Trey Gowdy smacked the smile off a deep state agent’s face with one harsh statement

Despite leaving Congress earlier this year, Trey Gowdy remains a thorn in the side of the Deep State.

There is no one who can destroy corrupt officials quite like Gowdy can.

And Trey Gowdy smacked the smile off a deep state agent’s face with one harsh statement.

Disgraced former FBI agent Peter Strzok just filed a lawsuit to try to get his job back.

After getting caught sending anti-Trump text messages at a time when he was investigating potential Russia collusion in the 2016 election, Strzok was fired for his clear bias.

Despite this, Strzok believes he was only fired because of pressure from President Trump, which is the basis for his lawsuit against the Department of Justice.

But Trey Gowdy disagrees, pointing out that Strzok “need blame no one other than himself,” and that it is bias like his that “destroys the criminal justice system.”

Fox News reports:

Former congressman Trey Gowdy weighed in on ex-FBI agent Peter Strzok suing the FBI and the Department of Justice, saying he has no one to blame but himself.

“Peter Strzok need blame no one other than himself for writing what he wrote. He was unfit to investigate either of the presidential candidates. How this is going to turn out? I don’t know. It’s D.C. I don’t know what a jury is going to do with him,” Gowdy said Tuesday on “The Story with Martha MacCallum.”

Strzok, who wrote unflattering text messages about President Trump while investigating the Trump campaign’s alleged ties to Russia is arguing that the FBI caved to the “unrelenting pressure” of the president when it fired him.

Gowdy dismissed the claim that Trump pressured the FBI to fire him, saying that if he’s to sue anyone he should start with former Special Counsel Robert Mueller and that Strzok’s firing is justified due to his bias.

“I mean bias is so insidious bias destroys the criminal justice system,” Gowdy said. “He promised to stop the presidency. He said he had an insurance policy if that didn’t fail.”

Gowdy, like always, hits the nail on the head.

No matter how much Strzok wants to whine, he did this to himself.

He did something wrong and is facing the consequences for it.


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106 Responses

  1. Ron Duke says:

    This dude needs to be standing in front of a firing squad. What he was doing was treasonous and that should not be rewarded with a lawsuit on his part.

  2. thomas robinson says:

    no, he’s not facing the consequences of his actions. He has destroyed the respectability of the FBI ,and until he goes to prison for treasonous activities, he will slide like all democrooks, for they still control the Department of INJUSTICE that we have been living under for many years !!

    • Brenda Collins says:

      No trust will be restored until Americans see all the main players in this Russian hoax are put in prison!
      This crap of letting them slide is wrong and we the people question the powers in play now. Are they bought off too?
      What say you Barr?
      How are Americans ever going to trust again when there is no justice served.
      This only opens the door for more of the same in the future. And why not?

  3. karl Drumm says:

    Peter Strzok belongs for 20 years working in the coal mines in outer Siberia (Russia) to teach him a lesson in Life. Why is this guy still running around and receiving attention? He should be in jail!

  4. Richard Parker says:

    Strzok you are just a little boy in a mans world. You had a chance to do good in life and you blew it all by yourself. You have no sympathy from anyone out here in the real world. Your game you was playing has shown us that the Government needs to look at its own people to see how many more pieces of crap like you are still inside the walls of justice. If you can’t handle what is happening to you you might want to leave this world. Don’t worry no one will miss you or the others that are involved.

  5. Grampa says:

    He served at the pleasure of the president. Let him exert his right to find other employment . ———-Grampa

  6. Gideon Rockwell says:

    All of the treasonous deep state plotters have no one but themselves to blame for what is about to happen to them. This vile page in our history makes Watergate look like a jaywalking infraction. The plotters all deserve serious U.S.P. time for they have betrayed the public trust and done untold damage to a once great institution. In the end this will deeply damage the Democrat Party for I believe the investigation will lead to the Obama Oval Office and members of Congress. No Club Fed Camps for any of the plotters. U.S.P. time.

  7. Leftshot says:

    If Peter Strzok is so anxious to spend time in a courtroom, I say the DOJ should indulge him by giving him many other opportunities to do so.

    • KATH says:

      peter strzok should be in jail with comey his buddy lisa page hillery, loretta lynch, obama knew what was going on with all these creeps against donald trump. the hell with these democraps we have had it. there done. there nothing but a communist party. and the squad should be done with there propaganda crap.maxine waters she is the one that divided this country.

      • William says:

        Agree. There needs to be accountability and they should go to jail. They were playing politics instead of doing their jobs.

      • D.A.N. says:

        Heck, they committed treason. or conspiracy to commit treason. That is not something you rot in prison for. That is something you hang for.

      • Brenda Collins says:

        Dad to day but looks like our government is too soft on giving the hoax players justice. Look at McCabe rightfully he may dee prison time but the ringer Comedy is not. How the hell is this possible. There will be no real justice served to Obama, Hillary or any you mentioned. Makes me think there is still a lot being covered up.

        • Brenda Collins says:

          Obama and Hillary gave to he uranium to enrich the nukes. Additionally pumped billions to Iran paying them to build their nukes with American taxpayer money!

        • Brenda Collins says:

          So sorry for misspelled words. I am in the hospital and some meds make typing a challenge.
          The first sentence should read Sad to say and where l talk about McCabe should read he may see prison time and Comey in place of Comedy.
          Again so sorry

  8. Michael McAndrews says:

    Please pardon my ignorance, but were these text messages sent from his personal computer as an American citizen or were they sent from his FBI computer acting as an On Duty Agent? As an American citizen he is entitled to his opinion, be they right or wrong. As an Official Agent of the Justice Department he needs to be impartial. Hence my question “Where were these texts sent From?”.

    • D.A.N. says:

      His work computer. But it makes no big difference where it was done, it is a conspiracy to commit treason. Once you take a job like he had, a private citizen loses their right to freedom of expression. Having a bias and stating it is how you get fired. That is how Bill Clinton got rid of a number of high ranking military members also.

    • Rose Cosentino says:

      They were sent on government computers.

    • Scott says:

      They were sent from their government issued cell phones.

  9. Mama says:

    Tired of Gowdy. he keeps ‘trying’. & that’s ok.
    But he Had his day, & kinda blew it.

  10. Melvin says:

    It has become obvious that officials in the FBI and the Justice Departments formed a “Kabal” of dishonesty to try to stop Trump from becoming President and tried to in desperation to remove him from his elected office. They have all failed miserably and deserve to be investigated for what I consider “treason”! ” Yes”, “The Deep State” is reality. It was Mueller who fired Strzok and Mc Cabe for their bias!

  11. Sandra Haddock says:

    strozok is a political @$$wipe! I hope he gets all that’s coming to him. Little twit is a liar, sneak, and back-stabber.

  12. Ernst says:

    Trey Gowdy was ineffectual in Congress. His hearings on Benghazi produced zero results, and actually gave Clinton cover as to her claims of no wrongdoing. Gowdy is now nobody and not worth the electrons wasted in broadcasting his blithering idiocy.

    • William says:

      Let’s not be restrictive of that comment to Trey Gowdy. Could you not make the same comment about all of congress?????? Who in congress can you name that has actually accomplished something either individually or ‘in total’??

  13. Gregory Sullivan says:

    Deep six the Deep State.

  14. Hunter Wood says:

    Whatever Trey Gowdy wants to undertake I will support.

  15. Rajput King says:

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  19. Joz Lee says:

    text messages from Peter Strzok and Lisa Page
    “Trump is a f**king idiot,” Graham quotes former FBI agent Peter Strzok’s text during Barr hearing. Then, he says, “Sorry to the kids out there.”

    Peter Strzok, was the same agent who was later caught saying he’d “stop” him from ever becoming president.
    “[Trump’s] not ever going to become president, right? Right?!” Strzok’s former mistress Lisa Page asked him in one text. “No. No he won’t. We’ll stop it,” Strzok responded in August 2016, shortly after opening “Crossfire Hurricane.”
    Around the same time, Page and Strzok — both of whom would go on to serve on the Special Counsel’s team — had their notorious discussion of the secretive “insurance policy” in case Trump actually became president.

  20. vinnie says:

    Some comments are really great but puleeeeeeze proof read your comments it makes you look smarter , realley ( intentionally dun dat)

    • Pat says:

      I)Vinnie, f you don’t like the way a post is written, don’t read it. Problem solved. Who are you to tell others what to do?

      • Pat says:

        I proofread this post before putting it online. My Samsung9, which sucks , then printed out whatever it wanted. It happens all the time. Verizon admits it’s a known problem with this phone, but they won’t tell you that until you have bought the phone.

        Any suggestions. Vinnie? I don’t have a computer.

    • Brenda Collins says:

      Don’t be so petty. Good grief!

  21. DonRS says:

    How sad it is that Gowdy’s only tool is his sharp wit. Follow-up and resolution aren’t arrows in his quiver! He could be great if they were!

    • Pat says:

      I proofread this post before putting it online. My Samsung9, which sucks , then printed out whatever it wanted. It happens all the time. Verizon admits it’s a known problem with this phone, but they won’t tell you that until you have bought the phone.

      Any suggestions. Vinnie? I don’t have a computer.

    • SandyT says:

      Trey Gowdy is probably the most honest person in or out of Congress, but he did NOT have the power to prosecute anyone! It was his job to root out the truth, but up to others to charge and prosecute (think DOJ/A.G.)! I think that’s one reason he decided not to run again, because as a prosecutor in South Carolina, he was used to getting results for his efforts and D.C. doesn’t seem to work that way.

  22. Jonathan Conover says:

    I remember when Moe slapped Shemp’s face entirely off.

  23. So, Trey Gowdy is slapping himself in the face. The Deep state is an organization of the right. Not the left. While the left opeened up the doors to sinful lifestyles, the right has the used Abotion to hide their affairs from theirwifes, and we have seen the swamp get worse than eve under Trump. They abuse the power of their offices, and demand that the public Seve them, not that they serve the Public. Teir interest is to serve the 1%, and the pagan religion society. , Between a doctor, Parmacy, and a medicare part D insurance company, they ripped me of to the tune of $260 . Now that is the deep state.

    • californiasailor says:


    • Gilbert says:

      You are an IDIOT!!

    • Mark says:

      When you remove your head from your ass we can have a conversation. Your probably the stupidest person that exists. You must be proud

    • You should find a job! That way you won’t have anything to complain about.

    • Christine says:

      Your grammatical and spelling ignorance made reading and understanding your post
      difficult in the extreme. I gave up trying to understand eventually. Sorry.

    • Bob says:

      Fred, I have to admit your comments are so far off base when I first read them I didn’t know where I would start. I’m not going to go into the Deep State because you don’t have the slightest idea what you are talking about. When you talk about abortion the ones that pay the price is the African-American community, if you knew anything about history you would know that Planned ParentHood was designed to control their birthrate. Where you came up with your imbecile idea is really weird. The swamp, again you don’t have a clue, is the various Agencies and Departments that are imbedded with career people, mostly Democrats that do their own thing, this has been the battle that Trump has been up against and when you say that it has gotten worse under Trump you are implying that he is feeding into this when in fact he has been reducing it. Again when you say that “someone” is abusing the power of their offices and demand that the public serve them you don’t identify who those people are and it certainly can’t be anyone in the Trump administration since he has turned over heads of his administration several times over. Then you mention the pagan religion and I guess you are talking about Christians which happens to be the majority religion in the U.S. and would probably resent this remark. President Trump is the only one that is fighting pharma cost, something that Bush and Obama didn’t. Thank Obama for his ObamaCare which the Dem’s love and Medicare part D was a collective effort of Bush and Kennedy not Trump. So, next time you work up a lather think about what you are going to talk/write about.

    • Frank2525 says:

      Donald Trump is exposing the SWAMP, which contains the Deep State, left by Barack Obama and his administration. He took Racial Bias, Prejudice, Anger, Frustration, and Seperation of USA citizens back before our generation, going clear back to 1492, when Spain authorized Columbus to sail the oceans. And SLAVERY EXISTED FROM TIME BEGINNING, IN FORM OF GLADIATORS, AND ENUCHS, WITH THE CONCUBINES. All over planet Earth. So who is kidding who? And Blacks, Browns, Whites all practiced slavery through the ages, with Irish, Germans, English, as England emptied their jails, by sending prisoners to the colonies before they became states. Lot of uneducated people arguing facts today, that are nit picking one part of history, to their benefit.

    • Penelope says:

      $260? Lol, well holy shxt! Oh & the Deep State is the left you clown. From Soros, Clinton’s on down. They’re all crooks anyway.

    • kenrmer says:

      Fred, you have it wrong. The deep state is the entrenched politicians and life time power brokers in D.C. The deep state is the power brokers of BOTH parties, and the money providers behind them . To the power brokers, a dem and a repub are one in the same, money hungry individuals willing to do the dirty work of the powerful people behind the scenes.
      Ever notice how lifetime politicians in D.C. always seem to retire as multi-millionaires? Its the power brokers method of payment that doesn’t raise suspicions.

      • Spanky says:

        Kenrmer. O M G An informed voter i thought we didn’t exist but when you point this out they get angry say your a nasty lib neo nazi many more dems reps neither party cares the love of money yrumps all miss spelled because i can’t mention his name he’s no different he spent his whole life gaining favor from these very same people drain the swamp my as# no nothing mitch the snitch he’s only there for himself only mentioned them because they currently hold the power Clinton only wanted to have sex obama just wanted to be first black nothing is ever going to change unless we the people start picking and dema ding new leaders voting just for the R or D doesn’t work remember the old saying this ain’t your grand dads R party anymore nixon took us off the gold standard reagen declared war on labor and unions bush family big time crooks clinton too busy with monica obama dump just causing more division divide and conquer so communism can take over dumps love letters from kim talking to putin with no one else in room trade wars with the whole world not just china and we’re suppose to believe he’s want to MAGA not in the least it’s only all about him no one else not even his own family guarantee he’ll throw them under the bus before he goes down his moto ME MYSELF AND I

    • Scot says:

      Freddy baby, uh er whatttt?? Are you a sane person?

    • Rodney Clay says:

      your rant is barely comprehensable. However you did hit the nail squarely o n head by very accurately describing the leftist democ rats. Look at the facts man. Lowest unemployment, etc. Do you even know the definition of the DS. I think not. Read the booklet thr DEEP STATE. O r THE American Jubilee. I read your religion the way you write, keep your religion out of it.

  24. H Lee says:

    strzok and the other corruption in the FBI, DOJ, etc. tried to thwart an presidential election. The powers of their office for their partisan wishes. The FBI may never recover the public trust, thanks to these obama administration democrat dung flingers.

    • No, Jerk, The only Corruption is Trump, and he tries to to deflect His Sins on everyone else. Wake Up Trump lies. His actions will lead us to destruction. He already gave the launch codes for our Nukes to Putin.

      • juan says:

        Gee, Fred, seems to me you know some classified insieres Information. or maybe it came to you in a dream or maybe you found it at the bottom of the cracker jacas box… either way uo r delusional with you statements

      • Sorry, launch codes change every so often.
        They don’t remain the same.
        And the launch codes are interconnected, so mistakes can’t be made, your fake comment about Putin having the codes
        shows us how you make up lies.

      • MS1 Spencer says:

        Fred you need to get you head out of Adams ass. He lied to us for over two years! Have you become his proxy? Wake up, dont become a Sh — Head!

      • Bob says:

        Fred, just yesterday I was wondering what would happen if I just sat around and answered some of these column’s with whatever I wanted to say regardless of whether it was based on any facts and then here and now you pop up. President Trump is corrupt and you based this on what? He deflects his sins on everyone, I don’t think there is a single person reading these comments understand this at all, only you. President Trump lies, ok, let’s look at this one, when he goes on a campaign stop every time he states something, like the economy, foreign affairs, domestic affairs, he points to the back where the MSM is and states “if I misstate something they will jump all over me saying that I am lying so I have to make sure that I say it right”, yet with President Obama you could always tell when he was lying, that when his lips were moving, remember; you can keep your health care if you like it, the Benghazi riot was caused by a video, do I need to continue. Then you say his actions will lead us to destruction but so far it has lead us to growth in everything, for every ethnic group, something that Obama never did. I’m not going to bring up the launch codes because you know this is garbage that you dreamed up hoping someone would bite and take off with it but it is terribly stupid. President Trump has put more heat on Russia than Obama ever dreamed of, you need to take a look at that.

      • H Lee says:

        Are you that ignorant? or do you just hope you can persuade the ignorant to see your prejudiced, brainwashed point of view? Your last sentence tells the world what a fanatic /lunatic you are. Go back to school. You need help. Jim Jones is dead. Join a local organization, anything, learn to cook. Learn something! You are too dumb to realize how ignorant you are. You are sad, you are pathetic, the world needs to pray for you. Google how to cook pinto beans, try it for the first time, tell the internet how you failed and the internet will try to help you. The prophecy says seek and you shall find. Don’t think of Trump, think of how to climb out of the hole you are in. Humanity will try to help you and to pull you up. Remember to seek the truth and the truth will set you free. Don’t listen to cnn or msnbc. Al Jazerra will give you more truth.

      • Jim says:

        You may wish to rethink that Sir. Hillary Clinton is the one who not only sold one third of our uranium ore the Russia, she also is involved in espionage and treason, which proposes that she herself sold the “launch codes”. It is also well known that Hillary Clinton passed information to the location of our soldiers in Benghazi. It is also factually known about her blatant transfer of highly classified information from her private email server which SHE KNEW was not secured.
        As a Constitutionalist Democrat, I’ll NEVER vote for any Democrat or liberal associated with the likes of those traitors.
        If you want true facts, watch some real non-biased news networks and papers.

      • D.A.N. says:

        Fred, you seem to have Trump confused with Bill Clinton. Clinton lost them for days and did not know where they were. Fact, not fiction like your story.

      • Brenda Collins says:

        Obama and Hillary gave to he uranium to enrich the nukes. Additionally pumped billions to Iran paying them to build their nukes with American taxpayer money!

    • Frank2525 says:

      Right. And I hope they pay for it. Start with Brennen, and go down the list. Mueller was Director of FBI, served his term, applied to Trump and was turned down, and next day, accepted position of Special Counsel, which we did not need. DOJ had recused himself, on threat from Rosenstein, since State Dept. had arranged two meetings, where he had met the Russian Ambassador twice in ” crowd of meet and greet”. He should have stood his ground, Rosenstein could not have appointed Mueller, and USA voters would not have had 2 years of Mueller’s Investigation that found nothing. Waste of money, time, effort, and make Mueller, Comey, worse then J. Edgar Hoover in his last years as FBI Director.

  25. an says:

    Democrats, Celebs, Media, and some government officials have been BOUGHT by the worst MAFIA GANG in American History!!!! (Soros????) Their OBSTRUCTION OF “OUR” ELECTED PRESIDENT’S POLICIES is because they make money if the economy fails. If We The People have more money, the gang has less……….ABOLISH THE LEFT’S GANG & THEIR PAID FOR DEMOCRATS!……..ENOUGH OF THE B.S. ALREADY!!!!!

    • Kep says:

      Fred is a card carrying communist vermin creature that lurks around spreading the daily communist propaganda and LIES. It can only recite CNN transcripts or the daily communist propaganda and lies.

  26. Will Penny says:

    He got caught and he thinks he’s entitled to do as he pleases too , just like every liberal out there , they truly believe they are above the law , well , boys n girls how wrong your SIMPLETON butts truly are , ,, public Hangings should be brought back just to teach these liberal heathens they aren’t above the law and this is your punishment for being a Treasonous Idoit to your country and we the people ,. To see this FBI Traitor Mr Strzok , Dangling from the end of a Good Short ROPE will be a good day for our American Justice System !!!

  27. James Howard says:

    JIHADIST PSYCHOPATH: How He is Charming, Seducing & Devouring Us, JAMIE GLAZOV.

    MAKING LOVE GREAT AGAIN: The New Road to Reviving Romance & Winning at Relationships, DEANNA LORRAINE.

  28. James Howard says:

    Some conservatives have real PTSD from decades of leftist bullying, lying, gaslighting, blaming, smearing, screaming, attacking, and lawfare (baseless malicious lawsuits). It is deeply satisfying, inspiring & encouraging to see so many like Trey Gowdy & Mitch McConnell stand & fight the psycho-reptilIan Left.
    Conservatives have given the left the benefit of the doubt too long. The left has fully proven their hatefulness & evil intent to destroy western culture & civilization by any means necessary. They have exposed themselves for the murderous PSYCHOPATHS that they are. There is no longer the slightest reason to excuse or mistake their intentions or believe one word out of any of their lying mouths.

    • Gideon Rockwell says:

      The Republicans better cowboy up. The Democrats dropped the mask this year and showed their Bolshevik Roots. Just like the Russian Bolsheviks who many of these Dems grandparents, Great Grandparents, and maybe in some cases even parents supported. These people are showing how anti-capitalist and anti-constitutional they are. They are using the Karl Marx/Nikolai Lenin/Saul Alensky playbooks to take out all opposition. Their endgame??? A Western Hemisphere Soviet Union. They are in Mexico, Guatemala, and Venezuela right now politicking and pushing for more of these people to interlope in our nation. I have come to think of the Democrats now as the American Bolsheviks and they have yet to do anything to dissuade me from thinking thus.

      • Kep says:

        Just saw an interesting piece on Amazon Prime called” The Enemy Within” . It clearly shows the communist infiltration of America

  29. Will says:

    Strzok , is a commie plant , he was educated in the middle east and has ties to the muzzies . He has no business being anywhere near any of our Govt. or any law enforcement ,not even dog catcher . The scum bag SOB , should be in gimo .

  30. Leftshot says:

    What I want to know is who is bankrolling Strzok in this lawsuit? It’s expensive to sue the federal government.

  31. Alan Wright says:

    I completely agree with Mr. Gowdy, but this is NOT going to do the Crats any good. And they may have to pull out all the stops to force this through. We are likely in for a knock down, drag out fight, and the loser is resigned to the cheap seats! Hang on folks, this could be fun…..

  32. Mark says:

    Hang the scumbag in public square! He actually was involved in treason and deseves to be publucly executed. The whole gang but start with the crybabies since they got caught!!

  33. Gideon Rockwell says:

    Trey Gowdy for F.B.I. Director. Get that chump Wray out of there now.

  34. Pj says:

    Who’s the idiots who are the 1% that voted no? Do you live under a rock or just that brainwash ?

  35. lovette brown says:

    I love Trey Gowdy – tough, brilliant, honest. I wish there were more like him in our country – government. He grabs onto the truth and fights like a bulldog to make it known.

  36. Gideon Rockwell says:

    Strzok is a prime example of the overinflated self-important aristocracy that populates the upper levels of D.C. Bureaucracy. He thinks he and his circle of friends are the power behind the thrown, better , smarter and prettier than the rest of society. And when slapped in the face the truth he will throw a world class temper tantrum just like when cornered by Gowdy and associates in the committee hearings. Rather than firing and lose of benefits, this punk is lucky he wasn’t perp walked out the front door in cuffs. He is still facing prosecution and what he and his associates did makes Watergate look like a jaywalking infraction, so the other foot just hasn’t dropped yet. I think maybe unit latrine orderly in a U.S.P. might do him some good. He’ll learn an honest productive trade.

  37. KB says:


  38. Kat says:

    My biggest ? Is why isn’t strzok in jail? But hopefully he will be soon.

  39. William Atkinson says:

    I truly believe that Trey Gowdy is in for a Bigger and Better “Future “and it will be coming his way real soon. The first time I observed Trey Gowdy he reminded me of a Fire Cracker or a Spark Plug firing on all Cylinders, and telling the TRUTH like it’s suppose to be told. I just wish that the rest of these Politicians in Washington DC would just take Notes from Mr. TREY Gowdy and Then and only Then will we the People of this Great Country,will have a United Country we all can honorlesy Be Once again PROUD OF. Like we all did in 2016 by voting for Mr Donald Trump. We surely new that we all needed a Big Change the way Washington was Running, How About That?? Think about what I just mentioned??

  40. 2004done says:

    It seems Mr Gowdy has endured more than enough lies, leaks, and lunkheads in DC. I doubt he’ll set his feet back in that muck, but we’re fortunate to still hear his evaluations.

  41. W.Wills says:

    At about 14, in the small town in Pa. Something occured at th local bank . ThFBI was called in. My father ,who was the Mayor, was also contacted. Y faeher at the time told me the FBI was the best, honest, most effective and honest law enforcement agency in the world. I am sorry , with Comey and his ilk I cannot tell my children an grandchildren the same thing. These FBI thugs were the worse then anyone they ever put away. Itwas asevere blow tno aree Country.

  42. Allen Morgan says:

    Trey has spoken the truth and kept his integrity. I can’t help but think he has a future great position in this republic. Perhaps future President or Justice for the Supreme Court. Leftist demented Democrats and media will have a stroke if Gowdy replaces Ginsberg who may not have much longer.

  43. Will T says:

    That’s what I appreciate about Gowdy, he flat out tells it like it is.

    • Colleen La Rose says:

      Will T
      I agree 100%
      He is like our President, he tells the truth & don’t give a damn if the libs don’t like it!

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