Trey Gowdy spoke a simple truth that Democrats are afraid to face

Democrats got caught lying to the American people.

It’s a desperate attempt to save their fortunes in the upcoming Midterm elections.

And Trey Gowdy spoke a simple truth that Democrats are afraid to face.

Joe Biden and the Democrats have no message on the economy, inflation, or gas prices.

That’s because Joe Biden’s socialist agenda sent inflation and gas prices soaring through the roof while pushing the economy to the edge of a recession.

Now Democrats tried pivoting to make the Midterms a referendum on the Supreme Court overturning Roe v. Wade.

But even this decision betrayed the weakness of the Left’s argument about abortion.

On his Sunday night show on Fox News, Trey Gowdy told viewers that the Supreme Court overturning Roe simply returned the question of abortion to the states, which essentially put abortion on the ballot.

“President Biden is trying to salvage the Midterms by attacking the Supreme Court and he is not being very subtle about it. He said this in the aftermath of the Dobbs decision: ‘This fall…Roe is on the ballot, freedom is on the ballot…’ It sounds like he wants the issues on the ballot, [but] isn’t that what the Dobbs decision did? Return to the issues to state legislators and therefore, to the people and the ballot?” Gowdy stated.

Gowdy added that Joe Biden didn’t actually believe his own rhetoric about democracy.

“What is most telling is when the President said this: ‘Roe was a decision on a complex matter… a decision with broad national consensus that most Americans found acceptable.’ If you believe that Mr. President, are the people not also capable of drawing a careful balance on a complex matter? Or is it just nine lawyers that can do that?” Gowdy added.

Gowdy stated that Democrats don’t really believe the majority of Americans support abortion due to the fact that they are afraid to let the people vote on the issue.

“If you believe a national consensus exists on these issues, why would that consensus not be reflected by the people at the ballot box? And therein lies the question. What are your rights? Where are your rights to be found? In the Constitution? In the minds of nine lawyers in black robes, or the ballots? Who decides and who reconciles any conflict between competing rights?” Gowdy concluded.

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