Trey Gowdy was shocked to learn Joe Biden refuses to do one simple thing

Joe Biden’s Presidency is a disaster.

But there is one failure that is completely avoidable.

And Trey Gowdy was shocked to learn Joe Biden refuses to do one simple thing.

In the month of April, the Border Patrol stopped 234,000 illegal aliens from attempting to invade the United States.

That was the highest number of attempted border crossings ever recorded.

Former Utah Congressman Jason Chaffetz slammed Joe Biden for refusing to enforce America’s existing immigration laws.

Chaffetz told Fox News host Trey Gowdy that laws were already on the books that allowed the federal government to build the border wall and crack down on illegal immigration.

“It has been a lack of political will. The laws are on the books to actually build the border wall to secure the border, to have an entry/exit program and to deny people to just simply walk across the border. It has been a lack of political will,” Chaffetz stated. “And the Biden-Harris administration, in addition to the Obama Administration, have done everything they can to not only encourage people but essentially invite people to come here, knowing that if they do get caught, they’re going to be released into the homeland by the tens of thousands.”

Chaffetz warned viewers that Biden intentionally tried to make the border crisis worse by attempting to end Title 42, the Trump-era policy that allowed the federal government to immediately expel illegal aliens making false claims of asylum.

“And with the expiration of Title 42, even though a judge put that order in place, I think there are still tens or hundreds of thousands of people that will be pouring across at the rate of 18,000 people a day, the estimates say, in addition to millions that have already flown across the borders,” Chaffetz added.

Chaffetz also explained that there were real consequences to Joe Biden’s open borders agenda in the form of human trafficking, which is a huge source of revenue for the cartels.

“It’s human trafficking. I talked with border agents who believe upwards of 90% of the women trafficked across the border are raped along the way. It’s a drug problem. Look at the problem with fentanyl, the tens of thousands of Americans that have lost their lives. So human trafficking, you’d think that would be enough. You would think that drugs would be enough. I mean, the cartels are essentially running the border,” Chaffetz stated.

Around 2.5 million illegal aliens have attempted to cross the border since Joe Biden became President.

But Joe Biden refuses to take action to stop the flood of illegal aliens pouring into the country.

As former Congressman Chaffetz stated, it would not require Joe Biden to push for new legislation to solve the border crisis.

Biden already has the tools at his disposal.

It’s just that open borders are a feature and not a bug of the Biden agenda.

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