Trey Gowdy smacked the smile off a deep state agent’s face with one harsh statement

Despite leaving Congress earlier this year, Trey Gowdy remains a thorn in the side of the Deep State.

There is no one who can destroy corrupt officials quite like Gowdy can.

And Trey Gowdy smacked the smile off a deep state agent’s face with one harsh statement.

Disgraced former FBI agent Peter Strzok just filed a lawsuit to try to get his job back.

After getting caught sending anti-Trump text messages at a time when he was investigating potential Russia collusion in the 2016 election, Strzok was fired for his clear bias.

Despite this, Strzok believes he was only fired because of pressure from President Trump, which is the basis for his lawsuit against the Department of Justice.

But Trey Gowdy disagrees, pointing out that Strzok “need blame no one other than himself,” and that it is bias like his that “destroys the criminal justice system.”

Fox News reports:

Former congressman Trey Gowdy weighed in on ex-FBI agent Peter Strzok suing the FBI and the Department of Justice, saying he has no one to blame but himself.

“Peter Strzok need blame no one other than himself for writing what he wrote. He was unfit to investigate either of the presidential candidates. How this is going to turn out? I don’t know. It’s D.C. I don’t know what a jury is going to do with him,” Gowdy said Tuesday on “The Story with Martha MacCallum.”

Strzok, who wrote unflattering text messages about President Trump while investigating the Trump campaign’s alleged ties to Russia is arguing that the FBI caved to the “unrelenting pressure” of the president when it fired him.

Gowdy dismissed the claim that Trump pressured the FBI to fire him, saying that if he’s to sue anyone he should start with former Special Counsel Robert Mueller and that Strzok’s firing is justified due to his bias.

“I mean bias is so insidious bias destroys the criminal justice system,” Gowdy said. “He promised to stop the presidency. He said he had an insurance policy if that didn’t fail.”

Gowdy, like always, hits the nail on the head.

No matter how much Strzok wants to whine, he did this to himself.

He did something wrong and is facing the consequences for it.

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