwarzenegger in blue states like New York and California where pro-lifers can’t win and even has Republican president George W. Bush campaign for them, Jay Ware said the Democratic Party should similarly support pro-life Democrats in red states where pro-choicers can’t win, and have Democratic presidents campaign for pro-life Democrats, etc. Like Barack Obama campaigning for Joe Donnelly.

    “The moral test of government is how it treats those who are in the dawn of life, the children; those who are in the twilight of life, the aged; and those who are in the shadows of life, the sick, the needy and the handicapped.”

    –Hubert H. Humphrey

    Fifty-nine percent of Democrats favored a ban on partial-birth abortion. (Gallup Poll, November 1, 2000)

    Eighty-nine percent of Americans favored informed consent for women seeking abortions. (Gallup Poll, 2002)

    Sixty-seven percent of Democrats would outlaw some or all abortions. (Gallup Poll, May 5-7, 2003)

    Forty-three percent of Democrats agreed with the statement that abortion”destroys a human life and is manslaughter.” (Zogby Poll, December 2004)

    Seventy percent of high school senior females say they would not consider abortion if they became pregnant while in high school. (Hamilton College/Zogby Poll, January 2008)

    Seventy-seven percent of Americans believe abortion should have stricter limitations. (CBS News Poll, January 2008)

    Twenty-nine percent of Democratic Convention delegates disagreed with the statement, “Abortion should be generally available to those who want it rather than under stricter limits or not permitted.” However, 52 percent of Democratic voters as a whole disagreed. This large discrepancy between party leadership and membership indicates a serious problem that Democrats For Life of America wants to rectify.

    During the 2008 campaign, Reverend Jim Wallis (of Sojourners) advised Barack Obama to support a plank in the Democratic Party Platform that would aim to reduce abortions by focusing on supporting low income women and making adoption easier. (This is the 95-10 Initiative, advanced by pro-life Democrats in Congress.) Reverend Tony Campolo served on the Platform Committee and has issued a strong statement in support of a pro-life position.

    A “conscience clause” which appeared in the 2000 Democratic Platform (but not in 2004) acknowledges that there are pro-life people in our Party and we respect their views. It reads as follows:

    “We respect the conscience of each American and recognize that members of our Party have deeply held and sometimes differing positions on issues of personal conscience, like abortion and the death penalty. We recognize the diversity of views as a source of strength and we welcome into our ranks all Americans who may hold differing positions on these and other issues.”

    Kristen Day of Democrats For Life said in 2014, “Roughly a third of the Democratic Party is pro-life. And while many do not call themselves liberal, they share the values which seem to identify with liberalism, particularly a commitment to helping the vulnerable and providing a social safety net.”

    The Democratic Party platform should support: Animal Rights, Defending the Affordable Care Act, Ending Citizens United, Ending Marijuana Prohibition, Giving Greater Visibility to Pro-Life Democrats, Gun Control, Net Neutrality, Raising the Minimum Wage to $15 an Hour, Responding to the Scientific Consensus on Global Warming, and a Sustainable Energy Policy.

    Democrats for Life of America, 10521 Judicial Drive, #200, Fairfax, VA 22030, (703) 424-6663

  12. did not any of democratic debates(if you could call it a debate ) but from what i see on news anyone who would vote for any of these idiots must be completely stupid

  13. Sam says:

    I know I couldn’t wait till Obama was out of office & I damn sure didn’t want Hillary to be the next president! Tbh I didn’t know what to expect from Trump at first, because they all get up there & sing a good song, but he got my vote. After he won the election & started actually doing everything he said he was going to do is when I knew I made the right decision. He’s fighting for us & puts America first unlike the last failure we had in office who catered & bowed to foreign leaders putting everything un American first…

  14. Constance Mays says:

    I’m 110% with you!

  15. Bea J. Slaton says:

    These are the craziest comments.. First debate who with any sense has heard enough to decide . You can be leaning towards a candidate and hear and see things that cause you to decide I Don’t know enought about these people yet to decide .I will not contribute until the nomination is decided ….

    • hayward stewart says:

      your reply tags you as a goofball if you have to wait to see anymore about ANY OF THESE PEOPLE !

    • Sid says:

      So, you’re saying you can’t decide which communist to vote for until you hear all their lies?? They all stand for the same exact thing, communism. What more do you need to know?

  16. JimNH says:

    I can hear it now… ‘We can now project that California and its 55 electoral votes will go to… DONALD TRUMP!”

  17. Sue says:

    The Democrats are wasting their money, trying to win an election against President Trump. America isn’t going to give up a real President to satisfy the Democrats.

  18. Myron says:

    Anybody ask yourself why so many democratic candiates?
    I guarantee you they ALL ARE SKIMMING MONEY OFF OF THEIR

    • Becuase they get to keep the money their dumbass donors has given them. Some of them are just running to con donors out of money. Others are getting free press so they get high recognition value to run for the senate in their state. These people are trash !

  19. Johnny says:

    Have you noticed this? I did not see an American flag on Wednesday night debates. What does that tell you?

    • Archangel III says:

      The dems don’t believe in the flag or what it stsndz fot. they want to… Check back at the 2008 and 2012 democratic conventions. There were no Flags displayed there either. I keep saying it and saying it. The Democrats are anti-American, they want to the mentally change America as we know it , eliminate the flag and they think that the constitution is an old piece of paper from a Time long gone. This madness needs to stop in 20 20. We all have to come together vote President Trump back in office…. if you watched last night’s debate and tonight’s, you can simply understand why.

    • SHELL says:


    • kathleen says:

      Democrats don’t fly the American flag because they want to destroy America.

    • cc says:

      A small city government in Minnesota today– just got on record by eliminating the Pledge of Allegiance to the FLAG of the USA. The majority of the Council members were DEMONRATS. So, a vote for Demonrats is a vote for craziness and against the Constitution. Eliminate the RATS out–vote Republican & MAGA2020!!

  20. Robert powell says:

    these dumbocrats make the three stooges look like albert einstein,winston churchill and houdy doody . all posturing and saying nothing of value.

  21. Bruce says:

    TRUMP 2020

  22. D Fecarotta says:

    3 stooges nee0d to go…each of them a dishonest crook besides being stupid foul idiots!&

  23. ROSE says:


    • Ellen says:

      Bush and I think Pelosi and Shummer struck down this law in the 1990’s.

      • Dude says:

        Snopes is ran by 2 DEM liberals. Anything that has to do with politics it will go as what is good for the liberal agenda. Already proven fact about 4 years ago. Their answers back then over politics was as if you were listening to CNN or MSNBC. The liberal news as per their liberal agenda. The same way liberalism works is the same as how Communism / Marxism, and dictatorships also begin. They get people to believe their agenda by using several people tell the same story. You then think that it must be true. If you are intelligent, you will ask where is the proof, facts, or evidence of what you claim? But less intelligent only fall for beliving what maybe just 5 people told them as true is good enough for them. That is how Hitler, Stalin, and Castro used the same tactics. This is how you build up your agenda is to use the less intelligent who more easily fall for things instead of thinking things out and also questioning things, asking for evidence, etc. to support your remarks.

    • Helene says:

      democrats always creates the illegal schemes. they pass their time to do that. They state by introduce to the small group like this Cortez she has only the 2000 minority Hispanics or Mexicans voted for her . they base only percentage votes, and fraudulent by promised to give anything they need.she represents th Mexican group. and emty promises to get votes. THe criminals have many ways to cheat the system,we are so trustful and they are criminal to win at any price and the Democrats want to win the election. Never trust the Democrats, never votes for them.

  24. gouchr says:

    There’s “NOT” a bumasscrap around that can beat trump.. With a stock market that’s about 26.5 and cdp of 3.2,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, (barry couldn’t better than 1.9) ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, and I watched the debate last night.. I refrained from my “Gentleman Jack” to watch.. NOW!!! You’re kiddddddddddding me!!!!!

  25. Fred Zehend says:

    The Deathocrats are so off the wall, it’s totally absurd. I’ve never heard supposedly intelligent people speak and act like lunatics. You don’t give money away foolishly. You work and try to have a good life and be kind and generous to others along the way. You give to those who really need assistance. Stay focused and don’t give in to them. They already lost in 2020. Good riddance.

    • Dude says:

      I am still waiting to see what these 20 DEM’s have to say about improving USA. So far it is abortion and helping illegals with more tax money on top of tax money already being paid out to illegals. The homeless to name two ultra liberal / liberal cities in mass homeless and other troubles are LA & SF, CA. SF is broke and in debt. Gavine Newsome was such a failue as Mayor in SF with human waste and used needless all over SF and in streets and sidewalks proved that he was such a failure as Mayor of SF that the DEM’s in CA had to make him Governor !!! The guy had nothing to run on either as successful! Why that kind of a failure will get those DEM’s to vote for you !!! Such as they did with Obama with a not a thing good to run on while he was a State Senator in Illinois. That got him the DEM vote ! Obama also had no plans on how to improve USA. All he had was anti-American. His very first speeches BTW when he first ran, were all or parts of Fidel Castro’s when he first ran in Cuba. Stolen ! The DEM’s fell for it all. All they had to do was research the internet and found out about Obama. They didn’t give a dam. As long as he is a DEM is all that mattered to them.

  26. KAT says:


  27. Dan Winright says:

    I was deeply disappointed that the theme music for the 3 stooges wasn’t played before the so-called dumbocraptic debates. It totally left one with the impression something was missing.

  28. Karin says:

    Wow! Helene, you said it all.

  29. helene says:

    All Democrats are crooks and immoral hey propose to spent our money and increase the tax to pay for their proposals to illegals criminals, why we have to spend billions for our security and all the Democrats propose to give everything free to illegals, un the world. and them can have the money flt over if they are not become president. Stop the crooks Democrats, show me your money in the trust belong to us if you fail cannot be nominate as president. Your criminals everything you propose free is not you to pay . i is our tax money, and you will increase tax and we have to work harder to provide your free to all criminal illegals invade our country.’ not a penny from you . look back at your resume . you did nothing for us but to make money from us by giving illegals killers, terrors, . Muslims, ISLAMIC our money but you never did anything for the American , more free proposals at our expenses, and bring more illegals in America to vote for you. We will have a third world country America will be disappear for ever..You are crooks , and immoral

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