Trey Gowdy shut down James Comey’s plan to take revenge on Donald Trump

Former FBI Director James Comey is out for blood.

Since Trump fired him, Comey used every tool at his disposal to help get rid of Donald Trump.

But Trey Gowdy just shut down Comey’s plan to take revenge on the President.

Gowdy appeared on Martha MacCallum’s Fox News program where he discussed Comey’s recent closed-door testimony as well as Comey’s pleas for the American people to elect Democrats and fire Trump in 2020.

The South Carolina Congressman ripped Comey for the hundreds of “I don’t recall” answers in his testimony as well as his virtue signaling and moral preening.

Gowdy stated:

“Comey is one of the best I have ever seen at always being right in his mind, and it doesn’t matter if he is a universe of one. When you write a book about ethics and morality, that in and of itself is a fairly high-opinion-of-yourself thing to do.

Comey just thinks he’s always right, and if [DOJ inspector general Michael] Horowitz thinks he’s wrong … it doesn’t matter if everyone else concludes he did wrong, he knows better. So, that’s what it’s like to interview an amnesiac with incredible hubris.”

Finally, Gowdy smacked down Comey for his outrageous calls for the American people to rise up against Trump and vote him out of office:

“I think Jim Comey was primarily motivated by a desire to protect the brand of Jim Comey. I defended him a lot in 2016, even when it was lonely to do so. I would still defend him today if I thought he was making the right decisions, but he has been so overtly partisan since he left, not just [with] the president, but he wants people to vote Democrat, he wants a Democrat House. He’s just become a political flunky. It’s the same guy, in this very room that you and I are in right now, said the FBI doesn’t give a hoot about politics.”

James Comey’s tenure as FBI Director was marred by his participation in a scheme to use fake news and hoaxes to frame Trump and his campaign for colluding with the Russians.

He has no room to lecture anyone on ethical leadership, which was a point Trey Gowdy was all too happy to make.

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91 Responses

  1. Rickster says:

    James comney is just another corrupt democrap caught up in his own rhetoric ! He’s so arrogant in who he thinks he is! (Typical democrap) hes donr everything under the sun to cover up Hillary’s corruption for the deep state assholes like soros,! Money got to him! And his arrogance! He is the reason all this fake Russian Muller witch hunt is going on! Now FBI is found out how far there corruption has actually went! All surrounded by comney!! Gitmo!

  2. Judy says:

    Hey reality check, get a new handle…this one sure isn’t working for you..Obama and the democrats suffered the largest losses since IKE! And o lost 63 seats in the House…Trump lost 40… Call Cortez if you need help woth your math…Line I like in lefty coverage is an ASTOUNDING claim that the voters picked civility over brashness!!! There hasn’t been anything civil out of democrat mouths in over 2 years..But now, vile, visciousness, stupidity, verbal assailts as well as threats (both physical and verbal rule the democrat way…Brashness is translated into us Republicans know the difference! Pretty much was a referendum for DJT..most of the ones that lost didn’t want his help..much to their surprise..they were wrong! Payback is hell.

  3. Ishmael says:

    The X disgraced F.B.I. Director Comey, is in fact just a front for the criminally insane B.C. and H.C.. Just know for a fact, they both dabbled in the arts of “Witch Craft/Voodoo” that was acknowledged by B.C. in his own book. Comey is just another government leach who got on board with all the other swamp creatures who don’t give a damn about the masses, who they perceive as being total asses!! They reason like this when it comes to the huddled masses/asses. They say to themselves, ” just look at how they treat themselves and how they shoot up with drugs and piss their wealth away on stupid stuff like sports, gambling e.t.c.” So, now you know why these “Elitists” do and think how they do..They are just in stripping the country of it’s wealth and getting as much as they can before they wreck the Country. President Trump recognized this many years ago and stepped in to try to divert this calamity.

  4. You are so right! We must all band together to get Trump re-elected in 2020!!!

  5. D.A.N. says:

    You can’t make a liar talk. Because if you did, all you would get is more lies. And Comey is very good at lying.

  6. Maxine G says:

    I’m sorry to see Mr. Gowdy go. He was a bright spot in the swamp we call Washington. President William Howard Taft wanted to be Chief Justice of the Supreme Court more than he wanted to be President. Perhaps Trey Gowdy feels a greater call and a more fulfilling future in his former profession. He was an outstanding prosecutor. Eventually, he will be an outstanding judge. I can’t say as I blame him for wanting to get out of Washington. Vince Foster, a White House attorney in the Clinton Administration, said that politics was a ‘blood sport.’ I believe he actually coined the phrase. He later killed himself, unless you want to believe one of the stories that the Clintons had something to do with his untimely demise. It gave Hillary the opportunity to clean out his office of all the files on White Water, among other things (which she did. She had one of her assistants remove them and put them in the President’s private living quarters, before the Washington PD could even get to his office. I don’t blame Mr. Gowdy. He’s only one of many who are leaving politics these days. I am not a big fan of President Trump but I believe he should be left to do his job without continual criticism and disrespectful rhetoric from almost everyone on the left.

  7. Jesse says:

    Comey should be in a prison cell not on a book tour. He LIED to Congress and America. He even admitted that he did not do his job because he did not want Hillary mad at him because he thought like many others she was going to win the Election( THANK GOD that did not happen). Comey seems to have remembered plenty when writing his book and doing talk show gigs touting that book but nothing when testifying under oath to Congress. Proves Trump was right to fire him and that he is an HONORLESS LIAR and political hack.

  8. While individuals are have a right to their personal opinions and preferences, FBI agents are suppose to be nonpartisan in their investigations and application of federal law. It is their job to uncover the facts and let things fall where they may. It is clear that Comey and others have not performed with the proper propriety. They have attempted to ignore or coverup crimes or wrong doings by persons in their favor. And they try to entrap or create negative situations for people that they don’t like. They are suppose to be nonpartisan but is clear they have political objective. It is also obvious that Comey has a personal vendetta against President Trump for defeating Hillary whom Comey tried to protect. How long will this be allowed to continue?

  9. Bonnie L Dillenbeck says:

    Your wrong about Gowdy, JP. He can put people in their place by asking questions that set them up. He’s gotten to the truth several times and took on the Clintons. He’s to gather info, investigate and question people, then turn it over to the people that can do something. Its not his job to do anything. The President needs to give them the permission to do something. Why he’s waiting, I don’t know but Trump knows when to strike and when not to. He has his reasons and I have faith in him, and Gowdy. Maybe Trump wants to nail down the wall with the hating Americans democrats. So before you start putting a great man like Gowdy, thank your lucky stars he’s on the side of loving this country.

  10. NA. says:

    Comey, Mueller…they’ll forgot one thing:
    – President Trump is people’s President.
    He’s good for this Country.
    TRUMP/PENCE 2020.

  11. DANDYDAVE says:


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